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Log Eleven: Costs of Information

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Jan 20th, 2013
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  1. *********************************************************************************************************
  2. *Class go hunting again before the dawn
  4. <CJ> A few minutes before dawn, in a untidy cottage on a small lane on the edge of a marsh in the village of Cheltenham
  5. <Silas_> (oh we need the roll bot thing)
  6. <CJ> Class swoops over the ton, and catches several fat mice around the graveyard, before chasing down larger prey in the marshes
  7. <CJ> Class, can I have a Perception + Awareness from you please?
  8. <Class> !roll 1d10+5 (+1 if Alertness)
  9. <Flaming_Bot> Class, (+1 if Alertness): 8 :3+5
  10. <Class> (Sorry didnt have charsheet open)
  11. <Gustbran> (tsk tsk)
  12. <CJ> go to your window.
  13. <CJ> OK, what si everyone else doing? You can hear Elise snoring where she fell asleep, and Chretien is bustling around in the basement, fetching food
  14. <Silas_> (is it morning?)
  15. * Gustbran is half conscious in his corner dreaming of gutting archmage stephan.
  16. * Makara is explaining the sky and earth to people.
  17. * Ramon get outside to sedala to lokk if everything is fine with her as soon he get up
  18. * Silas_ yawns and rubs his back efore heading into the ivingroom
  19. * Calpurnia sleeping if it is night. Looking at the cats if it's day
  21. <CJ> Well everyone stops to put PArma MAgica up yes?
  22. <Calpurnia> (okay it's day. yes)
  23. <Makara> we have the time, yes.
  24. * Silas_ is scatterbrained and forgets the parma until he notices someone else starts
  25. <CJ> Right, Chretien appears with some fairly soggy looking apples and some xquisitely burned black bread. "Breakfast!" he calls
  26. <CJ> Edith is where exactly Silas?
  28. [Class made a good roll]
  30. <Silas_> Still sleeping on the floor by Gust
  31. * Calpurnia blankly stares at Chretien, then goes looking for class
  32. <Silas_> (or was, when last I checked)
  33. <Class> (Ramon is still to sleepy to notice anything even that the owl fly past him inside)
  34. <CJ> Edith has actually wandered off somewhere. Helpax is looking for her, and Baruch seems concerned
  35. * Class give him self a Human voice again
  36. <Silas_> "Thank you Chretien" smiles and takes two apples
  37. * Class land at Baruchs shoulder
  38. <Makara> (edith is a hell of a side quest)
  39. <CJ> Baruch is looking distractedly around, counting "Hell Class"
  40. <Class> "Blacktorns Men are outside but prepare for a travel so we should wait till we go
  41. <Calpurnia> "... goody"
  42. <CJ> (OK BLackthorn is the covenant of Iudicium and Talion etc)
  43. <Gustbran> (oh, goody...)
  44. <Silas_> "huh? Edith?" Stands somewhat lost with a spare apple. Turns to Gust "Did you see where Edith went?"
  45. <Gustbran> "Edith?"
  46. * Gustbran grogily gets up
  47. <CJ> Someone knocks on the backdoor, unnecessarily loudly at this time of day!
  48. <Silas_> "..."
  49. <Calpurnia> whispering "Don't open that door. We should head upstairs"
  50. * Silas_ looks to Chretien
  51. * Class perform the Parma Magica Ritual
  52. <CJ> 1 LATIN "Open up. This is Order business. Open up I say!"
  53. <Silas_> [in low voice] "What are they doing here?!"
  54. <CJ> Chretien cheerfully walks towards the door "Who do you want?" he calls.
  55. * Class land before doing the ritual an a chair
  56. * Calpurnia bolts up stairs
  57. <Makara> "They are here for the cats!"
  58. * Gustbran puts a wall between him and the door.
  59. <CJ> Ramon, as you return from the stables you notice the two men you saw in black armour in there, knocking on the cottage door
  60. <Silas_> "... I am not sure that is the case... Makara..."
  61. <CJ> The black cat looks nervous and hides under a stool
  62. * Silas_ snatches a few more apples for his hood
  63. <CJ> Baruch has quietly gone to the front door and is surveying the lane
  65. <Makara> "Did you do anything bad?" Makara ask the cat
  66. <CJ> (Can Makara talk to cats?)
  67. <Makara> (yes, he can talk to animal and pure element)
  68. <Class> (they are just on the backdoor or also on the front one?)
  69. <CJ> KNOCK KNOCK "Open up!"
  70. <CJ> just backdoor according to Baruch who is looking out front.
  71. <CJ> There is a window at upstairs back above door
  72. <CJ> Ramon is outside with them
  74. * Calpurnia slinks up to the window upstairs facing the back
  75. <CJ> The cats says "noisy human is always noisy outside but no open door want go scratch in mud and chase flies"
  76. * Ramon get back to sedala and make her travel ready
  77. <CJ> Ramon readies Sedala. Calpurnia, to hefty looking goons in blackleather armour, which now Class tells you is that of blackthron. Grogs probably
  78. <CJ> Gustbran?
  79. <CJ> Silas?
  80. <Gustbran> (gustbran will hold his action behind the wall for now)
  81. <Makara> (with spear ready?)
  82. <Silas_> (tiptoeing around the living room waiting to see what happens when Chetien opens the door)
  83. <Calpurnia> (for voice spells how do you target someone you can't see, is it automaticly targeted if they can here it?)
  84. <CJ> (yes voice works like that. SO long as oyu can percieve a target)
  86. <Class> (how long was the Parma Magica Ritual usualy?)
  87. <Silas_> (2 mins right?)
  88. <CJ> Gustbran, you could actually spear them the walls are only made of sticks and mud through the wall
  89. <CJ> 2 minutes
  90. <Class> (OK then there is not time for this for class)
  92. <CJ> Let's go to initiative
  93. * Class fly up to the second floor as 2 Min is to much in plain visibility
  95. [Everyone rolled decently]
  97. <Makara> (how many second occur per turn?)
  98. <CJ> (about 5 second I think?)
  99. <Makara> (k)
  101. <CJ> OK the initiative order is Class, Calpurnia, Gustbran, Makara, Silas ,Chretien
  102. <CJ> Chretien is hovering halfway too door unsure what to do. Class your action please?
  103. * Class Fly up to the next floor
  104. <CJ> Class you find Calpurnia looking out the window.
  105. <CJ> Calpurnia your action please. You can see the two grogs below
  106. * Calpurnia casts winter's icy touch, whispering
  108. [Calpunia make a good roll]
  110. <CJ> OK, what range is the spell?
  111. <CJ> Voice?
  112. <Calpurnia> yep
  113. <Class> (Not again a unprovoked attack from our side : ( )
  114. <Calpurnia> (:P)
  115. <CJ> OK, which grog are you targeting. The thinner one who’s knocking, or the brawny one carrying the satchel?
  116. <Class> (Voice is only as far as it can heard!
