Make It Stop

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  2. [18:45] "I am so SICK of this!"
  4. No, the sense of her magic was far from being gone. The opposite. Aurora was only fueled further after watching Rindou escape right in front of her eyes, "I am sick of your lies! I am sick of the way you either try to paint yourself a victim, or someone who tries to do only good! Even with this goddamn contract, Lea! WAKE UP. If I am evil, you are the devil's bloody mistress."
  6. She wasn't particularly referring to Sors himself, but...
  8. The shoe did fit, didn't it?
  10. "The whole time you've been back, huh? And what about before? When you tried to kill your mother? When you were willing to kill both Thalia and my brother - and I warn you - don't fucking lie to me about this. We both know that if they'd been given to you collared, they would have never returned."
  12. Her fists clench. The wings behind her grow silent, not willing to flutter.
  14. "You would kill, should the right opportunity present itself. Wouldn't you?"
  16. And then the demi-angel asks her question.
  18. Aurora's eyes scan her from head to toe - wondering what she could possibly ask for. It's not like she could just summon Rindou back, right..?
  20. "Rebirth, Lea. Hand it over before I take it by force. It's not about a right of wielding it now, nor is it about wanting to hand it over to your mother or Reito... You're just... ..I think in some way, you are no different than her. Maybe you're worse."
  22. It's at this moment - where Aurora's vision is clouded by wrath - that she doesn't even bother to utter a respons to her son. Not yet, at least.
  23. (Aurora Cruor)
  24. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  26. [18:48] A hard squint is given. While he may have inherited some degree of persistence, and that resulted in maybe even stubbornness in getting what he wants.. there was a list of people in his mind he shouldn't apply either of those traits to. One of them was now, apparently, telling off their sibling.
  28. "Uh oh..."
  30. He clears his throat, but promptly falls silent for a bit, somewhat observant. Besides, based on what's being said, he could already gauge the situation - to a degree, at least.
  32. "I'll wait. Take your time."
  34. At least he wasn't taking this to a heart.
  35. (Nathan Cruor)
  36. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  38. [18:56] Crow whispers something.
  39. [18:58] Malady lifts Oath by his horn.
  40. (Malady Oshikawa)
  41. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  43. [18:59] "No, I wouldn't. I've been given the opportunity several times, and yet I hadn't. I didn't kill mom when it would've been easy. I didn't beat up Melody and kill Keitaro when it would've been easy. Oh no, Aurora. I'm not what you think I am. I'm something else entirely."
  45. A smirk found its way on Lea's face, leaving it up in the air as to what she meant.
  47. "You don't get the satisfaction of knowing I'm a villain, because I'm not. You don't get the satisfaction of killing Rindou, you don't get the satisfaction of exposing who I am to the world, you don't get anything."
  49. "Maybe I am a victim, Aurora. Maybe I'm not. But you're no better than me. You're even worse. For when I avoided every chance to kill someone because my conscience wouldn't let me..."
  51. "You threw so much away- your freedom to roam wherever, much of your good faith with others, and almost your soul, just for the chance to kill someone. And you had to kill someone to get that chance."
  53. Lea turned her back to Aurora, having to suppress a giggle from the thought of this.
  55. "You get nothing, Aurora. And I get to keep everything. Even if you beat me up and take Rebirth, I still get to walk away with everything else."
  57. "But, I think... I'll give you a choice. So you get at least one thing out of this."
  59. And, one final time, Lea turned her head, shooting a serene, calm smile in Aurora's direction. However, the calming air around her completely faded, giving away to a sensation of pure malice. Of bloodlust. Of everything Lea once sought to avoid.
  61. "Shall I become the villain you so desperately want me to be? Or shall I return to the Lea you once knew and loved?"
