Chapter 68 of Shieldbro & Co Vs Motoyasu & his Bitches

Sep 24th, 2014
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  1. According to It is safe to say that the chocobos will stay as Philorials.
  3. Chapter 68
  5. Battle Between Shield and Spear
  7. "Firo, You take Motoyasu-"
  9. I give Firo instructions as the battle begins.
  10. Motoyasu cannot lay a hand on women. Especially Firo, Motoyasu even hesitates to point his spear at her.
  11. Even if Motoyasu was able to attack Firo properly,she would be able to stop the spear.
  13. "I am the queen who commands the origin of power. I have read and deciphered a law of nature. Rain flames upon my enemies!"
  14. "Tzuvait ・Fire Squall!"
  16. The arrogant bitch sings an aria and casts Fire system magic.
  18. "Naofumi! Firo-chan!"
  20. "I am one who commands the origin of power. I have read and deciphered a law of nature. Hinder the rain of flames that pours on us!"
  21. "Anti ・Tzuvait ・Fire Squall!"
  23. Melty instantly counterbalances the intermediate magic that the bitch chants before going back to work on the cage.
  24. However, she could not perfectly counterbalance it and the rain of fire still poured towards us.
  25. Fortunately, it only hit Firo and I who were in front.
  26. The jungle is set ablaze.
  27. The area nearby instantly becomes a sea of flames.
  28. Many villagers start to panic as the fire spreads.
  30. "I will not forgive you for kicking Motoyasu-sama so many times."
  32. The bitch is casting magic towards us seriously.
  33. Melty is good at magic, but she is pretty good too.
  34. There is a big difference between the bitch and Melty known as Levels, due to her being in Motoyasu's party.
  36. "Firo, Are you okay!?"
  37. "Yep. I'm fine-"
  39. Firo doesn't seem affected by the rain of fire.
  40. Well...... during the first wave I also barely felt anything when the knights barraged the area with magic.
  41. But the biggest problem now is the surrounding Bio plants which have been set ablaze.
  42. What kind of dumbass uses fire magic inside a jungle? Are you even thinking about your surroundings?
  45. "I am one who commands the origin of power. I have read and deciphered a law of nature. Bless us with the rain we eagerly long for!"
  46. "Tzuvait ・Squall!"
  48. Melty directs her magic towards the jungle while Raphtalia protects her.
  50. "Mein, Thank you."
  52. Motoyasu who received the bitch's help shows his gratitude by giving her a thumbs up.
  53. Everything this guy does is infuriating.
  55. "Now! Motoyasu-sama please concentrate onto the devil of the shield! We'll hold that damned bird back with magic!"
  57. Under bitch's comand Motoyasu's subordinates begins to chant.
  59. "Here I come-!"
  61. Firo ignores the chanting and charges straight at Motoyasu.
  63. "Wait Firo--"
  65. I don't understand what they are doing, but charging recklessly is not going to help!
  67. "Wing ・Tackle!"
  69. Firo tries to tackle Motoyasu with her giant body coated in wind.
  71. "Fube---"
  73. As a result, Firo is blown off while spinning, she unfurls her wings to make a landing.
  75. "That was surprising. But, here I go!"
  77. Firo charges at Motoyasu again without learning her lesson. However, I have no idea as to what magic it was that Blew Firo off again.
  78. This is not a feasible combat strategy.
  79. While Firo is being pinned down, Motoyasu rushes at me--
  81. "Eat this Naofumi! Meteor Spear!"
  83. Motoyasu's spear shines brilliantly as shouts and leaps.
  84. The energy condenses to cover his spear as it heads towards me.
  86. "Guu......!?"
  88. I receive the attack with the thickest part of my shield.
  89. Through the shield I receive a heavy blow that affects my whole body.
  90. I'm guessing that was a finisher move.
  91. Well, there is no reason to hold back in a real fight.
  92. All the bones in my body groan under the pressure.
  93. I think this is the worst attack yet.
  94. Glass's attack wasn't as heavy thanks to the shield of anger.
  96. "How's that! There's still more! Disorder Piercing! Rising Dragon Spear!"
  97. (Tl note: SHORYUSPEAR)
  99. Motoyasu unleashes his skills continuously. I fire the special ability of the Chimeric Viper Shield, Snake's poison fang.
  100. Shit...... It's not effective because his level is too high!
  101. An intense pain could be felt from the attack that I failed to block.
  102. I understand that I'm bleeding even without looking.
  103. Recover magic..... But Motoyasu won't give me the room to heal.
  105. "Shield Prison!"
  107. I trap Motoyasu within a cage of shields.
  109. "Giant Windmill!"
  111. Motoyasu swings his spear around like a baton, and cuts down the shields that I summon.
  112. Damn...... His offensive power has already greatly exceeded my defensive power.
  113. Whenever a cool down is off I cast a skill.
  114. As expected there is no chance to win in a defensive fight.
  115. What do I do......
  116. Firo can't even get close to Motoyasu thanks to the bitch and her subordinates.
  118. "Firo commands the origin of power. Firo has read and deciphered a law of nature. Blow her away with a raging tornado!"
  119. "Tzuvait ・Tornado!"
  121. "I am the queen who commands the origin of power. I have read and deciphered a law of nature. The Tornado shall disperse and disappear!"
