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  1. >You’re Headmistress Celestia de Sol and today started off great.
  2. >The weather was sunny with a few clouds and a gentle breeze.
  3. >There were no interruptions in any classes.
  4. >Best of all, none of your students caused any property damage to the school.
  5. >It seemed like it was gonna be a peaceful day for once.
  6. >Unfortunately you weren’t able to enjoy today once the city police called.
  7. >Whenever they called it usual meant they needed some help with a villain or a couple of your students caused some trouble.
  8. >Mostly it’s the later than the former.
  9. >Officer Shield told you that three of your students were currently in their cells and waiting to be released.
  10. >That was why you were currently reassuring the officer that you'll handle the punishment for your students.
  11. > “See to it that they understand the consequences of starting a fight in the middle of the road, Miss De Sol,” Officer Shield said venomously while handing you a few forms.
  12. “I'll see to that,” you said tiredly, looking at the first form over briefly.
  13. >This isn’t the first time you had to do this and it certainly won't be the last.
  14. > “You better. The department is getting very tired of breaking up these fights,” Shield said, crossing his arms while leaning back into his chair.
  15. >You decided to just sign the forms and get out of there.
  16. “What happened?” you asked, wanting to know how much this'll bite you in the ass.
  17. >The officer taps a few keys on his computer to bring up the incident report.
  18. > “From what we gathered, two of your female students, a miss Lulamoon and miss Shimmer, started a fight near a gas station. Those girls seemed to just jump all over the place, dodging each other's attack till they got to the intersection,” the officer said rudely, clicking his mouse a few times.
  19. >Flipping a few pages, you saw the mug shots of two familiar students and couldn't stop yourself from sighing.
  20. >It was Sunset Shimmer and Trixie Lulamoon looking a bit roughed up in the photos.
  21. >No doubt they tried going all out against each other.
  22. > “And then there's the boy,” Shield said, taking his hat off.
  23. “A boy?” you asked confused as you flipped to the next page.
  24. > “Yes, the boy. We have his file right there and it needs to be updated,” Shield said offhandedly.
  25. >He turned his monitor to show you the image of a young man with all his background.
  26. >From what you can tell, his name’s Anon Yates Mous and about the same age as Miss Lulamoon and Miss Shimmer.
  27. > “We have eyewitnesses saying that he did some strange things when one of Lulamoon’s fireballs was sent his way. No one know what happened but the fire just vanished,” Shield said confused, shrugging his shoulders.
  28. “He made the fireball vanished?” you asked, not entirely believing it.
  29. > “We questioned the witnesses and they said the exact same thing. The only problem was that all of the witnesses didn’t get a good look as he had his back facing them and by a sign,” Shield said, pushing a few keys. “After that we looked at all the security footage and couldn’t see what he did, but we noticed nothing happened.”
  30. >Nothing happened?
  31. >That didn’t make any sense.
  32. >Seeing the confused look, the old officer said, “When i said nothing happened, we watched the surveillance cameras to see if we could piece together what we were told. The feed showed us Miss Lulamoon’s fireballs would explode on contact when it touched anything. The fireball heading towards the boy didn’t do anything. No explosion, no fire, no nothing. The sign looked like nothing even touched it in weeks. We took these images from the security cameras.”
  33. >He turns his monitor to show you a few images.
  34. >You could see Trixie shooting a fireball in one image while the next one showed scorch marks on the ground.
  35. >Nothing unusual, but the last few images were the ones you were looking at with interest.
  36. >The first one was of the boy standing near a sign with a fireball a few feet away from him.
  37. >The next image showed the fireball was just about to hit Anon.
  38. >The last one had Anon just standing there with the fireball nowhere to be seen.
  39. “So he’s like my students?” you asked, connecting the dots.
  40. > “It’s the only thing we can think of, but the boy is proving to be uncooperative,” Shield said, standing up and motioning you to do the same.
  41. “Is he demanding to be let go or yelling out threats?” you asked, wondering which happened.
  42. > “He hasn’t said anything important. We threatened to have him dragged to court, locked in a cell and a few other things, but he hasn’t said anything besides wanting his phone call. Unfortunately we can’t release him just yet,” Shield said, leading you out the room and down the hall.
  43. >You stop and look at him with a sad look which he returns.
  44. > “You know I don’t like to do this, but I have to uphold the law,” Shield said tiredly.
  45. >The law he was talking about made it were any mutant had to go to any school to help them control their powers.
  46. >It was an unnecessary law, but you understood it was somewhat needed so the kids don’t lose control and blow up a park or something similar.
  47. >He brought you to the cells holding two of your students.
  48. >They were just laying down on the flimsy cots as Miss Lulamoon complained about their current situation.
  49. > “Why did you have to move, Shimmer,” Trixie said angrily.
  50. >Miss Shimmer didn’t move as she was trying to get comfortable by your guess.
  51. > “Maybe I didn’t want to get hit by your fireballs? It’s common sense to move out of the way when something is coming towards you,” Miss Shimmer said as she yawned.
  52. > “I can’t believe we’re stuck in here till the principal gets here,” Miss Lulamoon said, shoving a pillow over her head. She instantly threw it away and said, “Oh the smell!!”
  53. “You won’t have to wait any longer girls. I’m here,” you said causing your students to look at you.
  54. >Officer Shield opened their cells, releasing them into your custody.
  55. > “Thanks Headmistress Celestia,” Sunset said gratefully, walking out of her cell.
  56. > “I can’t thank you enough. I’m sure this will teach me a valuable lesson so there shouldn’t be any punishment, right?” Trixie asked, smiling hopefully at you.
  57. “I believe we’ll have to discuss this in the morning, girls,” you said evenly, looking the younger girl in the eyes.
  58. >Both girls flinched but nodded and said, “Yes, Headmistress.”
  59. > “Now both of you head back before it’s curfew. I’m letting my sister know to expect you and she’ll know if you’re late,” you said tiredly causing the girls to pale slightly.
  60. >The girls said their own goodbyes and ran out of the station, almost knocking a passing by deputy on their way out.
  61. > “One of these days those kids will learn not use their powers as if it’s going out of style,” the old officer said grumpy at your student’s disrespect.
  62. >You couldn’t help it and started to giggle at that.
  63. >Turning back to you, the officer said, “Now with that taken care of, you’re free to go.”
  64. “Actually there’s one more thing,” you said as he started to walk away.
  65. >He stops and looks at you curiously.
  66. “I want to talk to Mr Mous,” you said simply.
  67. > “Celestia, I know what you’re trying to do and I can’t let you,” Shield said, pocketing his keys.
  68. “Just five minutes. That’s all I need and no one will have to know,” you said, a bit to sweetly.