  63. It was an expression representing the path Lea would embark on, depending on the answer Aurora gave.
  65. "The choice is yours, dearest cousin~"
  66. (Lea Elisheva)
  67. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  69. [19:01] Akuma Yuiko says, ":Eyes:"
  70. [19:08] It's when Lea turns around that she sees Aurora, yet again. Staring right back at her. No matter where she chose to turn here - the demi-angel wouldn't let go so easily. No, far from it. Her cousin's words only drive her further, don't they?
  72. They are like music to the Cruor's ears. They encourage her.
  74. And if she really was so wicked - if she really was the villain and the huntress - who was to say that Lea wasn't prey?
  76. The clone raises its arm, using it to slap Lea straight across the cheek.
  78. "I wasn't finished."
  80. And whether if Lea was willing to turn back or not mattered little, because Aurora intended to proceed.
  82. "The choice was never in my hands, Lea. You and Rindou are so alike now, it's... Disappointing. I can't help but think what would Adrian say if he had seen you this way. The choice is not even in your hands anymore, cousin. You've given up on it. You know who exactly who and what you are."
  84. Prying the nightmares of the blue-haired woman out of her head, the same dark familiar breathes once more. It is alive, and it is ready to stalk yet another target.
  86. "..And I am going to enjoy this, just so you know. I am going to enjoy this just as much as I'll enjoy hearing that you failed you complete your contract. Because you are- well. ..You are only good at pretending."
  88. An ethereal sword is brought to life within the grip of the Cruor, and it doesn't take more than a moment for her to attempt to slash Lea from behind with it.
  89. (Aurora Cruor)
  90. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  92. [19:11] Another squint is given. Where the atmosphere between the two grows steadily heated, the young boy knows that it's his cue to back away. Surely, it would be nice to throw around, well... something, but it's not like he can do whole much till he's trained.
  94. Unfortunately so.
  96. "Uhh… good luck!" A simple sentence of encouragement spoken to Aurora, of course, and he backs away.
  98. Seems it was going to get ugly.
  99. (Nathan Cruor)
  100. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  102. [19:13] Syril whispers something.
  103. [19:13] Yin Invidia whispers something.
  104. [19:13] Syril whispers something.
  105. [19:14] Yin Invidia whispers something.
  106. [19:16] Inanis held back its laughter, this was the most ironic situation it had ever witnessed, Two Angels fighting over whom was the better at villainy? How ridiculous could this get? The Nethradin choked back its laughs and aimed to readjust to the seriousness of the situation, Either way someone would be beaten and broken in the snow, Either way Inanis would find joy in this.
  108. After all, what mattered was who was the better potential ally of their binder, the lives of the Angels were of little consequence although partly curious of would be if their binder could make use of this situation for their own goals.
  110. Recollected Inanis watched again with Impartial eyes as the two women spat and spewed venom towards each other, Back and forth and back until finally slap across the cheek, 'Oh this is where things get good' the Nethradin thought to itself.
  112. Its crimson gaze honing in on and relishing on the immense amount of sins being committed. At the very least, Today wasn't boring so far.
  113. (Inanis)
  114. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  116. [19:16] The woman was still slightly hunched forward, watching the dramatic scene play out in front of her. The sun was beaming, the sky was cold as ever- yet of course, something was happening upon this mountain. As it always did, in fact. She shifted and stood up slowly, tilting her head to one side and stretching her arms. Pressing her lips together and pursing them, she shook her head side to side.
  118. "Oh dear..." Came a whisper underneath her breath. There was no attempt to stop what was going on, though. In fact, she turned and began to raise up from the ground- vines carrying her to the top of the slope- well, near the top, near Ayasha instead.
  120. She stopped next to the Drakanite, the vines retreating back into the ground. Around her neck the vines there began to unwind and hide back where they once were. As always, her dreary expression did nothing to stop that smile that she tried to hold upon her face.
  122. "Dear Ayasha, are you well?"
  123. (Shinisosa)
  124. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  126. [19:17] Lea really was asking that question, genuinely.
