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Nov 22nd, 2017
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  1. e5cd306a66db spectrum: Disable adreno idler by deafult
  2. 40ec9e079359 Revert "PM / devfreq: Force GPU governors to use idle frequency when screen is off"
  3. c97eb9a3fd6e Revert "PM / devfreq: Force GPUs to idle at 133MHz when screen off"
  4. b224f1a09f47 proc: Remove additional SafetyNet flags from /proc/cmdline
  5. 0a7da929070f proc: Remove verifiedbootstate flag from /proc/cmdline
  6. 99b0fb149502 PM / devfreq: Force GPUs to idle at 133MHz when screen off
  7. 2094a6b1bc95 PM / devfreq: Force GPU governors to use idle frequency when screen is off
  8. 023c35b815e8 drivers:video:mdss: Silence logspam about failed dithers
  9. 5b1c7913e941 drivers: gpu: msm: Port OnePlus GPU power up flag
  10. c2ee1e4d2f49 security: selinux: Silence logspam
  11. 9880e1a64d04 thunderplug: Remove thunderplug completely REmoving it as it is not working correctly. Will try to fix in future. Revert "thunderplug: Fix permissions and compilation error"
  12. 74af6ff6a55f thunderplug: Fix permissions and compilation error
  13. 4faedf404f97 hotplug: Implement Thunderplug 5.0 It is a hotplugging driver by @varunchitre15
  14. fd8c17f6e4c0 mido_defconfig: Enable Boefella wakelock blocker
  15. 26e86c22b2e4 BACKPORT: crypto: arm - add support for SHA-224/256 using ARMv8 Crypto Extensions
  16. 5f1740315e3d ANDROID: arm: crypto: reduce priority of bit-sliced AES cipher
  17. 5c9490a8e64d UPSTREAM: crypto: arm/aes-ce - fix for big endian
  18. 8b4bdeeea29b UPSTREAM: crypto: arm/aes-ctr - fix NULL dereference in tail processing
  19. e8aec7141bd2 UPSTREAM: crypto: arm/aes - streamline AES-192 code path
  20. d723e8c15e1a boeffla_wl_blocker: Block default wakelocks we had before
  21. 7674e374fa24 boeffla_wl_blocker: update to wakelock blocker driver v1.1.0
  22. 92863c0033db boeffla_wl_blocker: update to wakelock blocker driver v1.0.1
  23. 684c2465ac24 boeffla_wl_blocker: add generic wakelock blocker driver v1.0.0
  24. f3afcb16fe83 Squash: Revert wakelock commits
  25. bce78dedbe34 fs: default to noatime
  26. bb5e0184d42f sched: Implement lockless wake-queues
  27. 5a44288b1e27 mido_defconfig: Enable qnovo interface
  28. 352197706e46 drivers: power: Add Qnovo Interface for QNS
  29. 861f2ab6f216 Linux 3.18.83
  30. 66d56d626a63 USB: serial: garmin_gps: fix memory leak on probe errors
  31. eabc62890c86 USB: serial: garmin_gps: fix I/O after failed probe and remove
  32. 7c3fb1bef5e7 USB: serial: garmin_gps: fix memory leak on failed URB submit
  33. b0c9ea112d72 USB: serial: qcserial: add pid/vid for Sierra Wireless EM7355 fw update
  34. 35db21dd915b USB: Add delay-init quirk for Corsair K70 LUX keyboards
  35. aee45ee0f2b1 USB: usbfs: compute urb->actual_length for isochronous
  36. 680e69728bb5 uapi: fix linux/rds.h userspace compilation errors
  37. 566c670e17eb uapi: fix linux/rds.h userspace compilation error
  38. 3806f2fc48b1 Revert "uapi: fix linux/rds.h userspace compilation errors"
  39. 5ceb48c19587 Revert "crypto: xts - Add ECB dependency"
  40. 3b6c182edffd MIPS: Netlogic: Exclude netlogic,xlp-pic code from XLR builds
  41. f747a4416838 MIPS: init: Ensure reserved memory regions are not added to bootmem
