Another Mare's Treasure (WIP) [RGRE] (Femanon) (Anon/R&F)

Aug 13th, 2018
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  1. > Be Femanon, sitting at the register of Carousel Beautique
  2. > There's never all that much walk-in business, so you are free to work on the draft of your next novel
  3. > It's been interesting, seeing how slash tropes are received in pony society
  4. > Soulmates is considered a sweet, if heavy handed way of getting two hot stallions together
  5. > Fake marriage does not really translate well, due to herd culture
  6. > Crossdressing (using illusion magic) and adding a mare to the herd makes fake marriage go from unpalatable to absurd amounts of pandering
  7. > You had thought that the public wasn't ready for Alpha Omega yet, but you might be wrong about that
  8. > Perhaps you should go with sentinel and guide first?
  9. > It all makes you a little homesick, knowing that you probably won't see your friends again
  10. > You miss their stories, in all their fluffy and filthy glory
  11. > To a lesser extent you also miss the casual makeouts when you were between boyfriends, but Rarity and Fluttershy are happy to help with that
  12. > The bells on the door ring, signalling the presence of a customer
  13. > You look up to find Bunny Gym trotting excitedly towards you
  14. > One of the regulars, he likes to get new fitness clothes once the sweat stains on the old ones stop washing out
  15. "Bunbun, it's so good to see you!"
  16. > He grins
  17. > "It's good to see you too, Fem! Listen, there's something you've got to see!"
  18. > You raise your eyebrows
  19. "Oh? What might that be?"
  20. > He wiggles impatiently
  21. > "Fluttershy found another human, and it's a guy!"
  22. > Your eyes go wide
  23. > Another human?
  24. > Maybe he knows how to get back home?
  25. > You quickly step into the backroom and call out to Rarity
  26. "I've got to go, Fluttershy found another human!"
  27. > Rarity pokes her head out of her inspiration room and smiles at you
  28. > "By all means, Darling. Perhaps you want to fix your mane before you see him?"
  29. > Might as well
  30. "Thanks, Rares."
  31. > You trot over to the body-length mirror, smoothing down the fabric of your black pencil skirt
  32. > You look at your reflection, patting down stray hairs, carding your fingers through your bangs
  33. > You stare critically at the white buttondown blouse that subtly accents your not inconsiderable bust
  34. > Frankly, you've gotten too used to no one looking
  35. > You tug your bra straps into place, then fasten the second button of your blouse
  36. > Bunny nods seriously behind you
  37. > "Looks good. Ready to go?"
  38. > You take a deep breath, set your shoulders back, and stare your reflection in the eyes
  39. "I'm ready."
  41. > You find him a couple streets away, sweet sweet Fluttershy trotting at his side
  42. > He's...
  43. > You slump ever so slightly
  44. > He's somewhat chubby, maybe a little shorter than you, and his round face almost looks boyish, if it weren't for the dark circles under his eyes
  45. > Denim shorts, a solid green t-shirt, white socks and tennis shoes
  46. > On the plus side, he isn't wearing a trillby, and is clean shaven
  47. > You walk towards him more reluctantly, hoping he won't be a creeper
  48. > Bunny notices the change in your stride, but misinterprets it
  49. > "Feeling shy? He seems like the fatherly type, you should be fine."
  50. > You give him a strained smile
  51. "You might be right. Why don't we find out?"
  52. > He bumps his shoulder against your hip
  53. > "I've got your back."
  54. > You gaze fondly upon the little guy
  55. > He may be a flighty guy, and a terrible gossip, but he has a good heart
  56. > His herd is a lucky bunch of mares
  57. > You approach, and Fluttershy nudges the man beside her
  58. > The chubby guy looks up at you, eyes wide
  59. > You can see his gaze flicker to your bust, then your hips, then your face
  60. > You feel a mild sense of disgust at the attention, you had forgotten what it felt like to be checked out after two years living with ponies
  61. > Admittedly it's not like stallions are anymore respectful when looking over say, Fluttershy
  62. > It's just that they aren't interested in you
  63. > It was nice at first, but after months of no one approaching you, and even more months of going on what you came to recognize as pity dates...