  117. <Class> (so whispering don’t work)
  118. <CJ> Yes, the whisper can be heard just about below
  119. <Gustbran> (I won't be the first one out this time! I swear! :) )
  120. <Calpurnia> (the one who is knocking)
  121. <CJ> They will hear Calpurnia if the spell works
  122. <Calpurnia> (it does)
  123. <Makara> (better burn that bag with the arresting warrant)
  124. <Class> (Yes thats what I mean)
  125. <CJ> OK, the spell takes effect. Describe what happens
  126. <Calpurnia> A slight chill goes over the thinner man. He feels slightly weaker. (he loses one fatigue)
  127. <Calpurnia> Starts shivering
  128. <Calpurnia> oh yeah and it gets darker outside
  129. <CJ> He loks up at the window, and yells in English "You girtl - let me in! I'm bloody freezing out here!"
  130. <Gustbran> (am I in plain view should they enter?)
  131. <CJ> Calpurnia, you notice his eyes are pure milky white,, like he has catarcts over them. very odd, and disturbing
  132. <Calpurnia> (Shame I don't have any lvl's in english)
  133. <CJ> (Gustbran, no, you are by the side of the door i think? Your action)
  134. <Gustbran> (I'll hold my action for now)
  135. <CJ> The man outside is now yelling, sounds like he is getting angry and is in pain
  136. <CJ> Makara, action please?
  137. <Makara> I'm at first floor?
  138. <CJ> yep
  139. * Class try to keep away from theyr view
  140. * Makara goes up to where calpurnia is
  141. <CJ> OK, you can see one of them looking blue and angry. The bigger guy with the satchel is staring in amzement at the frost on his friends clothing
  142. <Calpurnia> (question can you cast a spell and move?)
  143. <CJ> Calpurnai, what is your sigil please?
  144. <Calpurnia> As I said the skys darken
  145. <CJ> (Yes with a concentration test)
  146. <CJ> Excellent.
  147. <CJ> Silas, your action please?
  148. <CJ> BArush, Helpax and Elise have slipped out the front door now
  149. <Silas_> Head to Chretien by the door "Sounds like they are getting upset, we better see what that is about..."
  150. <CJ> Chretien opens the door. The grogs stare i amzement at Silas.
  151. <CJ> "Who are you?" (LATIN)
  152. <CJ> The one speaking is very cold, shivering and looks tired. he is covered in ice
  153. <CJ> Just a thin coating of frost
  154. <Silas_> "I am Silas Duerr, and you, gentlemen, you said you had buisness of the Order?"
  155. <CJ> He sivers, his teeth chattering
  156. * Class wait till they are inside and then leave trough the window
  157. <Silas_> "Oh! you are freezing." moves to the side
  158. <CJ> "Ah, friend of Chretien? Yes, wee have letters that Iudicium wishes circulating."
  159. <Gustbran> (ooh boy)
  160. <CJ> The grog pushes abruptly past you and goes to the fire.
  161. <Calpurnia> (If they are simply mailmen then this is going to be a good laugh)
  162. <CJ> OK who is downstairs now?
  163. <Class> (Nice thing to ask for Ini even in typical Noncombat situations ^^)
  164. <Makara> (gasband, get the hell out!)
  165. <CJ> Theother gorg produces parchment bearing the seal of Blackthorn, and hands it to Chretien. There are three copies.
  166. <CJ> Gustbran, at this point he notices you, and smiles.
  167. <CJ> "gustbran of Libellas! How the devil are you?"
  168. <Gustbran> "I've been better...."
  169. <CJ> You recognize him as Treorc of Blackthorn, a senior grog. Like all the grogs from that underground cave he has white milky eyes and is a bit weird. Likes ot gamble this bloke
  170. <CJ> OK, back to normal time now I think
  171. <Silas_> "I am sorry if I offend, but, what happened to your eyes?" (to the thin freezing grog by the fire)
  172. <CJ> "humph! " Says the Grog. "Born this way. the caverns of Blackthorn. Why do you not know, magus?"
  173. <Class> (As mentioned Class flies outside and have a look for Sedala and the 3 other)
  174. <CJ> Class, you find Baruch, Helpax and Elise talking to Edith, who has been out and bought fresh hens eggs and is carrying them back in a basket
  175. <Silas_> Smiles innocently "one hears thing, but I would rather know them."
  176. <CJ> "oi Robin, we best get moving" says Treorc to the grog by the fire. "Chretien, these are to Ungulus, Voluntas and Burnham, Make sure they get there, or you will answer to Talion, and he will 'ave your 'ide"
  178. <CJ> Calpurnia, you and Makara see they have entered.
  179. <Makara> "Out of the second floor window? Great idea!"
  180. <Calpurnia> "Hey I did it before remember?"
  181. <Calpurnia> whispering "What should we do? Wait to see if they come up or leave by the window?"
  182. <Makara> "...nope."
  183. * Calpurnia Calpurnia sighs "well I don't hear any fighting so let us wait for a bit"
  184. <Makara> "Yes, sitting in warm house is good"
  185. <Calpurnia> ".... you want to bet it will stay warm,"
  186. <Makara> "Of course, a drake might come and warm us up more."
  187. <Calpurnia> "What if it's a ice drake? We haven't actually received any info about what the dragons we saw breath"
  188. <Makara> "If it's an ice drake, then it will feel right at home."
  189. <Calpurnia> "What if it is it's home?"
  190. <Makara> "Then we might be standing in two home."
  192. <Gustbran> "Anyway... What's these letters, about?"
  193. <Gustbran> "Treorc, was it?"
  194. <CJ> Treorc looks at Gustbran "Iudicium is gravely wounded. Some idiot speared him. He is demanding the offender be surrendered to him for interrogation and torture"
  195. <Class> (other people around on the street?)
  196. <Silas_> "is Idicium going to be alright?"
  197. <CJ> (nope, not at moment, apart from a pretty girl who just came out of that other house and who is scurrying towards town)
  198. <Silas_> Iudicium*
  199. * Ramon write a Letter after he is finished with making Sedala travel ready
  201. <CJ> "Iudicium is just fine. Healed with the cost of six pawns of vis. Never seen him so angry though, and told us ot be on our guard. It was a grog who did it, but magi put him up to it!"
  202. <CJ> The two grogs prepare to leave. They still have several more letters in that satchel
  203. * Silas_ takes a bit of a_soggy_apple
  204. * Class fly to the rove where he still can follow the talk of the people on the street
  205. <Makara> (so nice to live in a world where news travel slowly)
  206. <Silas_> "The letters are connected to the stabbing then?"
  207. <Silas_> [to the grog in charge]
  208. <Silas_> "I ask so that we may know what to look for"
  209. <CJ> "yes I guess so. I'm not sure. He said to take them to Stonehenge, but to drop off these for Chretien if he was home"
  210. <CJ> Treorc looks at Silas. Desopite his whiyte eyes he seems ot see perfectly
  211. <Class> (Fearieblood)
  213. <CJ> "Iudicium does not know the name of the grog. He knows that it was Julia of Voluntas who planned this though"
  214. <Gustbran> "Do they have a description of these people?"
  215. * Silas_ nods
  216. <Gustbran> "We'll keep a look out for 'em."
  217. <Silas_> "Grave tidings to be sure"
  218. <Class> (LOOOOOLL!!!!)
