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MagiReco Main Story 7.7

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  1. 7.7 Invasion
  2. on a path in Shinsei Ward in the evening
  3. Iroha: "Why are there rumors clustered around where Ui was hospitalized!?"
  5. 7.7.1
  6. [on a pathway near the hospital in Shinsei Ward, we see Iroha and Yachiyo both transformed]
  7. Yachiyo: "Around here is where there should be more rumors than usual."
  8. Iroha: "Perhaps because their base is near the hospital, the rumors are there to protect it..."
  9. "Something like that?"
  10. Yachiyo: "That's hard to believe..."
  11. "Given that rumors need special conditions to be met before they appear."
  12. "They're not exactly well-suited for protecting something."
  13. Iroha: "I see..."
  14. "Also, there weren't any rumors that involved any kind of trap..."
  15. Yachiyo: "Yes..."
  16. [Yachiyo senses something]
  17. Yachiyo: "I sense several magic signals."
  18. Iroha: "It's probably the Wings of Magius!"
  19. Yachiyo: "That said, they probably don't know about Tsuruno either."
  20. Iroha: "But, we can at least ask them."
  21. Yachiyo: "Yes."
  22. "Get out here!"
  23. [we see one white feather and two familiar-looking black feathers]
  24. white feather: "You may be planning on erasing all of the rumors here..."
  25. "But we will not let you."
  26. "Let's go stop them."
  27. black feather (Felicia): "..."
  28. black feather (Sana): "..."
  29. Yachiyo: "Who thinks they can stop us?"
  30. Iroha: "We'll have you tell us..."
  31. "Where Tsuruno-chan and Felicia-chan and Sana-chan are!"
  32. [she senses something]
  33. Iroha: "Huh? Th-this magic..."
  34. [fade to gray; we see Felicia and Sana]
  35. Felicia: "Iroha!"
  36. Sana: "Iroha-san!"
  37. [back to the pathway]
  38. Iroha: "Felicia-chan!? Sana-chan!?"
  39. Yachiyo: "The black feathers? Looks like it..."
  40. black feather (Felicia): "..."
  41. black feather (Sana): "..."
  42. [in battle]
  43. Yachiyo: "You two might have been mobilized..."
  44. "But here we'll definitely secure you!"
  45. Iroha: "Yes!"
  46. white feather: "How splendid, having friends fight one another."
  47. ??? (offscreen): "Hah! Too bad for you!"
  48. Iroha: "Wha..."
  49. [Felicia throws off her cloak]
  50. Felicia: "Who's gonna be splendid now!?"
  51. "I've always been on Iroha's side, you idiot!"
  52. Iroha: "Ehhh!?"
  53. Yachiyo: "Wait, really!?"
  54. white feather: "No way!"
  55. Yachiyo: "What about the brainwashing!?"
  56. ??? (Sana): "Me too..."
  57. [she takes off her cloak too]
  58. Sana: "I'm going to be going home now!"
  59. Iroha: "Sana-chan!"
  60. Sana: "Iroha-san!"
  61. white feather: "Wha-wha-"
  62. "What are you doing!?"
  63. [battle]
  64. Felicia: "Yachiyoooo!"
  65. Yachiyo: "Felicia!"
  66. Felicia: "Jump!"
  67. Yachiyo: "Okay, catch!"
  68. Sana: "Iroha-san!"
  69. Iroha: "Sana-chan!"
  70. "Are you alright? Are you hurt?"
  71. Sana: "Yes, I'm... I'm fine!"
  72. Iroha: "Thank goodness..."
  73. white feather: "Tch... You two, give us back our black feathers!"
  74. Yachiyo: "Who is..."
  75. Felicia: "Who's gonna go back to you!?"
  76. "We won't be, uh, what's it, breaking back!"
  77. Sana: "We won't be going back!"
  78. Felicia: "Yeah, that!"
  79. Iroha: "You two, are you sure the brainwashing is gone...?"
  80. Felicia: "Yep, I'm super fine now!"
  81. Sana: "Me too... Sorry for making you worry..."
  82. Felicia: "Well, if you wanna go, then let's do this now!"
  83. white feather: "..."
  84. "I don't understand... This isn't how it's supposed to go..."
  85. [she runs away]
  86. Iroha: "..."
  87. [Iroha detransforms]
  88. Iroha: "sigh... She finally left..."
  89. [Sana detransforms]
  90. Sana: "Um..."
  91. Iroha: "Sana-chan..."
  92. Sana: "Iroha-san..."
  93. Iroha: "Thank goodness... I'm so glad that you're okay..."
  94. Sana: "I'm sorry, Iroha-san... I'm so, so sorry..."
  95. Yachiyo: "sigh..."
  96. "Well, are you okay?"
  97. Felicia: "Of course! We ran away with a zoom!"
  98. Yachiyo: "Oh my..."
  99. "Well, I'm glad you're okay..."
  100. "Really..."
  101. "It's my fault... I'm sorry, Felicia..."
  102. "I'm so relieved that you're okay..."
  103. Felicia: "Yachiyo..."
  104. "sniff... Me too..."
  105. "I'm sorry... too..."
  106. [back on the streets of Sakae Ward in the evening]
  107. Momoko: "As I suspected, when you first hear it doesn't depend on age."
  108. "It was fastest doing a survey on the street with a binder."
  109. Rena: "We sure used some trickery, pretending it was a survey for a class."
  110. Momoko: "Trickery? No, it's just strategy."
  111. "For that matter, you're really not cut out for this sort of thing, Rena."
  112. Rena: "I can't help it!"
  113. "I don't know how I should talk to strangers who are older than me..."
  114. "Before I met you I had a lot of trouble..."
  115. Momoko: "Ah, thanks a lot."
  116. "Well, thanks to your help, we got some good information."
  117. Rena: "But we didn't find it out..."
  118. "Where the amusement park is..."
  119. Momoko: "That's true..."
  120. "But we did find out that it opens at daybreak the day after tomorrow."
  121. "And also, it's enough to know that it's not near Sakae Ward."
  122. [insert map of Kamihama]
  123. Momoko: *And also, it seems pretty certain that the rumor spread from the east to west through Sakae, Mizuna, and Shinsei...*
  124. [back to the street]
  125. Rena: "I wonder what kind of rumor it is..."
  126. Momoko: "For that, we have to hear from that familiar like thing."
  127. "..."
  128. Rena: "Thinking back to the Breakup Rule, it kinda makes me scared..."
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