  128. But Aurora wasn't having it. Perhaps Lea goaded her cousin like she did for a reason; perhaps she wanted this. Or perhaps she had something to prove, to express, and to convince Aurora of. She didn't humor Lea's question, and in doing so, provided the answer for her:
  130. Become what they expect you to be.
  132. Lea leapt away from the slash, an aura of holywater enveloping her body. She prepared herself to fight; whether or not this fight was winnable was a different story entirely. But, perhaps it didn't matter to Lea anymore. There's a good chance Aurora was right and that Lea had already made her decision, and that this was just the validation she needed.
  134. "Then enjoy it, my dearest cousin~"
  135. (Lea Elisheva)
  136. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  138. [19:18] Yin Invidia whispers something.
  139. [19:24] ** Aurora Cruor has inflicted an injury upon Lea Elisheva. ("Temporary Injury", "Temporary Injury", "Temporary", "Duration: Medium (4 days)") **
  140. [19:36] "Weak."
  142. Through the shower of ethereal swords conjured by Lea, Aurora speaks. Although she had only just now finished fighting one battle, she fought even more flawless than the time before. The concussive blasts of cosmic assault, the shards of glass that fly everywhere whenever once of her meteors find Lea - and of course.
  144. The constant nightmares.
  146. The reminder of the clone that tried to tear into Lea's flesh.
  148. The creature of nightmares that attempted to do the same - both physically and mentally.
  150. "Maybe you should've done it. Maybe you should've killed him while I was gone. Because I don't see you completing that contract even if someone offers themselves on a platter to you," although Aurora is not laughing... There's no denying that she was mocking Lea.
  152. Purposefully, too.
  154. It's the nightmare familiar that tries to tear Rebirth away from the woman's grip-- and it fails, phasing outside of existence just before it could steal it.
  156. "..You don't deserve it, no. You don't deserve walking away either." The glass threatens to surround Lea now, almost akin to a prison. A portion of it there, another small piece somewhere else - and those shards rapidly grow.
  158. The demi-angel is given her chance to escape, but only if she siezes it now.
  159. (Aurora Cruor)
  160. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  162. [19:45] The Nethradin was not very surprised by the ending of this match given the carnage they witnessed prior from the tiny Demi Angel, They for the most part seemed far more driven than the other one, More inclined to get their hands dirty and walk away with from it breathing.
  164. Yet as the woman is tormented and tortured Inanis could only hold out its want and desire to feed upon a Demi angel, The way they battled with light magic and cosmic rays was impressive and it excited them to no end seeing such powerful magic slung around...yet in the end the winner was clearly viewed by all.
  166. "Mh..." Inanis grunted as they watched what appeared to be the finishing blow prepared to be landed, Wondering how things would finish out from here.
  167. (Inanis)
  168. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  170. [19:46] Nathan shifts to glance at Jennifer.
  171. (Nathan Cruor)
  172. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  174. [19:46] Nathan Cruor whispers something.
  175. [19:47] Inanis whispers something.
  176. [19:47] Despair whispers something.
  177. [19:48] Inanis asks, "An Undead died?"
  178. [19:48] Despair says, "Rai."
  179. [19:48] Inanis cackles.
  180. (Inanis)
  181. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  183. [19:48] Despair says, "Not sur' the cause. I only felt his life fadin'."
  184. [19:48] Inanis says, "I guess he finally got what he wanted."
  185. [19:48] Inanis says, "Useless."
  186. [19:48] Yin Invidia says, "Boy named Julian took him down."
  187. [19:48] Inanis asks, "He got beaten by a child?"
  188. [19:48] Despair says, "Ain't heard o' him 'fore."
  189. [19:49] Brock says, "He got beat by Julian..."
  190. [19:51] Inanis whispers something.
  191. [19:52] The young Cruor can't help but arch his brow at what Jennifer said. He turns to examine her for a moment, almost inquisitively, before turning away. Whatever caused her to say that? He was sure that only select few species really couldn't do that.