  64. > Well, it is a little reassuring to know you are still attractive by human standards
  65. > You smile politely
  66. "My name is Femanon, welcome to Equestria."
  67. > He nods to you and returns the smile, blushing slightly
  68. > "Thanks, I'm Nemo. Are there other humans besides us here?"
  69. > You shake your head and grimace
  70. "Not as far as we know. Minotaurs exist, so it's possible there at least were other humans long ago. Speaking of which, do you know how you got here?"
  71. > Nemo blinks
  72. > "Well, the kayak I was in flipped over, and dumped me into a deep part of the river. When I swam up, I came out of a pond in the forest. Does that help?"
  73. > You sigh
  74. "We'll have Twilight check out the pond, but whatever happened is probably gone by now. That's what happened to me on a nature hike."
  75. > His brow furrows
  76. > "That's pretty weird. Does that sort of thing happen often around here?"
  77. > You shrug
  78. "We seem to be the only sapient victims of the teleportation or whatever, so there's just not enough information to make any sort of predictions."
  79. > Fluttershy starts to drape her wing around Nemo to comfort him
  80. > You can see the realization on her face that she'd just be cupping his butt
  81. > She blushes and withdraws the wing immediately
  82. > She's so cute when she gets flustered
  83. > Fluttershy clears her throat softly
  84. > "Speaking of, why don't we talk to Twilight now, in case there's still traces of magic?"
  85. > You grimace, realizing you might be delaying finding a way home
  86. "Right, good point. You guys go on, I'll be at the beautique once you get settled."
  87. > You trot off with a wave
  88. > Nemo looks momentarily confused, then waves back
  89. > "Nice to meet you!"
  90. > You shoot him a quick, bland smile and nod
  91. > You turn a corner and allow yourself a sigh
  92. > "I don't think it went that badly."
  93. > You jump, letting out an involuntary squeak
  94. > You had forgotten about Bunny Gym
  95. > For his part, he's giggling at your reaction
  96. > You scowl at him
  97. "Laugh it up, fuzzball. And for your information, I'm not interested in him, got it?"
  98. > Bunny wipes his eyes with his hoof, still shaking with the occasional giggle
  99. > "Got it, you don't like the patronly types. So, you good now?"
  100. > You sigh, rolling your shoulders
  101. > You hadn't realized you were that tense
  102. "...yeah, I'm good. Thanks, Bun."
  103. > He bumps his withers into your leg and you give them a pat
  104. > "What are friends for? Keep me updated alright?"
  105. > You give him a playful push
  106. "You're just in it for the gossip, you bastard."
  107. > He grins
  108. > "You bet I am, bitch! See you later!"
  109. > You shake your head with a chuckle
  110. > Good ol' Bunny Gym
  111. > At any rate, you should probably get back to your job
  113. > Be Rarity, trying to be professional
  114. > You've measured plenty of stallion rump in your time as a clothes designer
  115. > It's one of the perks of the job
  116. > But none of those rumps were so plush and flagrant as this one
  117. > The closest thing is Minotaur hindquarters, but they still have digigrade legs, meaning that their buttocks transition smoothly into thighs
  118. > Not so with this flank
  119. > His thighs stand nearly vertical, his bottom clearly delineated by fold in his flesh, the rest of his sweet ass jutting out impudently
  120. > Staring at it from a mere foot away, you want to smack it more than you have wanted anything before
  121. > Femanon just smirks at you, that smug witch
  122. > She's not blameless here either, her rump is as deliciously plump and jiggly
  123. > "Would it help if I held one end?"
  124. > Yes, it would be helpful if somepony held Femanon down for her punishm-
  125. > You blink
  126. "Ah, pardon me, I was just lost in thought for a moment."
  127. > You quickly measure the girth of his flank, doing your best to ignore how the tape digs ever so slightly into the curve of his rump
  128. > Femanon snickers
  129. > With all due respect, buck her
  130. "All done. I should have the first set done by this afternoon; Femanon will drop it off at the castle."
  131. > You ignore her indignant squawk
  132. "Darling, are you absolutely sure you don't want anything more... decorative?"
