MESS Command Line Parameters

Jun 6th, 2016
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  1. Search for the console at the website belowfirst, then search this doc for the shorthand name you get from the site.
  3. F:\Emulator\MESS\MESS .174>mess64.exe -listmedia
  5. ---------- -------------------- ------------------------------------
  6. 1292apvs quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  7. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  8. 1392apvs quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  9. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  10. 32x cartridge (cart) .32x .bin
  11. 32x_mcd cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  12. cartridge (cart) .32x .bin
  13. 32x_mcdj cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  14. cartridge (cart) .32x .bin
  15. 32x_scd cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  16. cartridge (cart) .32x .bin
  17. 32xe cartridge (cart) .32x .bin
  18. 32xj cartridge (cart) .32x .bin
  19. 386i floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  20. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  21. 3b1 floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  22. 3do cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  23. 3do_m2 cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  24. 3do_pal cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  25. 4004clk (none)
  26. 68ksbc (none)
  27. 990189 cassette (cass) .wav
  28. serial (serl) .
  29. 990189v cassette (cass) .wav
  30. serial (serl) .
  31. a1000 floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  32. printer (prin) .prn
  33. a1000n floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  34. printer (prin) .prn
  35. a1200 floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  36. printer (prin) .prn
  37. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  38. a1200n floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  39. printer (prin) .prn
  40. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  41. a1200xl floppydisk1 (flop1) .atr .dsk .xfd
  42. floppydisk2 (flop2) .atr .dsk .xfd
  43. floppydisk3 (flop3) .atr .dsk .xfd
  44. floppydisk4 (flop4) .atr .dsk .xfd
  45. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom .car
  46. a130xe floppydisk1 (flop1) .atr .dsk .xfd
  47. floppydisk2 (flop2) .atr .dsk .xfd
  48. floppydisk3 (flop3) .atr .dsk .xfd
  49. floppydisk4 (flop4) .atr .dsk .xfd
  50. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom .car
  51. a2000 floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  52. printer (prin) .prn
  53. a2000n floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  54. printer (prin) .prn
  55. a2600 cartridge (cart) .bin .a26
  56. a2600p cartridge (cart) .bin .a26
  57. a3000 floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  58. printer (prin) .prn
  59. a3000n floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  60. printer (prin) .prn
  61. a3010 floppydisk1 (flop1) .raw .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  62. floppydisk2 (flop2) .raw .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  63. a3020 floppydisk1 (flop1) .raw .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  64. floppydisk2 (flop2) .raw .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  65. a310 floppydisk1 (flop1) .raw .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  66. floppydisk2 (flop2) .raw .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  67. a400 floppydisk1 (flop1) .atr .dsk .xfd
  68. floppydisk2 (flop2) .atr .dsk .xfd
  69. floppydisk3 (flop3) .atr .dsk .xfd
  70. floppydisk4 (flop4) .atr .dsk .xfd
  71. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom .car
  72. a4000 floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  73. printer (prin) .prn
  74. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  75. a400030 floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  76. printer (prin) .prn
  77. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  78. a400030n floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  79. printer (prin) .prn
  80. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  81. a4000n floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  82. printer (prin) .prn
  83. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  84. a4000t floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  85. printer (prin) .prn
  86. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  87. a4000tn floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  88. printer (prin) .prn
  89. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  90. a400pal floppydisk1 (flop1) .atr .dsk .xfd
  91. floppydisk2 (flop2) .atr .dsk .xfd
  92. floppydisk3 (flop3) .atr .dsk .xfd
  93. floppydisk4 (flop4) .atr .dsk .xfd
  94. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom .car
  95. a500 floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  96. printer (prin) .prn
  97. a500n floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  98. printer (prin) .prn
  99. a500p floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  100. printer (prin) .prn
  101. a500pn floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  102. printer (prin) .prn
  103. a5105 cassette (cass) .wav
  104. floppydisk1 (flop1) .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  105. floppydisk2 (flop2) .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  106. floppydisk3 (flop3) .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  107. floppydisk4 (flop4) .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  108. a5120 (none)
  109. a5130 (none)
  110. a5200 cartridge (cart) .bin .rom .car .a52
  111. a600 floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  112. printer (prin) .prn
  113. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  114. a600n floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  115. printer (prin) .prn
  116. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  117. a600xl floppydisk1 (flop1) .atr .dsk .xfd
  118. floppydisk2 (flop2) .atr .dsk .xfd
  119. floppydisk3 (flop3) .atr .dsk .xfd
  120. floppydisk4 (flop4) .atr .dsk .xfd
  121. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom .car
  122. a65xe floppydisk1 (flop1) .atr .dsk .xfd
  123. floppydisk2 (flop2) .atr .dsk .xfd
  124. floppydisk3 (flop3) .atr .dsk .xfd
  125. floppydisk4 (flop4) .atr .dsk .xfd
  126. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom .car
  127. a65xea floppydisk1 (flop1) .atr .dsk .xfd
  128. floppydisk2 (flop2) .atr .dsk .xfd
  129. floppydisk3 (flop3) .atr .dsk .xfd
  130. floppydisk4 (flop4) .atr .dsk .xfd
  131. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom .car
  132. a6809 cassette (cass) .wav
  133. a7000 (none)
  134. a7000p (none)
  135. a7150 (none)
  136. a7800 cartridge (cart) .bin .a78
  137. a7800p cartridge (cart) .bin .a78
  138. a800 floppydisk1 (flop1) .atr .dsk .xfd
  139. floppydisk2 (flop2) .atr .dsk .xfd
  140. floppydisk3 (flop3) .atr .dsk .xfd
  141. floppydisk4 (flop4) .atr .dsk .xfd
  142. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom .car
  143. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom .car
  144. a800pal floppydisk1 (flop1) .atr .dsk .xfd
  145. floppydisk2 (flop2) .atr .dsk .xfd
  146. floppydisk3 (flop3) .atr .dsk .xfd
  147. floppydisk4 (flop4) .atr .dsk .xfd
  148. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom .car
  149. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom .car
  150. a800xe floppydisk1 (flop1) .atr .dsk .xfd
  151. floppydisk2 (flop2) .atr .dsk .xfd
  152. floppydisk3 (flop3) .atr .dsk .xfd
  153. floppydisk4 (flop4) .atr .dsk .xfd
  154. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom .car
  155. a800xl floppydisk1 (flop1) .atr .dsk .xfd
  156. floppydisk2 (flop2) .atr .dsk .xfd
  157. floppydisk3 (flop3) .atr .dsk .xfd
  158. floppydisk4 (flop4) .atr .dsk .xfd
  159. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom .car
  160. a800xlp floppydisk1 (flop1) .atr .dsk .xfd
  161. floppydisk2 (flop2) .atr .dsk .xfd
  162. floppydisk3 (flop3) .atr .dsk .xfd
  163. floppydisk4 (flop4) .atr .dsk .xfd
  164. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom .car
  165. abc110 cassette (cass) .wav .csw .uef
  166. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  167. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  168. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  169. cartridge4 (cart4) .bin .rom
  170. printer (prin) .prn
  171. floppydisk (flop) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .adf .ads .adm .adl .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  172. abc1600 floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  173. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  174. abc310 cassette (cass) .wav .csw .uef
  175. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  176. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  177. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  178. cartridge4 (cart4) .bin .rom
  179. printer (prin) .prn
  180. floppydisk (flop) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .adf .ads .adm .adl .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  181. abc80 cassette (cass) .wav
  182. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  183. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  184. quickload (quik) .bac
  185. abc800c cassette (cass) .wav
  186. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  187. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  188. abc800m cassette (cass) .wav
  189. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  190. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  191. abc802 cassette (cass) .wav
  192. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  193. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  194. abc806 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  195. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  196. ac1 cassette (cass) .wav
  197. ac1_32 cassette (cass) .wav
  198. ac1scch cassette (cass) .wav
  199. academy (none)
  200. ace100 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  201. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  202. cassette (cass) .wav
  203. acrnsys1 cassette (cass) .wav
  204. acw443 cassette (cass) .wav .csw .uef
  205. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  206. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  207. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  208. cartridge4 (cart4) .bin .rom
  209. printer (prin) .prn
  210. floppydisk (flop) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .adf .ads .adm .adl .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  211. adam cassette1 (cass1) .wav .ddp
  212. cassette2 (cass2) .wav .ddp
  213. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  214. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  215. cartridge1 (cart1) .rom .col .bin
  216. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  217. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  218. cartridge4 (cart4) .bin .rom
  219. advision cartridge (cart) .bin
  220. advsnha cartridge (cart) .bin
  221. aes memcard (memc) .neo
  222. cartridge (cart) .bin
  223. agat7 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  224. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  225. cassette (cass) .wav
  226. agat9 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  227. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  228. cassette (cass) .wav
  229. ai1000 cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  230. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin
  231. aim65 cassette1 (cass1) .wav
  232. cassette2 (cass2) .wav
  233. cartridge1 (cart1) .z26
  234. cartridge2 (cart2) .z25
  235. cartridge3 (cart3) .z24
  236. aim65_40 (none)
  237. aiwamcd cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  238. al520ex printer (prin) .prn
  239. snapshot (dump) .sna
  240. cassette (cass) .wav .cdt
  241. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  242. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  243. al8800bt quickload (quik) .bin
  244. alfa cassette (cass) .wav .pmd .tap .ptp
  245. alice cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  246. printer (prin) .prn
  247. alice32 cassette (cass) .wav .cas .c10 .k7
  248. printer (prin) .prn
  249. alice90 cassette (cass) .wav .cas .c10 .k7
  250. printer (prin) .prn
  251. alm16 (none)
  252. alm32 (none)
  253. alnattck (none)
  254. alnchase (none)
  255. alphatro cassette (cass) .wav
  256. alto2 harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .dsk
  257. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .dsk
  258. altos486 floppydisk (flop) .td0 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .cqm .cqi .dsk
  259. altos5 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  260. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  261. am64 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  262. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  263. cassette (cass) .wav
  264. amaztron (none)
  265. amico2k (none)
  266. ampro floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  267. amsterd (none)
  268. amu880 cassette (cass) .wav
  269. amust floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  270. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  271. apc floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .imd .mfi
  272. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .imd .mfi
  273. apexc cylinder (cyln) .apc
  274. punchtape1 (ptap1) .tap
  275. punchtape2 (ptap2) .tap
  276. apfimag cartridge (cart) .bin
  277. cassette (cass) .wav .cas .cpf .apt
  278. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  279. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  280. apfm1000 cartridge (cart) .bin
  281. aplannb floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  282. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  283. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  284. printer (prin) .prn
  285. aplanst floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  286. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  287. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  288. printer (prin) .prn
  289. aplsbon floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  290. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  291. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  292. printer (prin) .prn
  293. aplscar floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  294. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  295. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  296. printer (prin) .prn
  297. apogee cassette (cass) .wav .rka
  298. apollo80 cartridge (cart) .st2 .bin .rom
  299. apple1 cassette (cass) .wav
  300. snapshot (dump) .snp
  301. apple2 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  302. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  303. cassette (cass) .wav
  304. apple2c floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  305. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  306. apple2c0 floppydisk1 (flop1) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  307. floppydisk2 (flop2) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  308. apple2c3 floppydisk1 (flop1) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  309. floppydisk2 (flop2) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  310. apple2c4 floppydisk1 (flop1) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  311. floppydisk2 (flop2) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  312. apple2cp floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.po .dc .2img .2mg .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  313. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.po .dc .2img .2mg .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  314. apple2e floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  315. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  316. cassette (cass) .wav
  317. apple2ee floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  318. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  319. cassette (cass) .wav
  320. apple2eeuk floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  321. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  322. cassette (cass) .wav
  323. apple2ep floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  324. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  325. cassette (cass) .wav
  326. apple2euk floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  327. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  328. cassette (cass) .wav
  329. apple2gs floppydisk1 (flop1) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  330. floppydisk2 (flop2) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  331. floppydisk3 (flop3) .dsk .img .image.po .dc .2img .2mg .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  332. floppydisk4 (flop4) .dsk .img .image.po .dc .2img .2mg .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  333. apple2gsr0 floppydisk1 (flop1) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  334. floppydisk2 (flop2) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  335. floppydisk3 (flop3) .dsk .img .image.po .dc .2img .2mg .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  336. floppydisk4 (flop4) .dsk .img .image.po .dc .2img .2mg .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  337. apple2gsr0p floppydisk1 (flop1) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  338. floppydisk2 (flop2) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  339. floppydisk3 (flop3) .dsk .img .image.po .dc .2img .2mg .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  340. floppydisk4 (flop4) .dsk .img .image.po .dc .2img .2mg .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  341. apple2gsr0p2 floppydisk1 (flop1) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  342. floppydisk2 (flop2) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  343. floppydisk3 (flop3) .dsk .img .image.po .dc .2img .2mg .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  344. floppydisk4 (flop4) .dsk .img .image.po .dc .2img .2mg .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  345. apple2gsr1 floppydisk1 (flop1) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  346. floppydisk2 (flop2) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  347. floppydisk3 (flop3) .dsk .img .image.po .dc .2img .2mg .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  348. floppydisk4 (flop4) .dsk .img .image.po .dc .2img .2mg .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  349. apple2gsr3lp floppydisk1 (flop1) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  350. floppydisk2 (flop2) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  351. floppydisk3 (flop3) .dsk .img .image.po .dc .2img .2mg .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  352. floppydisk4 (flop4) .dsk .img .image.po .dc .2img .2mg .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  353. apple2gsr3p floppydisk1 (flop1) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  354. floppydisk2 (flop2) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  355. floppydisk3 (flop3) .dsk .img .image.po .dc .2img .2mg .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  356. floppydisk4 (flop4) .dsk .img .image.po .dc .2img .2mg .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  357. apple2jp floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  358. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  359. cassette (cass) .wav