  219. <Makara> (hahaha)
  220. <CJ> Treorc: There i sa description of the grog. Dunno any more than that!
  221. <Makara> (thank god we healed him)
  222. <Class> (6 pan of Vis thats cheaper then I thought I expected 8 for the healing)
  223. <Silas_> (or that he damaged his brain)
  224. <Makara> (we also healed him a bit)
  225. <CJ> To Gustbran: "Yep, you do that. Iudicium is offering a longevity ritual to the grog who captures him and brings him in, alive, soo he can suffer "
  226. <Calpurnia> (If only Helpax was here)
  227. <Silas_> "That is a prize to be sure..."
  228. <Class> (Wonder if he stays true to his word when you turn your self in ^^)
  229. <CJ> "Well we best be off" - The grogs leave, and Robin appears to be feeling better having warmed himself in front of the fire
  230. <Calpurnia> (Probably would as it would then make the suffering last even longer)
  231. <Makara> (medieval have the best torture)
  232. <CJ> Ramon, as the two grogs leave they see you and nod. Are you wearing a Redcap?
  233. <Silas_> "winds speed."
  234. <CJ> the two grogs
  235. <Class> Yes
  236. <Class> (err Yes)
  237. <CJ> OK, the taller one stops. "oi, are you Ramon?"
  238. <Gustbran> (Iudicium must be pretty pissed)
  239. <Ramon> "Yes, who is asking?"
  240. <Silas_> [to Gust] "Curious,..." [to Chretien] are the notes sealed, Chreten?"
  241. <CJ> "Servants of Iudicium sir, with instructions to find Ramon of Mercere. Just saw tow other redcaps, Cretien and Silas, friends ofyours. Have a letter for him to deliver to some place we never heard of"
  242. <Ramon> (Dont help at all for this ^^)
  243. <CJ> Chretien hands you a scroll. This one is addressed to Ungulus
  244. <Ramon> (Ungulus?)
  245. <CJ> "who are ya mate?" to ramon
  246. <CJ> (sorry that last bot aboyt the scroll was to silas)
  247. <CJ> The two grogs are looking at Ramon now,. They want to know if he is indeed Ramon
  248. <Silas_> "Thank you" Beams the man a smile. Takes a peek in the scroll
  249. <Ramon> "Ramon of Barcalona"
  250. <Silas_> (lol sorry for clogging the chat, fix the grogs first, I'll do a quick bio run)
  251. <Ramon> "So I'm not realy at home at this tribunal but we Radcap come around"
  252. <CJ> "Ah, letter fo royu siir, to deliver to the City of Ivory and Jade"
  253. <Ramon> "Oh! Who is the person it is addresed to?"
  254. <CJ> The grogs bow, and prepare to ride off, after handing the scroll to Ramon
  255. <CJ> Antonius - the head magi
  256. <Calpurnia> (FUUUUUU)
  257. <Ramon> (Sorry have to do the delivery no mater whats in)
  258. <Gustbran> (can anyone peek at the contents without disrupting it?)
  259. <Calpurnia> (I understand, I said that because we can't open it, if it's addressed to him)
  260. <Ramon> "Have a good Travel"
  261. <Ramon> (Ok one letter to Silas and one to Antonius)
  262. <CJ> OK, the gorgs depart. Seeing them leave, Baruch, Helpax and Edith return
  263. * Gustbran finds a place to sit down and catch his breath.
  264. * Ramon knock at the backdoor
  265. <CJ> Silas, you are holding the letter addressed to Viator of Mercere, Ungulus.
  266. <CJ> Chretien jumps at the knock
  267. <CJ> He opens the doro an dlets Ramon in
  268. <CJ> Viator was the magus who initiated you.
  269. <Silas_> 8is the scroll sealed?)
  270. * Calpurnia heads down stairs as she saw Ramon come
  271. <CJ> The seal is intact, but easily altered by magic. It's a mundane letter. But ti is the sacred duty of house Mercere ot deliver mail unread
  272. <Ramon> "We can leave for our covenant anytime your ready but have to leave the village before we go for the travel we have yesterday"
  273. <CJ> Everyone gathers in the cottage
  274. <Ramon> (Oh so I only hold the letter to Antonius)
  275. <Ramon> "But let me first eat something before we go"
  276. * Silas_ looks at scroll for a long time before handing it back to Chretien
  277. =-= Ramon is now known as Class
  278. * Class makes it comfortable on the sadle of Sedala
  279. <Silas_> "Is there something we can do to repay our stay here Chretien? - for your hospitality?"
  280. <Gustbran> to himself "what a wake up call."
  281. * Calpurnia walks out to Sedala and class
  282. <Silas_> (ninja adds a y)
  283. <Gustbran> (hehe)
  284. <CJ> "No, was rather fun to see you all" says Chretien. Wonder what in these letters?
  285. <Silas_> (the witch was Elise right?)
  286. <Class> (Sorry short AFK)
  287. <Silas_> (Horrible with names and lost last week's name notes)
  288. * Gustbran gets up and grabs a couple apples to eat, and one for the road.
  289. <Class> (back)
  290. =-= Class is now known as Ramon
  291. <Calpurnia> "Class got any mice?"
  292. <Ramon> "is there a good place nearby where we can get into the air out of vie of mundanes?
  293. <Silas_> (the witch living in the house was called Elise wasn't it?)
  295. [Break time and Baruch is here, so we filled him up on the plot so far]
  297. <CJ> (OK sorry back. Had to fire boiler up. Snowing hard here today)
  298. <CJ> OK , not it really is completely over to you chaps. What do you do?
  299. <CJ> now it is
  300. <CJ> in other words, you need to decide what to do.
  301. <Ramon> "is there a good place nearby where we can get into the air out of vie of mundanes?"
  302. <Baruch> (Ramon: ok)
  303. <Ramon> (err view)
  304. * Silas_ slinks into the house while the other plots to see if Elise is up yet
  305. <Makara> (there's always cloud illusion)
  306. <Ramon> "I will now travel back to the covenant as I just got duty to get there and your welcome to travel with me"
  307. * Gustbran finishes his breakfast apples and puts away his one for the road.
  308. <Makara> "To home, to home!"
  309. <Baruch> "Yes, I would follow you.)
  310. * Calpurnia waiting by Sendala
  311. <Silas_> (no one is eating the burned bread hehe)
  312. <Gustbran> (nope)
  313. <CJ> Elise is. Edith is boiling eggs
  314. <CJ> So no one opening the scroll? :)
  315. <Makara> why you temp us
  316. <Ramon> (Noooo!)
  317. <Gustbran> "So, what was in that scroll?"
  318. <Silas_> (I returned the scroll to Chretien unopened - sorry)
  319. <Gustbran> (As I recall, there were three scrolls, and one of them was to one of the party)
  320. <Silas_> [to Elise] "many thanks for letting us stay the night."
  321. <Silas_> (Ramon got one to deliver to our covenant too)
  322. <Baruch> (So one for the covenant, one for chretien, one for us, or what?)
