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  1. Honestly EL, I wouldn't really have minded if you would have just replied normally, or said nothing at all, but considering that you deleted my original comment, and want to hide other peoples opinion if they don't align with yours tells me that you're not really mature enough to be hanging out in a place like this. Your interests in "being right" over finding the truth was certainly part of the reason you were removed from the modding discord. You wouldn't take it when people told you to stop doing dumb things, and I'm sadly seeing the same behavior here.
  3. I requested, as a fellow "bronie", that you shouldn't make comments like this. It makes you look at lot more stupid as a person for bringing up 6 year old memes. Especially ones about communities that in general are considered polarizing, on top of already have a very annoying fanbase. Your post is just bringing back bad memories of that era and nobody wants to hear about it anymore.
  5. In your attempt to cover up your blunder you just decided to delete my comment. You've decided the route of not taking what I've said and disagreeing with it,(verbally or not) and just silencing my opinion instead to cover your ass. Are you too immature to rebuttal my points, too lazy, or do you not like being proven your wrong in writing for everyone to see? I don't understand why are you so hell-bent on being right instead of learning how to become a better person? If my opinion on the matter is incorrect, You can let me look like a fool in front of everyone, or address the content of my point. Removing it just makes you look coward-like and ignorant.
  7. I thought Twilight Taught you to learn as much as you can from others and to keep an open mind, through their experiences they have written down in books that she so religiously praises, and the experiences she's seen her friends go through firsthand. I thought Pinkie Pie told you to try and engage with people in conversation, and convince them with your words and actions, like she did with the Yacks to logically convince them to not be so stubborn and accept help from other people. It look like Twilight's attempts to help starlight become a good person/student/teacher sure didn't hit home with you. She worked with Starlight and logically convinced her that her way of thinking being controlling, silencing others for having a different opinion than her own, are wrong. You just want to silence problems around you and live in your little brony utopia while you spread your puked up rainbows to everyone, everywhere. Maybe if you spent more time watching the show and understanding that it's a lot more than just candy-coloured horses singing songs and spreading this blanket of friendship everywhere you might actually be a decent person one day.
  9. Your abrasiveness with your comments, ignorance by not listening to others, and lack of understanding of the show's meaning is where you fail. Take the show and apply it's values of respect, caring of others, understanding of differing opinions, and overall acceptance of people instead of making your show the center of the universe, pushing it's aesthetic, and cringy things on others.
  10. Re-evaluate your actions and start taking the values of the show and integrating it into your life, instead of trying to spew your twisted view on how you think it actually is onto other people.
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