  360. apple2p floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  361. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  362. cassette (cass) .wav
  363. apple3 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  364. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  365. floppydisk3 (flop3) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  366. floppydisk4 (flop4) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  367. applix printer (prin) .prn
  368. cassette (cass) .wav
  369. floppydisk1 (flop1) .raw .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  370. floppydisk2 (flop2) .raw .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  371. aprfte floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  372. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  373. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  374. printer (prin) .prn
  375. apricot printer (prin) .prn
  376. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  377. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  378. apricotxi printer (prin) .prn
  379. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  380. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  381. aprpand floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  382. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  383. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  384. printer (prin) .prn
  385. apvxft floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  386. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  387. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  388. printer (prin) .prn
  389. apxena1 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  390. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  391. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  392. printer (prin) .prn
  393. apxeni floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  394. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  395. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  396. printer (prin) .prn
  397. apxenls3 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  398. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  399. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  400. printer (prin) .prn
  401. apxenp2 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  402. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  403. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  404. printer (prin) .prn
  405. apxlsam floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  406. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  407. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  408. printer (prin) .prn
  409. aquarius cassette (cass) .wav
  410. cartridge (cart) .bin
  411. arcadia cartridge (cart) .bin
  412. argo (none)
  413. asma2k (none)
  414. asmapro (none)
  415. asr10 (none)
  416. asrx (none)
  417. asst128 cassette (cass) .wav
  418. printer (prin) .prn
  419. floppydisk1 (flop1) .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  420. floppydisk2 (flop2) .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  421. astro (none)
  422. astrocde cartridge (cart) .bin
  423. astrocdl cartridge (cart) .bin
  424. astrocdw cartridge (cart) .bin
  425. astrocmd (none)
  426. at floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  427. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  428. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  429. at386 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  430. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  431. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  432. printer (prin) .prn
  433. at486 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  434. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  435. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  436. printer (prin) .prn
  437. at586 harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  438. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  439. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  440. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  441. printer (prin) .prn
  442. at586x3 harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  443. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  444. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  445. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  446. printer (prin) .prn
  447. ataripc3 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  448. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  449. printer (prin) .prn
  450. atm snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  451. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  452. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  453. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  454. floppydisk1 (flop1) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  455. floppydisk2 (flop2) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  456. floppydisk3 (flop3) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  457. floppydisk4 (flop4) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  458. atmtb2 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  459. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  460. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  461. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  462. floppydisk1 (flop1) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  463. floppydisk2 (flop2) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  464. floppydisk3 (flop3) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  465. floppydisk4 (flop4) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  466. atom floppydisk1 (flop1) .40t .dsk
  467. floppydisk2 (flop2) .40t .dsk
  468. printer (prin) .prn
  469. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .uef
  470. quickload (quik) .atm
  471. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  472. atombb printer (prin) .prn
  473. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .uef
  474. atomeb floppydisk1 (flop1) .40t .dsk
  475. floppydisk2 (flop2) .40t .dsk
  476. printer (prin) .prn
  477. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .uef
  478. quickload (quik) .atm
  479. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  480. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  481. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  482. cartridge4 (cart4) .bin .rom
  483. cartridge5 (cart5) .bin .rom
  484. cartridge6 (cart6) .bin .rom
  485. cartridge7 (cart7) .bin .rom
  486. cartridge8 (cart8) .bin .rom
  487. cartridge9 (cart9) .bin .rom
  488. cartridge10 (cart10) .bin .rom
  489. cartridge11 (cart11) .bin .rom
  490. cartridge12 (cart12) .bin .rom
  491. cartridge13 (cart13) .bin .rom
  492. cartridge14 (cart14) .bin .rom
  493. cartridge15 (cart15) .bin .rom
  494. cartridge16 (cart16) .bin .rom
  495. cartridge17 (cart17) .bin .rom
  496. cartridge18 (cart18) .bin .rom
  497. attache floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  498. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  499. atvga floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  500. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  501. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  502. aussieby printer (prin) .prn
  503. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  504. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  505. avigo quickload (quik) .app
  506. avigo_de quickload (quik) .app
  507. avigo_es quickload (quik) .app
  508. avigo_fr quickload (quik) .app
  509. avigo_it quickload (quik) .app
  510. ax150 printer (prin) .prn
  511. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  512. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  513. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  514. ax170 printer (prin) .prn
  515. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  516. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  517. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  518. ax20 floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  519. ax350 printer (prin) .prn
  520. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  521. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  522. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  523. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  524. ax370 printer (prin) .prn
  525. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  526. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  527. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  528. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  529. b128 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  530. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  531. cartridge (cart) .20 .40 .60
  532. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  533. b128hp floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  534. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  535. cartridge (cart) .20 .40 .60
  536. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  537. b16 (none)
  538. b256 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  539. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  540. cartridge (cart) .20 .40 .60
  541. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  542. b256hp floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  543. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  544. cartridge (cart) .20 .40 .60
  545. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  546. b2m floppydisk1 (flop1) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  547. floppydisk2 (flop2) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  548. b2mrom floppydisk1 (flop1) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  549. floppydisk2 (flop2) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  550. b500 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  551. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  552. cartridge (cart) .20 .40 .60
  553. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  554. babbage (none)
  555. bambball (none)
  556. banctec (none)
  557. bankshot (none)
  558. basic31 (none)
  559. basic52 (none)
  560. batmantv (none)
  561. bbca cassette (cass) .wav .csw .uef
  562. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  563. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  564. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  565. cartridge4 (cart4) .bin .rom
  566. bbcb cassette (cass) .wav .csw .uef
  567. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  568. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  569. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  570. cartridge4 (cart4) .bin .rom
  571. printer (prin) .prn
  572. floppydisk1 (flop1) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  573. floppydisk2 (flop2) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  574. bbcb1770 cassette (cass) .wav .csw .uef
  575. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  576. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  577. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  578. cartridge4 (cart4) .bin .rom
  579. printer (prin) .prn
  580. floppydisk1 (flop1) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .adf .ads .adm .adl .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  581. floppydisk2 (flop2) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .adf .ads .adm .adl .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  582. bbcb_de cassette (cass) .wav .csw .uef
  583. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  584. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  585. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  586. cartridge4 (cart4) .bin .rom
  587. printer (prin) .prn
  588. floppydisk1 (flop1) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  589. floppydisk2 (flop2) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  590. bbcb_us cassette (cass) .wav .csw .uef
  591. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  592. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  593. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  594. cartridge4 (cart4) .bin .rom
  595. printer (prin) .prn
  596. floppydisk1 (flop1) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  597. floppydisk2 (flop2) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  598. bbcbc cartridge (cart) .bin
  599. bbcbp cassette (cass) .wav .csw .uef
  600. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  601. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  602. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  603. cartridge4 (cart4) .bin .rom
  604. printer (prin) .prn
  605. floppydisk1 (flop1) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .adf .ads .adm .adl .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  606. floppydisk2 (flop2) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .adf .ads .adm .adl .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  607. bbcbp128 cassette (cass) .wav .csw .uef
  608. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  609. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  610. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  611. cartridge4 (cart4) .bin .rom
  612. printer (prin) .prn
  613. floppydisk1 (flop1) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .adf .ads .adm .adl .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  614. floppydisk2 (flop2) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .adf .ads .adm .adl .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  615. bbcm printer (prin) .prn
  616. cassette (cass) .wav .csw .uef
  617. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  618. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin
  619. floppydisk1 (flop1) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .adf .ads .adm .adl .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  620. floppydisk2 (flop2) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .adf .ads .adm .adl .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  621. bbcm512 printer (prin) .prn
  622. cassette (cass) .wav .csw .uef
  623. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  624. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin
  625. floppydisk1 (flop1) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .adf .ads .adm .adl .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  626. floppydisk2 (flop2) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .adf .ads .adm .adl .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  627. bbcmaiv printer (prin) .prn
  628. cassette (cass) .wav .csw .uef
  629. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  630. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin
  631. floppydisk1 (flop1) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .adf .ads .adm .adl .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  632. floppydisk2 (flop2) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .adf .ads .adm .adl .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  633. bbcmarm printer (prin) .prn
  634. cassette (cass) .wav .csw .uef
  635. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  636. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin
  637. floppydisk1 (flop1) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .adf .ads .adm .adl .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  638. floppydisk2 (flop2) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .adf .ads .adm .adl .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  639. bbcmc printer (prin) .prn
  640. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  641. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin
  642. floppydisk (flop) .adf .ads .adm .adl .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  643. bbcmc_ar printer (prin) .prn
  644. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  645. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin
  646. floppydisk (flop) .adf .ads .adm .adl .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  647. bbcmet cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  648. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin
  649. bbcmt printer (prin) .prn
  650. cassette (cass) .wav .csw .uef
  651. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  652. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin
  653. floppydisk1 (flop1) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .adf .ads .adm .adl .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  654. floppydisk2 (flop2) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .adf .ads .adm .adl .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  655. bbtime (none)
  656. bcclimbr (none)
  657. bcs3 cassette (cass) .wav
  658. bcs3a cassette (cass) .wav
  659. bcs3b cassette (cass) .wav
  660. bcs3c cassette (cass) .wav
  661. bcs3d cassette (cass) .wav
  662. bdoramon (none)
  663. bebox harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  664. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  665. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  666. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  667. bebox2 harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  668. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  669. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  670. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  671. beehive (none)
  672. berlinp (none)
  673. besta88 (none)
  674. bestzx snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  675. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  676. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  677. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  678. floppydisk1 (flop1) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  679. floppydisk2 (flop2) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  680. floppydisk3 (flop3) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  681. floppydisk4 (flop4) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  682. beta cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  683. bfriskyt (none)
  684. bigboard floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  685. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  686. bigbord2 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  687. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  688. bigtrak (none)
  689. binbug cassette (cass) .wav
  690. quickload (quik) .pgm
  691. bitgrpha bitbngr (bitb) .
  692. bitgrphb bitbngr (bitb) .
