The Trouble Kids form @/crybabyjoon

Oct 2nd, 2016
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  1. - Chewing Gum -
  2. full name ; Jaime Bora Moon
  3. nicknames ;
  4. -jae ; usually the people that are her friends call her so, because it's somewhat cute
  5. -moonie ; usually her brother or those that want to piss her off call her so, but she finds it adorable
  6. -purple nirple ; now, this is something her mother came up with because her middle namee is bora, and it angers her
  8. birthday ; July 3, 2000
  9. age ; 16
  11. nationality ; Korean-American
  12. ethnicity ; Korean
  14. languages ; fluent in Korean & English
  16. birthplace ; LA, California
  17. hometown ; Daegu, South Korea
  19. height ; 160cm
  20. weight ; 45kg
  21. blood type - AB
  23. - Fire Truck -
  24. slot ; The Oh-so-innocent One
  25. backup slot ; The Over-energetic Puppy (idek ok just-- I put it alright)
  27. face claim ; Yeoreum (Cosmic Girls)
  28. backup face claim ; Chaeyoung (Twice)
  30. how long has your character been doing their act of mischief? ; She didn't even do it the first time, though, she has been blamed for such things ever since she started high school.
  32. slot you are close to ; The Curious Kid
  34. - Once Again -
  35. personality ; jaime is the type to seem introverted the first time you meet her or just having a little glimpse at her. Though, she's more than just that, she can also be really extroverted too. As easily as she can keep quiet and do her work respectfully, she can abruptly get up and walk out the classroom without seeing her for days. She carries energy, but only uses it when in need, of course, she isn't as crazy and savage as the other students but she has her times. Jaime is a sweet person and will not hurt you in any way unless you give her a reason to do so, though, she's usually the one to protect and is better at comebacks than actually fighting. Is loyal though she won't hesitate on doing something rather unfriendly if she thinks you're turning against her.
  37. background ; Jaime grew up with no Father, having no one there as a Father-figure, so she would usually tend to stay away from her brother and mother who didn't seem appreciative of her either. She was born in LA, California, but she moved to Korea at the age of five because of her Mother.Jaime is an amazing student, but she has a strong idea of rebelling against her mother.She was fairly popular in her old school, having almost everyone at her side- even the teachers. that is until her brother got into a fight, and Jaime was tired of it all, so she decided on kicking him in the back of his leg. resulting in her brother telling their mother with the evidence of a clip, after that, she was sent to the school to be disciplined.
  39. family ; female / mother / jackie moon / 36 / doctor / 30% ; male / twin brother / brandon moon / 16 / student / 75%
  41. requested scenes ;
  42. -on her first day of school, she already tried skipping class three, but got caught and had to stay behind to clean classes.
  43. -it being her first week at school, and she still feels like she hasn't gotten closer to anyone, so she's sitting outside in the pouring rain. though someone (the curious one if you want :) or jeno) comes and drops their sweater onto her head, sitting beside her & they talk
  46. -anything sweet
  47. -anime / dramas
  48. -fluffy things / wrapping herself in blankets
  49. -staying up late in the web
  50. -listening to her own made playlist
  51. -showing others she isn't all about softs
  52. -neutral colors
  53. -attention from those she likes
  55. dislikes ;
  56. -anything bitter
  57. -anything spicy
  58. -really oblivious people
  59. -it being too cold or too hot
  60. -being forced / pressured
  61. -getting scolded / earning a scowl from someone
  62. -being called 'cute' 'innocent' or pet names from those she doesn't know of
  63. -bright colors
  65. habits ;
  66. -pulling at the ends of her hair
  67. -curses unintentionally
  68. -really touchy
  70. talents ;
  71. -backfilp
  72. -fast runner
  73. -fast reflexes
  74. -play guitar
  76. hobbies ;
  77. -binge watching anes / dramas
  78. -plying basketball
  79. -creating 'imagines' on YouTube on her fan account
  80. -taking photographs of anything pleasing to her
  82. facts ;
  83. -she wants to study to become a doctor but she continuously skips class instead
  84. -when she skips classes, she's either sleeping in a vacant room or on the rooftop
  85. -huge fan of k-rappers, them being her huge weakness
  86. -likes going to a local Japanese store to buy sakura strawberry candy
  87. -likes thrift shopping
  88. -is as ulzzang model
  89. -all her fan accounts are @/crybabyjoon, which is dedicated to her ultimate bias
  91. - The 7th Sense -
  92. best friend ; Jeno
  93. backup best friend ; always gonna b Jeno :)
  95. how you met ; jaime walked into the school doors, clearly annoyed that she'll now be attending the school. like every new student, she was lost and confused, though she didn't have the energy nor was she feeling happy at all and didn't want to explode at anyone because of her Mother's choice. rolling her eyes and sighing deeply, catching his attention as he was making his way to the 'boys bathroom', he stopped, following her as he understood the fact that the girl was new & going the wrong way. she abruptly turned around, brows furrowed, almost making him wanting to walk away. but he pointed behind his back, "that's the way to the counselors office, are you looking for the principles office? let me take you, you're my ticket out of class too."