  323. <Silas_> (no no)
  324. <CJ> (Chretien has three, Ramon has one)
  325. <Silas_> (Chretin was givin 3 scrolls to deliver - he was redcap)
  326. <Gustbran> (ah)
  327. <Silas_> (Ramon was given one to deliver to the City of Ivory and Jade also as a redcap)
  328. <Gustbran> (*gulp*)
  329. <Silas_> (your faction standing with proper typing has decreased by 2)
  330. <Baruch> (Ok)
  331. <Ramon> (Can someone copy past me the Name again ? The History here is to short :( )
  332. <Silas_> "Is there something we might do to repay the favor?" [still to Elise]
  333. <Silas_> (which name?)
  334. <Ramon> (Who I have to deliver to scroll)
  335. <Calpurnia> (You have the one to the head mage of our covenant)
  336. <Silas_> (ah, Antonius)
  337. <Ramon> (tx)
  338. <CJ> (Augustine of Guernicus, Head Magi of the City of Ivory & Jade. A hard bastard, autocratic, stern and uncompromising)
  339. <Silas_> (np :) )
  340. <Calpurnia> (well thats not good)
  341. <CJ> (Antonius. Sorry. I typed wrong name)
  342. <Gustbran> (all right, so what we doing?)
  343. <Ramon> (have writen it to my Char sheeth for now)
  344. <Makara> (we are eating)
  345. <Baruch> (Well, I doubt we're opening it, since it's Ramon's job, so we're going, right?)
  346. <Calpurnia> (I'm going)
  347. * Silas_ considers that it may be too early to have a conversation with Elise... ( :P )
  348. <Baruch> "Let us leave, shall we?"
  349. <Ramon> "Helpax you still take Gustbran with us?"
  350. * Gustbran is ready to go...
  351. <Ramon> (Sorry just need a yes from CJ to this ^^)
  352. <Baruch> "I would certainly suggest that Gustbran come with us. We can sort all of this out later at the covenant, yes?"
  353. <Calpurnia> "Why later?"
  354. <CJ> (RAmon, sorry what do you need response to?)
  355. <Ramon> Ramon: "Helpax you still take Gustbran with us?"
  356. <Silas_> "ah, I am sorry, it sounds like I may have to leave sooner than expected. It was a pleasure to meet your accaintance lady Elise." does a small bow "I shall repay the kindness at some point"
  357. <CJ> Helpax nods. "More so now than ever. he is valuable!"
  358. * Silas_ slinks back into the kitchen
  359. * Calpurnia gives a irritated twitch of the left eye at Helpax's comment
  360. * Gustbran grimaces at the gleam of greed in helpax's eyes.
  361. <CJ> Edith glares at Silas. Elise giggles, curtseys and blows him a kiss.
  362. <Ramon> (Sorry to the other but in view of Ramon is Helpax the one who took over the responibility for Gustbran and so he is the one to ask)
  363. * Silas_ heads up to Edith
  364. <Calpurnia> (I completely understand, just be certain to tell the head of our covenant that)
  365. <Silas_> "Are you feeling better?"
  366. <Ramon> (Yes he get a sealed Letter from Ramon self also ^^)
  367. <CJ> Edith is busy adjusting her shortsword and preparing to climb on to Sedala, and ignores Silas
  368. <CJ> Right, I assume sedala is not growing in the middle of town?
  369. <CJ> Ramon, your compas spoint s due east now.
  370. <Ramon> "We have to leave the city bevore we can use Sedala"
  371. <CJ> Elise and Chretian wwave you off.
  372. <CJ> The cats yowl a farewell
  373. <Silas_> "..." sighs and takes a piece of burned bread and moves to keep up with the others
  374. * Gustbran pets the tortoiseshell cat as he goes.
  375. <Ramon> (Btw Sedala looks like a common horse right now)
  376. <Baruch> "Thank you for having us, and goodbye."
  377. <Silas_> Silas moves up next to Baruch as they leave "So, what happens now?"
  378. <Ramon> "We leave the city then Sedala get big so we have place on here and return to the city"
  379. <Baruch> "We go back to the covenant, I presume. As for longer-term... We shall see. Best not worry too much about that which is too contingent to handle."
  381. <CJ> Hansine purrs at Gustbran. She says to Makara "fishy. want fishy."
  382. * Class drop his last mice to one of the cats
  383. <Makara> "Gustbran, the cat want your fish."
  384. <Gustbran> (do I have a fish??)
  385. <Makara> (nope, but I do!)
  386. <CJ> (not that I know of. Makara has some in his pocket?)
  387. <Calpurnia> (FISH PULP!!!!!!!)
  388. <CJ> Hansisne has been following Makara aorund
  389. <Makara> (yeah, the 5+ days old dried fish pulp
  390. <Silas_> (some several days old pulp)
  391. <Gustbran> (oooh!)
  392. <CJ> She seems very interested in Makara.
  393. <Ramon> (Do the cat take the mice?)
  394. <Makara> To cat: "Sorry, this piece of fish is very important for the overall course of humanity, please have that mice instead."
  395. <Calpurnia> (Our lives are in your hands and you have fish pulp?)
  396. <Makara> (fish pulp shall save the world)
  397. <Gustbran> (talk about dedication! ;) )
  398. <CJ> The black cat takes a mouse and runs off happily purring.
  399. <Silas_> (you weren't aware?)
  401. <Ramon> (Btw CJ I hope the talk with Corvus was in Latin even in Bird shape as Owl and Crow dont have the same language)
  402. <CJ> (yep in Latin)
  403. <Makara> (makara have universal language of animal :D )
  404. <Ramon> (thought Eagle and songbirds are diverent Language)
  405. <Baruch> "Come already, sodales. Let us go home at last."
  406. <Ramon> (Thats why I expected Owl is more toward Eagle)
  407. <CJ> (yes - 3 to undertand each other, giving you 2 in each)
  409. <CJ> Hansine looks at Makara. "Want fishy. give me the fishy. Smell yummy"
  410. <CJ> (and birds can converse - dialects of same language - harder, but can be done)
  411. * Makara hesitate a bit. "Fine, I guess humanity can afford a few thousand deaths." Makara break a really small piece for cat.
  412. <CJ> Hansine. "Want more fishy. Humans die all time"
  413. <Gustbran> (lol)
  414. <Gustbran> (don't do it!)
  415. <Makara> "No more fishy, cat hungry all time"
  416. <CJ> Baruch is trying to get you to all leave, but Makara is being watched closely by Hansine
  417. <Calpurnia> (awesome cat)
  418. <CJ> Hansine. "More fishy and I tell you secret"
  419. * Silas_ stands and watches the absurd situation stunned
  420. <Makara> "What is it about?"
  421. * Ramon lead sedala out of the city best on a road eastwards
  422. <Silas_> To Makara: "Were we not going?"
  423. <Makara> to Silas: "Just a moment"
  424. <CJ> She is refusing to move. As she is six inches tall, barely more than a kitten...
  425. * Gustbran is following Ramon.
  426. * Silas_ looks at the leaving shape of Ramon from over his shoulder
  427. * Baruch stays in between and tries to keep both Makara and the others in sight
  429. <CJ> Hansine "Give me fishy. I am wise cat, I like well pulped fishy."
