Undescended testicle and homeopathy

naturowhat Sep 10th, 2015 97 Never
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  1. Undescended Testicle - Parents Wary of Surgery
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  3. ruth.galbraith
  4. Message 1 of 2 , Sep 9 7:47 PM
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  6. 26 month old boy w/history of testicle that "comes and goes." Have tried a couple of homeopathic remedies w/o much help, and though it used to be descended about 50% of the time, I guess it's not anymore (recently).
  7. Problem: Dad had same thing as a baby and some surgeon sort of butchered him and he is essentially infertile.  Parents are REALLY wary of surgery.
  8. Any help, suggestions at all besides surgery?
  9. If you think surgery is still the answer, any suggestions on where to go? We're 1.5 hours from Boston.  
  11. Thanks a lot!
  12. ruth
  13. Ruth Galbraith, ND
  16. Craig Herrington
  17. Message 2 of 2 , Today at 5:35 AM
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  19. Very likely it wasn't the surgery but the increased temperature of the testicle (due to abnormal elevation) that led to infertility (although he has a child?).
  21. There is also an increased risk of testicular cancer and infertility which increases over time with undescended testicles.
  23. Craig Herrington
  24. Ottawa, On
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