  69. >Shield groaned while rubbing his head, but motioned for you to follow him.
  70. > “You really want to talk to him? I told you he wasn’t saying anything,” Shield said, stopping at the interrogation room door.
  71. “I’m sure I can get him to talk,” you said, grinning at the thought of how easy this could be.
  72. >Taking his keys, the old officer unlocked the door and glanced at you.
  73. > “....Good luck. That’s all I can say,” Shield said, opening the door and letting you inside the room.
  74. >Once you were inside, the officer closed the door behind you while you looked at the only other person in the room.
  75. >Sitting at a small table was the boy that Shield briefly told you about.
  76. >He had his head down and his eyes closed.
  77. “Mr Mous?” you asked, not moving from your spot.
  78. >He opened his eyes to look at you while moving his head off the table.
  79. >Taking a good look at Anon, you gotta say he’s pretty handsome.
  80. “Am I gonna get my phone call now?” he asked, trying to rub the sleep out of his eyes.
  81. >You clear your throat and take a moment to compose yourself.
  82. “Mr Mous, I’m Celestia De Sol, headmistress, and I would like to offer you a place at my school, Celestia's Academy for Promising Empowered Students,” you said, offering him a friendly smile.
  85. >You stood there, watching the young man tilt his head in confusion.
  86. > “Huh?” he asked, blinking owlishly.
  87. >Maybe you went in a bit too strong.
  88. >You can fix that.
  89. “Let me start over. May I have a seat?” you asked, pointing at the chair opposite of him.
  90. >Anon looked at the seat in front of him then looked back at you, nodding with a confused look.
  91. >Moving the chair, you sat down while crossing your arms and facing the young man in front of you.
  92. >Being this close to Anon, you can see that he was pretty handsome for a boy his age.
  93. >Face clean of blemishes and scars, hair like silk and eyes like sapphires.
  94. >There’s no doubt in your mind that he could get just about any girl in your school.
  95. >Pushing those thoughts aside, you mentally prepared yourself for the upcoming conversation.
  96. “To start, my name is Celestia De Sol. It's a pleasure to meet you,” you said, holding your hand in front of you.
  97. >Anon just stared at you for a moment before slowly grabbing your hand with his.
  98. > “I'm Anon Yates Mous. Just call me Anon,” he said, smiling nervously as he shook your hand.
  99. >It seemed that he was a bit shy.
  100. >He let go of your hand and placed it on the table while placing his other hand on top of it.
  101. > “So, what're you here for? I doubt you just wanted to say hi,” he said, smiling humorously.
  102. >You giggled a little while shaking your head slightly.
  103. “You’re right, but it doesn't hurt to be polite,” you said, sitting up a little straighter. “The reason why I'm here is because Officer Shield informed me of a fight.”
  104. >Anon eyes widened for a brief second before he gave you a curious look.
  105. > “Oh, that. Yeah, it was pretty scary to see,” Anon said as he smiled a bit strangely and chuckled.
  106. “I'm sure it was. It's a miracle you weren’t hurt,” you said, feigning ignorance.
  107. > “Well it helps that i wasn't anywhere near the fight,” he said, rubbing his hand.
  108. “Really?” you asked, continuing to play the fool.
  109. >He seemed to buy it while shaking his head.
  110. > “Yeah. I just saw the fight and couldn't look away,” he said, sounding a bit calmer.
  111. “I know. I saw the surveillance footage,” you said, watching Anon’s eyes widen.
  112. >He calmed down and tried to give you a reassuring smile.
  113. > “What’re you talking about?” he asked, looking almost everything but you.
  114. “I saw the fireball, Anon,” you said, staring at the uncomfortable teenager in front of you.
  115. >Anon just groans as he covers his face with his hands, grabbing some hair in the process.
  116. >Seeing him like this reminded you of the few times you talked to kids about their powers and transferring to your school.
  117. >Good times, but you had a job to do.
  118. “And I found it baffling that the fireball didn't destroy the sign near you, let alone hurt yourself,” you said, watching Anon’s head hit the table.
  119. >He stayed like that for a moment before raising his head to look at you.
  120. >The you looked into his eyes and they seemed to draw you in.
  121. >It was like nothing mattered besides staring into those sapphire eyes
  122. >You  snapped out of your trance and began to wonder if that was his power.
  123. >If so then how did it work on the fireball?
  124. “Do you have any questions?” you asked, trying to pretend that you didn’t stare into your possible future student’s eyes.
  125. >He mumbled something incoherent.
  126. “Could you speak a little louder?” you asked, leaning forward a bit.
  127. > “What do you want to know?” Anon asked hesitantly, putting his head back in his hands.
  128. >You let a small sigh while shaking your head.
  129. >Teenage angst was an unusual yet funny thing to you.
  130. “I would like to know if you'll accept my offer, for starters,” you said, leaning back while observing Anon.
  131. > “To go to your school?” he asked, looking down at the table.
  132. “Yes. I wanted to offer you the chance to transfer without any negative repercussions happening to you or your family,” you said simply.
  133. > “Because of the law, right? The one about anyone with powers needing to go to a speciality school to control their powers,” Anon said, not looking up at you.
  134. “Yes, that law. If you don't accept my offer then Officer Shield will be forced to take the law into his hands. It will lead to many problems for both you and your family,” you said sadly.
  135. >You were laying it a bit thick, but he needed to understand that this wasn't something they could just pretend it didn’t happen.
  136. >This was his only shot to….
  137. > “Fine, I accept your offer,” he said.
  138. >.....That didn’t take long.
  139. “Really?” you asked, slightly surprised.
  140. > “I don’t want to cause any trouble for my family so I have to accept,” he says a bit reluctantly.
  141. >There goes the speech you went and prepared at the moment.
  142. >At least that saved you about a few minutes of talking, but you weren’t gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.
  143. “I’ll make sure to have the paperwork on your doorstep within the hour,” you said, happy that you don’t have to try and convince him.
  144. >He didn’t say anything.
  145. >All he did was just have a look of annoyance on his face as he looked away.
  146. >Just as you were standing up, a thought occurred to you.
  147. “Before I forget, I have one more question to ask,” you said gaining his attention.
  148. “What IS your power?” you asked, curious to what it could be.
  149. >The young man in front of you looks at the table for a moment making think he was gonna be quiet about it.
  150. >He brought his hands in front of him and, to your surprise, created what looked like a black circle.
  151. > “I can create portals,” he said, sticking his right hand into the void.
  152. >You stood there waiting to see what would happen when you felt something stroking your cheek.
  153. >Looking to the side, you  saw another black void with Anon’s hand sticking out of it.