  693. bk0010 cassette (cass) .wav
  694. bk001001 cassette (cass) .wav
  695. bk0010fd cassette (cass) .wav
  696. bk0011m cassette (cass) .wav
  697. bk8t floppydisk1 (flop1) .kdi .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  698. floppydisk2 (flop2) .kdi .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  699. floppydisk3 (flop3) .kdi .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  700. floppydisk4 (flop4) .kdi .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  701. cassette (cass) .wav
  702. blitzs snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  703. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  704. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  705. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  706. bmboxing (none)
  707. bmjr cassette (cass) .wav
  708. bml3 cassette (cass) .wav
  709. floppydisk1 (flop1) .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  710. floppydisk2 (flop2) .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  711. floppydisk3 (flop3) .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  712. floppydisk4 (flop4) .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  713. bml3mk2 cassette (cass) .wav
  714. floppydisk1 (flop1) .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  715. floppydisk2 (flop2) .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  716. floppydisk3 (flop3) .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  717. floppydisk4 (flop4) .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  718. bml3mk5 cassette (cass) .wav
  719. floppydisk1 (flop1) .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  720. floppydisk2 (flop2) .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  721. floppydisk3 (flop3) .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  722. floppydisk4 (flop4) .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  723. bmsafari (none)
  724. bmsoccer (none)
  725. bndarc cartridge (cart) .bin
  726. bob85 cassette (cass) .wav
  727. borisdpl (none)
  728. bpengo (none)
  729. bpl32 (none)
  730. br8641 (none)
  731. brailab4 cassette (cass) .wav
  732. quickload (quik) .htp
  733. braiplus cassette (cass) .wav
  734. quickload (quik) .htp
  735. bridgec3 (none)
  736. bruc100 printer (prin) .prn
  737. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  738. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  739. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  740. bs9009cx (none)
  741. bship (none)
  742. bship82 (none)
  743. bultrman (none)
  744. busicom (none)
  745. bw12 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  746. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  747. printer (prin) .prn
  748. bw14 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  749. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  750. printer (prin) .prn
  751. bw2 printer (prin) .prn
  752. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  753. bw230 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  754. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  755. printer (prin) .prn
  756. bx256hp floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  757. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  758. cartridge (cart) .20 .40 .60
  759. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  760. byte snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  761. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  762. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  763. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  764. bzaxxon (none)
  765. c10 (none)
  766. c116 cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  767. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  768. cartridge (cart) .rom .bin
  769. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  770. c128 cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  771. cartridge1 (cart1) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  772. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  773. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  774. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  775. c128_de cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  776. cartridge1 (cart1) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  777. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  778. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  779. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  780. c128_se cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  781. cartridge1 (cart1) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  782. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  783. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  784. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  785. c128cr cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  786. cartridge1 (cart1) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  787. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  788. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  789. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  790. c128d cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  791. cartridge1 (cart1) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  792. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  793. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  794. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  795. c128d81 cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  796. cartridge1 (cart1) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  797. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  798. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  799. floppydisk (flop) .d81 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  800. c128dcr cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  801. cartridge1 (cart1) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  802. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  803. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  804. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  805. c128dcr_de cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  806. cartridge1 (cart1) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  807. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  808. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  809. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  810. c128dcr_se cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  811. cartridge1 (cart1) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  812. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  813. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  814. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  815. c128dcrp cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  816. cartridge1 (cart1) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  817. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  818. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  819. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  820. c128dp cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  821. cartridge1 (cart1) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  822. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  823. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  824. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  825. c128p cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  826. cartridge1 (cart1) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  827. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  828. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  829. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  830. c16 cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  831. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  832. cartridge (cart) .rom .bin
  833. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  834. c16_hu cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  835. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  836. cartridge (cart) .rom .bin
  837. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  838. c16p cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  839. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  840. cartridge (cart) .rom .bin
  841. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  842. c1p cassette (cass) .wav
  843. c1pmf cassette (cass) .wav
  844. floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  845. c232 cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  846. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  847. cartridge (cart) .rom .bin
  848. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  849. c264 cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  850. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  851. cartridge (cart) .rom .bin
  852. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  853. c2717 cassette (cass) .wav .pmd .tap .ptp
  854. c2717pmd cassette (cass) .wav .pmd .tap .ptp
  855. c386sx16 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  856. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  857. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  858. c64 cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  859. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  860. cartridge (cart) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  861. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  862. c64_jp cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  863. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  864. cartridge (cart) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  865. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  866. c64_se cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  867. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  868. cartridge (cart) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  869. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  870. c64c cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  871. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  872. cartridge (cart) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  873. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  874. c64c_es cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  875. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  876. cartridge (cart) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  877. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  878. c64c_se cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  879. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  880. cartridge (cart) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  881. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  882. c64cp cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  883. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  884. cartridge (cart) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  885. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  886. c64dtv (none)
  887. c64dx (none)
  888. c64g cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  889. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  890. cartridge (cart) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  891. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  892. c64gs cartridge (cart) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  893. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  894. c64p cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  895. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  896. cartridge (cart) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  897. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  898. c65 (none)
  899. c80 cassette (cass) .wav
  900. c8002 (none)
  901. c900 (none)
  902. canons80 (none)
  903. canonv10 printer (prin) .prn
  904. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  905. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  906. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  907. canonv20 printer (prin) .prn
  908. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  909. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  910. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  911. canonv20e printer (prin) .prn
  912. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  913. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  914. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  915. canonv20f printer (prin) .prn
  916. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  917. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  918. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  919. canonv20g printer (prin) .prn
  920. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  921. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  922. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  923. canonv20s printer (prin) .prn
  924. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  925. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  926. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  927. canonv25 printer (prin) .prn
  928. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  929. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  930. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  931. canonv30 printer (prin) .prn
  932. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  933. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  934. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  935. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  936. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  937. canonv30f printer (prin) .prn
  938. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  939. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  940. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  941. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  942. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  943. canonv8 printer (prin) .prn
  944. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  945. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  946. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  947. carmarty floppydisk1 (flop1) .bin .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  948. floppydisk2 (flop2) .bin .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  949. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  950. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  951. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  952. harddisk3 (hard3) .chd .hd
  953. harddisk4 (hard4) .chd .hd
  954. harddisk5 (hard5) .chd .hd
  955. cars2lap cartridge (cart) .bin
  956. casloopy cartridge (cart) .bin .ic1
  957. cat printer (prin) .prn
  958. cb308 (none)
  959. cbm3008 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  960. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  961. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  962. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  963. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  964. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  965. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  966. cbm3016 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  967. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  968. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  969. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  970. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  971. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  972. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  973. cbm3032 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  974. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  975. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  976. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  977. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  978. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  979. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  980. cbm3032b floppydisk1 (flop1) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  981. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  982. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  983. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  984. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  985. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  986. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  987. cbm4016 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  988. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  989. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  990. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  991. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  992. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  993. cbm4032 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  994. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  995. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  996. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  997. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  998. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  999. cbm4032b floppydisk1 (flop1) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1000. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1001. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  1002. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  1003. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  1004. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  1005. cbm4032f floppydisk1 (flop1) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1006. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1007. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  1008. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  1009. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  1010. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  1011. cbm610 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1012. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1013. cartridge (cart) .20 .40 .60
  1014. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  1015. cbm620 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1016. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1017. cartridge (cart) .20 .40 .60
  1018. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  1019. cbm620_hu floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1020. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1021. cartridge (cart) .20 .40 .60
  1022. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  1023. cbm710 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1024. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1025. cartridge (cart) .20 .40 .60
  1026. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  1027. cbm720 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1028. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1029. cartridge (cart) .20 .40 .60
  1030. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  1031. cbm720_de floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1032. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1033. cartridge (cart) .20 .40 .60
  1034. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  1035. cbm720_se floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1036. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1037. cartridge (cart) .20 .40 .60
  1038. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  1039. cbm730 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1040. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1041. cartridge (cart) .20 .40 .60
  1042. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  1043. cbm8032 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1044. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1045. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  1046. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  1047. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  1048. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  1049. cbm8032_de floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1050. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1051. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  1052. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  1053. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  1054. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  1055. cbm8032_fr floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1056. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1057. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  1058. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  1059. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  1060. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  1061. cbm8032_se floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1062. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1063. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  1064. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  1065. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  1066. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  1067. cbm8096 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1068. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1069. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  1070. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  1071. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  1072. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  1073. cbm8296 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d82 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1074. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d82 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1075. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  1076. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  1077. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  1078. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  1079. cbm8296d floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d82 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1080. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d82 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1081. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  1082. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  1083. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  1084. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  1085. cbm8296d_de floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d82 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1086. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d82 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1087. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  1088. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  1089. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  1090. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  1091. cbm8296dgv_defloppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d82 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1092. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d82 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1093. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  1094. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  1095. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  1096. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  1097. cbm8296ed floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d82 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1098. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d82 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1099. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  1100. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  1101. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  1102. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  1103. cbm8296gd floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d82 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1104. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d82 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1105. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  1106. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  1107. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  1108. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  1109. cc10 (none)
  1110. cc40 cartridge (cart) .bin .rom .256
  1111. cc7 (none)
  1112. ccmk1 (none)
  1113. ccmk2 (none)
  1114. ccs2422 floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1115. ccs2810 (none)
  1116. ccs300 (none)
  1117. cd2650 quickload (quik) .pgm
  1118. cassette (cass) .wav
  1119. cd32 floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1120. printer (prin) .prn
  1121. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1122. cd32n floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1123. printer (prin) .prn
  1124. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1125. cdc721 (none)
  1126. cdi490a cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1127. cdi910 cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1128. cdimono1 cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1129. cdimono2 cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1130. cdkong (none)
  1131. cdtv floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1132. printer (prin) .prn
  1133. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1134. cdtvn floppydisk (flop) .adf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1135. printer (prin) .prn
  1136. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1137. cdx cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1138. cf1200 printer (prin) .prn
  1139. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1140. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1141. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1142. cf2000 printer (prin) .prn
  1143. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1144. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1145. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1146. cf2700 printer (prin) .prn
  1147. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1148. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1149. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1150. cf2700g printer (prin) .prn
  1151. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1152. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1153. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1154. cf3000 printer (prin) .prn
  1155. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1156. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1157. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1158. cf3300 printer (prin) .prn