  133. > Nemo smiles down at you with fatherly placidity
  134. > "We can play dress up later, I want to get a nice solid wardrobe first."
  135. > Play dress up with him
  136. > You mind flashes with images of Nemo draped in silk strips, or just wearing a lacy testicle bra and a smile
  137. > You break out in a sweat
  138. "Of course, Essentials first. Speaking off, what is your ball bra size?"
  139. > Nemo stares at you in confusion
  140. > "Ball bra?"
  141. > ...
  142. > You swallow nervously
  143. "You know, a testicle brassiere?"
  144. > He raises his eyebrows
  145. > "No clue. Never worn one, so I'm not sure how essential it really is."
  146. > Your eyes stray to his crotch
  147. > Suddenly you understand his insistence on wearing shorts despite the summer weather
  148. > It'd be horribly indecent to see his balls free and jiggling as he walks
  149. > Unimaginable
  150. > ...
  151. > Focus, Rarity
  152. "How about Femanon fits you with one from my minotuar line, and you can see how you like it?"
  153. > Nemo blushes immediately
  154. > You turn towards Femanon with a sly smirk
  155. > Let it not be said that you won't help a (unofficial) herd sister out
  156. > Except that Femanon is grimacing, glancing between you and Nemo
  157. > "Rarity, remember what I told you about the nudity taboo?"
  158. > You had honestly forgotten, especially after so many spa trips with her
  159. > Even so, why is she protesting at the chance to fondle some jewels?
  160. > Something odd is going on between the two of them
  161. "I apologize, Nemo. I didn't mean to take such liberties with you."
  162. > He gives you a slightly pained smile
  163. > "I don't mind, but it really isn't something she should have to see."
  164. "Ah, well. In that case, I shall take care of it, unless there are any objections?"
  165. > You look to Femanon, who shakes her head
  166. > "Not from me. I'll be in the back room if you need me."
  167. > Baffling
  168. > You turn back to Nemo as your friend leaves the room
  169. "Now, I for one would be delighted to get you fitted with a ball bra. If you would follow me?"
  170. > Nemo nods hesitantly
  171. > You lead him over to the mirror booth and start pulling one basic bra of each of the common sizes with your magic
  172. > He stands awkwardly in the center of the mirror array, glancing at his reflections
  173. > You float the bras before him and give him a pleasant smile
  174. "No need to worry, Darling. I have helped many stallions with this sort of thing. If you would remove your shorts?"
  175. > Nemo blushes even more adorably, and unfastens his leg clothing
  176. > You stare at the prominent tent pitched in the thin fabric of his underclothes
  177. > You breathe shallowly, inhaling a faint yet intriguing musk
  178. > "S-sorry, I can't help it."
  179. > Your gaze snaps to Nemo's face, and you are shocked to see shame there
  180. "Nemo, Darling, there is no need to apologize. Far from it, I am quite flattered. Am I truly that attractive that you would unsheath?"
  181. > He searches your face for some sign of deceit
  182. > "You have a beautiful voice, and well..."
  183. > This is doing wonders for your self esteem
  184. > You use a subtle spell to increase the volume of your tuft
  185. > You smile at him encouragingly
  186. "And?"
  187. > He turns his face away
  188. > "Your rear is exquisite."
  189. > You wink involuntarily
  190. > Such a lewd, yet adorable stallion
  191. > You trot over to make eye contact again and give him a saucy smile
  192. "You are quite exquisite yourself, Nemo. Pardon me if I'm moving too quickly, but what would you say to a dinner date two days from now? Once you get settled?"
  193. > He stares at you on shock
  194. > Hmm, perhaps you were a bit too forward
  195. > "You don't think I'm ugly?"
  196. > What
  197. > You huff
  198. "Far from it. Darling, you are the very image of a lushly developed male. Anypony who tells you differently is merely jealous."
  199. > He chuckles, and you feel your heart warm at bringing him some happiness
  200. > "In that case, I would love to go on a date with you."
  201. > You resist the impulse to prance in place
  202. > Take that, mother and father!