  154. “So that’s how you avoided the fireball,” you stated, having a faint idea of what happened.
  155. > “Yeah,” you said, taking his hand out of the portal and making it disappear.
  156. >It seems like you just got an interesting student, but…
  157. “What happened to the fireball though?” you asked curiously.
  158. >Anon simply shrugged his shoulders.
  162. >Be Twilight Sparkle, student of Celestia's Academy for Promising Empowered Students.
  163. >Right now you were facing off against a very powerful adversary.
  164. >It sat on your desk, mocking you with each passing second.
  165. >What could this fiendish
  166. >The homework assignment of Professor Luna.
  167. >The headmistress’s sister teaches the advanced science and math classes that you were taking.
  168. “Now to just write down the last answer,” you said, writing out the equation.
  169. >It took you longer than you thought, but you finished the assignment nonetheless.
  170. “Finally done,” you said in relief while smiling.
  171. >It was one of the hardest assignments you completed, but you finished it.
  172. >Looking at the clock on the wall, you were surprised at how much time had past.
  173. “Guess I finished it faster than i thought,” you said, standing up and stretching your arms.
  174. >You were expecting to be at this till later tonight, but you weren’t complaining.
  175. “Maybe I can still hang out with the girls,” you said, grabbing your phone and dialing Pinkie’s number.
  176. >Just as you pushed the last number, a black void opened next to your desk while releasing a large fireball.
  177. >A fireball that hit your desk with your assignments on it.
  178. >You stood there, watching your assignment burn as your desk burst into flames.
  179. >It didn’t take too long before the sprinkler system turned off, dousing your room in water.
  180. >After a minute, the fire stopped and the sprinklers turned off, leaving you dripping wet in the middle of your room.
  181. >You didn’t move a muscle as your mind was working overtime, trying to process what happened.
  182. >The thought process mainly focused on ‘your assignment was destroyed’ and ‘all the work you put into it’ the most.
  183. >With those thoughts being repeated in your mind, you were beginning to feel your eye twitch as your shoulders shifted.
  184. >You were one hundred percent certain you knew who did this.
  185. >There was only one girl in the school who created fireballs like that.
  186. “Trixie,” you growled as your wings formed.
  187. >Time to pay Trixie a visit.
  191. >Three days have passed since you were arrested.
  192. >It didn’t take your parents long to find out what happened that afternoon, but they were happy you weren’t hurt.
  193. >After a lengthy talk with Celestia, your parents felt transferring to her school might be for the best.
  194. >Even if you had some concerns.
  195. >With your luggage bag in your hand and backpack over your shoulder, you let out a sigh while looking at the front gates.
  196. >Right there in bold letters was the school's name “Celestia's Academy for Promising Empowered Students”.
  197. >You stood there, staring at the school gates for what felt like an eternity, wondering if this was a good idea or not.
  198. >It took awhile to control your powers and you don’t know you'll lose control here.
  199. >As you were questioning yourself, you remembered some words your father told you before he dropped you off.
  200. > “You'll be fine, Anon. Just remember that you'll be around others like yourself, who could be just like you,” your father told you when you were still in the car.
  201. “Can’t believe I'm doing this,” you silently exclaimed, feeling tired just standing there.
  202. >Deciding that you shouldn’t postpone this any longer, you were walking through the gate and towards the main building.
  203. >You noticed a lot of the female students look at you as they pointed, giggled and whispered a bit too loudly.
  204. >A few of them even waved at you.
  205. >One with pink curly hair waved a bit more excitedly than the others, but you just nervously waved back while walking at a brisk pace.
  206. >It only took about a good five minutes to reach the main building and get everything you need.
  207. >All you got was a map of the school, a small packet of rules and regulations and the keys to your dorm room.
  208. >Without even taking a moment to think, you were walking through the halls to find the dorm rooms.
  209. >Better to drop off your things before you explore the school.
  210. “Now how do I get there?” you muttered, looking at the map while walking.
  211. >You were so engrossed looking at the map, you bumped into someone.
  212. > “Hey. Try and be careful,” an unknown person commented, causing you to back up a bit.
  213. >Looking up from the map, you saw a blonde haired girl with red highlights wearing a teal dress under a black leather jacket.
  214. >She was holding a phone in her hand
  215. “Sorry about that. I’m trying to find the dorms,” you confessed, hoping she was some kind of bully or something.
  216. >She did look a bit familiar, but you couldn’t remember where you saw her.
  217. > “Just take a left at the end of the hall then go up the next flight of stairs,” she addressed, pointing the way you needed to go.
  218. “Thanks,” you acknowledged, walking down the hall and leaving the girl to her own devices.
  219. >It only took a minute to find the dorms and another minute to find your room.
  220. >Opening the door, you walked inside to see a simple room with a bed, desk and dresser.
  221. >You could sum the state of the room with one word.
  222. “Empty,” you commented, setting your stuff down on the bed and opening your bag.
  223. >Might as well unpack before you explore the school.
  224. >Just as you finished putting your clothes away, you heard a rapid knocking on your door.
  225. >Wondering who it was, you walked to the door and looked out the peephole.
  226. >On the other side of the door, you saw the same pink haired girl who waved to you.
  227. >You were confused, but you opened the door anyways.
  228. >In hindsight, it was one of the worst decisions of your life as the pink haired girl gave you a big hug.
  229. > “Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie and I noticed that you're new here. I know that cause I know everyone here, but i didn't know you. That means i get a new friend. That's so exciting, right? Of course it is,” The new girl, Pinkie, beamed as she started to spin you around.
  230. “Sure. Why not? You mind letting me go,” you whined, feeling dizzy.
  231. >The next moment you felt yourself land on the ground as the room seemed to spin. >You use the bed and try to stand, almost falling over in the process.
  232. >Luckily Pinkie grabbed you before you hit the floor a second time.
  233. “Thanks,” you groaned, the room back in focus.
  234. > “No problem, Anon. Now let's get on with the tour,” she responded, patting you on the back.
  235. >The excited girl started to pull you out the room and down the hall.
  236. “What’re you talking about? What tour? And how do you know my name?” you pleaded to your pink haired kidnapper.
  237. >You even tried to break her hold on you, but she still held on.
  238. >She had quite a grip.
  239. > “Just giving you a tour of the school, silly, and i saw your name on the door,” Pinkie cheered, leading you to a hallway before stopping.
  240. >While catching your breath, you looked around to see various classrooms along the walls.
  241. >They seemed to have some kind of lab equipment in the rooms
  242. > “This is the science wing,” Pinkie beamed, waving her hands in what you thought was a mysterious manner.
