Glitchless Bolero Skip Thoughts

dannyb21892 Aug 23rd, 2016 128 Never
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  1. In this paste, I'll outline the strongest arguments for each side.
  3. Why it should be allowed:
  4. This category can be fairly accurately summarized as follows: "If you didn't do a glitch to skip it, then skipping it isn't a glitch".  Following this thinking, bolero skip is completely legitimate. All we're doing is ledge grabbing and voiding out on the edge of a cutscene.
  5. We already void out to skip a cutscene in shadow temple as well, so there is precedent to allow this trick.
  6. The game gives you bolero on the first frame of entering the cutscene. So it is not a glitch to have bolero without playing the inputs in the cutscene.
  7. In fact, bolero can be TOTALLY avoided by sidehopping down to those tiny platforms in the lava from the top of death mountain crater. You literally don't even have to trigger the cutscene to finish the game. It just happens to be fast to get the song for overworld traveling reasons. If the cutscene isn't necessary, the act of skipping it shouldn't be a glitch. And therefore if we don't use glitches to accomplish the skip, then everything should be all good.
  9. Why it should be banned:
  10. The sidehop from high up makes Link grab the edge of the bridge in a glitchy way that should not be treated as a natural game mechanic.
  11. Some might say that having bolero without actually playing the song in the cutscene should be a glitch.
  12. Some might say that triggering a cutscene and ending it before it ends naturally is a glitch (though DC intro skip and shadow statue cutscene skip should be banned).
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