  203. > Your colty daughter has a date with a hot alien stallion!
  204. > Speaking of, Nemo coughs
  205. > "So, is this fine, or should I take my underwear off too?"
  206. > You blink
  207. > Oh yes, ball bras
  208. > You eye his erection, teasingly concealed behind thin fabric
  209. > You are going to need all the professionalism you can muster
  211. > Be Femanon in the kitchen, drinking a glass of water
  212. > Is it bad that you don't want to face him right now?
  213. > It's not his fault he's the way he looks, or that Rarity forgot what you told her
  214. > You set the glass by the sink and sigh
  215. > You...
  216. > You should probably explain things to him
  217. > And talk to Rarity
  218. > Stallions are one thing, you can sort of pretend they're just animals, not to mention the guys hide their dicks with that sheath thing
  219. > Even just imagining putting Nemo's balls into the cups...
  220. > You shudder
  221. > You never liked the yaoi with fat guys, it was always too gross
  222. > You are pulled out of your thoughts by the sound of hoofsteps
  223. > Rarity prances into the room, held high, a smug smile her face
  224. > "I am delighted to inform you that I have secured a date for this Friday."
  225. > You blink
  226. > She can't be serious
  227. "With Nemo?"
  228. > She nods
  229. > "The very same."
  230. > You shrug and sigh
  231. "Whatever floats your boat."
  232. > You are a little happy for her, but you will miss her being free to make out with you and Fluttershy
  233. > Rarity frowns at that
  234. > "We need to talk, darling. This is the first time I've seen you treat a customer that way, and I would very much like to know why."
  235. > You lick your lips
  236. "Bear with me, alright? You know Snips, that pudgy colt?"
  237. > Rarity nods slowly
  238. > "The one with the unfortunate eyebrows and buck teeth, yes."
  239. > You shrug
  240. "To me, Nemo looks like what an adult Snips would look like to you, more or less."
  241. > Rarity sits back on her haunches
  242. > "Is this standard of beauty common among humans?"
  243. > You nod
  244. "More or less."
  245. > Rarity sighs sadly
  246. > "So many underappreciated stallions. When we do find a way back to your home, we shall have to rescue them all."
  247. > You smile at the kind mare, shaking your head at the differences between species
  249. > Be Femanon, walking with Twilight, carrying a bag of clothes
  250. > "-not as different as you described, but I understand that I'm working with a sample of two, and in non-native environs."
  251. > You shrug
  252. "Nemo does seem to be pretty introverted and polite, from what little I've seen. You'll probably have to get to know him better in order to see major differences from how stallions act and think."
  253. > She grins
  254. > "For science, of course."
  255. > You nod mock-seriously
  256. "For science."
  257. > The two of you stop at the door to Nemo's room, and you take a moment to gather yourself
  258. > Twilight glances at you with a knowing smile
  259. > "I'll leave you to prepare your experiment, but I'll be interested in your lab report."
  260. > You give her a flat look
  261. > She teleports away with giggle
  262. > You just sigh, and glance at your reflection in the crystaline wall
  263. > You tuck some stray hairs behind your ear, set your shoulders back, and knock on the door
  264. > You hear a faint rustling, and then the door opens
  265. > Nemo blinks at you, then smiles politely
  266. > "Hello again. I have to say, Rarity works very quickly."
  267. > You return the smile and offer the bag of clothes
  268. "Indeed she does. Speaking of which, do you have a moment to talk?"
  269. > Nemo accepts it, looking slightly nervous
  270. > He backs away from the door and waves you to a chair in front of a desk
  271. > You sit, and he perches on the side of his bed
  272. > "Is this about my date with her?"
  273. > You shake your head immediately
  274. "No, nothing about that. I just wanted to warn you that things different here, aside from the obvious. Like this morning, even if it was..."
  275. > He blinks
  276. > "Uncomfortable? I mean, it was pretty awkward."
  277. > You laugh nervously
  278. "It was, wasn't it? I guess that's the sort of thing that can happen when you live in a culture where clothes are a luxury, and not a necessity."
  279. > Nemo nods fervently, eyes wide
  280. > "What is up with that? Like, when I'm following a mare, I don't know where to look!"