  243. >Before you were able to say anything, Pinkie whisked you away to the next part of the tour.
  244. > “This is our gym,” Pinkie yelled, bowing to you.
  245. >This time you were able to see what she was showing you.
  246. >The gym was huge as it was split into two sections, a basketball court and a pool area.
  247. >You even saw a few girls jump of the diving board while doing a couple of flips.
  248. >It was cool.
  249. “Hey, Pinkie,” you motioned, waving her over.
  250. > “Yeah? What'cha need, Anon?” she inquired, looking at you curiously.
  251. “Do you mind if we go a little slower with this tour?” you begged, feeling tired from the crazy amount of running.
  252. > “Sure. Why didn't you say so earlier? Pinkie giggled, twiddling her thumbs.
  253. “Great,” you smiled, feeling some kind of relief.
  254. > “Now what do we do?” Pinkie wondered, looking at you for an answer.
  255. >You were about to answer when a very familiar voice suggested, “How about you say hi to your sister, Anon.”
  256. >You knew you fucked up when you forgot to meet up with your sister.
  260. >This was gonna be disastrous if you try to run away and it’s not like you could avoid you sister forever.
  261. >You’ll most likely have a class or two with her if not more.
  262. >Turning around, you saw your sister standing at the other end of the gym, looking at you impatiently.
  263. >There was nothing you could do to pacify her so you did the only thing you could.
  264. “Hey, Sunny,” you nervously chuckled, waving to her lamely.
  265. >Your sister, Sunny Flare, looked unamused while some students were pointing and watching her.
  266. >It was barely five seconds, but Sunny was able to close the distance between you and herself.
  267. >With that out of the way, you sister stood there looking like she was waiting for something.
  268. > “Well?” Sunny huffed, arms crossed under her chest.
  269. “I'm sorry?” you offered, hoping that would take the edge off of her.
  270. >It didn’t help as Sunny pinched your ear and pulled it towards herself.
  271. >The pinch didn't hurt, but you still moved your head to alleviate the discomfort.
  272. > “Is that all you can say to your sister,” Sunny stressed, giving your ear a small tug.
  273. “....Please let go of my ear?” you suggested, “I didn’t mean to forget the meet up.”
  274. >Sunny took a moment to weigh her options and released your ear a moment later.
  275. >Grabbing your ear and lightly rubbing it while Sunny just shook her head.
  276. > “Just don’t forget next time,” Sunny commanded lightly, waving you off.
  277. “I’ll remember that,” you grumbled, letting go of your ear.
  278. > “Now can you tell me how you forgot our meet up?” Sunny wondered while looking at you curiously.
  279. “This girl named Pinkie was talking real fast about a tour,” you began, but Sunny held up her hand.
  280. > “Say no more. I know Pinkie can be a handful when she's excited,” Sunny explained, “Also where is she?”
  281. >That was a very good question.
  282. >Where was that hyperactive girl?
  283. > “I'm right heeeerrrrreeeee,” a familiar voice sang, drawing your attention to your right.
  284. >Leaning against the wall was Pinkie as she took a bite out of some kind of candy pizza thing.
  285. >What was that thing she's eating?
  286. > “Hello, Pinkie,” Sunny greeted, waving to her classmate.
  287. >Pinkie just shoved the rest of the pizza thing into her mouth, stretching her cheeks, and swallowed it whole.
  288. >That action alone caused your eyes to go wide and your jaw to drop a bit.
  289. >You wanted to know how she did it, but you remembered that she could have powers that let her do that.
  290. > “Hiya Sunny. What's up?” Pinkie cheered, walking away from the wall and bouncing towards your sister and yourself.
  291. “Why were you over there, Pinkie?” you requested, watching your future classmate bounce in front of you.
  292. >It's like she has trouble standing still.
  293. > “I didn’t want to get in between the two of you and siblings need to work out stuff by themselves,” Pinkie answered, pulling out another candy coated treat from behind her.
  294. >It looked like a chocolate hamburger if the shape was any indication.
  295. >You were just about to ask one of the many questions floating in your mind, but decided not to.
  296. >Don't want to open those can of worms.
  297. > “Well if you don't mind, I'll be showing Anon around. We still have a few things to discuss,” Sunny informed, pushing you towards the gym door.
  298. > “Okay. I need to plan something,” Pinkie giggled, bouncing away and still eating that chocolate hamburger.
  299. “Um, bye Pinkie,” you blurted out.
  300. > “Thank you, Pinkie,” Sunny smiled, pushing you out the door and into the hallway.
  301. “Can you stop pushing me? I'm not gonna run,” you complained, looking behind you while trying not to trip over your own feet.
  302. > “Sorry, but I’m not taking any chances,” Sunny giggled, grabbing your arm and pulling you down the hall, “Besides, I have a few questions to ask and I won’t take no for an answer.”
  305. >Sunny was able to show you around, at least the important places and areas of interest, before leading you to your dorm room.
  306. > “So this is your dorm?” Sunny inquired, looking at the empty room as she walked towards the bed.
  307. “Yeah, just started to unpack before Pinkie knocked on the door,” you explained, watching your sister sit on the bare mattress.
  308. > “Clearly, but you can finish that later. Right now I need answers,” Sunny demanded semi jokingly, placing her head in her hands.
  309. >This confused you for a moment before you remembered what she wanted earlier.
  310. “You're not gonna stop till I answer so ask away,” you sighed, ruffling your hair while closing your eyes.
  311. > “You know me all too well, brother,” Sunny giggled causing you to chuckle.
  312. >Taking a moment to calm down, you opened your eyes and gave Sunny your full attention.
  313. “So what's the first question,” you wondered, watching your sister cross her legs while leaning forward a bit.
  314. > “I want to know what your power is,” Sunny declared softly, waving her hand nonchalantly.
  315. >You mentally groaned while resisting the urge to roll your eyes.
  316. >Of course that had to be the first question.
  317. >It wasn't a bad question, but you wished she asked something like ‘how did you get accepted here’ or something.
  318. “I have the power to create portals,” you simplified, hoping that she'll believe that.
  319. > “Really?” Sunny inquired, giving you a curious look while tilting her head slightly.
  320. >To answer her question, you made a small portal in front of her and to her left.
  321. >She slowly raised her hand to touch the portal, but heard her breathe the moment it went through and touched her side.
  322. >Sunny flinched as she turned to see her hand sticking out of the second portal.
  323. >Pulling her hand out, you closed the portals and sat down on your mattress, waiting for the next question.
  324. > “So that's how you were found? They saw you create a portal?” Sunny gasped, looking at you with a smile on her face.
  325. “Yeah. That's all I did. Just make a portal and all that kind of stuff, you know,” you commented, waving off her question.