  97. his personality ; jeno isn't the real talkative type, it's depending on who you are and what relationship you have together. though, if you're his friend or someone even closer, he'll be talkative, and always talking about how classy and annoying a teacher can be towards him. he's sweet and will hypnotize you with his good looks to skip class with him. he knows where to go during skipping classes, how to act and what to do when put under pressure. when he's not being mischievous or skipping class, he's all smiles and appreciative hugs and skinship.
  99. your first impression of him ; though she was mad, and practically seeing red, when she turned around-- she didn't think she'd see such a good looking boy there. yeah, probably some teacher thinking she was skipping because let's be honest, she was probably going the wrong way. she was amazed even more when he asked if she would be alright with being shown to the office.
  101. his first impression of you ; he was wondering why a girl so soft looking and innocent would be at a school that practically disciplines kids, of course he was intrigued and decided to see what was up with the unknown girl who was walking the opposite way. when she turned around, he was surprise that she seemed so irritated and out of it, he wanted to run away, but he also wanted to know why someone so sweet looking would be in the same place as him.
  103. how you act around him ; she's herself the most around him. she'll randomly lay herself lazily on the school table and stare at him dreamingly and the next moment she'll be resting her head on his shoulder and pleading him to buy her dinner after school. she isn't shy, which makes people wonder if they're a couple or not because she'll be all smiles around him and when not, she's serious and won't pay mind to anyone or anything.
  105. how he acts around you ; he shares everything with her. from his earphone to his lunch during break, he's incredibly touchy when it comes to jamie, though he's somewhat shy- hiding it with his huge attractive smile (i leGIT NEED A PICTURE OF SCHOOL JENO UGH). he's protective over herr, not letting other guys especially his friends get close to her because he thinks that's dangerous. he takes the bus with her and walks her to her house, seeming like a real couple, though with his shyness that won't happen.
  107. friendship throughout story ;
  108. -beginning ; they're just students who met each other at the front of the school. though, it seems like he can't leave her alone because he bothers her and follows her to all her classes- learning them by heart. she doesn't get annoyed, actually, she likes the idea that he keep following her around
  110. -middle ; now, she asks him if he's going to walk her to her class or if he has somewhere he wants to go and skip. they're closer to the point where they're both comfortable and can now share deeper stories and be touchier than what they already were before
  112. -end ; by this time, they're inseparable and they're really close, knowing almost every aspect of one another. what one doesn't like and what the other does like. they're both emotionally and physically there for one another, being closer than ever before.
  114. friendship facts ;
  115. -they go and eat ice cream or to the store to get a snack everyday after school
  116. -they share almost everything with each other
  117. -they're so close, he knows when it's the time of the month for her
  118. -they have matching phone cases
  119. -they visit each others house at least twice a week
  120. -they have friendship bracelets
  122. requested scenes with best friend ;
  123. -they go out to buy ice cream / to the store after school
  124. -he visits her house for the first time and her brother won't leave them alone
  125. -before he had gone to her house, her brother went to pick her up from school and love interest (jeno ?? i should just say jeno tf) saw and thought that he was her boyfriend- since he was teasing her
  126. -he gets slightly mad because she easily got along with his friends (aye nct fam) when she first met them
  128. - Without U -
  129. message to female friends ; hey, treat me with care please, I promise I don't bite... unless you bite first :)
  131. message to NCT Dream ; not sure if we get along but hopefully we do!! and if we don't, do not bother me or I won't hesitate to throw rocks at your great faces
  133. message to me ; yO YO YO WUSSUH IT'S YAH FROG, YAH GIRL, YAH MOTHER RACHEL!!! I WANT YOU TO BE EXTRA HEALTHY AND COOL AND HEALTHY AND HAVE FUN WHILE DOING THIS BEcause this isn't meant to b a job bUT HAPPINESS AND JOY!! just istg- if u struggle I will ruin u
  135. - NCT -
  136. extra ; nope nope nothing
  138. password ; jEno OpPa
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