  42. 2f0c35d6ac54 MIPS: End asm function prologue macros with .insn
  43. a3f579ace567 ixgbe: handle close/suspend race with netif_device_detach/present
  44. b0010bad9192 ixgbe: fix AER error handling
  45. 3f40ffb9793d gpu: drm: mgag200: mgag200_main:- Handle error from pci_iomap
  46. 121c4162d718 backlight: adp5520: Fix error handling in adp5520_bl_probe()
  47. cb494bc79ced backlight: lcd: Fix race condition during register
  48. 21b5aa43b238 ALSA: vx: Fix possible transfer overflow
  49. 2fa467c0d0cb ALSA: vx: Don't try to update capture stream before running
  50. 87f6dc4f7163 scsi: lpfc: Correct issue leading to oops during link reset
  51. c976b6242d86 scsi: lpfc: Correct host name in symbolic_name field
  52. 44a0aa4631ea scsi: lpfc: FCoE VPort enable-disable does not bring up the VPort
  53. 39c978843dec scsi: lpfc: Add missing memory barrier
  54. 2f016a078efa staging: rtl8188eu: fix incorrect ERROR tags from logs
  55. 27f56731c2f1 igb: Fix hw_dbg logging in igb_update_flash_i210
  56. 6c450e6c490e igb: close/suspend race in netif_device_detach
  57. f6419a2db737 igb: reset the PHY before reading the PHY ID
  58. f5b4e6778a5d drm/sti: sti_vtg: Handle return NULL error from devm_ioremap_nocache
  59. ff64617a444a ata: SATA_MV should depend on HAS_DMA
  60. 74c25760c945 ata: SATA_HIGHBANK should depend on HAS_DMA
  61. aab52496c420 ata: ATA_BMDMA should depend on HAS_DMA
  62. 7a98dee7a1d9 ARM: dts: Fix omap3 off mode pull defines
  63. ede97a8e910f ARM: OMAP2+: Fix init for multiple quirks for the same SoC
  64. 078d783a8172 extcon: palmas: Check the parent instance to prevent the NULL
  65. e1aa42e5d8af iscsi-target: Fix iscsi_np reset hung task during parallel delete
  66. e345aebdc45d media: dib0700: fix invalid dvb_detach argument
  67. 2fef69d15b48 media: imon: Fix null-ptr-deref in imon_probe
  68. 680ad03cd671 Revert "cpuquiet: make sure compiled"
  69. fa34a41fb9b8 Revert "defconfig: enable cpu quiet"
  70. 7717b9efdd62 Update: ElectraBlue 7.0
  71. 6dca43434b04 Squash: Completely remove cpuquiet
  72. 0ca4f5550c9e Revert "sched : Add some necessary functions"
  73. 3938d75efdc2 CHROMIUM: sched: update the average of nr_running
  74. 8a1d5c0e307d Spectrum: Profile update!
  75. acc23968a202 Linux 3.18.82
  76. 643002c988ba target/iscsi: Fix iSCSI task reassignment handling
  77. df083566412d security/keys: add CONFIG_KEYS_COMPAT to Kconfig
  78. 85d3075bd763 ip6_gre: only increase err_count for some certain type icmpv6 in ip6gre_err
  79. 0cf5154f7f12 ipip: only increase err_count for some certain type icmp in ipip_err
  80. 50de2657db34 ipv6: flowlabel: do not leave opt->tot_len with garbage
  81. 3931fde4f281 sctp: reset owner sk for data chunks on out queues when migrating a sock
  82. 95ca2b21dde0 tun: allow positive return values on dev_get_valid_name() call
  83. c6d526080d89 net/unix: don't show information about sockets from other namespaces
  84. 6b90dacff1d2 sctp: add the missing sock_owned_by_user check in sctp_icmp_redirect
  85. a2fe03d809af tun: call dev_get_valid_name() before register_netdevice()
  86. 983faa5ee3a5 l2tp: check ps->sock before running pppol2tp_session_ioctl()
  87. cd7b2bba876d tcp: fix tcp_mtu_probe() vs highest_sack
  88. a10f2b2bc89f tun/tap: sanitize TUNSETSNDBUF input