  326. >That might have been the wrong thing to say since Sunny narrowed her eyes at your answer.
  327. > “You're eye and cheek just twitched,” Sunny accused, staring at you and causing you to back up.
  328. “What’re you talking about?” you blurted hastily, holding your hands up.
  329. >Sunny sighed as she frowned while crossing her arms under her impressive chest.
  330. > “Anon, I can tell when there's something’s wrong and when you don't want to talk about something. You'll always get a twitch when it happens,” your sister sighed.
  331. >That was one of the very few things you disliked about your sister.
  332. >She was always able to tell when you were lying or not.
  333. “So? It's nothing. Just the stress from today,” you defended.
  334. > “I would believe that if your eye didn’t twitch again,” Sunny confirmed, pointing at your face.
  335. >You didn’t say anything.
  336. >Just tilted your head down to look at the floor.
  337. > “Anon? What's bothering you?” Sunny requested, grabbing your hand, “You can tell me if anything’s wrong.”
  338. >It only took a moment to decide on what to do, but you figured that you could trust your sister with this.
  339. “Fine,” you began to say, looking at your sister.
  340. > “Yes?” Sunny questioned.
  341. “I'll tell you, but this is between you and me, ok?” you commanded, looking her straight in the eyes.
  342. >She released your hand while nodding slightly.
  343. “Ok, so the thing is making portals might not be the only thing I have,” you explained, trying to find the right words to say.
  344. >It looked like Sunny sort of understood your poorly worded answer by nodding slowly.
  345. “I guess you can say I have another power,” you commented, rubbing your arm nervously, “I kinda have this weird power that I’d rather keep under wraps, if you know what I’m saying.”
  346. > “Really? Is it that strange?” Sunny inquired, leaning a bit closer towards you.
  347. “It’s not something I can proudly tell everyone. It’s actually a bit embarrassing for me,” you sighed, preparing for the upcoming questions.
  348. > “What did you get? A tail or third eye?” Sunny guessed, scratching her head as she thought of a few ideas.
  349. “Not exactly,” you replied, “It’s a bit more complicated than that.”
  350. >Sunny gained a curious look on her face, motioning you to go on.
  351. >You decided that it was better to give her a bit of a demonstration for the next part.
  352. >A moment later, you felt a small increase of weight on your head.
  353. >The skin on the sides of your head sifted while smooth bone like substance brushed against your forehead.
  354. >Turning to Sunny, you saw that she had a look of surprise and a small amount of mirth?
  355. >That seemed a bit unusual, but you’re gonna roll with it.
  356. “As you can tell, this is apart of my other power,” you explained, pointing at your horns.
  357. >Sunny raised her hand and gently touched the tip of your horn.
  358. > “So you can grow horns,” Sunny guessed, pulling her arm back and away from your horns.
  359. “It’s more than that,” you clarified, blowing a bit of hair out of your eyes.
  360. >Whenever your horns came out, your hair always moved closer to your eyes.
  361. > “So you turn into a demon? Because those don’t look like any animal horns I’ve seen,” Sunny commented, stroking her chin in thought.
  362. “Yeah, look I’m just gonna say it. I have Incubus physiology,” you blurted out, wanting to end this little Q&A session.
  363. >It was quiet for a few moments, but the silence was broken as Sunny started to giggle for some reason.
  364. >Her giggling soon turned into full blown laughter causing you to frown.
  365. > “I guess we’ve got something in common, Anon,” Sunny laughed, rising from your bed and walking to the center of your room.
  366. >You were about to ask what she meant when her a pair of bat wings sprout from her back, folding themselves on her back.
  367. >Not even a moment later and a smaller pair of bat wings sprout from her head.
  368. > “I guess sex demon genes runs in our family,” Sunny gushed, doing a little twirl to show off her wings.
  369. “Succubus physiology?” you guessed, having a feeling that you were you were right.
  370. >When you searched up powers, you searched almost power possible.
  371. > “Yup. I’m actually surprised you have a similar power to me, Anon,” Sunny commented, walking back to the mattress and sitting on it.
  372. “You’re not the only one,” you muttered, feeling a headache coming on.
  373. > “But how did you find out about this? Everyone’s powers manifest themselves when they hit puberty,” Sunny questioned causing you to chuckle weakly.
  374. “Yeah,” you commented weakly.
  375. > “What happened?” Sunny demanded, “Don’t even think about saying ‘it was nothing.’”
  376. >Might as well tell her since she’ll get it out of her system now.
  377. “I somehow released some kind pheromone in class and caused for school to let out early,” you explained, avoiding eye contact.
  378. >This wasn’t a conversation you wanted to have, especially your sister.
  379. >But here you are, telling her about it.
  380. >Sunny just stares at you, smiling in amusement.
  381. > “And they let school out early because,” Sunny began, taking some joy out of your story.
  382. “I made all of my female classmates in my class, the ones next door and the one above me cum at that moment,” you groaned, rubbing your temples at block out the pain.
  383. >That was all Sunny needed as she started to laugh hysterically while holding her sides.
  384. >Grumbling to yourself, you knew your sister would find this funny.
  385. >All you had to do was wait for Sunny to finish her laughing fit.
  386. >Luckily you didn’t have to wait long as she calmed down enough to breathe.
  387. > “That really happened?” Sunny giggled, taking a few deep breathes.
  388. “Three times,” you commented causing her to laugh once more, “C’mon Sunny. It’s not that funny.”
  389. > “Yes it is,” Sunny laughed, collapsing to the ground as her wings twitched.
  390. “Shut it,” you groaned, putting your face in your hands, “The other two times happened when I sneezed.”
  391. >It took another minute before your succubus sister calmed down from her laughing high.
  392. > “Okay, it was funny, but I have just one more important question,” Sunny wheezed, grinning while fanning herself.
  393. >She was pretty red from her fit.
  394. “No I didn’t try to use my powers to make an orgy happen,” you growled, wishing Sunny could stop these questions.
  395. > “Nice to know,” Sunny chuckled, “But I wanted to ask if you wanted some help with controlling your powers?”
  396. “What?” you questioned, blinking in confusion.
  397. >You were expecting something like the extent of your powers or even if you could sprout wings as well.
  398. >An offer to help you was the last thing you expected to hear.
  399. > “Do you want me to help you?” Sunny wondered, smiling, “I’m willing to help you control the urges you’ll get. I can even train you to use your powers effectively if you want.”
  400. >It didn’t even take a minutes to think about her offer.
  401. “Really? You’re not joking right?” you inquired, feeling the offer was a bit too good.
