King /v/ rules and info (2021)

Oct 19th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. King of /v/ 2021 START - November 27th, 2021 (Saturday)
  3. Starts at 4:30 PM CST
  5. King /v/ is starting earlier than last year due to both hosts being busy IRL for most of December.
  7. Hosts:
  8. Dominos Anon !w86bRI0tYM
  9. NightShiftAnon !!9A2duD1C25+
  11. Judges:
  12. yotsuba
  13. /v/-tan
  14. Samus Aran
  15. Senator Steven Armstrong
  16. Tre/vr/
  18. Keep all tournament talk in one thread. Use tournament OC and champion/board-tan art as OP pictures. No more than one thread on the /v/ catalog at a time (unless it's an obvious bait thread or hype/discussion thread)
  20. Booru (OC goes here, can be posted even without making an account):
  22. DROPBOX SOON when I figure out how it works
  24. Past Champions & Elite Eights:
  26. Timer:
  28. ►Q&A
  29. >What's King /v/?
  30. One of two annual tournaments where you get to decide /v/'s favorite characters of the year! While Queen /v/ focuses on girls, King /v/ focuses on guys!
  32. >Why do this?
  33. Although the main purpose of the tournaments is to decide /v/'s favorite characters of the year, it also encourages the creation of OC and the discovery of games & characters you haven't appreciated or heard of before.
  35. >How does this work?
  36. Vote in the poll for which characters you like the most. Each round lasts around 23-24 hours, and polls & results are posted at the end of each round.
  38. >The hosts are gone! What now?
  40. ==IN CASE OF HOST DISAPPEARANCE OR STEPPING DOWN AT ANY TIME (or you just want to take the turn of handling the tournament), USE THIS DOCUMENT==
  44. ►Nominations
  45. >To nominate your character, simply post his name, his series, and an image of him. 10 support replies are needed for the character to become a nominee. Any submissions of characters lacking any of these criteria will not be added to the Qualifier Poll. If you forgot any of the former 3, just reply to your original post with what you missed (though the reply will not count as a support).
  47. >Elite 8s of last year are temporarily ineligible for nomination this year, with champions permanently ineligible. This is to grant other characters a chance to shine, as well as give a good summary of what kind of characters /v/ anons enjoyed that year.
  49. Allowed:
  50. >Characters originating from video game property
  51. >Those originating in non-vidya material of a vidya series
  52. >Those originating in vidya material from a non-vidya series
  53. >Main characters in games that are created by the maker of the non-vidya source material AND just as/more popular than the source material the game is based on (ex. AM, Lain, Geralt)
  55. Not allowed:
  56. >Fanmades (character creation, OCs, memes, mods)
  57. >Real people
  58. >Non-sentient
  59. >Obvious representations of (You)
  60. >Characters from games not released yet
  61. >Non-vidya source material games involving comic or cartoon source characters (AKA ones that could already win/participate in another 4chan character contest)
  63. >Characters who aren't male or female (or have an unknown gender/sex) are eligible for either tournament. However, characters successfully nominated for Queen /v/ cannot be submitted for King /v/ in the same year.
  65. >Crossovers and unique spinoffs with more than one game count as separate series.
  67. >Just because a character was allowed on the bracket once doesn't mean they'll be allowed again. There is no grandfathering rule here.
  69. ►Qualifier
  70. >After nominations, the nominees are placed in a preliminary poll where the top 128 voted eligible characters qualify for the tournament.
  72. >3 characters per series may get on the bracket. Like with the Elite 8 rule, this is to give other characters a chance to shine.
  74. >If the 128th and higher spots are accessible for multiple characters with the same amount of votes, whoever gets the spot will be decided on either a wheel spin or which character got the right amount of replies the fastest.
  76. ►The Tournament
  77. >The 128 contestants are seeded based on their number of votes in the qualifier; the top voted get the top seeds, and vice versa. In the first round, matches are determined by seeding (1st vs. 128th, 2nd vs. 127th, etc.) and distributed across the bracket in a way so that the top two seeds can only meet in the final, top four can only meet in the semifinals, and so on. This is to prevent an anticlimactic finale with an obvious winner and loser.
  79. >For Round 1 onwards, a character submitted with a sexual or low quality pic may have a different image on the poll, should he pass Qualifiers. Images might also be different for certain characters if the poll is taking too long to be posted.
  81. >Anons vote for the winner of each match every round. Winners advance and fight other winners.
  83. >In a tie, the win will go to the character with the higher seed. If said tie occurs in the finals, a runoff vote is held.
  85. >The characters in the quarterfinals become the year's Elite 8, with 3rd to 8th places determined by a poll, and the winner of the finals is the champion of the tournament and the year's King of /v/alhalla.
  87. Finals vote questions:
  89. >Should King /v/ come after Queen /v/ next year? Given that King /v/ tends to be more calm and less active (most of the time) compared to Queen /v/.
  91. >What sort of limit do you want involving the Elite Eight and/or winner? (This may apply to both Queen and King /v/)
  93. 1. Winner of the tournament must have their franchise restricted to 1 in 128 next year
  95. 2. Winner of the tournament must have their franchise restricted to 2 in 128 next year
  97. 3. Winner of the tournament must have their franchise banned from entering next year
  99. 4. Elite 8 members must have their franchise restricted to 1 in 128 next year
  101. 5. Elite 8 members must have their franchise restricted to 2 in 128 next year
  103. General board deliveries:
  104. Wiki:
  105. Afterparty (king and queen of /v/ 2019): [Samus (Metroid), Armstrong (Metal Gear)]
  106. Afterparty (Qo/v/ 2020): [Reimu (Touhou)]
  107. Afterparty (Ko/v/ 2020): [Dante (Devil May Cry)]
  108. Afterparty (Qo/v/ 2021): [Recette (Recettear)]
  109. Past bracket images:
  110. Queen /v/ 2021 Bracket:
  111. King /v/ 2021 Bracket:
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