  430. <Makara> "Finally someone appreciate a well pulped fishy, very well I will give you half a piece, that should be more than enough." (Do I roll bargain?)
  431. <CJ> Yep. :)
  432. <CJ> The others all leave and start to walk through town?
  433. <Makara> don't have it, use per?
  434. <CJ> Communication
  435. <Makara> ouch, I have -3
  436. <CJ> leave and Walk through town...
  437. <CJ> OK roll then. Three botch dice.
  438. <Gustbran> (uh oh.)
  439. <Makara> wait, I will cast Aura of Ennobled Presence
  440. <Calpurnia> (LOLZ)
  441. <CJ> OK, roll to cast.
  443. [Makara make a good roll]
  445. <Makara> alright the spell +3 to influence roll so that cancels my -3
  446. <CJ> Yep.
  448. <CJ> OK cool. Now roll for bargain
  449. <CJ> roll for bargain. Best get you up with others so we can move on :)
  450. <Makara> don't have bargain
  451. <CJ> So just roll a dice, no modifiers
  453. [Makara make a weak roll]
  455. <Makara> (yes, makara is bargaining with a cat)
  456. <Gustbran> (haha)
  457. <Ramon> (I wonder how this sound like ^^)
  458. <Makara> (meow meow meow? Meow meow! MEOWWWWW!)
  459. <Ramon> (Miau Miau Miau Miaaauuu Miau)
  460. <CJ> OK Makara. Hansine gobbles down the fishy and says. "Two heads are worse than one"
  461. <Silas_> (the whole situation is insane, but that is quite up in Makara's lane :) )
  462. <Gustbran> (NYAAA! NYAA! haha!)
  463. <Makara> "I usually avoid head"
  464. <Gustbran> ('nyaa' is japanese for 'meow', quite fitting, really. )
  465. * Silas_ is somewhat pleased that Makara is at least feeding the cat some of the rotten fish
  466. <Silas_> (poorly phrased^ that he is getting rid of the rotten fish, rather)
  467. <Makara> (dired fish don't rot that quick I think)
  468. <Ramon> <Sedala we need to go eastward do you know a harmless shortcut?>
  469. <Makara> (I guess that's the secret?)
  470. <Silas_> (oh, it was salted?, I forgot)
  471. <Makara> (well it's cooked with spice probably)
  472. <Makara> (if not preserved with spice already)
  474. <CJ> Right, you eventually all arrive on the eastern edge of town, where the road enters some woods before climbing steeply up a ridge - the Cotswold escarpment
  475. <Gustbran> (boy this is the longest goodbye sequence ever)
  476. <CJ> Snow lies all around, and it is snowing heavily again now
  477. <CJ> Right, let's move on
  478. <Silas_> (thought it was the remains of the raw fish you got from a bird on the first session :) )
  479. <CJ> Sedala grows huge yes, and everyone climbs on?
  480. * Ramon go to a place that lies outside direct view of the village and the let Sedala grow again
  481. <Calpurnia> (I am)
  482. * Gustbran gustbran is intentionally the last to get on.
  483. * Silas_ climbs on
  484. * Makara ponder the enigmatic term of the cat as he travel with the group, treating it as some sort of new wisdom to be comprehend.
  485. * Baruch climbs on
  486. * Class adjust the sadle again
  487. * Makara climbs on
  488. <Silas_> "Edith, are you feeling alright?"
  489. <Class> (is stress based spontan magic so I have to roll)
  490. <CJ> Edith smiles at Silas, then seems to recall something and shrugs and turns away
  491. <CJ> OK Ramonall ready?
  492. <Gustbran> (ready)
  494. [Class make a good roll to enlarge leather of saddle]
  496. <Silas_> "..." sighs and pulls some dried cheese from his pouh. "Do you want some cheese?"
  497. * Calpurnia sniggers at Edith's reaction at Silas
  498. <Gustbran> (I thought we were out of cheese)
  499. <Class> (11 should be enough for this hopefull)
  500. <Calpurnia> (same)
  501. <Makara> (we aren't out of fish :) )
  502. <Calpurnia> (Calpurnia prefers mice.)
  503. <Gustbran> (please... Gusbran's already gagged once already)
  504. <Silas_> (I held some from Baruch, but kept it from he as she might fall back to mouse state)
  505. <Silas_> "What was that for?!"
  506. <Calpurnia> "pff" starts snickering even more
  507. <Ramon> <to the east then Sedala and if you know a shortcut to this direction that is harmless say so>
  508. * Silas_ rolls eyes and takes a seat by Baruch, muttering something about Edith being cured from Stephans magic
  510. <Ramon> "Can someone disguise Sedala?"
  511. <CJ> Edith slaps Silas, quite hard, and moves to sit next to Makara
  512. <Makara> "I will do it."
  514. [Makara make a good roll to disguise the Pegasus as cloud]
  516. <CJ> OK, you are once again a cloud!
  517. <Ramon> (btw <> is Catalan dialect)
  518. <Makara> wow barely made it
  519. <CJ> Sedala rises in to the air, and Ramon heads east
  520. <CJ> For the next hour you travel over a high plateau, riven by gentle valleys
  521. <CJ> It's a moor essentially, with scattered woods and trees, and small yellow stone cottages on this high plateau
  522. <CJ> After an hour you see a city ahead of you, with great spires and a strong town wall
  523. <Ramon> (As long its no Covenant city we should have nothing to fear)
  524. <CJ> Nope, this is a city on the ground.
  525. <CJ> Ramon, you have not seen it before, but it looks quite impressive
  526. <CJ> You flying over or round it?
  527. <Ramon> "What city is this Edith or Gustbran?"
  528. <Gustbran> (can I roll the same area lore roll with the -3 penalty to skill?)
  529. <CJ> Gustbran you got Area Lore?
  530. <Ramon> (we are cloud and rater high so over it)
  531. <CJ> (Yes you can, justy roll)
  533. [Gustbran roll the weakest double]
  535. <Gustbran> (weakest double ever)
  536. <CJ> (true)
  538. <CJ> 6. Ok, you think this is Oxford. There were many scholars here, but a lot left a few yearsago after the locals lynched a student, and now they are at Cambridge and Northampton in the main, tow rival universities
  539. <Silas_> "Baruch, do you know how Blackthorn grogs were able to see when they had milky eyes?" [small talk, the grogs previously were grogs from blackthorn who could see despite having milky white eyes)
  540. <CJ> As you look ahead, you suddenly glimpse through the snow the City of Ivory and Jade floating serenely over the snowy landscape
  541. <CJ> It's towers, minarets and strange stepped pyramids seem to be glow in bright sunlight, the snow not settling on it
  542. <Ramon> "Do I see right? This must be our goal, right?"
  543. <Calpurnia> "Correct"
  544. <Ramon> (nice you let us get there so fast :) )
  545. <Makara> (we have pyramids, yay~)
  546. <Baruch> "Magic, surely. A question would not be short on those kinds. And makes the grogs dependable, perchance, for depending on his magics?"
  547. * Silas_ strains his eyes to peer through the snow
  548. <CJ> A verdant lush mass of vegetation can be seen, in some places growing out of the gardens and all over the buildings, many of which are crumbling
  549. <Silas_> "ahh, that would make sense. Would they be blind do you think, had he died?"