  402. >Sunny was always there to help you whenever you were in a bind, like the time you had to study for a big test.
  403. >She was always there for you, but she never did this for free and only wanted a small favor in return.
  404. >The favors were never a big deal, all you did was lend her your walkman or give her a few cookies when you were younger.
  405. >The only reason why you’re being cautious was that now she might want you to use your portals for some nefarious reason.
  406. > “No joke. I have a few things that only i can teach you about our powers,” Sunny tempted, “After all, I’ve been here longer than you and picked up a few things.”
  407. “Any favors i’ll own you?” you pondered, hoping it won’t be anything bad.
  408. > “I won’t ask for anything at the moment,” Sunny assured, scooting closer to you and giving you a one arm hug.
  409. >Even one of her wings wrapped around you.
  410. “That doesn’t answer my question, but yeah. I would like your help,” you sighed, leaning into the strange hug.
  411. >It was times like these that made you happy that Sunny was your sister.
  412. >This could have been a nice sibling moment like on those TV shows, but the sound of a phone ringing ruined that.
  413. >Groaning, your sister shifted around by pulling out her phone and answering it.
  414. > “Hello,” Sunny greeted, still hugging you., “I’m a bit preoccupied at the moment… Just having a talk with my brother…. Yes…. Do you mind?.... Thanks.”
  415. >She ended the call while releasing her hold on you.
  416. “Friend of yours?” you asked, curious to what that call was about.
  417. > “That and someone who’s gonna be your study buddy during our lessons,” Sunny mentioned, surprising you.
  418. “Is that wise?” you stuttered, feeling nervous.
  419. >This wasn’t something you wanted anyone else to know incase a problem arises.
  420. > “She’s a  very trustworthy friend and she knows not to say anything,” Sunny complemented, “Plus she was one of my first friends here.”
  421. >That didn’t make this any better, but you relented since Sunny knows this girl.
  422. >Might as well give the girl the benefit of the doubt.
  423. “Okay, so when’s the first lesson gonna be? Is it gonna be after classes tomorrow or this weekend?” you questioned, trying to get a schedule made in your mind.
  424. > “First lesson will start right,” Sunny began as a knocking was heard at your door, “Now.”
  427. >Sunny walked towards the door, letting you wonder who’s gonna be helping you.
  428. >None of her usual friends from middle school since, as far as you knew, didn’t go to this school.
  429. >You even remember a few of them being rude beyond belief.
  430. > “Come on in,” Sunny ushered, walking back into the room with another girl
  431. >The newcomer was a young girl about yours and Sunny’s age from what you can tell.
  432. >She had bright green hair and had pink headphones on her head.
  433. >She wore a torn shirt with some kind of sonar logo on it, a plaid skirt and ripped stockings.
  434. > “Anon, I’m sure you remember Lemon,” Sunny introduced, waving her hands in a mock dramatic way.
  435. >Before you could even greet her, Lemon instantly grabbed you and brought you in close for a hug.
  436. >A bear hug to be precise.
  437. > “It’s good to see you, Anon. It feels like it’s been forever,” Lemon gushed, swinging your body like a rag doll.
  438. “Yeah. It’s great to see you too. You haven’t changed a bit,” you wheezed, weakly patting her on the back.
  439. >Lemon Zest was one of the few friends Sunny had that you got along with.
  440. >She was always the one that had the most enthusiasm of Sunny’s group besides Indigo.
  441. >That girl was always a bit too into sports.
  442. >Anyways Sunny tapped Lemon’s shoulder which instantly caused her to release you.
  443. > “Please don’t break my brother, Lemon. He needs to be alive and in one piece,” Sunny explained, dragging the excitable girl away from you slightly.
  444. > “Sorry Sunny. It’s just been awhile,” Lemon chuckled, scratching her head nervously.
  445. “No kidding,” you wheezed, trying to get the feeling back in your body.
  446. >Lemon was always the one to give you bear hugs since she and the rest of Sunny’s friends liked to mess with you.
  447. >Nothing too bad, but they said you made it too easy for them to resist.
  448. > “So what’cha need, Sunny? I doubt you just told me to come here and say hi to Anon,” Lemon replied, leaning against the wall as she looked at you curiously.
  449. >This is gonna be awkward to explain so you might as well just…
  450. > “Anon has the same powers as me and we need your help to get him use to them,” Sunny explained, gesturing towards you.
  451. >Let Sunny blurt it out.
  452. >Godamnit.
  453. >At least she saved you the trouble of trying to explain the problem.
  454. > “Anon has succubus powers? Does that mean he can turn into a girl?” Lemon wondered, tilting her head to the side.
  455. >That question caused your eyes to go wide as Sunny started to laugh.
  456. >She was laughing so hard that she fell onto your bed and rolled around on it.
  457. “Why did I even agree to this?” you muttered, shaking your head. “Also what the fuck, Lemon?” you yelled.
  458. >Said girl backed up slightly, still looking confused.
  459. “What made you think of that?” you groaned, rubbing a hand through your hair.
  460. > “Don’t bite my head off. Sunny just said that you have the same powers as her,” Lemon defended, her arms raised in defense.
  461. “You could have come up with demon, sex or beauty, but you focused on succubus,” you groaned, shaking your head, “And stop laughing, Sunny. It’s not funny.”
  462. >Sunny started to calm down, but didn’t move from her spot as she still giggled a bit,
  463. > “Says you. That was hilarious to me,” Sunny giggled, sitting up on the bed.
  464. >You just sulked, waiting for her to stop.
  465. >Luckily it only took about another minute for her giggling to stop.
  466. > “Okay. I’m good and no, Lemon. Anon has portal creation and incubus based powers,” Sunny explained, smiling at her friend.
  467. > “Got it. Does he need to train his portals or his incubus powers?” Lemon asked, nodding her head slightly.
  468. “Incubus powers,” you answered, “I have a basic grasp of my portal powers.”
  469. >Before Lemon could say anything, you opened a portal in front of you to show Sunny’s face.
  470. >Lemon looked somewhat surprised and said, “You’re so using those for me.”
  471. “Fine, but I'm not stealing anything,” you clarified, glaring at your partner.
  472. >Upon seeing your glare, Lemon began to whistle innocently as if nothing was wrong.
  473. >You need to keep an eye on her and any of Sunny’s friends if they know of your powers.
  474. > “Now let's go get some food and we'll talk about our lesson plan,” Sunny suggested, getting off the bed and walking towards the door.
  475. > “Yeah. Let's get some grub and introduce Anon to the gang,” Lemon agreed, grabbing your arm and pulling you out of the room.
  476. >You knew that Lemon only refers to Sunny’s group when she says the gang.
