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gnuplot file for Arduino communication through webpage

ZaynerTech Mar 31st, 2014 83 Never
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  1.      set autoscale x
  2.       set yrange [0 : 100]
  3.       unset log                              # remove any log-scaling
  4.       unset label                            # remove any previous labels
  5.       set xtic auto                          # set xtics automatically
  6.       set ytic auto                          # set ytics automatically
  7.       set title "Thermocycler "
  8.       set xlabel "Time (s)"
  9.       set ylabel "Temperature"
  10.       set terminal jpeg
  11.       set output "thermo.jpeg"
  12.       plot "Thermo.dat" using 1:2 title 'Thermocycler' with linespoints
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