  1159. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1160. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1161. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1162. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1163. cfrogger (none)
  1164. cfx9850 (none)
  1165. cgalaxn (none)
  1166. cgc7900 (none)
  1167. cgenie cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  1168. cgenienz cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  1169. channelf cartridge (cart) .bin .chf
  1170. channlf2 cartridge (cart) .bin .chf
  1171. chaos (none)
  1172. chessmst (none)
  1173. chesstrv (none)
  1174. cip01 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  1175. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  1176. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  1177. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1178. cip03 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  1179. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  1180. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  1181. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1182. clcd (none)
  1183. cm1200 cartridge (cart) .st2 .bin .rom
  1184. cm1800 (none)
  1185. cm32l (none)
  1186. cmdpc30 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1187. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1188. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  1189. cmspacmn (none)
  1190. cnfball (none)
  1191. cnfball2 (none)
  1192. cnsector (none)
  1193. cobra80 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  1194. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  1195. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  1196. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1197. cobrasp snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  1198. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  1199. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  1200. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1201. coco cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  1202. printer (prin) .prn
  1203. cartridge (cart) .ccc .rom
  1204. coco2 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  1205. printer (prin) .prn
  1206. cartridge (cart) .ccc .rom
  1207. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1208. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1209. harddisk1 (hard1) .vhd
  1210. harddisk2 (hard2) .vhd
  1211. coco2b cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  1212. printer (prin) .prn
  1213. cartridge (cart) .ccc .rom
  1214. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1215. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1216. harddisk1 (hard1) .vhd
  1217. harddisk2 (hard2) .vhd
  1218. coco3 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  1219. printer (prin) .prn
  1220. cartridge (cart) .ccc .rom
  1221. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1222. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1223. harddisk1 (hard1) .vhd
  1224. harddisk2 (hard2) .vhd
  1225. coco3dw1 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  1226. printer (prin) .prn
  1227. harddisk1 (hard1) .vhd
  1228. harddisk2 (hard2) .vhd
  1229. cartridge (cart) .ccc .rom
  1230. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1231. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1232. coco3h cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  1233. printer (prin) .prn
  1234. cartridge (cart) .ccc .rom
  1235. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1236. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1237. harddisk1 (hard1) .vhd
  1238. harddisk2 (hard2) .vhd
  1239. coco3p cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  1240. printer (prin) .prn
  1241. cartridge (cart) .ccc .rom
  1242. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1243. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1244. harddisk1 (hard1) .vhd
  1245. harddisk2 (hard2) .vhd
  1246. cocoe cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  1247. printer (prin) .prn
  1248. cartridge (cart) .ccc .rom
  1249. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1250. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1251. harddisk1 (hard1) .vhd
  1252. harddisk2 (hard2) .vhd
  1253. codata (none)
  1254. coleco cartridge (cart) .rom .col .bin
  1255. colecop cartridge (cart) .rom .col .bin
  1256. comp4 (none)
  1257. compani1 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  1258. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  1259. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  1260. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1261. compc1 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1262. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1263. printer (prin) .prn
  1264. compclr2 floppydisk (flop) .ccvf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1265. compis cassette (cass) .wav
  1266. printer (prin) .prn
  1267. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1268. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1269. compis2 cassette (cass) .wav
  1270. printer (prin) .prn
  1271. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1272. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1273. comquest (none)
  1274. comx35n quickload (quik) .comx
  1275. cassette (cass) .wav
  1276. floppydisk (flop) .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1277. comx35p quickload (quik) .comx
  1278. cassette (cass) .wav
  1279. floppydisk (flop) .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1280. concept floppydisk1 (flop1) .imd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1281. floppydisk2 (flop2) .imd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1282. floppydisk3 (flop3) .imd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1283. floppydisk4 (flop4) .imd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1284. copera cartridge (cart) .bin .md
  1285. copycat (none)
  1286. copycatm2 (none)
  1287. cortex (none)
  1288. cosmicos quickload (quik) .bin
  1289. cassette (cass) .wav
  1290. cp1 cassette (cass) .wav
  1291. quickload (quik) .obj
  1292. cp400 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  1293. printer (prin) .prn
  1294. cartridge (cart) .ccc .rom
  1295. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1296. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1297. cpacman (none)
  1298. cpacmanr1 (none)
  1299. cpc300 printer (prin) .prn
  1300. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1301. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1302. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1303. cpc300e printer (prin) .prn
  1304. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1305. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1306. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1307. cpc330k printer (prin) .prn
  1308. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1309. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1310. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1311. cpc400 printer (prin) .prn
  1312. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1313. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1314. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1315. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1316. cpc400s printer (prin) .prn
  1317. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1318. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1319. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1320. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1321. cpc464 printer (prin) .prn
  1322. snapshot (dump) .sna
  1323. cassette (cass) .wav .cdt
  1324. cpc464p printer (prin) .prn
  1325. snapshot (dump) .sna
  1326. cassette (cass) .wav .cdt
  1327. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1328. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1329. cartridge (cart) .bin .cpr
  1330. cpc50a printer (prin) .prn
  1331. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1332. cartridge (cart) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1333. cpc50b printer (prin) .prn
  1334. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1335. cartridge (cart) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1336. cpc51 printer (prin) .prn
  1337. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1338. cartridge (cart) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1339. cpc61 printer (prin) .prn
  1340. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1341. cartridge (cart) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1342. cpc6128 printer (prin) .prn
  1343. snapshot (dump) .sna
  1344. cassette (cass) .wav .cdt
  1345. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1346. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1347. cpc6128f printer (prin) .prn
  1348. snapshot (dump) .sna
  1349. cassette (cass) .wav .cdt
  1350. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1351. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1352. cpc6128p printer (prin) .prn
  1353. snapshot (dump) .sna
  1354. cassette (cass) .wav .cdt
  1355. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1356. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1357. cartridge (cart) .bin .cpr
  1358. cpc6128s printer (prin) .prn
  1359. snapshot (dump) .sna
  1360. cassette (cass) .wav .cdt
  1361. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1362. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1363. cpc664 printer (prin) .prn
  1364. snapshot (dump) .sna
  1365. cassette (cass) .wav .cdt
  1366. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1367. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1368. cpc88 printer (prin) .prn
  1369. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1370. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1371. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1372. cpg120 printer (prin) .prn
  1373. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1374. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1375. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1376. cpu09 cassette (cass) .wav
  1377. cqback (none)
  1378. craft (none)
  1379. crvisio2 cassette (cass) .wav
  1380. printer (prin) .prn
  1381. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1382. crvisioj cassette (cass) .wav
  1383. printer (prin) .prn
  1384. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1385. crvision cassette (cass) .wav
  1386. printer (prin) .prn
  1387. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1388. csc (none)
  1389. cscfr (none)
  1390. cscg (none)
  1391. cscsp (none)
  1392. ct386sx floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1393. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1394. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  1395. ct486 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1396. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1397. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  1398. printer (prin) .prn
  1399. ctstein (none)
  1400. cvicny (none)
  1401. cx3000tc quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  1402. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1403. cx5f printer (prin) .prn
  1404. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1405. cartridge (cart) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1406. cartridge60pin(cart60p) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1407. midiout (mout) .mid
  1408. midiin (min) .mid
  1409. cx5f1 printer (prin) .prn
  1410. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1411. cartridge (cart) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1412. cartridge60pin(cart60p) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1413. midiout (mout) .mid
  1414. midiin (min) .mid
  1415. cx5m printer (prin) .prn
  1416. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1417. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1418. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1419. cartridge60pin(cart60p) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1420. midiout (mout) .mid
  1421. midiin (min) .mid
  1422. cx5m128 printer (prin) .prn
  1423. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1424. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1425. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1426. cartridge60pin(cart60p) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1427. midiout (mout) .mid
  1428. midiin (min) .mid
  1429. cx5m2 printer (prin) .prn
  1430. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1431. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1432. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1433. cartridge60pin(cart60p) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1434. midiout (mout) .mid
  1435. midiin (min) .mid
  1436. cx7m printer (prin) .prn
  1437. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1438. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1439. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1440. cartridge60pin(cart60p) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1441. midiout (mout) .mid
  1442. midiin (min) .mid
  1443. cx7m128 printer (prin) .prn
  1444. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1445. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1446. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1447. cartridge60pin(cart60p) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1448. midiout (mout) .mid
  1449. midiin (min) .mid
  1450. cybikov1 quickload (quik) .bin .nv
  1451. cybikov2 quickload (quik) .bin .nv
  1452. cybikoxt quickload (quik) .bin .nv
  1453. czk80 floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1454. czz50 cartridge (cart) .rom .col .bin
  1455. d110 (none)
  1456. d64plus cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  1457. printer (prin) .prn
  1458. cartridge (cart) .ccc .rom
  1459. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1460. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1461. d6800 cassette (cass) .wav
  1462. quickload (quik) .bin .c8 .ch8
  1463. d6809 (none)
  1464. dagz80 (none)
  1465. dai cassette (cass) .wav
  1466. dallas (none)
  1467. dallas16 (none)
  1468. dallas32 (none)
  1469. database quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  1470. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1471. dataman (none)
  1472. dator3k (none)
  1473. dauphin cassette (cass) .wav
  1474. dc cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1475. dcdev cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1476. dceu cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1477. dcjp cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1478. dct11em (none)
  1479. dectalk (none)
  1480. dendy cartridge (cart) .nes .unf .unif
  1481. dg680 cassette (cass) .wav
  1482. dgama87 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  1483. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  1484. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  1485. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1486. dgama88 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  1487. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  1488. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  1489. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1490. dgama89 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  1491. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  1492. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  1493. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1494. dgnalpha cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  1495. printer (prin) .prn
  1496. cartridge (cart) .ccc .rom
  1497. floppydisk1 (flop1) .vdk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1498. floppydisk2 (flop2) .vdk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1499. floppydisk3 (flop3) .vdk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1500. floppydisk4 (flop4) .vdk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1501. dgnbeta floppydisk1 (flop1) .vdk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1502. floppydisk2 (flop2) .vdk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1503. floppydisk3 (flop3) .vdk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1504. floppydisk4 (flop4) .vdk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1505. dgone floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1506. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1507. printer (prin) .prn
  1508. diablo68 (none)
  1509. didakm91 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  1510. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  1511. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  1512. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1513. didakm92 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  1514. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  1515. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  1516. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1517. didakm93 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  1518. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  1519. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  1520. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1521. didakt90 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  1522. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  1523. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  1524. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1525. didaktk snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  1526. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  1527. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  1528. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1529. digel804 bitbngr (bitb) .
  1530. dim68k floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1531. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1532. dina cartridge (cart) .rom .col .bin
  1533. dm500 (none)
  1534. dm5620 (none)
  1535. dm7000 (none)
  1536. dms5000 (none)
  1537. dms86 (none)
  1538. dmv floppydisk1 (flop1) .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1539. floppydisk2 (flop2) .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1540. dn3000 node_id (ni) .ani .bin
  1541. disk1 (disk1) .awd
  1542. disk2 (disk2) .awd
  1543. floppydisk (flop) .afd .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1544. ctape (ct) .act .ct
  1545. dn3000_19i node_id (ni) .ani .bin
  1546. disk1 (disk1) .awd
  1547. disk2 (disk2) .awd
  1548. floppydisk (flop) .afd .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1549. ctape (ct) .act .ct
  1550. dn3500 node_id (ni) .ani .bin
  1551. disk1 (disk1) .awd
  1552. disk2 (disk2) .awd
  1553. floppydisk (flop) .afd .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1554. ctape (ct) .act .ct
  1555. dn3500_19i node_id (ni) .ani .bin
  1556. disk1 (disk1) .awd
  1557. disk2 (disk2) .awd
  1558. floppydisk (flop) .afd .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1559. ctape (ct) .act .ct
  1560. dn5500 node_id (ni) .ani .bin
  1561. disk1 (disk1) .awd
  1562. disk2 (disk2) .awd
  1563. floppydisk (flop) .afd .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1564. ctape (ct) .act .ct
  1565. dn5500_19i node_id (ni) .ani .bin
  1566. disk1 (disk1) .awd
  1567. disk2 (disk2) .awd
  1568. floppydisk (flop) .afd .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1569. ctape (ct) .act .ct
  1570. dpc100 printer (prin) .prn
  1571. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1572. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1573. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1574. dpc180 printer (prin) .prn
  1575. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1576. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1577. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1578. dpc200 printer (prin) .prn
  1579. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1580. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1581. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1582. dpc200e printer (prin) .prn
  1583. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1584. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1585. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1586. dps1 (none)
  1587. dragon200 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  1588. printer (prin) .prn
  1589. cartridge (cart) .ccc .rom
  1590. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1591. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1592. dragon200e cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  1593. printer (prin) .prn
  1594. cartridge (cart) .ccc .rom
  1595. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1596. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1597. dragon32 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  1598. printer (prin) .prn
  1599. cartridge (cart) .ccc .rom
  1600. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1601. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1602. dragon64 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  1603. printer (prin) .prn
  1604. cartridge (cart) .ccc .rom
  1605. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1606. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1607. drpcjr cartridge (cart) .nes .unf .unif
  1608. drwrt100 (none)
  1609. drwrt200 (none)
  1610. drwrt400 (none)
  1611. drwrt450 (none)
  1612. ds2 quickload (quik) .rex .ds2
  1613. ds348 (none)
  1614. dsb46 (none)
  1615. dsp3000 node_id (ni) .ani .bin
  1616. disk1 (disk1) .awd
  1617. disk2 (disk2) .awd
  1618. floppydisk (flop) .afd .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1619. ctape (ct) .act .ct
  1620. dsp3500 node_id (ni) .ani .bin
  1621. disk1 (disk1) .awd
  1622. disk2 (disk2) .awd
  1623. floppydisk (flop) .afd .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1624. ctape (ct) .act .ct
  1625. dsp5500 node_id (ni) .ani .bin
  1626. disk1 (disk1) .awd
  1627. disk2 (disk2) .awd
  1628. floppydisk (flop) .afd .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1629. ctape (ct) .act .ct
  1630. dual68 (none)
  1631. dvk_kcgd (none)
  1632. dvk_ksm bitbngr (bitb) .
  1633. dvk_ksm01 bitbngr (bitb) .
  1634. dw225 printer (prin) .prn
  1635. cartridge (cart) .bin
  1636. dx64 cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  1637. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1638. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1639. cartridge (cart) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  1640. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  1641. dynavisn cartridge (cart) .bin
  1642. eacc (none)
  1643. eagle1600 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1644. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1645. printer (prin) .prn
  1646. ebaskb2 (none)
  1647. ebball (none)
  1648. ebball2 (none)
  1649. ebball3 (none)
  1650. ec1840 cassette (cass) .wav
  1651. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1652. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1653. ec1841 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1654. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1655. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  1656. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  1657. ec1842 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1658. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1659. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  1660. ec1845 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1661. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1662. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  1663. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  1664. ec1847 printer (prin) .prn
  1665. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1666. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1667. ec1849 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1668. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1669. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  1670. ec65 (none)
  1671. ec65k (none)
  1672. edracula (none)
  1673. edu64 cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  1674. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1675. cartridge (cart) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  1676. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  1677. efball (none)
  1678. efootb4 (none)
  1679. egalaxn2 (none)
  1680. ehx20 cassette (cass) .wav
  1681. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1682. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1683. ehx20e cassette (cass) .wav
  1684. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1685. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1686. einst256 printer (prin) .prn
  1687. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1688. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1689. floppydisk3 (flop3) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1690. floppydisk4 (flop4) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1691. einstei2 printer (prin) .prn
  1692. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1693. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1694. floppydisk3 (flop3) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1695. floppydisk4 (flop4) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1696. einstein printer (prin) .prn
  1697. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1698. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1699. floppydisk3 (flop3) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1700. floppydisk4 (flop4) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1701. einvader (none)
  1702. einvaderc (none)
  1703. ekusera cartridge (cart) .bin
  1704. elecbowl (none)
  1705. elecdet (none)
  1706. electron cassette (cass) .wav .uef
  1707. cartridge (cart) .bin
  1708. elekscmp (none)
  1709. elektor quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  1710. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1711. cassette (cass) .wav
  1712. elf2 cassette (cass) .wav
  1713. quickload (quik) .bin
  1714. elppa floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1715. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1716. cassette (cass) .wav
  1717. elwro800 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1718. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1719. printer (prin) .prn
  1720. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  1721. enmirage floppydisk (flop) .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1722. ep128 printer (prin) .prn
  1723. cassette1 (cass1) .wav
  1724. cassette2 (cass2) .wav
  1725. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1726. ep64 printer (prin) .prn
  1727. cassette1 (cass1) .wav
  1728. cassette2 (cass2) .wav
  1729. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1730. ep804 bitbngr (bitb) .