  477. >With that in mind, you wondered if they were here then what their powers could be.
  481. >It didn’t take long for Lemon to drag you and Sunny to the cafeteria.
  482. >Once outside the cafeteria doors, Lemon released you and dropped you onto the floor.
  483. “Did you really have to do that,” you groaned, pushing yourself off the dirty floor.
  484. > “Nope, but it was fun,” Lemon giggled, skipping into the cafeteria and leaving you alone with Sunny.
  485. >With one push, you were able to get yourself to your feet and standing properly.
  486. “That girl is crazy,” you commented, wondering if coming here was the right choice or not.
  487. >The law be damned.
  488. > “She’s just excitable, Anon. Just be thankful she can calm down unlike Pinkie,” Sunny pointed out, putting her hand on your shoulder for comfort.
  489. >It took you a moment to think it over before you instantly agreed with her.
  490. >You didn’t hate them, but they had more energy than you thought possible.
  491. > “Now let's go in there and meet the gang. I'm sure they’ll be happy to see you,” Sunny reassured, smiling at you.
  492. “I doubt that,” you sighed, looking at the door in front of you.
  493. > “Don’t be like that. The girls know you and it’s not like they’ll gonna do anything ad,” Sunny reassured, letting go of your shoulder and walking towards the door.
  494. >You shook your head and follow her into the cafeteria and was surprised at how many students were in there.
  495. >The place was packed.
  496. >It almost caused you lose your control for a moment.
  497. >Luckily that wasn’t the case as someone snuck up behind you and began push you towards one of the tables.
  498. > “C’mon Anon. Don’t keep the others waiting,” Lemon said, making him sit between a dark blue haired girl and Sunny.
  499. >Looking around, you saw that the other were looking in your direction as Sunny cleared her throat.
  500. > “Ladies, I’m sure you remember Anon and vice versa,” Sunny commented, waving her hand in your general direction.
  501. > “Hi,” Lemon cheered.
  502. > “What’s up?,” Indigo replied, lazily eating a pizza.
  503. > “Not surprising to see you here,” Sugarcoat marveled, her face not showing a hint of emotion.
  504. > “Guess the gang's all here now. Maybe something interesting can happen apart from these losers,” Sour Sweet mocked, pointing at the mass of people watching the group.
  505. >You sighed at their greetings, but were inwardly happy for the most part.
  506. >At least the girls were friendly and didn’t give you too much shit.
  507. >Though Indigo does tend to be a bit rough with you.
  508. >Still at least they weren’t the ones who caused you to be in this school.
  509. “Hey girls. What’s up?” you responded, looking at the plate in front of you and grabbing a burger.
  510. > “You know me. Playing sports and all that,” Indigo stated, spinning a basketball on her finger.
  511. > “Of course that’s what you would do. As for me, I’ve been studying for upcoming tests and working on my assignments,” Sugarcoat explained, taking a bite of salad.
  512. > “And I’ve been doing whatever I want. You should know this, Anon,” Sour mocked, waving her hand dismissively.
  513. “So about the same?” you wondered, looking at all the girls.
  514. > “Yeah,” was the unanimous answer from everyone.
  515. >At the moment, you felt a familiar feeling of peace wash over you.
  516. >It was the same feeling you felt whenever you were hanging out with them.
  517. > “Now i need to ask you all a favor,” Sunny blurted out, gaining everyone’s attention.
  518. >The girls stopped what they were doing as you looked at your sister, wondering what Sunny was gonna ask.
  519. >You had a feeling it was something to do with you.
  520. > “I was hoping any of you would help Anon with his classes and help him settle in. He’s having a hard time being in a new place so I would like for any of you help him get a grasp of it. Plus I don’t want he being shafted or exposed by anyone,” Sunny smiled, drinking her tea.
  521. >The girls started to giggle as your face was getting red.
  522. “Did you just do a dick joke?” you whispered, pulling Sunny close to you.
  523. > “What’s wrong with that? I’m sure everyone is an uprising and upstanding person,” Sunny smirked, giving you a one arm hug as the girls tried to hold in their giggles.
  524. >You shook your head and remembered the one thing you hated about Sunny.
  525. >Her sex and or penis jokes.
  526. “I’m gonna have to deal with this during our lessons,” you stated, knowing the answer.
  527. > “I need to make sure you’re on your toes and not flaccid like some people here,” Sunny giggled, the others looking like they’re just moments away from losing it.
  528. “Goddamit,” you groaned, your head landing on the table.
  529. > “Look on the bright side, at least you won’t be rubbed the wrong way,” Sunny whispered, slapping your back which caused you to lose some control of your powers.
  530. >You jumped a smiggin as the girls shuddered, moaned  and began blushing.
  531. > “W-What was that?” Sugarcoat stuttered, showing a lot more emotion you though she could.
  532. >Sour seemed to be squirming from her seat as Indigo tried to look like nothing was wrong.
  533. >Lemon on the other hand had her eyes rolled in the back of her head as it limply hung there.
  534. >You discreetly looked around and saw that a few people were also affected, but no one seem to look in your direction.
  535. >Sunny pulled in close and whispered, “The first thing you’re gonna learn is some control.”
  538. >It was the next day and you’re still Anon.
  539. >After the incident yesterday, you tried to get into your room as fast as possible once dinner was over.
  540. >That was easier said than done since Lemon wouldn't let you go from her bear hug.
  541. >Sunny even cracked another dick joke, making the girls giggle at you.
  542. >Thankfully they let you go since you had to get ready for your first day of school.
  543. >Not that exciting no matter what.
  544. >Anyways you've been standing outside your classroom door, staring at it and trying to prepare yourself.
  545. “Better get this over with,” you muttered tiredly, opening the door and walking into the classroom.
  546. >Once inside, you took a moment to look around at all your classmates as they looked at you.
  547. >This was a bit nerve racking since you felt like an animal at the zoo.
  548. > “Over here, Anon,” someone called.
  549. >Looking were the voice came from, you saw Lemon and Sunny waving at you.
  550. >You’re guessing that Lemon was the one that called you.
  551. >They seemed to be waving you over and pointing at an empty seat in between them.
  552. >Sighing to yourself, you made your towards them while ignoring the looks you were getting.
  553. > “Morning, Anon,” Sunny greeted once you sat down.
  554. “Morning, Sunny. Morning Lemon,” you replied back, looking at your desk.
  555. >You made small talk with them while waiting for the teacher to get here.
  556. >Luckily the door opened a few minutes later while your classmates took their seats.
  557. >The newcomer was a pink haired cheerful woman wearing a white button up shirt and black pants.
  558. >Setting her bag down by her desk, she took a piece of chalk and started to write something on the board.