  193. Or maybe he didn't realize something.
  194. (Nathan Cruor)
  195. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  197. [19:57] ...she felt she could've done it.
  199. Lea could've won this. She really, really felt like she could've. And yet... she didn't. Perhaps it was due to being an unpracticed fighter, and perhaps it was due to the fact that Aurora was simply better, but Lea wasn't far behind enough to feel that there was no hope.
  201. The nightmares did enough of that for her.
  203. The girl had already had a mind that was beginning to fragment. Cracks were beginning to form. And while it could heal itself, all it'd take was one bad day to shatter it for good. And Aurora had provided that one thing. Lea had a gentle heart, and she never desired to hurt others.
  205. Until... now.
  207. "Oh... God... please..."
  209. Adrian, drowned by a sphere of water cutting off oxygen. Calael, seared by the very cosmic magic he had been known for. Magdalen...? Caira, torn apart by yellow swords of her own, flung from every direction. Ilui, skewered. Thalia, skewered. All of them met a more gruesome end than the last. Limbs torn off, faces plowed, hearts torn out, heads cut off. Burns, drowning, divine wrath.
  211. Lea, who was never prepared to do such a thing... saw it all.
  213. And she saw herself doing it.
  215. She screamed. She screamed louder than she had ever screamed before. Lea swung one of her divine swords out of that fear, shattering the glass around her, giving her a chance to escape. And so she ran. She kept running, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't escape the nightmares that plagued her mind.
  217. it just kept happening
  218. it just kept happening and wouldn't stop
  219. please please please please I don't wanna kill them I don't wanna let them die
  223. That was all she heard as she ran past Aurora-
  227. -And that was what was heard as she ran past Sors.
  231. And that was all that could be heard, repeated over and over, as Lea ran to parts unknown.
  233. Aurora had answered Lea's question.
  235. And made the choice that had not already been made.
  236. (Lea Elisheva)
  237. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  239. [20:02] It was pretty wild to witness such things shortly after arriving here; in particular, to see Aurora just dish out so much pain to others for one reason or another. It's not that he blamed her or thought anything bad about it, it was plain odd that such thing kept happening one after another.
  241. Or maybe the long time build up had it coming.
  243. Though, this felt like she would need some time to cool off after this, or at least get back to her usual self. There's no telling just how she can react otherwise, and the young Cruor wasn't really looking to test that. He's never seen her this ferocious before.
  245. Maybe he wasn't looking hard enough before.
  247. "Good job."
  249. A single glance is given to Lea while she runs past. Although unknowing to full backstory, it did seem like she deserved it, so there's no particular reaction about that. Instead, he turns his eyes to Aurora soon enough.
  251. "Are you okay?"
  253. Because it looked like she wasn't. Not entirely, at least.
  254. (Nathan Cruor)
  255. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  257. [20:02] At the questioning that came, she would flicker her gaze over to the Nethradin if only momentarily before looking back at Oath. "Mhm," she comments with a single shouldered shrug. Her other shoulder was feeling a tad bit frost bitten at the moment, unfortunately. Gaze moves up along the side of the cliff face as the Dryad began to hum, and she blinks a few times, glowing red eyes fixated for a moment or two. "His existence seemed really odd. Very melancholy."
  259. "I was going on some kind of tirade drinking blood," she mentions with a momentary shrug. "I drank hers," she points toward Shinisosa, and then her hand drops. "...And some Ookami. You know. Things like that. The Ookami tasted like bargain brand wet fur, so I had to cleanse my mouth somehow."
  261. Nose crinkles in clear distaste as she watches to the best of her ability what happens in the distance.
  262. (Natalya Avitus)
  263. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  265. [20:04] Hushed whisperings aside, The Drake's gaze was glued to the match; it was all bewildering. Family dispute? Brows knitted in puzzlement. Tuning into the score of information floating about; concentration shattered by a startling shriek, as the demi-angel's impromptu prison was pierced by blades of divinity...