  1731. epacman2 (none)
  1732. epacman2r (none)
  1733. eps midiin (min) .mid
  1734. midiout (mout) .mid
  1735. floppydisk (flop) .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1736. eps16p midiin (min) .mid
  1737. midiout (mout) .mid
  1738. floppydisk (flop) .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1739. erik cassette (cass) .wav .rks
  1740. floppydisk1 (flop1) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1741. floppydisk2 (flop2) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1742. es210_es (none)
  1743. esoccer (none)
  1744. esq1 midiin (min) .mid
  1745. midiout (mout) .mid
  1746. esqm midiin (min) .mid
  1747. midiout (mout) .mid
  1748. estargte (none)
  1749. et3400 cassette (cass) .wav
  1750. eti660 cassette (cass) .wav
  1751. quickload (quik) .bin .c8 .ch8
  1752. eturtles (none)
  1753. europc printer (prin) .prn
  1754. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1755. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1756. evmbug (none)
  1757. excali64 cassette (cass) .wav
  1758. floppydisk1 (flop1) .raw .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1759. floppydisk2 (flop2) .raw .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1760. printer (prin) .prn
  1761. exeltel (none)
  1762. exl100 cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1763. exp85 cassette (cass) .wav
  1764. expert10 printer (prin) .prn
  1765. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1766. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1767. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1768. expert11 printer (prin) .prn
  1769. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1770. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1771. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1772. expert13 printer (prin) .prn
  1773. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1774. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1775. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1776. expert20 printer (prin) .prn
  1777. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1778. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1779. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1780. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1781. expert3i printer (prin) .prn
  1782. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1783. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1784. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1785. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1786. expert3t printer (prin) .prn
  1787. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1788. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1789. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1790. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1791. expertac printer (prin) .prn
  1792. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1793. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1794. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1795. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1796. expertdp printer (prin) .prn
  1797. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1798. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1799. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1800. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1801. expertdx printer (prin) .prn
  1802. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1803. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1804. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1805. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1806. expertpl printer (prin) .prn
  1807. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1808. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1809. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1810. f1 printer (prin) .prn
  1811. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1812. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1813. f10 printer (prin) .prn
  1814. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1815. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1816. f1392 quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  1817. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1818. f1e printer (prin) .prn
  1819. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1820. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1821. f2 printer (prin) .prn
  1822. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1823. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1824. falcon30 floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1825. printer (prin) .prn
  1826. midiin (min) .mid
  1827. midiout (mout) .mid
  1828. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1829. falcon40 floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1830. printer (prin) .prn
  1831. midiin (min) .mid
  1832. midiout (mout) .mid
  1833. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1834. famicom cartridge (cart) .nes .unf .unif
  1835. famitwin cartridge (cart) .nes .unf .unif
  1836. floppydisk (flop) .fds
  1837. fanucs15 (none)
  1838. fanucspg floppydisk1 (flop1) .imd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1839. floppydisk2 (flop2) .imd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1840. fanucspgm floppydisk1 (flop1) .imd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1841. floppydisk2 (flop2) .imd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1842. fb01 midiin (min) .mid
  1843. midiout1 (mout1) .mid
  1844. midiout2 (mout2) .mid
  1845. fc100 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  1846. cartridge (cart) .bin
  1847. printer (prin) .prn
  1848. fccpu1 bitbngr (bitb) .
  1849. printer (prin) .prn
  1850. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1851. fdpc200 printer (prin) .prn
  1852. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1853. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1854. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1855. fds floppydisk (flop) .fds
  1856. feagv10 cartridge (cart) .bin .dat
  1857. feagv11 cartridge (cart) .bin .dat
  1858. feagv2 cartridge (cart) .bin .dat
  1859. feagv7 cartridge (cart) .bin .dat
  1860. fellow snapshot (dump) .vz
  1861. cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  1862. fexcel (none)
  1863. fexcelv (none)
  1864. fforce2 quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  1865. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1866. ficpio2 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1867. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1868. printer (prin) .prn
  1869. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  1870. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1871. ficvt503 harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  1872. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1873. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1874. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1875. printer (prin) .prn
  1876. fk1 (none)
  1877. fm11 cassette (cass) .wav .t77
  1878. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1879. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1880. printer (prin) .prn
  1881. fm16beta cassette (cass) .wav .t77
  1882. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1883. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1884. printer (prin) .prn
  1885. fm7 cassette (cass) .wav .t77
  1886. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1887. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1888. printer (prin) .prn
  1889. fm7740sx cassette (cass) .wav .t77
  1890. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1891. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1892. printer (prin) .prn
  1893. fm77av cassette (cass) .wav .t77
  1894. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1895. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1896. printer (prin) .prn
  1897. fm8 cassette (cass) .wav .t77
  1898. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1899. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1900. printer (prin) .prn
  1901. fmnew7 cassette (cass) .wav .t77
  1902. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1903. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1904. printer (prin) .prn
  1905. fmtmarty floppydisk1 (flop1) .bin .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1906. floppydisk2 (flop2) .bin .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1907. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1908. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  1909. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  1910. harddisk3 (hard3) .chd .hd
  1911. harddisk4 (hard4) .chd .hd
  1912. harddisk5 (hard5) .chd .hd
  1913. fmtmarty2 floppydisk1 (flop1) .bin .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1914. floppydisk2 (flop2) .bin .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1915. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1916. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  1917. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  1918. harddisk3 (hard3) .chd .hd
  1919. harddisk4 (hard4) .chd .hd
  1920. harddisk5 (hard5) .chd .hd
  1921. fmtowns floppydisk1 (flop1) .bin .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1922. floppydisk2 (flop2) .bin .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1923. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1924. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  1925. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  1926. harddisk3 (hard3) .chd .hd
  1927. harddisk4 (hard4) .chd .hd
  1928. harddisk5 (hard5) .chd .hd
  1929. fmtownsa floppydisk1 (flop1) .bin .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1930. floppydisk2 (flop2) .bin .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1931. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1932. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  1933. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  1934. harddisk3 (hard3) .chd .hd
  1935. harddisk4 (hard4) .chd .hd
  1936. harddisk5 (hard5) .chd .hd
  1937. fmtownsftv floppydisk1 (flop1) .bin .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1938. floppydisk2 (flop2) .bin .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1939. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1940. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  1941. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  1942. harddisk3 (hard3) .chd .hd
  1943. harddisk4 (hard4) .chd .hd
  1944. harddisk5 (hard5) .chd .hd
  1945. fmtownshr floppydisk1 (flop1) .bin .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1946. floppydisk2 (flop2) .bin .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1947. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1948. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  1949. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  1950. harddisk3 (hard3) .chd .hd
  1951. harddisk4 (hard4) .chd .hd
  1952. harddisk5 (hard5) .chd .hd
  1953. fmtownsmx floppydisk1 (flop1) .bin .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1954. floppydisk2 (flop2) .bin .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1955. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1956. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  1957. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  1958. harddisk3 (hard3) .chd .hd
  1959. harddisk4 (hard4) .chd .hd
  1960. harddisk5 (hard5) .chd .hd
  1961. fmtownssj floppydisk1 (flop1) .bin .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1962. floppydisk2 (flop2) .bin .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1963. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1964. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  1965. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  1966. harddisk3 (hard3) .chd .hd
  1967. harddisk4 (hard4) .chd .hd
  1968. harddisk5 (hard5) .chd .hd
  1969. fmtownsux floppydisk1 (flop1) .bin .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1970. floppydisk2 (flop2) .bin .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  1971. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  1972. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  1973. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  1974. harddisk3 (hard3) .chd .hd
  1975. harddisk4 (hard4) .chd .hd
  1976. harddisk5 (hard5) .chd .hd
  1977. fmx printer (prin) .prn
  1978. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1979. cartridge (cart) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1980. fnvision cassette (cass) .wav
  1981. printer (prin) .prn
  1982. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  1983. fp floppydisk (flop) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1984. printer (prin) .prn
  1985. fp1100 printer (prin) .prn
  1986. cassette (cass) .wav
  1987. fp200 (none)
  1988. fp6000 (none)
  1989. fpc500 printer (prin) .prn
  1990. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1991. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1992. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1993. fpc900 printer (prin) .prn
  1994. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  1995. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1996. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  1997. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  1998. fphantom (none)
  1999. fs1300 printer (prin) .prn
  2000. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2001. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2002. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2003. fs4000 printer (prin) .prn
  2004. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2005. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2006. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2007. fs4000a printer (prin) .prn
  2008. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2009. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2010. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2011. fs4500 printer (prin) .prn
  2012. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2013. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2014. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2015. fs4600 printer (prin) .prn
  2016. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2017. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2018. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2019. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2020. fs4700 printer (prin) .prn
  2021. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2022. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2023. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2024. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2025. fs5000 printer (prin) .prn
  2026. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2027. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2028. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2029. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2030. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2031. fs5500f1 printer (prin) .prn
  2032. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2033. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2034. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2035. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2036. fs5500f2 printer (prin) .prn
  2037. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2038. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2039. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2040. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2041. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2042. fsa1 printer (prin) .prn
  2043. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2044. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2045. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2046. fsa1a printer (prin) .prn
  2047. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2048. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2049. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2050. fsa1f printer (prin) .prn
  2051. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2052. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2053. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2054. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2055. fsa1fm printer (prin) .prn
  2056. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2057. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2058. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2059. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2060. fsa1fx printer (prin) .prn
  2061. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2062. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2063. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2064. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2065. fsa1gt printer (prin) .prn
  2066. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2067. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2068. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2069. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2070. fsa1mk2 printer (prin) .prn
  2071. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2072. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2073. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2074. fsa1st printer (prin) .prn
  2075. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2076. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2077. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2078. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2079. fsa1wsx printer (prin) .prn
  2080. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2081. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2082. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2083. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2084. fsa1wx printer (prin) .prn
  2085. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2086. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2087. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2088. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2089. fsa1wxa printer (prin) .prn
  2090. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2091. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2092. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2093. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2094. fscc12 cartridge (cart) .bin .dat
  2095. fscc9 cartridge (cart) .bin .dat
  2096. fspc800 printer (prin) .prn
  2097. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2098. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2099. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2100. fstm1 printer (prin) .prn
  2101. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2102. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2103. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2104. ft68m (none)
  2105. ftsserv floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2106. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2107. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  2108. printer (prin) .prn
  2109. funjacks (none)
  2110. funrlgl (none)
  2111. fxmcr165 (none)
  2112. g7400 cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  2113. galaxy snapshot (dump) .gal
  2114. cassette (cass) .wav .gtp
  2115. galaxy2 (none)
  2116. galaxy2b (none)
  2117. galaxyp snapshot (dump) .gal
  2118. cassette (cass) .wav .gtp
  2119. galeb (none)
  2120. gamate cartridge (cart) .bin
  2121. gameboy cartridge (cart) .bin .gb .gbc
  2122. gamecom cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .tgc
  2123. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .tgc
  2124. gamegeaj cartridge (cart) .bin .gg
  2125. gamegear cartridge (cart) .bin .gg
  2126. gamekin3 cartridge (cart) .bin
  2127. gameking cartridge (cart) .bin
  2128. gamepock cartridge (cart) .bin
  2129. gba cartridge (cart) .gba .bin
  2130. gbcolor cartridge (cart) .bin .gb .gbc
  2131. gbpocket cartridge (cart) .bin .gb .gbc
  2132. gbs5505x cartridge (cart) .bin
  2133. gchinatv cartridge (cart) .nes .unf .unif
  2134. gckong (none)
  2135. gdigdug (none)
  2136. gen32 (none)
  2137. gen32_41 (none)
  2138. genesis cartridge (cart) .smd .bin .md .gen
  2139. genesis_tmss cartridge (cart) .smd .bin .md .gen
  2140. geneve (none)
  2141. gfc1080 printer (prin) .prn
  2142. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2143. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2144. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2145. gfc1080a printer (prin) .prn
  2146. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2147. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2148. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2149. ghalien (none)
  2150. gimix floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2151. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2152. gizmondo (none)
  2153. gj4000 cartridge (cart) .bin
  2154. gj5000 cartridge (cart) .bin
  2155. gjackpot (none)
  2156. gjmovie cartridge (cart) .bin
  2157. gjrstar cartridge (cart) .bin
  2158. gjrstar2 cartridge (cart) .bin
  2159. gjrstar3 cartridge (cart) .bin
  2160. gjungler (none)
  2161. gkidabc cartridge (cart) .bin
  2162. gl2000 cartridge (cart) .bin
  2163. gl2000c cartridge (cart) .bin
  2164. gl2000p cartridge (cart) .bin
  2165. gl3000s cartridge (cart) .bin
  2166. gl4000 cartridge (cart) .bin
  2167. gl4004 cartridge (cart) .bin
  2168. gl5000 cartridge (cart) .bin
  2169. gl5005x cartridge (cart) .bin
  2170. gl6000sl cartridge (cart) .bin
  2171. gl6600cx cartridge (cart) .bin
  2172. gl7007sl cartridge (cart) .bin
  2173. gl8008cx (none)
  2174. glasgow (none)
  2175. glcolor cartridge (cart) .bin
  2176. glmcolor cartridge (cart) .bin
  2177. glmmc cartridge (cart) .bin
  2178. gln cartridge (cart) .bin
  2179. glpn cartridge (cart) .bin
  2180. glscolor cartridge (cart) .bin
  2181. gmaster cartridge (cart) .bin
  2182. gmtt cartridge (cart) .bin
  2183. gnwmndon (none)
  2184. goupilg1 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2185. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2186. gp2x (none)
  2187. gp32 memcard (memc) .smc
  2188. gpoker (none)
  2189. grfd2301 (none)
  2190. gsfc200 printer (prin) .prn
  2191. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2192. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2193. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2194. gsfc80u printer (prin) .prn
  2195. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2196. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2197. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2198. gwnf cartridge (cart) .bin
  2199. gx4000 cartridge (cart) .bin .cpr
  2200. h19 (none)
  2201. h21 quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  2202. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  2203. h2hbaseb (none)
  2204. h2hbaskb (none)
  2205. h2hfootb (none)
  2206. h8 cassette (cass) .wav
  2207. h89 (none)
  2208. hanihac cartridge (cart) .bin
  2209. harriet (none)
  2210. hb10 printer (prin) .prn
  2211. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2212. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2213. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2214. hb101p printer (prin) .prn