  281. > You shrug, more or less used to it after two years living here
  282. "Try to keep your eyes on the front half, and you'll be fine. Frankly, you'll want to be careful about that in a different way, mares will generally take it as an invitation. Luckily for me, stallions have sheaths, so I don't get the same level of indecent exposure."
  283. > Nemo tilts his head
  284. > "Sheaths? Is that like a ball bra, but for the shaft?"
  285. > You shake your head, your cheeks starting to warm due to the subject matter
  286. "Pony penises sort of retract up, until they're hidden in the curve of the belly. The tube thing they pull into is called a sheath."
  287. > He nods in understanding
  288. > "So that was what Rarity was talking about."
  289. > She was?
  290. > That dirty mare
  291. > Still, you have to wonder
  292. "You don't have to answer if you don't want, but what is it like?"
  293. > Nemo looks at you in confusion
  294. > "What's what like?"
  295. > You blush
  296. "You know...wearing a ball bra."
  297. > He blinks, and blushes as well
  298. > "It's uh, surprisingly comfortable. Cool and soft, and it keeps them from sticking to my legs."
  299. > Huh
  300. > You have no idea what to say to that
  301. > Nemo kicks his legs back and forth, looking at the floor
  302. > "Do you mind if I ask about my date with Rarity?"
  303. > You smile gratefully, glad for the change of subject
  304. "Sure, I'd be glad to help."
  305. > He swallows
  306. > "Should I bring flowers, or a salt lick, or what?"
  307. > You laugh at the mental image of Nemo presenting Rarity with a very romantic block of salt
  308. > He turns red, and stares at the floor
  309. > Ah, oops
  310. "Sorry, I just was surprised by the idea of giving a salt lick."
  311. > Although...
  312. "It's actually not a bad idea, for more blue-collar ponies like Applejack."
  313. > Nemo runs a hand through his hair, then makes eye contact
  314. > "Then what should I get for Rarity?"
  315. > You give him a half-smile, shifting slightly to cross and uncross your legs
  316. "I don't doubt that she would appreciate flowers, but save that for a special occasion. To be honest, you don't have to get her anything, she'll be the one getting you small gifts."
  317. > He raises an eyebrow
  318. > "Are you sure?"
  319. > You nod seriously
  320. "You probably haven't noticed, but the girls outnumber the guys here. That means that here, you are the fairer gender, with all the lovely privileges and discrimination that comes with it."
  321. > Nemo rocks back at the revelation
  322. > "Huh."
  323. > You giggle at the expression on his face
  324. > It's kinda cute in a derpy sort of way
  325. > Time to blow his mind
  326. "There is at least one major difference, though. They have herds here."
  327. > His brow furrows
  328. > "Big groups of horses?"
  329. > You have a hand dismissively
  330. "No, as in one stallion in a romantic relationship with one more more mares."
  331. > Nemo coughs at that, blinking rapidly
  332. > "Seriously?"
  333. "Seriously."
  334. > He shakes his head slowly
  335. > Then he looks at you with an inquisitive expression
  336. > "Are you in a herd?"
  337. > You hold back a sigh
  338. "No, I'm single. Not sure how I would feel about sharing a guy, but it's never even gotten that far yet."
  339. > Nemo looks seriously confused
  340. > "But you're...well..."
  341. > You lift an eyebrow
  342. "Yes?"
  343. > He blushes again
  344. > "Beautiful. I mean, it's hard to believe that you're still single."
  345. > You smile warmly at him
  346. > It's a remarkably genuine, sweet compliment
  347. "Thank you for saying so, but I'm afraid that's not how stallions see things. Aside from me looking like an alien, most stallions are kinda baby-hungry. Since humans are biologically incompatible with ponies..."
  348. > You shrug
  349. > Nemo frowns
  350. > "I'm sorry to hear that. Is there something I can do to help?"
  351. > You smile and shake your head
  352. "It's sweet of you to offer, but don't worry about it. These things just take time."
  353. > You stand up and smooth down your skirt
  354. "It's been a pleasure talking to you Nemo. See you around."