  550. <CJ> You are climbing steeply now, and approaching the city. The ruby red tower of Faming Passions is directly ahead at the moment
  551. <CJ> Flaming
  552. * Silas_ smiles as he watches the familiar surroundings
  553. <Makara> (btw, the enchanted boat that fly us at session one is still abandoned at the swarm?)
  554. <CJ> And then you are there, flying over bustling streets, and all of you feel the familiar tingle of passing over the Aegis.
  555. <CJ> Ramon what is Sedala's Magic Might?
  556. <Ramon> (10)
  557. <Silas_> (umm yeah, at some backwater town i think.)
  558. <Baruch> "Cannot say. Perhaps? Good thing he is not, regardless."
  559. <Ramon> (8-2 for normal size +2 from Improved Might)
  560. <Ramon> (err 10 -2 +2 ^^)
  561. * Silas_ considers it for a moment and nods after a time
  562. <CJ> Sedala circles, the Aegis preventing entry to the city. Someone who can invite her in must, and that means they must have been part of thelast Aegis Ritual, so Baruch
  563. <Ramon> (not sure if the increased size she have now affect this and 5 is spend)
  564. <Baruch> Ok, I invite her. Is it a token or what?
  565. <Silas_> "I can't imagine so many suddenly going blind, sounds horrible."
  566. <Ramon> (So ramon cant enter the city usualy?)
  567. <CJ> You all notice that Sedala can not cross the Aegis of the Hearth, that si the preimeter of the city
  568. <CJ> (yes, you hail people who fetch a magi to invite you in)
  569. <Ramon> (oh I see)
  570. <CJ> Baruch invites you in
  571. <Baruch> (How does it work? A token or what?)
  572. <CJ> OK, now you fly towards th great Emerald dome of the Temple, and below you is the city in all her magical splendour
  573. <CJ> Now it is a warm summers day
  574. <Ramon> "I will land at the tample as thwer is enough place for sedala"
  575. <Baruch> "Yes, it certainly does. It is horrible enough as it is, though, given Iudicium truly is to blame. Such are the machinations of some."
  576. * Silas_ can barely contain the joy
  577. <Ramon> (-a+e)
  578. <CJ> Little bluebirds flit and sing. Dragonflies buzz lazily over the canal. The sky is blue, wit the snow outside a dome of magic
  579. <CJ> You land in the courtyard, and a few citizens who are busyt performing various duties stop to stare.
  580. <CJ> A grog, Ulysses, walks over. "my Lords!" He bows.
  581. <CJ> OK chaps, entirely up to you what you do now :)
  582. * Gustbran gets off.
  583. * Silas_ waves to Ulysses and dismounts
  585. * Baruch gets off
  586. * Calpurnia dismounts
  587. <Baruch> "Yes, well. It wasn't always easy, I assure you. It is good to be back."
  588. * Ramon take the scroll and the letter he written him self
  589. <CJ> Ulysses comes to assist Baruch dismounting. He is Hyperborean, but speaks Latin as do all the grogs
  590. <Ramon> <Sedala as long your at this size be careful not to hurt anyone>
  591. <Calpurnia> "HELPAX, GUSTBRAN... come" nods forward to Ramon and starts heading into the temple
  592. <CJ> Ulysses bows low. "Antonius awaits you in the Temple my Lord"
  593. <Silas_> (brb phone)
  594. * Calpurnia nods to Ulysses as she passes him
  595. <Ramon> "I have to do a delivery first, Ulysses is the Head Mage at his tower?"
  596. * Gustbran follows while keeping a note of any possible escape paths.
  597. <Calpurnia> (Ramon the head mage is Antonius)
  598. <Baruch> (that would be Antonius)
  599. * Baruch heads for the temple
  600. <Ramon> (Yes I know but to a Grog I ask this way)
  601. <Calpurnia> (Does Gustbran not understand he is on a floating island?)
  602. <CJ> The great bronze gate sof the Temple swing open as you walk through the turquoise and gold columns of the portico. Fantastic mosaics of dragons line the walls, as you walk towards the great Chamber. Hedvig, an Angelic speaking servant bows and returns to her sweeping
  603. <Gustbran> (A LARGE floating island.)
  604. <Calpurnia> (only 2 miles long)
  605. <CJ> ULysses to Ramon, "in his chambers in the temple my lord"
  606. <Gustbran> (long enough)
  607. <Ramon> "Thanks"
  608. <Calpurnia> (There's no way off and it's all colonized)
  609. <CJ> Ulysses looks curiously at Gustbran. He has a strange way of doing so, as is he was inspecting a dog turd found on the bottom of his shoe
  610. <Makara> (he can always jump off)
  611. <Gustbran> (with plenty of abandoned buildings to hide in if necessary)
  612. <Calpurnia> (He can go ahead she won't stop him)
  613. <CJ> OK, Baruch describe what happens next. :)
  614. <Silas_> (back)
  615. <Calpurnia> "Shall we" nodding at the closed door at Baruch and Ramon
  616. <Baruch> (sec)
  617. * Gustbran casually ignores Ulysses' contempt.
  618. <CJ> "where is Goricious?" asks Ulysses.
  619. <Baruch> "Final twilight. Let us do this, then."
  620. * Calpurnia twitches at Ulysses comment
  621. <Calpurnia> "... okay" opens door and allows Baruch and or Ramon to enter first
  622. * Baruch walks in
  623. * Ramon follow Baruch
  624. <Baruch> (Should I know what happens next? :))
  625. <Calpurnia> turns to Gustbran and Helpax "Inside"
  626. <CJ> You enter Antonius chambers. They were once glorius, the walls are made of jade and porphyry, the door frames heavily gilted. Now they are faded, cracked, and slightly crumbling
  627. * Gustbran follows
  628. * Silas_ looks towards the Tower, then to Edith, and then back to Baruch, finally following
  629. <CJ> Antonius sits at his desk. A door bhind him clearly has his sanctum marker on it
  630. <Calpurnia> "Silas, Edith you should come in though wait for the others to speak"
  631. <Gustbran> (hhoooo boy)
  632. * Baruch bows slightly
  633. <CJ> He is wearing a golden robe, and has a peculiar hat, like those worn by ancient Egyptian Pharoahs
  634. <CJ> H elooks up.
  635. * Ramon bow deep in front of Antonius and wait for the allowance to aproach
  636. <CJ> Edith starts to giggle
  637. * Calpurnia bows from door
  638. <CJ> Antonius was writing in a large book, but he hears Ediths giggle and immediately looks up, with a dangerous glare
  639. <CJ> “Enter!”
  640. <CJ> “Wait!”
  641. * Silas_ bows politely
  643. <CJ> "Right Baruch. What is going on here? You got them Gauntleted?"
  644. <Baruch__> "Yes, with some trouble, but regardless."
  645. <Baruch__> "Goricious is gone."
  646. <Ramon> (btw Class is not here he still sleep at sedala)
  647. <Calpurnia> (should I go get him?)
  648. <CJ> Okey doke
  649. <Ramon> (No to late right now)
  650. <CJ> "Goricious has gone WHERE?"