  89. 999cb547e5f3 Revert "ARM: dts: imx53-qsb-common: fix FEC pinmux config"
  90. a4dc0ee0e450 Input: ims-psu - check if CDC union descriptor is sane
  91. c7470bc85384 usb: usbtest: fix NULL pointer dereference
  92. d78d6d004fb3 mac80211: don't compare TKIP TX MIC key in reinstall prevention
  93. fd894b67f0a5 mac80211: use constant time comparison with keys
  94. eb9f860a235a mac80211: accept key reinstall without changing anything
  95. c81037f53533 Revert "ceph: unlock dangling spinlock in try_flush_caps()"
  96. 1695970608d4 Linux 3.18.81
  97. a66ecbba7570 x86/oprofile/ppro: Do not use __this_cpu*() in preemptible context
  98. f1caeb8e5b99 can: c_can: don't indicate triple sampling support for D_CAN
  99. 601832d98006 rbd: use GFP_NOIO for parent stat and data requests
  100. ad9f76b6f6cf MIPS: AR7: Ensure that serial ports are properly set up
  101. d0a6a90197bf MIPS: Fix CM region target definitions
  102. d7943de2cc69 MIPS: microMIPS: Fix incorrect mask in insn_table_MM
  103. dea20705b33c ALSA: seq: Avoid invalid lockdep class warning
  104. b22e302db8a7 ALSA: seq: Fix OSS sysex delivery in OSS emulation
  105. 347c44d19f8c ARM: 8720/1: ensure dump_instr() checks addr_limit
  106. 927d83b83950 KEYS: fix NULL pointer dereference during ASN.1 parsing [ver #2]
  107. 414d484f6795 crypto: x86/sha1-mb - fix panic due to unaligned access
  108. 922d4fd8250a KEYS: trusted: fix writing past end of buffer in trusted_read()
  109. 49de1d1bba45 KEYS: trusted: sanitize all key material
  110. a4b1d4fec1be IB/ipoib: Change list_del to list_del_init in the tx object
  111. 05c6117d1824 Input: mpr121 - set missing event capability
  112. cf5c3470d2a4 Input: mpr121 - handle multiple bits change of status register
  113. 08aaa0b79505 IPsec: do not ignore crypto err in ah4 input
  114. 00f57f4b5b5b usb: hcd: initialize hcd->flags to 0 when rm hcd
  115. 48013c3db9c2 serial: sh-sci: Fix register offsets for the IRDA serial port
  116. 20fadfa6859d phy: increase size of MII_BUS_ID_SIZE and bus_id
  117. d14dfcd31547 dt-bindings: Add vendor prefix for LEGO
  118. b051ed7ce4b9 dt-bindings: Add LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 compatible specification
  119. 43c706009675 iio: trigger: free trigger resource correctly
  120. d61ca15c7840 ARM: omap2plus_defconfig: Fix probe errors on UARTs 5 and 6
  121. 9a3290ed535a drm: drm_minor_register(): Clean up debugfs on failure
  122. 56474fbd9899 ARM: dts: imx53-qsb-common: fix FEC pinmux config
  123. bc9d43164dce xen/netback: set default upper limit of tx/rx queues to 8
  124. 1af1f2e84882 video: fbdev: pmag-ba-fb: Remove bad `__init' annotation
  125. dd0d184e80bb Revert "CHROMIUM: sched: update the average of nr_running"
  126. 0346b706a289 cpuquiet: make sure compiled
  127. bfea097d9bfc Lazyplug: Remove lazyplug (squash)
  128. bb51f2223fdb Revert "Introduce Lazyplug"
  129. ddb34022ddd2 Revert "lazyplug: separate thread for reducing wake-up delay"
  130. 6247b2fd2955 Revert "lazyplug: add mutex & boolean check for lazy mode"
  131. dd836b50a37c Revert "lazyplug: Remove Power/earlysuspend hooks"
  132. c10c7911d628 Revert "lazyplug: Use display_state hooks"
  133. 36bebb0f1337 Revert "lazyplug: Remove wakeup_boost"
