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  1. <size=150%>Welcome to <color=red>The Redd Room!</color></size>
  3. <color=blue><u><link="">Join the Discord</u><size=50%> (click)</size></link></color> and read the rules to see how to get the <color=blue>Join The Discord</color> role.
  5. <color=red><size=125%><b>--===Rules===--</b></size></color>
  6. <color=red><b>1.</b></color> <color=#88ff00><i>TOXICITY</i></color> is not welcome here. If you do not like anything about the server then leave and don't ruin the game for others.
  7. <color=red><b>2.</b></color>  Do not say any racial/sexual slurs or harass others by their sex, race, or religion. These will result in <i><b><color=red>HARSH PUNISHMENT</b></color></i>
  8. <color=red><b>3.</b></color>  Events are very rare, asking for one lowers the chance of getting one.<size=50%>(if you do not want to participate in an event tell a staff member)</size>
  9. <color=red><b>4.</b></color>  Hacking/Modding/Exploiting is not tolerated and those who are caught will be <i><b><color=black>[REDACTED]</color></b></i>.
  10. <color=red><b>5.</b></color>  <color=purple>Admins</color> have the final say. If you want to report an <color=purple>Admin</color> do so in the <color=blue>discord</color>. <size=50%>(link above)</size>
  11. <color=red><b>6.</b></color>  Attacking the server or other players in any way will result in <color=red><i>SEVERE PUNISHMENT</i></color>
  12. <color=red><b>7.</b></color>  Teaming is allowed, until it delays the game from ending. (You will be notified if you are.)
  13. <color=red><b>8.</b></color>  Team kill is not be tolerated. (<color=#00B090>CI Spy</color> is the only exception.)
  14. <color=red><b>9.</b></color>  There are certain banned spots on the server, this is to keep the game fair for all teams. If you are using a banned spot you will be notified by a member of the <color=purple>Administration</color> team.
  15. <color=red><b>10.</b></color>  Do not disturb/interfere with an <color=purple>Administrator</color> while doing his/her job.
  16. <color=red><b>11.</b></color>  No mic spam. This includes music, soundboards, and loud or weird noises.
  17. <color=red><b>12.</b></color>  According to steam TOS you may not play if you are the age 13 or under. If you are 13 or under you will be banned until your age no longer violates steam TOS.
  19. <size=125%><b><i><color=red><u>{THIS IS A HEAVILY MODDED SERVER}</u></color></i></b></size>
  20. <color=green><b>-</b></color> A new team called <color=#08FF00>Serpent's Hand</color> spawns in as Tutorial on the surface. This team groups with <color=#FF0000>SCP's</color> and kills everything else. Because of this <color=#007100>CI</color> does <b><i><u>NOT</u></i></b> team with <color=#007100>CI</color>SCP's</color> and only wins with <color=#FF9B00>D-Class</color>.
  21. <color=green><b>-</b></color> All <color=#007BF6>MTF</color> Squadrons spawn with one <color=#00B090>CI Spy</color>. They will be notified when they become a spy and all they have to do to be a good spy is shoot their MTF friends. They will lose their immunity when they do any damage to MTF.
  22. Class</color> and other <color=#007100>Chaos Insurgency</color> aren't able to kill the spy and vice versa.
  23. <color=green><b>-</b></color> <color=#FF9B00>D-Class</color> and <color=#E4E577>Scientists</color> spawn with coins that can be used in <color=#FF0000>SCP-914</color> to be converted to a keycard and possibly a gun.
  24. <color=green><b>-</b></color> Randomized weapons on spawn for <color=#007BF6>MTF</color>, <color=#007100>CI</color>, <color=#B3B3B3>Facility Guard</color>.
  25. <color=green><b>-</b></color> <b>Special/Custom weapons include:</b> Shotgun, Sniper, Tranquilizer (puts you to sleep.), Grenade launcher.
  26. <color=green><b>-</b></color> <b>Grenades are buffed</b>, and <b>Medkits</b> heal slowly over time until you are damaged or until you are at max hp.
  27. <color=green><b>-</b></color> <color=#FF0000>SCP-457</color> Looks like <color=#FF0000>SCP-106</color>, but deals fire damage to those in range of him and heals other <color=#FF0000>SCP's</color>. <color=#FF0000>SCP-457</color> <b>CANNOT</b> use <color=#FF0000>SCP-106's</color> special abilities and cannot be contained with the femur breaker. <size=50%>(will get notification upon spawn as him)</size>
  28. <color=green><b>-</b></color> <color=red>VOTE-KICK</color>. All users above level 10 has permission to start a vote-kick and may do so for <b><i><u>ANY REASON!</u></i></b> To start a vote-kick press <b>[`]</b> or <b>[~]</b> to open console and enter <b>".votekick (name)"</b> all users will be notified and will be told on how to vote.
  29. <color=green><b>-</b></color> <color=#FF0000>SCP-096</color> is modded to be more lore friendly. While in a rage state it can only see who looked at it and will remain in the rage state until all targets die. During it's rage state <color=#FF0000>SCP-096</color> receives a health boost, and can open any door. If <color=#FF0000>SCP-096</color> remains in a rage state for long enough it will to loose hp. Upon spawning as <color=#FF0000>SCP-096</color> you can read the console for more details about this plugin.
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