  651. <CJ> "Baruch, explain yourself!"
  652. <Baruch__> "Final Twilight. We were barely out of the city when we were attacked by a drake, and he attempted to counter it."
  653. <Baruch__> "Unsuccesfully."
  654. <Baruch> "It seems there is trouble afoot in the realm below us, with dragons and drakes emerging all over."
  655. <Baruch> "We were lucky to lose no one else."
  656. <CJ> "I see. Calpurnia, step forwards!"
  657. * Calpurnia steps forward
  658. * Gustbran realizes that the party has been through quite a bit!
  659. <CJ> "And Ulysses, take that disgusting grog, bathe him, and equiip him properly and whip him for appearing in such a state. I shall speak with the Guard Capytain aout this"
  660. <CJ> "Calpurnia, you ar enow a maga. Your parens has gone. By Hermetic Law you inherit his things"
  661. * Baruch hides a look of displeasure
  662. <Calpurnia> "Understood"
  663. * Gustbran hides a look of greater displeasure.
  664. <CJ> "You may enter his Sanctum and take them. I expect his lab cleaned out for reuse within three days. Do you understand me girl?"
  665. <Makara> (blame calpurnia)
  666. <Ramon> (btw CJ if I ever make a breach in etiquette with Ramon please not me to this as he is extrem good in this "game")
  667. <Calpurnia> "I understand you, sir" (I don't know what title I should say)
  668. <CJ> "I had no idea our grogs could be so filthy. THis man" points at Gustbran "looks like a peasant"
  669. <CJ> "RAmon, I ampleased ot see yu again. The srrvants will prepare your room. You have mail for me?"
  670. * Gustbran 's eyes shift around uncomfortably but says nothing.
  671. <Ramon> "Yes Sir and a personal Note to your hand for a special chase"
  672. <Makara> (I guess we are keeping gustbran as our grog then?)
  673. <Ramon> ""but the note can wait for later"
  674. <Calpurnia> (just wait makara)
  675. <Gustbran> (it hasn't hit the fan yet.)
  676. <CJ> "ramon, read me this letter"
  677. <CJ> "Silas, what have you to report?"
  678. <CJ> "makara, you too. Speak up man!"
  679. <CJ> Antonius is imperious. He seems to be pleased to see you, but he also seems busy and rather impatient
  680. <Calpurnia> (He is the leader of a covenant)
  681. * Ramon take the Scroll in both hands and hold a moment before breaking the seal
  682. <Makara> "Good morning sir, lots of thing has happen, but I will let the other explain the situation for now."
  683. <Silas_> "We were accepted as magi, and that this girl" motions to Edith -2has been a large help to us during our travels. Her home is in ruins though, I would ask if she could stay here, if she so wished."
  684. * Gustbran winces in expectation.
  685. <CJ> "CAlpurnia - Goricious will have left wards and traps on his lab. You may take your friends to open them, and if you survive, you may keep all his possessions of course."
  686. * Calpurnia nods
  687. <CJ> "You said WHAT?"
  688. * Silas_ looks worried
  689. <CJ> Antonius ot Edith. "Do you speak Latin"
  690. <CJ> Edith to Antonius, "yes I do. Please speak respectfully to me you old cod"
  691. <CJ> Ramon are you reading the letter/
  692. * Calpurnia stares hostility towards Edith
  693. <CJ> Antonius has just turned purple, his eyes bulging, and is staring speechless at Edith
  694. <Ramon> (I wait till it get silent before doing so)
  695. <Silas_> [whispers] Edith he is the leader of our order!
  696. * Gustbran resists the urge to clamp Edith’s mouth shut.
  697. <CJ> staring speechless
  698. <Ramon> (but I start to read a bit ahead)
  699. <Gustbran> (this is going well! lol)
  700. <CJ> (Ramon, posted letter to you, so you can read it out in character)
  701. <CJ> Antonius recovers his wits, and suddenly laughs
  702. <CJ> "The girl can stay. Makara, you will be responsible for her"
  703. <Calpurnia> (...... interesting development)
  704. <Makara> "Yes sir! We certainly can use more grog with guts like her! Sir!"
  705. <CJ> "Baruch, I hereby appoint you a member of the Council, and a Senior Magus"
  706. <CJ> Ulysses is trying to drag Gustbran away
  707. <Baruch> "Thank you, head mage."
  708. <Ramon> "Sir I might ask to let me read this letter before you do so"
  709. <Makara> (welp, now I have grog)
  710. * Silas_ looks surprised at Edith, Makara and Antonius
  711. <Calpurnia> "Ulysses clean him, but don't give him any new gear"
  712. <CJ> "Just read me the letter Ramon" (patiently)
  713. <Calpurnia> (gear as in weapons and armor)
  714. <Ramon> "Antonius of Guernicus, my brother in the law --"
  715. <Silas_> (congrats Makara :p )
  716. <CJ> Antonisu to Calpurnia "Why are you telling my grog to disobey my orders Calpurnia?"
  717. <Ramon> (moment is a bit complicated with this ICR client I have)
  718. <Ramon> "At the Tribunal of Stonehenge I was assaulted by a grog not known to me. He appears to have been in the company of magi of Voluntas and the City of Ivory and Jade. I wish to question this grog. I offer a longevity ritual to any magus, maga or grog who can deliver him to me alive. I also ask that you question Baruch of Bonisagus and Makara of Criamon magically and not so gently, and if they..."
  719. <CJ> (Are you just reading it out exactly. I f so I can post it)
  720. <Calpurnia> "This grog has done a crime a crime I believe you should know before giving him a better weapon"
  721. <Ramon> (Yes)
  722. <Ramon> "..had any involvement in this matter deliver them to me for trial. We shall have a Special Tribunal, then slay them -- slowly. In fact I would ask you deliver them to me for interrogation anyway, after you have dealt with them as you see fit. I shall return their heads."
  723. <CJ> "one of our grogs has committed a crime? Should he be flung from the city, as is traditional?"
  724. <Ramon> "I am also aware that a serious Hermetic Crime has been committed. I am aware of the conspiracy. The dragons have been woken."
  725. <CJ> "What’s that about Makara and Baruch?"
  726. <CJ> He appears distracted
  727. <Ramon> "any magus loyal to the Order should respond volunteering their services to me at Blackthorn. Those who do not reply, I will understand have announced their treachery."
  728. <Ramon> "We face terrible times. The dragons woken, the King facing rebellion from the Barons, and our Tribunal rent by conspiracy and now assassination attempts. I will find the magi responsible, and I will March them. That is my solemn promise."
  729. <CJ> "Dragons have been woken! The day has come at last! Antonius stands up and looks pale, indeed he trembles
  730. <Ramon> "I further charge that Julia of Blackthorn should be considered a Hermetic Criminal, and I promise that Talion will Wizard's War "
  731. <Ramon> "This was the letter Sir"
  732. <CJ> "is that all of it?"
  733. <Ramon> "Might I add that I made a letter of Eye witness as I was nearby when the attack happened"
  734. <CJ> Antonius looks confused.
