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  1. Native Americans are very deleterious because the Indian proves that the killing and suffering of his own brother is not very valuable because he realizes that his brother was anyways going to die.  This action from the Indian proves that the Native Americans are apathetic.  This is because Native Americans do not poses any empathy for the dead or the suffering.  When the Indian is fighting with the Agent, the Indian shows actions of anger in many areas of the play.  For example, when the agent asks a simple question, he refuses and starts an argument.  Even though the Agent is trying to do his job, the Indian tries to create an argument which clearly shows deleteriousness.  Thus, Native Americans are deleterious because the Indian shows anger. The Native Americans are also portrayed in this fashion by the burning of their camp, which shows that they are reckless, as it’s implied that they caused their camp to burn down. This is an attempt to show the nature of the Native American people. The arguments that occurred between Watson and Indian shows that the Indian is trying to be destructive because he was trying to argue without any reason or basis for the argument. The Indian argues about his work, however, at the end of the story, he restarted his work anyways. It demonstrates that the Indian was trying to be a problem and his attitude is partly the reason the aboriginal people are shown to be deleterious in the play.
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