  2215. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2216. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2217. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2218. hb10p printer (prin) .prn
  2219. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2220. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2221. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2222. hb201 printer (prin) .prn
  2223. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2224. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2225. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2226. hb201p printer (prin) .prn
  2227. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2228. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2229. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2230. hb20p printer (prin) .prn
  2231. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2232. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2233. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2234. hb501p printer (prin) .prn
  2235. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2236. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2237. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2238. hb55 printer (prin) .prn
  2239. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2240. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2241. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2242. hb55d printer (prin) .prn
  2243. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2244. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2245. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2246. hb55p printer (prin) .prn
  2247. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2248. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2249. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2250. hb701fd printer (prin) .prn
  2251. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2252. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2253. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2254. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2255. hb75d printer (prin) .prn
  2256. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2257. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2258. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2259. hb75p printer (prin) .prn
  2260. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2261. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2262. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2263. hbf1 printer (prin) .prn
  2264. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2265. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2266. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2267. hbf12 printer (prin) .prn
  2268. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2269. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2270. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2271. hbf1xd printer (prin) .prn
  2272. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2273. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2274. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2275. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2276. hbf1xdj printer (prin) .prn
  2277. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2278. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2279. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2280. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2281. hbf1xdm2 printer (prin) .prn
  2282. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2283. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2284. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2285. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2286. hbf1xv printer (prin) .prn
  2287. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2288. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2289. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2290. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2291. hbf5 printer (prin) .prn
  2292. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2293. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2294. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2295. hbf500 printer (prin) .prn
  2296. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2297. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2298. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2299. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2300. hbf500f printer (prin) .prn
  2301. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2302. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2303. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2304. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2305. hbf500p printer (prin) .prn
  2306. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2307. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2308. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2309. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2310. hbf700d printer (prin) .prn
  2311. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2312. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2313. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2314. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2315. hbf700f printer (prin) .prn
  2316. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2317. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2318. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2319. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2320. hbf700p printer (prin) .prn
  2321. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2322. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2323. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2324. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2325. hbf700s printer (prin) .prn
  2326. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2327. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2328. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2329. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2330. hbf900 printer (prin) .prn
  2331. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2332. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2333. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2334. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2335. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2336. hbf900a printer (prin) .prn
  2337. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2338. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2339. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2340. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2341. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2342. hbf9p printer (prin) .prn
  2343. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2344. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2345. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2346. hbf9pr printer (prin) .prn
  2347. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2348. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2349. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2350. hbf9s printer (prin) .prn
  2351. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2352. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2353. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2354. hbf9sp printer (prin) .prn
  2355. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2356. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2357. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2358. hbg900ap printer (prin) .prn
  2359. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2360. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2361. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2362. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2363. hbg900p printer (prin) .prn
  2364. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2365. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2366. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2367. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2368. hc128 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  2369. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  2370. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  2371. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  2372. hc2000 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  2373. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  2374. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  2375. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  2376. hc5 printer (prin) .prn
  2377. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2378. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2379. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2380. hc6 printer (prin) .prn
  2381. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2382. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2383. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2384. hc7 printer (prin) .prn
  2385. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2386. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2387. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2388. hc85 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  2389. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  2390. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  2391. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  2392. hc88 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  2393. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  2394. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  2395. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  2396. hc90 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  2397. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  2398. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  2399. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  2400. hc91 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  2401. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  2402. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  2403. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  2404. hec2hr cassette (cass) .wav .k7 .cin .for
  2405. printer (prin) .prn
  2406. hec2hrp cassette (cass) .wav .k7 .cin .for
  2407. printer (prin) .prn
  2408. hec2hrx floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2409. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2410. cassette (cass) .wav .k7 .cin .for
  2411. printer (prin) .prn
  2412. hec2mdhrx floppydisk (flop) .hmd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2413. cassette (cass) .wav .k7 .cin .for
  2414. printer (prin) .prn
  2415. hec2mx40 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2416. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2417. cassette (cass) .wav .k7 .cin .for
  2418. printer (prin) .prn
  2419. hec2mx80 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2420. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2421. cassette (cass) .wav .k7 .cin .for
  2422. printer (prin) .prn
  2423. hector1 cassette (cass) .wav .k7 .cin .for
  2424. printer (prin) .prn
  2425. hisaturn cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  2426. cartridge (cart) .bin
  2427. hk68v10 (none)
  2428. hmg1292 quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  2429. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  2430. hmg1392 quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  2431. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  2432. hmg2650 cartridge (cart) .bin
  2433. hobby cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2434. homelab2 cassette (cass) .wav
  2435. quickload (quik) .htp
  2436. homelab3 cassette (cass) .wav
  2437. quickload (quik) .htp
  2438. homelab4 cassette (cass) .wav
  2439. quickload (quik) .htp
  2440. homez80 (none)
  2441. hotbi13b printer (prin) .prn
  2442. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2443. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2444. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2445. hotbi13p printer (prin) .prn
  2446. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2447. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2448. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2449. hotbit11 printer (prin) .prn
  2450. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2451. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2452. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2453. hotbit12 printer (prin) .prn
  2454. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2455. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2456. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2457. hotbit20 printer (prin) .prn
  2458. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2459. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2460. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2461. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2462. hp16500b (none)
  2463. hp1650b (none)
  2464. hp1651b (none)
  2465. hp165ka0 (none)
  2466. hp38g (none)
  2467. hp39g (none)
  2468. hp48g (none)
  2469. hp48gp (none)
  2470. hp48gx port1 (p1) .crd
  2471. port2 (p2) .crd
  2472. hp48s (none)
  2473. hp48sx port1 (p1) .crd
  2474. port2 (p2) .crd
  2475. hp49g (none)
  2476. hp49gp (none)
  2477. hp64k floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2478. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2479. hp9816 (none)
  2480. hp9835a (none)
  2481. hp9835b (none)
  2482. hp9845a (none)
  2483. hp9845b magtape (magt) .hti
  2484. optional_rom1(optrom1) .bin
  2485. optional_rom2(optrom2) .bin
  2486. hp9845c magtape (magt) .hti
  2487. optional_rom1(optrom1) .bin
  2488. optional_rom2(optrom2) .bin
  2489. hp9845s (none)
  2490. hp9845t magtape (magt) .hti
  2491. optional_rom1(optrom1) .bin
  2492. optional_rom2(optrom2) .bin
  2493. hp9k310 (none)
  2494. hp9k320 (none)
  2495. hp9k330 (none)
  2496. hp9k340 (none)
  2497. hp9k370 (none)
  2498. hp9k380 (none)
  2499. hp9k382 (none)
  2500. hp_ipc (none)
  2501. hprot1 (none)
  2502. hprot2r6 (none)
  2503. hprotr8a (none)
  2504. hpz80unk (none)
  2505. hr16 cassette (cass) .wav
  2506. hr16b cassette (cass) .wav
  2507. hs (none)
  2508. ht108064 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  2509. quickload (quik) .cmd
  2510. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2511. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2512. printer (prin) .prn
  2513. ht1080z cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  2514. quickload (quik) .cmd
  2515. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2516. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2517. printer (prin) .prn
  2518. ht1080z2 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  2519. quickload (quik) .cmd
  2520. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2521. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2522. printer (prin) .prn
  2523. ht68k floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2524. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2525. floppydisk3 (flop3) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2526. floppydisk4 (flop4) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2527. hunter2 (none)
  2528. hx10 printer (prin) .prn
  2529. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2530. cartridge (cart) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2531. hx10d printer (prin) .prn
  2532. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2533. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2534. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2535. hx10dp printer (prin) .prn
  2536. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2537. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2538. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2539. hx10e printer (prin) .prn
  2540. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2541. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2542. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2543. hx10f printer (prin) .prn
  2544. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2545. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2546. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2547. hx10s printer (prin) .prn
  2548. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2549. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2550. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2551. hx10sa printer (prin) .prn
  2552. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2553. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2554. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2555. hx20 printer (prin) .prn
  2556. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2557. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2558. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2559. hx20i printer (prin) .prn
  2560. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2561. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2562. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2563. hx21 printer (prin) .prn
  2564. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2565. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2566. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2567. hx21i printer (prin) .prn
  2568. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2569. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2570. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2571. hx22 printer (prin) .prn
  2572. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2573. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2574. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2575. hx22i printer (prin) .prn
  2576. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2577. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2578. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2579. hx23 printer (prin) .prn
  2580. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2581. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2582. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2583. hx23f printer (prin) .prn
  2584. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2585. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2586. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2587. hx23i printer (prin) .prn
  2588. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2589. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2590. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2591. hx33 printer (prin) .prn
  2592. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2593. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2594. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2595. hx34 printer (prin) .prn
  2596. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2597. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2598. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2599. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2600. hx34i printer (prin) .prn
  2601. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2602. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2603. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2604. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2605. hxhdci2k (none)
  2606. i7000 cartridge (cart) .rom
  2607. i8530286 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2608. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2609. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  2610. i8530h31 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2611. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2612. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  2613. i8535043 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2614. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2615. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  2616. printer (prin) .prn
  2617. i8550021 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2618. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2619. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  2620. printer (prin) .prn
  2621. i8550061 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2622. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2623. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  2624. printer (prin) .prn
  2625. i8555081 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2626. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2627. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  2628. printer (prin) .prn
  2629. i8580071 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2630. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2631. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  2632. printer (prin) .prn
  2633. i8580111 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2634. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2635. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  2636. printer (prin) .prn
  2637. ibm3153 (none)
  2638. ibm5140 cassette (cass) .wav
  2639. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2640. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2641. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  2642. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  2643. ibm5150 cassette (cass) .wav
  2644. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2645. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2646. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  2647. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  2648. ibm5155 cassette (cass) .wav
  2649. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2650. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2651. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  2652. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  2653. ibm5160 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2654. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2655. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  2656. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  2657. ibm5162 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2658. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2659. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  2660. ibm5170 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2661. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2662. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  2663. ibm5170a floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2664. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2665. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  2666. ibm5550 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2667. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2668. printer (prin) .prn
  2669. ibm6580 (none)
  2670. ibmpcjr printer (prin) .prn
  2671. cassette (cass) .wav
  2672. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2673. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .jrc
  2674. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .jrc
  2675. ibmpcjx printer (prin) .prn
  2676. cassette (cass) .wav
  2677. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2678. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2679. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .jrc
  2680. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .jrc
  2681. ibmps1es floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2682. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2683. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  2684. icatel (none)
  2685. ics8080 (none)
  2686. ie15 bitbngr (bitb) .