  735. <CJ> "I have no interest in the petty squabbke sof the Stonehenge tribunal"
  736. <CJ> "What’s this about needing to interrogate Baruch and Makara?"
  737. <Baruch> (I will have to go soon, unfortunately. I can still play this scene.)
  738. <CJ> "Explain yourselves now!"
  739. <CJ> Same her ein about 5
  740. <Baruch> "Very well."
  741. <Baruch> "Gustbran, the grog here, joined us as we were preparing to depart for home."
  742. <CJ> Baruch, tell me what is happening - briefly, I am busy and the city may be in grave danger
  743. * Gustbran has a sheepish smile on his face.
  744. <CJ> "Oh. he is NOT one of our grogs. Ulesses, bring him back!"
  745. <Silas_> "Sir, do you know what the part about dragons was about?"
  746. <Baruch> "Iudicium the quaesitor reached us, and Gustbran, according to his own words, believed he was assaulting us."
  747. <Makara> "As for what happen with the assault, we were at the scene of the offense, so are some mage of from Boluntas, and I believe Iudicium is trying to figure out who is responsible for it."
  748. <Silas_> [is fully aware that he may be breaking into the conversation]
  749. <Baruch> "Acting before anyone else could, he struck Iudicium the quaesitor down. The latter fled."
  750. <CJ> "Yes Silas I do. There is a prophecy that one day the dragons will rise, and devour Europe. On that day this city will fall from the sky"
  751. <Calpurnia> (FUUUUUUU)
  752. <Makara> (fuuuu)
  753. <Gustbran> (fuuuuuu)
  754. <Ramon> (OMG)
  755. <Calpurnia> (we are going to have to go back, DAMN YOU AND YOU MEGA PLOT CJ!!!!!!!!!)
  756. <Makara> "we also encounter many prophecy in our travel."
  757. <Baruch> "I am not aware why me and Makara were singled out for interrogation, however."
  758. <Makara> "I believe we were the closet to him when we tries to heal him, Baruch."
  759. <CJ> "um, so is he guilty this grog? If so, throw him from the city. If not, let him go. I have no interest in Iudicium being insulted when the city may be about to be destroyed"
  760. <CJ> Antonius calls to Ulysses. Ulysses fetch the lifeboat. "We may have to ferry the magi to safety somewhere."
  761. <Calpurnia> (CJ did you forget the part you said Iuscidum wanted Gustbran alive in the letter)
  762. <Baruch> "Yes, he is guilty of assaulting the quaesitor. I suspect he did act on good faith rather than any conspiracy, however."
  763. <Makara> "Sir, this grog here seems to have a part in the properly."
  764. <CJ> Ulysses to Antoius "these magi have the boat my Lord"
  765. <Silas_> "Why is this happening, Sir, could you tell us?"
  766. <CJ> Antonius to makara "Then keep him, guard him, and for the Love of the Gods give him a bath!"
  767. <Gustbran> (lol)
  768. <Silas_> [cutting in, hopefully :p ]
  769. <Makara> "It shall be done, sir."
  770. <CJ> The covenants suddenly lurches. People cry out in fear all across the city
  771. <Calpurnia> "Well feth"
  772. <Makara> "aheee!"
  773. <CJ> Antonius; "Right, Baruch, prepare the boat. We had best evacuate the magi. Senior magi first of course"
  774. <Ramon> "Huh"
  775. <CJ> "Where is the boat by the way?"
  776. <Silas_> "We are just leavin?"
  777. <Silas_> leaving*
  778. <Baruch> "We no longer have the boat, unfortunately."
  779. <Calpurnia> (Wait we only had one boat?)
  780. <CJ> "I feel in the cuiircumstaces we shall withdraw and plan"
  781. <Silas_> [slightly accusing]
  782. <CJ> "you no longer have the boat!"
  783. <CJ> "Then we must remain, and face our fate. Baruch, if we all die, may your soul suffer for this!"
  784. <Makara> "None of us know how to fly it unfortunately after it sunk."
  785. <CJ> "You are dismissed. I must call the Senior magi to council"
  786. <Baruch> "Thank you, head mage."
  787. <CJ> "leave my sight - NOW!"
  788. * Calpurnia leaves the room
  789. * Silas_ leaves
  790. * Makara tell Gustbran and Edith to follow him.
  791. * Gustbran leaves quickly
  792. * Baruch leaves
  793. * Ramon bow and leave after the mages
  794. <Baruch> (Thanks, everyone!)
  795. <Silas_> casts dark glances towards Makara as he leaves and turns towards the Tower of Joy
  796. <Calpurnia> (You killed us all)
  797. <CJ> Antonius shouts after you "we may have hours, we may have months we may have a year or two, But this city will fall unless we stop these dragons!"
  798. <Ramon> At the Door "I might be able to save some mages with Sedala"
  799. <CJ> and there we ill end for today
  800. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
  801. <Ramon> "Thanks for todays game"
  802. <Gustbran> I survived!
  803. <Silas_> Thanks for the run :)
  804. <Makara> hurray
  805. <Silas_> so far hehe
  806. <CJ> (nope not killed. City not fallen yet. In fact won't fall for a few seasons at least. You edd some downtime. Antonius does not know that though)
  807. <Calpurnia> But for how long Gustbran)
  808. <Silas_> we survived and we sacrificed a lot of humanity to a cat, all in all a win
  809. <CJ> Nest session we must deal with a dungeon - how Calpurnia get sin to Goricious lab,m and what she finds there
  810. <Ramon> (We definitve need to get back the boat at some time )
  811. <CJ> (Yes you do...)
  812. <Gustbran> I think Gustbran will take even a couple days at this point. Just one session at a time.
  813. =-= Gustbran is now known as Freespace
  814. <CJ> (and yes the city will fall, unless you save it)
  815. <Makara> first thing, you take a bath
  816. <CJ> Hope was ok. the cart scene seemed to take ages! Sorry aboutthat
  817. <Freespace> And second, is to get that better equipment!
  818. <Calpurnia> (Ramon, Class, Makara, and Baruch will probably be needed for my little adventure
  819. <Makara> only me know the cloud spell :p
  820. <Silas_> cart scene?
  821. <Makara> cat
  822. <Silas_> ah
  823. <Ramon> (/me need to get fresh equipment mit Class but that souldnt be a problem with the common things Class use)
  824. <Silas_> true that :p
  825. <Silas_> needed to happen though
  826. <Makara> ^
  827. <CJ> letter on forum now
  828. <Calpurnia> that may be true but we can throw you into the traps
  829. <Ramon> btw CJ I send the answear you asked for today morning
  830. <Makara> raid lab yay
  831. <CJ> OK I have to go. Now you are back, think about downtime.
  832. <Freespace> Traps... AFTER I get the equipment. Ok?
  833. <CJ> I sahh reply Class
  834. <Silas_> yay a lab raid :) someting to look forward to
  835. <Calpurnia> I most likely have permission to kill you if you take anything Makara
  836. <Silas_> thanks for the run everyone, I'l head out
  837. <CJ> And you need to get in to Goricious lab next session, whcih might kill a few of you
  838. <Makara> only if it helps saves the world
  839. <CJ> See you all soon
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