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  1. <size=125%>Welcome to <color=red>The Redd Room!</color></size>
  3. Join the <color=blue><u><link="https://discord.gg/ekU73pa">Discord</u> <size=50%>(click)</size></link></color> and read the rules to get the <color=blue>Join The Discord</color> role.
  5. <color=red><size=125%><b>--===Rules===--</b></size></color>
  6. <b>1.</b> Be kind to others and do not be <color=#88ff00><i>TOXIC</i></color>. If you do not like anything about the server then leave and don't ruin the game for others.
  7. <b>2.</b> Do not say any racial/sexual slurs or harass others by their sex, race, or religion. <size=50%>(if you have any beef with any of them then go elsewhere)</size>
  8. <b>3.</b> Events are very rare, asking for one will not lowers the chance of getting one.<size=50%>(if you do not want to be in an event tell a staff member)</size>
  9. <b>4.</b> Hacking is not tolerated and those who are caught will be <i><b>[REDACTED]</b></i>.
  10. <b>5.</b> <color=purple>Admins</color> have the final say. If you want to report an <color=purple>Admin</color> do so in the <color=blue>discord</color>. (link above)
  11. <b>6.</b> Attacking the server or other players in any way will result in <color=red><i>SEVERE PUNISHMENT</i></color>
  12. <b>7.</b> Teaming is allowed, unless it holds up the game. (You will be notified)
  13. <b>9.</b> Team kill will not be tolerated. (<color=#00B090>CI Spy</color> is the only exception.)
  14. <b>10.</b> There are certain banned spots on the server, this is to keep the game fun for all teams. If you are in a banned spot you will be notified by a member of the <color=purple>Administration</color> team.
  15. <b>11.</b> Do not disturb/interfere with an <color=purple>Administration</color> member while doing his/her job.
  17. <size=125%><b><i><color=red>{THIS IS A HEAVILY MODDED SERVER}</color></i></b></size>
  18. - A new team called <color=#08FF00>Serpent's Hand</color> spawns in as Tutorial on the surface. This team groups with <color=#FF0000>SCP's</color> and kills everything else. Because of this <color=#007100>CI</color> does <b><i><u>NOT</u></i></b> team with <color=#007100>CI</color>SCP's</color> and only wins with <color=#FF9B00>D-Class</color>.
  19. - All <color=#007BF6>MTF</color> Squadrons spawn with one <color=#00B090>CI Spy</color>. They will be notified when they become a spy and all they have to do to be a good spy is shoot their MTF friends. They will lose their immunity when they do any damage to MTF.
  20. Class</color> and other <color=#007100>Chaos Insurgency</color> aren't able to kill the spy and vice versa.
  21. - <color=#FF9B00>D-Class</color> and <color=#E4E577>Scientists</color> spawn with coins that can be used in <color=#FF0000>SCP-914</color> and get keycards and possibly guns.
  22. - Randomized weapons on spawn for <color=#007BF6>MTF</color>, <color=#007100>CI</color>, <color=#B3B3B3>Facility Guard</color>, and <color=#08FF00>Serpent's Hand</color>.
  23. - <b>Special/Custom weapons include:</b> Shotgun, Sniper, Tranquilizer (puts you to sleep.)
  24. - <b>Grenades are buffed</b>, and <b>Medkits</b> heal slowly over time until you are damaged or have full hp.
  25. - <<color=#FF0000>>SCP-457</color> Looks like <color=#FF0000>SCP-106</color>, but deals fire damage to those in range of him and heals other <color=#FF0000>SCP's</color>. <color=#FF0000>SCP-457</color> <b>CANNOT</b> use <color=#FF0000>SCP-106's</color> special abilities and cannot be contained with the femur breaker. <size=50%>(will get notification upon spawn as him)</size>
  26. - <color=red>VOTE-KICK</color>. All users have permissions to vote-kick and may do so for <b><i><u>ANY REASON!</u></i></b> To start a vote-kick press <b>`</b> or <b>~</b> to open console and enter <b>".votekick (name)"</b> all users will be notified and will be told on how to vote.
  27. - <color=#FF0000>SCP-008</color> <b><i>DOES NOT WORK AS OF NOW.</i></b>
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