  355. > He slides off the bed hurriedly and sees you to the door
  356. > "The pleasure is mine, Femanon. Have a nice evening."
  357. > You give a little wave
  358. "You too."
  359. > You make your way out of the castle and into the street, your thoughts turning back to the conversation you just had
  360. > You've gotten used to the way things are
  361. > You have your little routine, good friends, and all the time in the world to write what you want
  362. > It too much to wish for a good boyfriend?
  363. > You sigh
  364. > You glance up at the sun, guestimating the hour
  365. > You got time
  366. > Your feet lead you to Applejack's market stall almost automatically
  368. > Be Rarity, working on a special order from Canterlot
  369. > You have to be very precise with your stitching
  370. > There is not much fabric in the piece, so every seam must be sturdy, yet smooth to the touch
  371. > The door bells jingle, and you pause before deciding to go out front
  372. > You are rewarded by Femanon's sing-song voice
  373. > "I have returned!"
  374. > You resume your needlework
  375. "Welcome back, Darling. I trust things went well?"
  376. > You hear paper rustling, as well as the dull clink of ceramic
  377. > Oh dear
  378. > Femanon drapes herself across the settee you keep in your workroom for just such a purpose
  379. > "Mm, I think so. By the way, Nemo is enjoying his new bra."
  380. > You stick the needle in the fabric and turn your full attention to your friend
  381. "He told you as much?"
  382. > Fem's cheeks redden ever so slightly, perhaps she wasn't as disinterested as she said?
  383. > It would be nice to be in a herd with her, officially
  384. > "Yup. He said it is cool and comfortable."
  385. > Of course it is, but it is good to know the design works well on both Minotaurs and Humans
  386. > You glance at the paper bag on the floor, and the jars of hard cider it no doubt contains
  387. "That is good to hear. Did something happen when you talked to him?"
  388. > Femanon gives you a wry look
  389. > "Not exactly. We just got to talking about dating, and well..."
  390. >
  393. "Then we must strive to correct him. Did you perhaps find out which flowers are his favorite?"
  394. > Femanon shakes her head
  395. > "I'm not sure how he feels about receiving flowers, but you should be fine bringing roses."
  396. > You nod, making a note to yourself
  397. > She reaches into the bag and pulls out a jar of hard cider, as you thought
  398. > You glance at the half-finished comission
  399. > You've done enough, you can continue it later
  400. > You levitate the second jar to yourself as you sit on the floor beside the settee
  401. > Femanon is already taking a long drought of the alcohol
  402. > The poor girl, all this talk of dating has surely reminded her of her loneliness
  403. > You take a sip of the cider, swirling the fruity drink in your mouth as you consider your next actions
  404. > You swallow, and Femanon sighs
  405. > "I'm gonna go write about cute guys doing cute things, any requests?"
  406. > You take another sip, giving you time to consider
  407. "A prince catches a burglar stealing his jewelry, but lets him go in exchange for companionship."
  408. > Fem nods seriously
  409. > "Matrician taste. I'll see you in the morning."
  410. > You raise your jug of cider in a toast
  411. "Until then, you madmare."
  413. > Be Rarity, passing by Femanon's room on your way to open up the Beautique
  414. > You glance inside, only to find your friend hunched over her writing desk, mane completely frazzled
  415. > You knock hesitantly on the door, pushing it further open
  416. "Darling, surely you didn't write through the night?"
  417. > Femanon stares at you with bloodshot eyes
  418. > "They're so precious! I couldn't stop, they adopted a kitten, and promised to get married!"
  419. > You eye the stack of papers full of writing
  420. > You may have unleashed a monster
  421. "That's very nice, dear. Why don't you get some rest? I can handle the storefront this morning."
  422. > You levitate her gently from her chair and glide her over to the bed
  423. > Femanon goggles tiredly
  424. > "The kitten curls up inside a teacup. It's adorable."
  425. > You lay her down, pulling the blanket over her
  426. > She sighs happily as she nuzzles her pillow
  427. > You shake your head
  428. > It's times like these that you can easily believe she comes from a world where mares are the whimsical ones
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