Kimblee Rework

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  3. Initiate - Psycho
  4. Kimblee is a psychopath who gets joy from killing others. After he kills a Hero, Kimblee will be on a psychotic high for 10 seconds that causes his HP to be unable to be reduced below 1, boosts his damage by 1.1X, boosts his movement speed by 25, and causes his attack cooldown to be reduced by 0.3 seconds from the base value of 2.2 seconds. The damage boost, movement speed boost, and attack cooldown boost can stack if Kimblee kills multiple heroes. In addition, when killing a Hero, Kimblee will lifesteal 100% of the damage that killed them.
  6. Q - Crimson Blast
  7. Kimblee causes a series of explosions in a line in front of him, dealing damage and stunning the targets. |n|n|cffffcc00Level 1|r - 350 damage, 1 second stun. |n|cffffcc00Level 2|r - 425 damage, 1.25 second stun. |n|cffffcc00Level 3|r - 500 damage, 1.5 second stun. |n|cffffcc00Level 4|r - 575 damage, 1.75 second stun. |n|cffffcc00Level 5|r - 650 damage, 2 second stun.
  9. W - Art of Explosions
  10. Kimblee uses his explosive alchemy to attack instead of punching his enemy. This boosts his range from melee to 850, causes him to deal 30% of his damage as splash damage in a 250 area of effect around the target, and boosts his damage with each attack. Kimblee must spend 30 Mana per attack to keep this going.. |n|n|cffffcc00Level 1|r - 30 bonus damage per attack. |n|cffffcc00Level 2|r - 60 bonus damage per attack. |n|cffffcc00Level 3|r - 90 bonus damage per attack. |n|cffffcc00Level 4|r - 120 bonus damage per attack. |n|cffffcc00Level 5|r - 150 bonus damage per attack.
  12. E - Crimson Flash
  13. Kimblee causes several large explosions in the target area in a channeled ability. Each explosion has an area of effect of 300 and does 250 damage. |n|n|cffffcc00Level 1|r - 2 explosions. |n|cffffcc00Level 2|r - 3 explosions. |n|cffffcc00Level 3|r - 4 explosions. |n|cffffcc00Level 4|r - 5 explosions. |n|cffffcc00Level 5|r - 6 explosions.
  15. R - Time Bomb
  16. Kimblee comes into melee range and turns the target into a living time bomb, causing them to explode 3 seconds later. This does moderate damage to the target. If this damage kills the target or the target dies before the 3 seconds wear off, a massive explosion in an area of effect of 1000 will take place, dealing massive damage. If this is cast on an allied hero the bomb will diffuse if the target is not killed before the 3 seconds are up. If Kimblee casts this on himself, he will always die from the explosion. |n|n|cffffcc00Level 1|r - 400 damage to main target, 700 damage in an area of effect on the target's death. |n|cffffcc00Level 2|r - 475 damage to main target, 900 damage in an area of effect on the target's death. |n|cffffcc00Level 3|r - 550 damage to main target, 1100 damage in an area of effect on the target's death.
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