  134. 5e24fd4cad00 Revert "lazyplug: Add Hysteresis for Octacore CPUs"
  135. 9791c9c249eb Revert "lazyplug: Use correct hysteresis for octacore cpus"
  136. a35cd4b7d977 Revert "lazyplug: Improve MSM8994 and MSM8996 thread capacity"
  137. efca886a86f8 Revert "lazyplug: Add highly aggressive lazy profile"
  138. d6bd767a7640 Revert "lazyplug: Allow max cores to be tunable"
  139. 58bb4b38756b Revert "lazyplug: enhance cpu hotplug"
  140. 49e2a4488215 Revert "lazyplug: queue work on any online core"
  141. c3ae63d63f3d Revert "lazyplug: Remove input handler"
  142. bc737665335d Revert "lazyplug: We know lazyplug is active, reduce overhead"
  143. eac4b9ad9e09 Revert "lazyplug: Online CPUs with screen on"
  144. 34c78d0fdc44 Revert "lazyplug: Fix cpu_online call in unplug_cpu"
  145. 499b8895278e Revert "lazyplug: Remove unused int"
  146. b9a0173ab6f3 Revert "lazyplug: Use LCD Notifier instead of display state"
  147. c72d816918cb Revert "lazyplug: Fix missing queue improvement"
  148. a318ef6c702f Revert "lazplug: Boost on fingerprint scan"
  149. 04734319aaae Revert "lazyplug: Add MSM8992 + Hexa core support"
  150. a8cb1529be1f Revert "Lazyplug: Convert to state_notifier"
  151. f619db8f33dc Revert "lazyplug: Don't delay fingerprint boost"
  152. 10e2dd4e6df6 cpuquiet: fix misleading-indentation
  153. 3c0a10f79045 Linux 3.18.80
  154. f7e5bd1e0122 staging: r8712u: Fix Sparse warning in rtl871x_xmit.c
  155. ef939651241d xen: don't print error message in case of missing Xenstore entry
  156. 5bfeb196ebcf bt8xx: fix memory leak
  157. 8098067b191e s390/dasd: check for device error pointer within state change interrupts
  158. 85385e4c0cbc staging: lustre: ptlrpc: skip lock if export failed
  159. 2e8078b48e1c staging: lustre: hsm: stack overrun in hai_dump_data_field
  160. bd3428e7c182 platform/x86: intel_mid_thermal: Fix module autoload
  161. 4ec23eac3da9 xen/manage: correct return value check on xenbus_scanf()
  162. 4c176d25975c cx231xx: Fix I2C on Internal Master 3 Bus
  163. 4d6b6cb8ed08 i2c: riic: correctly finish transfers
  164. bb31221d8823 ext4: do not use stripe_width if it is not set
  165. 08c78ee9518e ext4: fix stripe-unaligned allocations
  166. b80096c782b2 staging: rtl8712u: Fix endian settings for structs describing network packets
  167. 3c2cf08c0f59 mmc: s3cmci: include linux/interrupt.h for tasklet_struct
  168. 13dbd8d26c19 x86/microcode/intel: Disable late loading on model 79
  169. f76ee0da74d4 drm/msm: fix an integer overflow test
  170. 0722e0432862 ocfs2: fstrim: Fix start offset of first cluster group during fstrim
  171. 241213bd039b ARM: 8715/1: add a private asm/unaligned.h
  172. 14a0ee816d8d arm64: ensure __dump_instr() checks addr_limit
  173. 00e56aaf4c5f ASoC: adau17x1: Workaround for noise bug in ADC
  174. 480d48fb2a31 KEYS: fix out-of-bounds read during ASN.1 parsing
  175. 517006011763 KEYS: return full count in keyring_read() if buffer is too small
  176. 85b7d44c5fb0 cifs: check MaxPathNameComponentLength != 0 before using it
  177. 4270c66f7de9 ALSA: seq: Fix nested rwsem annotation for lockdep splat
  178. 896fd555c21e ALSA: timer: Add missing mutex lock for compat ioctls
  179. 846a6a8202c1 blk-mq: fix race between timeout and freeing request
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