  267. And that's all that Syril appeared to notice; withdrawing back to the sidelines, ignorant to the true terror that Lea was facing-
  269. Even if the screams of abstract horror should've been an outstanding clue-in.
  270. (Syril)
  271. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  273. [20:05] Syril whispers something.
  274. [20:05] The Ultovexian would watch the battle in silence, Dusk and Aurum tethered to the scene. The ethereal swords clash against one another leaving flying sparks as he watched, entertained. He did not speak during it, nor did he make a move to interrupt it. Simply the observer as the power of the boons could be felt by him in the air.
  276. One which power was drawn from, the other that was not. There seemed to be an expectation of the firey wings, but it never comes, never graces his sight. But the things he hears entertain him by the look in his eye.
  278. "Wha' a pure song o' chaos. O' one who wished to end a life an' one who refused to. I do wonder how thangs will progress from this moment on." The screams of Lea filled the air and his hand would raise. He does not stop the Demi angel passing him, a hand simply placed on his ~best friend's~ shoulder and giving it as a squeeze as she screamed in agony. He'd give a faint whisper before letting her pass, releasing his hand as he watched her run.
  280. And then his eyes trailed forwards, towards the face of the hazel haired woman.
  282. "I very much see ya are enjoyin' reapin' the benefits o' our contract."
  283. (Despair)
  284. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  286. [20:06] Her humming remained, completely aloof- completely ignorant to the shattering of Lea's psyche, to Aurora's response- to the demi-angel fleeing. She sang quietly, her lyrics nonsensical in a way.
  288. "If I brought you a song... Would you perhaps, say, I belong... If you sought all of life- would you believe that your body's full of strife...? Oh, so you say, free yourself, from this world... So you say, just let them be. I, don't believe in that word. Freedom is wrong, and it never will come."
  290. She tilted her head side to side, before pausing. The vine, unknowest to her, wrapped back around her throat. She cringed and reached towards her neck, sighing as her song ended prematurely. A dull smile placed itself on her lips as she stood up.
  292. "... I'll be taking a small walk, Ayasha. I think-... Yes, I need to ponder." She mumbled some, as if she were in some form of daze. Beginning to step away, she held her head, havingslid her hand upwards to her forehead.
  294. "How strange... Is the world so ill here that the spirits cry out that badly? It's certainly hard... To silence these things."
  295. (Shinisosa)
  296. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  298. [20:06] Despair whispers: The only way ta stop somethang is ta gain power an' crush it. If ya wish ta gain, ya mus' tap inta the things ya are holdin' back.
  299. [20:07] Ayasha says, "Mm... enjoy your walk, then."
  300. [20:07] The Nethradin watched and waited nothing of interest to be gained from this fight more so than broken mortal hearts. Pitiful really. All of this amounted to nothing more than a bit of light entertainment. As much as Inanis enjoyed watching others suffer at the hands of another they knew it didn't affect their daily life. Nor did it matter entirely to their binder given the contract.
  303. Although Inanis did pull some pleasure in knowing the Demi-Angels could be so twisted in this manner that even their souls had a limit, They weren't beyond corruption in any way shape or forum and that gave the Nethradin some initial levity. That being the case the Nethradin would swivel its head back towards the Mountains, In need of a spar or some other activities to better itself.
  304. (Inanis)
  305. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  307. [20:09] Brown hues hadn't shifted from the battle taking place. The rise and fall of the struggle was beautiful to watch. As was the raging clash of celestial and earthly powers. It was pretty clear to the woman that something important was happening in the minds before them.
  309. Yet, they where far more twisted then she could imagine. What had brought these angels who'd the world to rule up into these cold mountains to dance amid the madness found here?
  310. (Brock)
  311. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  313. [20:10] Nykros whispers something.
  314. [20:10] Despair whispers something.
  315. [20:11] That ever so present lazy look focused upon Natalya for an ever brief moment. Head tilting to the side ever so carefully as their eyes narrowed before shrugging.