  122. ""I am one who commands the origin of power. I have read and deciphered a law of nature. The Tornado shall disperse and disappear!""
  123. """Anti ・Tzuvait ・Tornado!"
  125. The magic that Firo casts overpowers the counterbalancing of three people and breaks through, but it loses a lot of power.
  127. "Yaay, Here I go~"
  128. "Wing ・Tackle!"
  130. Firo tries to take advantage of the situation and charges Motoyasu immediately. but, she is blown off again.
  131. This is......looking bleak.
  132. It seems those three are well prepared against Firo, and have taken measures in advance.
  134. Motoyasu you bastard, I really want to kill you.
  135. Fortunately Raphtalia and Melty were excluded as targets.
  136. Are they looking down on use because we lack the power to kill them?
  137. Perhaps if Raphtalia joined the fight, and Firo was not being suppressed.
  138. It is evident that it requires three people, and they are barely stopping Firo.
  140. Melty's speciality is magic. It would be possible to counterbalance, but her Level is too low.
  141. I told Raphtalia not to step in because of her lack of armour.
  142. No wait, if I approach together with Firo I should be able to hold back their magic.
  143. At this point both bitch's magical power and my physical strength is starting to decline.
  145. "Hm!?"
  147. Bitch and her lackeys drink something.
  148. Is that possibly a potion that recovers magical power?
  149. Dangerous......I don't think we can hold out until they run out of potions.
  151. "What a tough guy. Thanks to the shield's skills he will not to fall down......"
  153. Motoyasu seems to be out of breath as he continues using skills. I have also received considerable damage!
  154. I feel blood dripping from my body.
  156. "I received good information and gotten strong in a different way."
  158. So far, after coming to this world, everything has been developed through trail and error.
  159. I did not choose the means of becoming strong.
  160. Avariciously, I stacked equipment bonuses of unsealed shields.
  161. Nonetheless......I am still unable to win?
  163. "Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
  164. "What's going on!?"
  166. Motoyasu got distracted. One of his companions cried out.
  167. I follow Motoyasu's line of sight and check.
  168. One of Motoyasu's companions had a sword piercing her shoulder from behind.
  169. Melty was considered too weak, and since Raphtalia was on defence she was ignored.
  171. "You are only paying attention to Firo, there are too many openings!"
  173. Raphtalia's figure suddenly appears.
  175. "You!"
  177. After her companion was stabbed, the bitch brandishes her sword and slashes.
  179. "Hide ・Mirage"
  181. When Raphtalia was about to be stabbed she disappeared like smoke.
  182. Raphtalia used concealment magic that uses a magic sword skill to produce a phantom, hence Hide ・Mirage.
  183. It appears to be concealment magic that utilizes illusions.
  185. "Do not get carried away with mere illusion magic!"
  187. "I am the queen who commands the origin of power. I have read and deciphered a law of nature. Cut down the illusions!"
  188. "Wind Flasher!"
  190. The illusion magic Raphtalia was using to hide disappears. Raphtalia emerged from the mist that the wind cut down.
  192. "There!"
  194. The bitch thrusts towards Raphtalia.
  195. receiving the attack!?
  196. Rapthalia has no armour. She's wearing villager clothes.
  197. Bitch's sword is probably of a high quality. If something happens then we are finished.
  198. There is no time to choose the means.
  199. Shield of Anger!
  200. With the thought of losing Raphtalia I activate the Curse Series Shield.
  202. "Ah, Wait!"
  203. "Uoooooooooooooo!"
  205. Make it in time......Make it in time......Make it in timeeeeeeeeeeee!
  206. The world instantly slows down. While my mind was being eroded I cast my skills.
  208. "Air Strike Shield! Second Shield!"
  210. Two shields appear between Raphtalia and the sword
  211. With a clang, bitch's sword was repelled.
  213. "Haa......Haa......"
  215. I made it in time, somehow.
  217. "Eat this!"
  219. Motoyasu aims his skill at me who sighed in relief.
  220. If I'm not mistaken, those are the movements for the Meteor Spear.
  221. It seems while using the Curse Series, not only is my body enhanced, but also my kinetic vision.
  222. I powerfully grasp the the shining spear head.
  224. "Im-Impossible! Grabbing the Meteor Spear!?"
  226. "You retard, you just used that skill a while ago! What kind of idiot would forget!? Fool!"
  228. The counter effect of the shield of anger is based on the attack's strength. Self Curse Burning is activated.
  229. The strength of this flame is influenced by my anger.
  230. I was almost consumed by rage when I saw Raphtalia about to be stabbed. This generated an enormous amount of power.
  232. "Uwaaaaah!"
  234. Motoyasu's whole body was covered in black flames, and he was rolling around in pain.
  235. Guu......If I don't change shield I'll forget myself in anger.
  237. "Not yet!"
  239. The bitch hasn't learnt her lesson yet and tried to stab Raphtalia again.
  240. Shit...... Cooldown time!
  241. They are just about to end!
  243. "Shield---"
  245. Not in time!
  246. Raphtalia was......
  247. The bitch's assassin's knife hits Raphtalia.
  249. "Ahahahahaha, trying to deft me......What!?"
  251. Raphtalia disappears and all that's left is an after-image.
  253. "Your magical power was not enough to completely nullify my illusion magic. Now it's my turn!"
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