  559. >Once she was done, you saw her turn towards the class, smiling, as you read what she wrote.
  560. > “The meaning of heroes and their name” was on the board.
  561. > “Good morning class. It seems that we have a new student. Anon Yates Mous,” the teacher explained, looking at her class with a cheerful smile while pointing in my direction.
  562. >She seemed nice.
  563. > “Also for those of you who don’t know, I’m Ms. Cheerilee and i’ll be your teacher for this class,” Cheerilee introduced herself, looking at her class with a cheerful smile.
  564. >With everyone’s attention back on you, you just waved lamely before they looked back at their teacher.
  565. > “Now I will be teaching everyone about heroes, their abilities and their names,” Cheerilee explained, writing down the three topics on the board.
  566. > “Can anyone tell me what a hero is?” Cheerilee questioned,  looking at her class for any volunteers.
  567. >A few hands raised once she asked her question.
  568. >Cheerilee looked at the hands raised and asked, “Miss Sparkle. What's a hero?”
  569. >A girl with purple hair, with a pink stripe, cleared her throat and said, “A hero is someone who can save everyone from any disaster or situation.”
  570. > “That’s correct,” Cheerilee informed, writing the answer on the board as the other students wrote in their notebooks.
  571. >You even saw Lemon doing it, causing you to make a quick note of it.
  572. > “Now for a hero’s abilities, there are various powers in the world. Some abilities could be flight, telepathy and elemental manipulation name a few,” Cheerilee explained, writing the three powers on the board.
  573. >Looking at your notebook, you copied it the same way she did.
  574. >It seemed reasonable enough as to talk about them.
  575. > “And with abilities like these, there will always be powers that can branch off of them,” Cheerilee said, drawing a quick box for each. “Can anyone name a few branches?”
  576. >A few hands, including your own, were raised.
  577. > “How about Miss Finish,” Cheerilee called, pointing at a grey haired girl with pink sunglasses.
  578. > “A branch of flight could be wing manifestation,” the girl replied, hand on her chin.
  579. >The teacher wrote that answer on the board while smiling.
  580. > “Correct, Miss Finish. That is one of the branches. Now for Mr Mous to give an answer,” Cheerilee asked, looking in your direction.
  581. >That caught you off guard as you tried to think of an answer.
  582. “Mind reading is a branch of telepathy, Miss Cheerilee,” you answered nervously, scratching your head slightly.
  583. >It seemed to be the right answer since the teacher smiled and wrote it on the board.
  584. >This went on for awhile as other students said different branches, some of which you didn't even know.
  585. > “Now for the next part, the hero name,” Cheerilee explained, rolling up her sleeves while smiling.
  586. >This confused you and the rest of the class.
  587. >Looking at either side of you, Sunny and Lemon looked on with curious looks on their faces.
  590. >Cheerilee had her sleeves rolled up, showing everyone her bare arms.
  591. >You watched in confusion as her arms grew about three times their original size and turned into claws.
  592. >That was something you weren’t expecting and they seemed mildly interested in her powers.
  593. > “The hero name can give anyone a clue to what their powers can be,” Cheerilee explained causing her arms to shrink back to normal size.
  594. >Every nodded at that while you that little tidbit down.
  595. >Now that she said that, a few heroes names did point to what powers they had.
  596. >God you were an idiot for not seeing that with Element-Man or the Freezer.
  597. > “My hero name is Amazon and my power is size manipulation. Sadly I can’t use my powers to their fullest potential,” Cheerilee admitted, looking a little sheepish.
  598. >Full potential?
  599. >You felt Sunny gently pull yourself close to her while she leaned towards you.
  600. > “When the heroes first started, there were many accidents with their suits,” Sunny whispered to answer your unspoken question.
  601. > “Some heroes had a nasty habit of showing off. That caused them to either burn their suits or even shred them in front of everyone,” Lemon whispered, leaning onto you as well. “Gotta be embarrassing to give everyone a stripe tease.”
  602. >That sentence alone filled your head with rather suggestive images in your mind.
  603. >Shaking your head, you went back to focusing on the teacher’s lesson.
  605. >The day was finally over and so were your classes.
  606. >Honesty it wasn’t that bad of a first day.
  607. >The teachers are cool, nice and reasonable so you could have done a whole lot worse.
  608. >Your classmates were okay, but you haven’t talked to anyone just yet.
  609. >Well except for Sunny’s friends and Pinkie.
  610. >It was nice to see that you knew someone in almost every class.
  611. >Now you were in the library sitting at a table with Sunny, Lemon and Sour.
  612. “So why’re we here?” you asked, watching the girls move around and rearrange the table.
  613. >They were dragging a couple of chairs towards the wall while Sunny was holding a clipboard.
  614. >She was even wearing glasses for some reason.
  615. >You learned long ago to never question the glasses after she gave you her reason.
  616. > “We’re setting up for your training session. Sunny told us to do this,” Sour explained, setting the chair near the corner of the library.
  617. “I get that, but why the library? Why not in an empty classroom or in the courtyard,” you suggested while shrugging your shoulders.
  618. >It seemed like the best place to start in your opinion.
  619. > “Those are good places to start, but we need to do this fairly quick for today,” Sunny declared, looking up from her clipboard.
  620. “And why do I need to learn quickly today?” you wondered, pressing for answers.
  621. > “Homework,” Lemon cried, her head hitting a table.
  622. > “Movie night,” Sour beamed, looking very pleased.
  623. > “Have to talk to someone soon,” Sunny claimed, looking at the clock. “Now let’s get this over and done with.”
  624. >The girls got in their seats with Lemon sitting in front of an empty seat with Sunny and Sour behind the empty seat.
  625. >You could also tell those two were a bit farther away than Lemon was.
  626. “I’m gonna need some help understanding this,” you admitted tiredly, wanting them to explain the setup for this.
  627. > “It’s simple Anon. Sour and I are behind you to take down notes while Lemon is the test subject,” Sunny confirmed cheerfully, pointing at Lemon. “I’ll be instructing you on what to do once you take a seat.”
  628. >With your question answered, you let out a sigh and took the seat in front of Lemon.
  629. > “Hey, Anon. Take your time with this. I don’t want to study,” Lemon whispered, causing you to smile.
  630. >That was why you got along with her.
  631. >She would always make you laugh no matter what.
  632. > “Okay, Anon. I need you to listen to my instructions if we’re gonna deal with this long and hard problem, got it?” Sunny giggled from behind you.
  633. “Let’s just get this over with before you say anymore dick jokes,” you groaned, already hating this.
  634. > “That sounds like a challenge to me,” Sunny hummed.
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