  318. A feeding frenzy. In a better show of words as they ruffled their own hair out of irritation. They had activally missed the'd they manage to fuck that up? But with the mention of someones existence being quite strange the archon turned around for the barest of moments. Glimpsing towards the dryad before shrugging.
  321. "Very..But that sounded quite fun but drinking the blood of an ookami? Ya' shoulda known those things are never clean with..what? Two exceptions per seven people?"
  323. A half cocked smile before a hand was raised towards the blinding light of the sun. Face scrunched up as they did their best to hide it from their own sight, Far too bright for their own taste as well. But it seemed like the fun and games with the two demi angels had ended on its own after all.
  324. (Oath)
  325. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  327. [20:14] Ayasha says, "You..."
  328. [20:14] Famfrit says, "Hello."
  329. [20:14] Ayasha asks, "You have... great darkness... within, yes?"
  330. [20:14] Famfrit says, "That's one way to look at it, sure."
  331. [20:15] Ayasha says, "Mmnn..."
  332. [20:15] Ayasha says, "I-- would... like to... see."
  333. [20:15] Brock says, "You know who I haven't seen in a long time. My good cave buddy Sinael."
  334. [20:16] Famfrit says, "Ah? Well be less crpytic and I might be able to abide."
  335. [20:16] Despair 's Whispering Eye looks behind them, staring to Yin.
  336. (Despair)
  337. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  339. [20:16] Tahldrig says, "Havn't seen Sinael in a long time."
  340. [20:16] Ayasha says, "Cryptic..."
  341. [20:17] Ayasha says, "I... ddo not know... what this word means."
  342. [20:17] The mischievous look that clung to her countenance suggested that there'd be more opportunities to witness such. Yet, could it have been considered much fun when people practically tossed themselves to a person's feet to be the next?
  344. A snicker is soon offered at the statistical commentary in regards to the race. "When someone's cutting themselves open in front of you, you tend to forget the numbers involved."
  346. When blood was involved, there was nothing else.
  348. "One day, I'll find out about yours, too. That's just how it goes..." Her voice drones on. "Though I hear demonic blood is quite... toxic." Lips curl into a delighted little smile.
  350. "That's just part of the fun, though."
  351. (Natalya Avitus)
  352. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  354. [20:17] Famfrit asks, "It's a tragedy that you don't, now what do you want?"
  355. [20:17] Ayasha says, "Mnn... to explore... your... darkness."
  356. [20:18] "He used to call me wicked,"
  358. Aurora speaks with a flat tone, quiet... Alarmingly too calm. Although it's visible she's anything but calm herself, it doesn't stop her from putting up an act. Perhaps to taunt Lea further. Perhaps to protect the innocence of her child. It's not everyday that someone who was as old as Nathan was gets to see their mother shatter the mind of another family member.
  360. "I guess now I've finally proven to you why."
  362. She referred to Godfrey, of course, but who knew if Lea was aware enough to realize that?
  364. The fleeing demi-angel is not granted another glance from Aurora, no. Instead, the Cruor allows her eyes to rest upon both Sors and her son.
  366. Even now, throughout everything that's taken place in these mountains in the last couple of months... Something stung in her heart, the motherly instinct that wasn't all too pleased to see them standing beside each other.
  368. "I feel fine, Nathan. Lea will feel okay too."
  370. Maybe. Maybe not. No, probably not. Aurora was well aware that this experience was the kind to change one's heart and mind. But her cousin had been warned, and they've asked for it for a long time now.
  372. She paces towards the boy, crouching down to reach his gaze with her own eyes. A reassuring stare, or at the very least, one that the boy could trust. "The snow doesn't bother you too much, does it?"
  374. And then Sors' words are heard, and Aurora is reminded of where they were.
  376. Anarchy Mountain.
  378. "..Some people need to be taught a few lessons, that's all," or at least, it's the most Aurora was willing to say in front of her son. "Lea is no different. Cousin or not."
  379. (Aurora Cruor)
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