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  1. JackSparrow94:  this pyke is such a dickhead
  2. Cup of Ahri:  same
  3. Angel GAGA left the lobby
  4. Everyone on your team honored a teammate! You got a little extra Honor progress this game.
  5. ItsJustPlatonic earned an S- on Yasuo
  6. CHEETOJP25 earned an S- on Twitch
  7. You earned an S+ on Pyke
  8. Cup of Ahri earned an S- on Lucian
  9. JackSparrow94:  you guys sit on comms together
  10. JackSparrow94:  and think youre good
  11. W I N D S U O
  12. Hask!
  13. :  Ggs yass
  14. Ankirza:  we're not on comms
  15. Just Skeptical left the lobby
  16. ItsJustPlatonic:  We werent though
  17. Ankirza:  we're just that good
  18. Ankirza:  owo
  19. JackSparrow94:  interesting shitt
  20. CHEETOJP25:  you inted on the most braindead champ in the game
  21. JackSparrow94:  yeah
  22. Cup of Ahri:  don't talk to my egirl like that you trogladyte
  23. JackSparrow94:  thats why youre gold
  24. JackSparrow94:  LOL
  25. JackSparrow94:  kid give me 30 seconds of your min wage life
  26. JackSparrow94:  and ill kick your teeth in
  27. Ankirza:  oh my
  28. Cup of Ahri:  lmao
  29. Ankirza:  HAHHAHA
  30. Ankirza:  \A
  31. Ankirza:  A
  32. Ankirza:  A
  33. Ankirza:  A
  34. JackSparrow94:  oh haha
  35. ItsJustPlatonic:  LMAO
  36. JackSparrow94:  look
  37. CHEETOJP25:  say bye to ur acc LMAO
  38. JackSparrow94:  thats how autistic children like you laugh
  39. ItsJustPlatonic:  AHHAHA
  40. {
  41. JackSparrow94:  hahaha
  42. Ankirza:  iM A WOMAN
  43. JackSparrow94:  like a report in post game chat
  44. JackSparrow94:  will do anything
  45. JackSparrow94:  good
  46. Ankirza:  u cant talk to my like that
  47. CHEETOJP25:  keep it coming
  48. JackSparrow94:  why dont you take your gayfag life
  49. JackSparrow94:  fatass chick sits on league
  50. ItsJustPlatonic:  JackSparrow94: kid give me 30 seconds of your min wage life
  51. JackSparrow94: and ill kick your teeth in
  52. JackSparrow94:  cuz shes too ugly to go to bars
  53. CHEETOJP25:  got anything original
  54. ItsJustPlatonic:  I like that shit
  55. ItsJustPlatonic left the lobby
  56. Ankirza:  im too young 2 go to bars
  57. Ankirza:  wtf do u mean
  58. JackSparrow94:  cant come up with original when you work for mcdonalds
  59. JackSparrow94:  poor piece of trashh
  60. CHEETOJP25:  *yawn*
  61. JackSparrow94:  yawnn
  62. W I N D S U O left the lobby
  63. JackSparrow94:  hmm
  64. JackSparrow94:  5 kids on coms
  65. JackSparrow94:  makes min wage
  66. JackSparrow94:  no future
  67. JackSparrow94:  plays league
  68. Cup of Ahri:  why're you so mad
  69. JackSparrow94:  claims shes a chick
  70. JackSparrow94:  do you wann ainsult yourself anymore?
  71. Cup of Ahri:  it's 3 on comms
  72. SharkTank408:  so mad
  73. JackSparrow94:  keep talkin shit
  74. JackSparrow94:  ill take a gun
  75. JackSparrow94:  and end your puny little fag life
  76. JackSparrow94 left the lobby
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