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  1. I am one of those who disbelieves the hype of HDTV. But I've got to tell you, I'm a changed man now after this purchase!
  3. It started out with all my friends telling me, "See how great my new HDTV is!" And others, "I don't have an HDTV, but with my new BluRay player, I don't need one! See the quality!" and "Wait till you see my BetaMax tapes on this bad boy!"
  5. So, I got jealous, I began my quest for the perfect HDTV theater solution for my house! Boy was my family going to be in for a  surprise!
  7. Now, I've heard of others buying cables for 1.99, 2.99, and 5.99, but as another reviewer mentioned, you just can't get a 39.4' cable for those prices. You might get lucky like one fellow did, and find a 39' cable for about 5.99, but what about when you need those 3 extra inches? You all know what I mean!
  9. So, I sold all the TV's in my house (I had three old tube TV's) at the yard sale for about $5.00 each. Then I sold all my stereo equipment (who needs it when you've got a 39.4' HDMI Coffee colored cable?) I got about $500.00 for all the stereo equipment. I was surprised!
  11. After selling a few more items, (and no, I didn't have to sell my kidneys!!!) I finally managed to scrape up enough for this beauty!
  13. I couldn't wait, so I place my order right away! (forget the financing, I'm paying cash baby!) I opted for the Express Shipping at $28.99, I couldn't wait I tell you. I know that may sound steep for shipping, but for a quality cable like this, you should definitely take the plunge!
  15. The cable arrived! I took my kids out of school that day as I was tracking the order, and saw it would arrive that day. The kids we're so excited.
  17. The box came, about 4"x12"x2", so it was easy to open! The plastic packaging was a pain to open.  I cut my hand open and had to be rushed to the emergency room for 22 stitches, but it was worth it! Boy was it worth it!
  19. With the family room empty (cause we sold the furniture too to pay for this) the family was able to gather around the cable easily!
  21. We uncoiled it, and WOW, just WOW, it was glorious. Such a deep coffee coloring, not that cheap (insert well know coffee shop) color either, this was top quality 100% Kona colored coffee color!  As another reviewer said, don't believe the description that this cable is white... I think Best Buy does that to keep this puppy a secret, cause we all know, coffee IS the best color!
  23. The sound quality was absolutely astounding! In full 12.2.4..10 surround dolby-rific, high-def, super-bass, stereophonic, all digital (0 and 1's for those in the dark!) 3D audio, noise reduced amazement!
  25. The video quality was absolutely astounding!
  26. Feature set I immediately noticed!:
  27. 5D, 28843p, 360Hz
  28. 190029x34530
  29. 192 megapixel
  30. 12x optical zoom
  31. all digital with 2's thrown in too
  32. 16colors RGB, CMYK, Quadtron, and 8 others I can't even describe here for legal reasons
  33. MPAA, and RIAA, approved DRM
  34. Sony Rootkit-elicious
  35. closed sourced
  36. windows 95 service pack 3 (*with option to go to ME version)
  37. 16bit centi-core (100 cores for the layman) processors
  38. Synergy compliant
  39. HDCP ABC 123 and XYZ rated
  40. And not to mention the long grain copper!
  41. Jitter and Distortion free VOIP TCP and ISP iPad Androidish type GUI
  42. 10% silver-plated (Although you'd think it was 12% !!!)
  44. The Dielectric-Bias System was immediately noticeable, even my 3yr old son said, "Daddy, I can so totally dig the Di-lek-tric Bi-as sys-em!"
  46. My wife said, "The feel of the PVC CL3/FT4-rated jacket is better than any top quality Mink coat you could by at Walmart"
  48. My 12 year old daughter immediately texted all her friends "ZOMG TV CBL == FTW!" (Whatever that means)
  50. My 8 year old son, "Dad, can you feel the signal conductors? They are so controlling of the digital audio direction, and the audio return channel is enabled!" And the net is in ether!  (He is a techno-geek)
  52. We had absolutely no compatibility problems, and the connectors fit easily...(Can't say that for the many HDMI cables out there that aren't HDMI compatible) We sold our Apple ][+ computer too to pay for this, and couldn't test on the USB ports like the other customer who had problems with this. So I can't confirm 100% if it works with the USB, but I'm pretty sure it will fit, may require some tools, but what do expect when you're working with a precision, professional device such as this?
  54. Because of this cable, I'm now the envy of all our friends.  And just to think, I almost fell for the Monster Cable fad!!!
  56. For the price, features, and absolute family enjoyment, you can't go wrong!
  58. A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++!!!!!!!!!!! Will Buy again! Top rated seller!
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