MGE Side III Amora Nevia

Feb 13th, 2021
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  1. Rose Tea Specialty Shop “Amora Nevia”
  2. Fuu~...♥ Fuu~...♥
  3. Ufufu♥ I endured it... I endured it! D-don’t make such a disappointed face!
  4. By the way, I’ve been speaking for a while, aren’t you tired by now?
  5. This area is only the gateway to the island, “Rose Garden Way”.
  6. Although it is a common Nevian residential area, it is a district that came to be called that because the residents here enjoy constructing rose gardens, entertaining the eyes of passers-by with their beauty.
  7. It’s quite a way to the art street where Nevia Theater is located, so let’s take a break over at that store.
  9. This place is “Amora Nevia”, a shop specializing in teas made from Nevia’s local specialty, Nevian Roses.
  10. The interior is also quite lovely, but I’d highly recommend the terrace seating. Ufufu, don’t you think it’s very fashionable and cute with its little botanical garden of roses?
  11. Now then, would you like to order a Rose Tea that I recommend?
  12. ... Ara, are you wondering about that empty flower vase on the table? You’ll understand soon♪
  13. From these terrace seats, you can enjoy the roses decorating the store, as well as look out at all of the rose gardens at those houses, and in the square before you... Ara, that gentleman has begun playing a lute. What a fascinating melody.
  14. ... Ara, it seems that simple man and woman took each other’s hand and started dancing, I suppose they couldn’t help it after hearing the melody of love from that gentleman’s lute.
  15. The figure of them dancing while holding hands, their happy expressions, as if they were thinking of each other... Kyaa♥ As the performance ended and the spectators applauded, t-they kissed...♥
  16. Haa...♥ That woman’s cheeks flushed red with the urge to breed, eyes moist with lust... Ufufu♥ It’s like the two of them joined for the first time at that moment♥
  17. They went off hand in hand, but surely after this they’ll... Yan♥
  18. Everyone that lives in Nevia enjoys art and music like this.
  19. Men and women are often paired together like this♥ If you’d like, we too can...
  21. Ah, umm, it seems our order has arrived. How do you do?
  22. This gallantly beautiful and elegant waitress dressed like a man is now retired, but was originally a member of the Lustre Group... my senior, who now runs this shop with her husband.
  23. She is a person with deep knowledge of Nevian Roses, and can tell you anything concerning them, from information about roses and the taste and benefits of making them into tea, to anecdotes about roses. Rose seeds are also sold at this shop, so you can also ask her about growing them.
  25. Fufu, our waitress has just placed a single rose into that empty flower vase...
  26. At this shop, a single rose, which is an ingredient in the rose tea, is used like this to decorate the table.
  27. Why don’t you compare the aroma of the rose tea and this rose? They both have very nice scents, don’t they?
  28. The Nevian Rose, which is raised with mana, is truly worthy of bearing the name of the city of passion, and depending on how passionate the person raising them is, they will become a deeper red and the scent will change♥
  29. The scent of a rose of someone passionate about song and someone passionate about art will differ... So what is the scent of this rose?
  30. My, it’s the aroma of love♥ It means you and I seemed to have such a relationship in the eyes of the waitress...♥
  31. Ufufu♥ After all, I love a rose raised by the passionate love of a couple.
  32. In Nevia, by wearing roses grown as a couple, you can show just how strongly you love each other.
  33. Aah, how lovely, that Dhampir and her partner that just crossed the square... That large rose with its petals spread out in countless layers is incredibly difficult to grow...! It must be flooded with a considerable amount of brutal monster mana and a man’s violently powerful mana, a delicacy that cannot be neglected even a little bit...! ... Surely, all night long, no, with petals that large, there is no doubt they must be joining in the bedroom over and over all day long...! Perhaps you can’t call it something as elegant as “joining”, but rather, copulation♥ Just like a strong male pins down a submissive female and unilaterally ravishes her to exhaustion, that dignified Dhampir over there appears at first glance to be elegantly leading that man, but serves as an outlet for her husband’s primal desires all day... Aah, I can’t♥ I just can’t♥
  35. Haa, what am I doing! I accidentally got excited!
  36. I’m just a little fanatical about roses.
  37. Umm, I’ll drink some tea and calm down... Fuu... This rose tea, it has a passionate aroma and taste, don’t you think?
  38. When I drink it, my mind calms down, but my body’s core starts to heat up... Ufufufu♥ When I look at you dear sir, my chest and lower body get hotter and hotter...♥
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