  2687. if800 (none)
  2688. imds (none)
  2689. imds2 floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2690. printer (prin) .prn
  2691. impuls03 cassette (cass) .wav .rk .rkr .gam .g16 .pki
  2692. imsai (none)
  2693. indiana floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2694. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2695. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  2696. indigo3k cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  2697. indigo4k cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  2698. ingtelma cartridge (cart) .bin .chf
  2699. instruct quickload (quik) .pgm
  2700. cassette (cass) .wav
  2701. interact cassette (cass) .wav .k7 .cin .for
  2702. printer (prin) .prn
  2703. intervsn cartridge (cart) .bin
  2704. intmpt03 cartridge (cart) .bin
  2705. intv cartridge (cart) .bin .int .rom .itv
  2706. intv2 cartridge (cart) .bin .int .rom .itv
  2707. intvecs cartridge (cart) .bin .int .rom .itv
  2708. intvkbd cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .int .rom .itv
  2709. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin
  2710. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin
  2711. intvoice cartridge (cart) .bin .int .rom .itv
  2712. intvsrs cartridge (cart) .bin .int .rom .itv
  2713. inves snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  2714. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  2715. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  2716. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  2717. invspace (none)
  2718. ip224613 printer (prin) .prn
  2719. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  2720. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  2721. ip225015 printer (prin) .prn
  2722. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  2723. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  2724. ip244415 printer (prin) .prn
  2725. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  2726. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  2727. ipb (none)
  2728. ipc (none)
  2729. ipds (none)
  2730. iq128 cartridge (cart) .bin
  2731. iq128_fr cartridge (cart) .bin
  2732. iq151 cassette (cass) .wav
  2733. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  2734. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  2735. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  2736. cartridge4 (cart4) .bin .rom
  2737. cartridge5 (cart5) .bin .rom
  2738. iqtv512 cartridge (cart) .bin
  2739. iqunlim cartridge (cart) .bin
  2740. iqunlimz cartridge (cart) .bin
  2741. irisha (none)
  2742. isbc286 printer (prin) .prn
  2743. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  2744. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  2745. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2746. isbc2861 printer (prin) .prn
  2747. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  2748. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  2749. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2750. isbc86 (none)
  2751. iskr1030m floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2752. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2753. iskr1031 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2754. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2755. iskr3104 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2756. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2757. printer (prin) .prn
  2758. itmcmtp3 cartridge (cart) .bin
  2759. itt3030 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2760. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2761. floppydisk3 (flop3) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2762. itttelma cartridge (cart) .bin .chf
  2763. itunlim cartridge (cart) .bin
  2764. ivelultr floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2765. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2766. cassette (cass) .wav
  2767. ivg09 cassette (cass) .wav
  2768. floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2769. ixl2000 cartridge (cart) .bin
  2770. jade (none)
  2771. jaguar quickload (quik) .abs .bin .cof .jag .prg
  2772. cartridge (cart) .j64 .rom .bin
  2773. jaguarcd quickload (quik) .abs .bin .cof .jag .prg
  2774. cartridge (cart) .j64 .rom .bin
  2775. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  2776. jet snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  2777. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  2778. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  2779. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  2780. jonos (none)
  2781. jopac cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  2782. jr100 cassette (cass) .wav
  2783. quickload (quik) .prg
  2784. jr100u cassette (cass) .wav
  2785. quickload (quik) .prg
  2786. jr200 (none)
  2787. jr200u (none)
  2788. jtc cassette (cass) .wav
  2789. printer (prin) .prn
  2790. jtces23 cassette (cass) .wav
  2791. printer (prin) .prn
  2792. jtces40 cassette (cass) .wav
  2793. printer (prin) .prn
  2794. jtces88 cassette (cass) .wav
  2795. printer (prin) .prn
  2796. juicebox memcard (memc) .smc
  2797. junior (none)
  2798. jupace cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  2799. snapshot (dump) .ace
  2800. printer (prin) .prn
  2801. jupiter2 floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2802. jupiter3 floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2803. jvchc7gb printer (prin) .prn
  2804. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2805. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2806. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2807. k1003 (none)
  2808. k28 (none)
  2809. k286i floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2810. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2811. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  2812. k28m2 cartridge (cart) .vsm
  2813. k8915 (none)
  2814. kay1024 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  2815. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  2816. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  2817. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  2818. floppydisk1 (flop1) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2819. floppydisk2 (flop2) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2820. floppydisk3 (flop3) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2821. floppydisk4 (flop4) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2822. kaypro10 quickload (quik) .com .cpm
  2823. printer (prin) .prn
  2824. floppydisk (flop) .kay .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2825. kaypro2x quickload (quik) .com .cpm
  2826. printer (prin) .prn
  2827. floppydisk1 (flop1) .kay .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2828. floppydisk2 (flop2) .kay .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2829. kaypro4 quickload (quik) .com .cpm
  2830. printer (prin) .prn
  2831. floppydisk1 (flop1) .kay .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2832. floppydisk2 (flop2) .kay .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2833. kaypro4a quickload (quik) .com .cpm
  2834. printer (prin) .prn
  2835. floppydisk1 (flop1) .kay .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2836. floppydisk2 (flop2) .kay .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2837. kaypro4p88 quickload (quik) .com .cpm
  2838. printer (prin) .prn
  2839. floppydisk1 (flop1) .kay .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2840. floppydisk2 (flop2) .kay .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2841. kayproii quickload (quik) .com .cpm
  2842. printer (prin) .prn
  2843. floppydisk1 (flop1) .kay .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2844. floppydisk2 (flop2) .kay .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2845. kc85 printer (prin) .prn
  2846. cassette (cass) .wav
  2847. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  2848. kc85_111 cassette (cass) .wav
  2849. kc85_2 quickload (quik) .kcc
  2850. cassette (cass) .wav .kcc .kcb .tap .853 .854 .855 .tp2 .kcm .sss
  2851. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  2852. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin
  2853. kc85_3 quickload (quik) .kcc
  2854. cassette (cass) .wav .kcc .kcb .tap .853 .854 .855 .tp2 .kcm .sss
  2855. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  2856. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin
  2857. kc85_4 quickload (quik) .kcc
  2858. cassette (cass) .wav .kcc .kcb .tap .853 .854 .855 .tp2 .kcm .sss
  2859. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  2860. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin
  2861. kc85_5 quickload (quik) .kcc
  2862. cassette (cass) .wav .kcc .kcb .tap .853 .854 .855 .tp2 .kcm .sss
  2863. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  2864. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin
  2865. kc87_10 cassette (cass) .wav
  2866. kc87_11 cassette (cass) .wav
  2867. kc87_20 cassette (cass) .wav
  2868. kc87_21 cassette (cass) .wav
  2869. kccomp printer (prin) .prn
  2870. snapshot (dump) .sna
  2871. cassette (cass) .wav .cdt
  2872. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2873. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2874. kcontra (none)
  2875. kgradius (none)
  2876. kim1 cassette (cass) .wav .kim .kim1
  2877. kingman (none)
  2878. kloneran (none)
  2879. kmc5000 printer (prin) .prn
  2880. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  2881. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2882. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  2883. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2884. konin (none)
  2885. kontiki harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  2886. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  2887. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2888. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2889. printer (prin) .prn
  2890. cassette (cass) .wav
  2891. kontur floppydisk1 (flop1) .kdi .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2892. floppydisk2 (flop2) .kdi .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2893. floppydisk3 (flop3) .kdi .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2894. floppydisk4 (flop4) .kdi .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2895. cassette (cass) .wav
  2896. korvet floppydisk1 (flop1) .kdi .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2897. floppydisk2 (flop2) .kdi .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2898. floppydisk3 (flop3) .kdi .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2899. floppydisk4 (flop4) .kdi .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2900. cassette (cass) .wav
  2901. kr03 cassette (cass) .wav .rk .rkr .gam .g16 .pki
  2902. kramermc (none)
  2903. krista2 cassette (cass) .wav
  2904. floppydisk1 (flop1) .fdd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2905. floppydisk2 (flop2) .fdd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2906. cartridge (cart) .bin .emr
  2907. kristall2 cassette (cass) .wav .rk8
  2908. krvnjvtv quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  2909. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  2910. kt76 midiin (min) .mid
  2911. midiout (mout) .mid
  2912. ktmnt (none)
  2913. ktopgun (none)
  2914. la120 (none)
  2915. lambda cassette (cass) .wav .p .81
  2916. lantutor cartridge (cart) .vsm .bin
  2917. las128e2 floppydisk1 (flop1) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  2918. floppydisk2 (flop2) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  2919. las128ex floppydisk1 (flop1) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  2920. floppydisk2 (flop2) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  2921. las3000 (none)
  2922. laser110 snapshot (dump) .vz
  2923. cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  2924. laser128 floppydisk1 (flop1) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  2925. floppydisk2 (flop2) .do .dsk .bin .po .nib .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  2926. laser200 snapshot (dump) .vz
  2927. cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  2928. laser210 snapshot (dump) .vz
  2929. cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  2930. laser310 snapshot (dump) .vz
  2931. cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  2932. laser310h snapshot (dump) .vz
  2933. cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  2934. laser350 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  2935. cartridge (cart) .rom .bin
  2936. floppydisk (flop) .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  2937. laser500 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  2938. cartridge (cart) .rom .bin
  2939. floppydisk (flop) .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  2940. laser700 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  2941. cartridge (cart) .rom .bin
  2942. floppydisk1 (flop1) .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  2943. floppydisk2 (flop2) .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  2944. laseract cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  2945. laseractj cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  2946. lc80 cassette (cass) .wav
  2947. lc80_2 cassette (cass) .wav
  2948. lcmate2 (none)
  2949. leapster cartridge (cart) .bin
  2950. leapstertv cartridge (cart) .bin
  2951. leonardo cartridge (cart) .bin
  2952. lexipcm cartridge (cart) .bin
  2953. lft1230 (none)
  2954. lft1510 (none)
  2955. lggp40 (none)
  2956. lightfgt (none)
  2957. lik cassette (cass) .wav .rks
  2958. lilprof (none)
  2959. lilprof78 (none)
  2960. lisa floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  2961. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  2962. lisa2 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  2963. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  2964. lisa210 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  2965. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  2966. llc1 (none)
  2967. llc2 (none)
  2968. lnsy1392 quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  2969. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  2970. lnw80 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  2971. quickload (quik) .cmd
  2972. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2973. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  2974. printer (prin) .prn
  2975. lola8a cassette (cass) .wav
  2976. lond020 (none)
  2977. lond030 (none)
  2978. lostreas (none)
  2979. luxorvec cartridge (cart) .bin .chf
  2980. luxorves cartridge (cart) .bin .chf
  2981. lvision cartridge (cart) .bin
  2982. lviv snapshot (dump) .sav
  2983. cassette (cass) .wav .lvt .lvr .lv0 .lv1 .lv2 .lv3
  2984. lynx quickload (quik) .o
  2985. cartridge (cart) .lnx .lyx
  2986. lynx128k cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  2987. floppydisk1 (flop1) .ldf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2988. floppydisk2 (flop2) .ldf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2989. lynx48k cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  2990. lynx96k cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  2991. floppydisk1 (flop1) .ldf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2992. floppydisk2 (flop2) .ldf .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  2993. lyon16 (none)
  2994. lyon32 (none)
  2995. lzcolor64 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  2996. printer (prin) .prn
  2997. cartridge (cart) .ccc .rom
  2998. m10 printer (prin) .prn
  2999. cassette (cass) .wav
  3000. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3001. m20 floppydisk1 (flop1) .img .dsk .ima .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3002. floppydisk2 (flop2) .img .dsk .ima .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3003. m24 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3004. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3005. printer (prin) .prn
  3006. m240 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3007. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3008. printer (prin) .prn
  3009. m40 floppydisk1 (flop1) .img .dsk .ima .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3010. floppydisk2 (flop2) .img .dsk .ima .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3011. m5 printer (prin) .prn
  3012. cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  3013. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3014. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  3015. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  3016. m5p printer (prin) .prn
  3017. cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  3018. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3019. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  3020. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  3021. m5p_brno printer (prin) .prn
  3022. cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  3023. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  3024. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  3025. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3026. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3027. m6805evs (none)
  3028. m79152pc (none)
  3029. m82 cartridge (cart) .nes .unf .unif
  3030. m86rk cassette (cass) .wav .rkm
  3031. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3032. mac128k floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3033. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3034. mac2fdhd harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3035. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3036. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3037. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3038. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3039. mac512k floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3040. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3041. mac512ke floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3042. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3043. maccclas harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3044. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3045. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3046. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3047. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3048. macclas2 harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3049. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3050. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3051. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3052. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3053. macclasc floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3054. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3055. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3056. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3057. machiman (none)
  3058. macii harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3059. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3060. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3061. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3062. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3063. maciici harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3064. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3065. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3066. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3067. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3068. maciicx harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3069. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3070. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3071. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3072. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3073. maciifx harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3074. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3075. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3076. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3077. maciihmu harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3078. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3079. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3080. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3081. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3082. maciisi harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3083. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3084. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3085. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3086. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3087. maciivi harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3088. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3089. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3090. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3091. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3092. maciivx harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3093. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3094. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3095. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3096. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3097. maciix harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3098. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3099. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3100. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3101. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3102. maclc harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3103. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3104. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3105. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3106. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3107. maclc2 harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3108. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3109. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3110. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3111. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3112. maclc3 harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3113. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3114. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3115. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3116. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3117. maclc520 harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3118. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3119. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3120. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3121. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3122. macpb100 harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3123. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3124. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3125. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3126. macpb140 harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3127. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3128. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3129. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3130. macpb145 harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3131. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3132. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3133. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3134. macpb145b harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3135. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3136. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3137. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3138. macpb160 harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3139. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3140. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3141. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3142. macpb170 harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3143. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3144. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3145. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3146. macpb180 harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3147. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3148. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3149. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3150. macpb180c harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3151. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3152. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3153. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3154. macpd210 harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3155. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3156. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3157. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3158. macplus floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3159. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3160. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3161. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3162. macprtb harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3163. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3164. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3165. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3166. macqd700 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3167. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3168. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3169. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3170. macse floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3171. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3172. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3173. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3174. macse30 harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3175. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3176. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3177. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3178. macsefd floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3179. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3180. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3181. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3182. macxl floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3183. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3184. magic6 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  3185. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  3186. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  3187. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3188. manager cassette (cass) .wav
  3189. printer (prin) .prn
  3190. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3191. maniac (none)
  3192. marywu (none)
  3193. mathmagi (none)
  3194. mathmarv (none)
  3195. mato cassette (cass) .wav .pmd .tap .ptp
  3196. maxxi floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3197. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3198. cassette (cass) .wav
  3199. mbc16 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3200. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3201. printer (prin) .prn
  3202. mbc200 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3203. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3204. mbc55x floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3205. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3206. mbdtower (none)
  3207. mbee quickload1 (quik1) .mwb .com .bee
  3208. quickload2 (quik2) .bin
  3209. printer (prin) .prn
  3210. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  3211. mbee128 quickload1 (quik1) .mwb .com .bee
  3212. quickload2 (quik2) .bin
  3213. printer (prin) .prn
  3214. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  3215. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3216. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3217. mbee128p quickload1 (quik1) .mwb .com .bee
  3218. quickload2 (quik2) .bin
  3219. printer (prin) .prn
  3220. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  3221. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3222. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3223. mbee256 quickload1 (quik1) .mwb .com .bee
  3224. quickload2 (quik2) .bin
  3225. printer (prin) .prn
  3226. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  3227. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3228. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3229. mbee56 quickload1 (quik1) .mwb .com .bee
  3230. quickload2 (quik2) .bin
  3231. printer (prin) .prn
  3232. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  3233. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3234. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3235. mbeeic quickload1 (quik1) .mwb .com .bee
  3236. quickload2 (quik2) .bin
  3237. printer (prin) .prn
  3238. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  3239. mbeepc quickload1 (quik1) .mwb .com .bee
  3240. quickload2 (quik2) .bin
  3241. printer (prin) .prn
  3242. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  3243. mbeepc85 quickload1 (quik1) .mwb .com .bee
  3244. quickload2 (quik2) .bin
  3245. printer (prin) .prn
  3246. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  3247. mbeepc85b quickload1 (quik1) .mwb .com .bee
  3248. quickload2 (quik2) .bin
  3249. printer (prin) .prn
  3250. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  3251. mbeepc85s quickload1 (quik1) .mwb .com .bee
  3252. quickload2 (quik2) .bin
  3253. printer (prin) .prn
  3254. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  3255. mbeepp quickload1 (quik1) .mwb .com .bee
  3256. quickload2 (quik2) .bin
  3257. printer (prin) .prn
  3258. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  3259. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3260. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3261. mbeeppc quickload1 (quik1) .mwb .com .bee
  3262. quickload2 (quik2) .bin
  3263. printer (prin) .prn
  3264. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  3265. mbeett printer (prin) .prn
  3266. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  3267. mbh2 printer (prin) .prn
  3268. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3269. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3270. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3271. mbh25 printer (prin) .prn
  3272. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3273. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3274. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3275. mbh50 printer (prin) .prn
  3276. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3277. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3278. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3279. mbh70 printer (prin) .prn
  3280. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3281. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3282. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3283. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3284. mc10 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  3285. printer (prin) .prn
  3286. mc1000 cassette (cass) .wav
  3287. printer (prin) .prn
  3288. mc1502 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3289. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3290. printer (prin) .prn
  3291. cassette (cass) .wav
  3292. mc1702 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3293. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3294. printer (prin) .prn
  3295. mc7105 bitbngr (bitb) .
  3296. mc8020 (none)
  3297. mc8030 (none)
  3298. mcb216 (none)
  3299. mccpm (none)
  3300. mcom4_02 (none)
  3301. mcompgin (none)
  3302. md2 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3303. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3304. md3 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3305. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3306. md6802 (none)
  3307. mdndclab (none)
  3308. megacd cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3309. megacd2 cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3310. megacd2j cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3311. megacda cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3312. megacdj cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3313. megadrij cartridge (cart) .smd .bin .md .gen
  3314. megadriv cartridge (cart) .smd .bin .md .gen
  3315. megaduck cartridge (cart) .bin
  3316. megaiv (none)
  3317. megapc floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3318. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3319. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  3320. printer (prin) .prn
  3321. megapcpl floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3322. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3323. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  3324. printer (prin) .prn
  3325. megapcpla floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3326. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3327. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  3328. printer (prin) .prn
  3329. megast floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3330. printer (prin) .prn
  3331. midiin (min) .mid
  3332. midiout (mout) .mid
  3333. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3334. megast_de floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3335. printer (prin) .prn
  3336. midiin (min) .mid
  3337. midiout (mout) .mid
  3338. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3339. megast_fr floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3340. printer (prin) .prn
  3341. midiin (min) .mid
  3342. midiout (mout) .mid
  3343. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3344. megast_se floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3345. printer (prin) .prn
  3346. midiin (min) .mid
  3347. midiout (mout) .mid
  3348. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3349. megast_sg floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3350. printer (prin) .prn
  3351. midiin (min) .mid
  3352. midiout (mout) .mid
  3353. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3354. megast_uk floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3355. printer (prin) .prn
  3356. midiin (min) .mid
  3357. midiout (mout) .mid
  3358. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3359. megaste floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3360. printer (prin) .prn
  3361. midiin (min) .mid
  3362. midiout (mout) .mid
  3363. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3364. megaste_de floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3365. printer (prin) .prn
  3366. midiin (min) .mid
  3367. midiout (mout) .mid
  3368. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3369. megaste_es floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3370. printer (prin) .prn
  3371. midiin (min) .mid
  3372. midiout (mout) .mid
  3373. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3374. megaste_fr floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3375. printer (prin) .prn
  3376. midiin (min) .mid
  3377. midiout (mout) .mid
  3378. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3379. megaste_it floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3380. printer (prin) .prn
  3381. midiin (min) .mid
  3382. midiout (mout) .mid
  3383. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3384. megaste_se floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3385. printer (prin) .prn
  3386. midiin (min) .mid
  3387. midiout (mout) .mid
  3388. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3389. megaste_uk floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3390. printer (prin) .prn
  3391. midiin (min) .mid
  3392. midiout (mout) .mid
  3393. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3394. mekd2 cassette (cass) .wav
  3395. quickload (quik) .d2
  3396. meritum cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  3397. quickload (quik) .cmd
  3398. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3399. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3400. printer (prin) .prn
  3401. meritum_net cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  3402. quickload (quik) .cmd
  3403. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3404. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3405. printer (prin) .prn
  3406. merlin (none)
  3407. mes (none)
  3408. metamaq2 (none)
  3409. mice (none)
  3410. micral (none)
  3411. microeng floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3412. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3413. cassette (cass) .wav
  3414. microkit (none)
  3415. micronic (none)
  3416. microtan snapshot (dump) .m65
  3417. quickload (quik) .hex
  3418. cassette (cass) .wav
  3419. microvsn cartridge (cart) .bin
  3420. mikro80 cassette (cass) .wav .rk8
  3421. mikrolab (none)
  3422. mikron2 cassette (cass) .wav .rk .rkr .gam .g16 .pki
  3423. mikrosha cassette (cass) .wav .rkm
  3424. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3425. milano (none)
  3426. mini2440 (none)
  3427. minicom (none)
  3428. misterx cartridge (cart) .bin
  3429. mistrum snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  3430. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  3431. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  3432. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3433. mits680b (none)
  3434. mk14 (none)
  3435. mk82 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3436. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3437. mk83 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3438. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3439. mk85 (none)
  3440. mk88 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3441. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3442. printer (prin) .prn
  3443. mk90 (none)
  3444. mkit09 cassette (cass) .wav
  3445. mkit09a cassette (cass) .wav
  3446. mlf110 printer (prin) .prn
  3447. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3448. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3449. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3450. mlf120 printer (prin) .prn
  3451. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3452. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3453. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3454. mlf48 printer (prin) .prn
  3455. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3456. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3457. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3458. mlf80 printer (prin) .prn
  3459. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3460. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3461. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3462. mlfx1 printer (prin) .prn
  3463. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3464. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3465. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3466. mlg1 printer (prin) .prn
  3467. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3468. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3469. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3470. mlg10 printer (prin) .prn
  3471. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3472. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3473. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3474. mlg3 printer (prin) .prn
  3475. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3476. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3477. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3478. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3479. mlg30 printer (prin) .prn
  3480. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3481. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3482. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3483. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3484. mm1m6 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3485. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3486. mm1m7 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3487. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3488. mm2 (none)
  3489. mm4 (none)
  3490. mm4tk (none)
  3491. mm5 (none)
  3492. mm50 (none)
  3493. mm5tk (none)
  3494. mmd1 (none)
  3495. mmd2 (none)
  3496. mmerlin (none)
  3497. mmf9000 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3498. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3499. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  3500. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  3501. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  3502. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  3503. mmf9000_se floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3504. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3505. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  3506. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  3507. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  3508. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  3509. mmonty (none)
  3510. mmt8 cassette (cass) .wav
  3511. mo5 cassette (cass) .wav .k5 .k7
  3512. floppydisk1 (flop1) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3513. floppydisk2 (flop2) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3514. floppydisk3 (flop3) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3515. floppydisk4 (flop4) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3516. floppydisk5 (flop5) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3517. floppydisk6 (flop6) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3518. printer (prin) .prn
  3519. cartridge (cart) .m5 .rom
  3520. mo5e cassette (cass) .wav .k5 .k7
  3521. floppydisk1 (flop1) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3522. floppydisk2 (flop2) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3523. floppydisk3 (flop3) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3524. floppydisk4 (flop4) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3525. floppydisk5 (flop5) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3526. floppydisk6 (flop6) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3527. printer (prin) .prn
  3528. cartridge (cart) .m5 .rom
  3529. mo5nr cassette (cass) .wav .k5 .k7
  3530. floppydisk1 (flop1) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3531. floppydisk2 (flop2) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3532. floppydisk3 (flop3) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3533. floppydisk4 (flop4) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3534. floppydisk5 (flop5) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3535. floppydisk6 (flop6) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3536. printer1 (prin1) .prn
  3537. printer2 (prin2) .prn
  3538. cartridge (cart) .m5 .rom
  3539. mo6 cassette (cass) .wav .k5 .k7
  3540. floppydisk1 (flop1) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3541. floppydisk2 (flop2) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3542. floppydisk3 (flop3) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3543. floppydisk4 (flop4) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3544. floppydisk5 (flop5) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3545. floppydisk6 (flop6) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  3546. printer1 (prin1) .prn
  3547. printer2 (prin2) .prn
  3548. cartridge (cart) .m5 .rom
  3549. mod8 (none)
  3550. modellot (none)
  3551. molecula (none)
  3552. monteciv (none)
  3553. monty (none)
  3554. mp68a (none)
  3555. mpc10 printer (prin) .prn
  3556. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3557. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3558. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3559. mpc100 printer (prin) .prn
  3560. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3561. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3562. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3563. mpc200 printer (prin) .prn
  3564. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3565. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3566. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3567. mpc200sp printer (prin) .prn
  3568. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3569. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3570. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3571. mpc2300 printer (prin) .prn
  3572. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3573. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3574. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3575. mpc2500f printer (prin) .prn
  3576. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3577. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3578. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3579. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3580. mpc25fd printer (prin) .prn
  3581. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3582. cartridge (cart) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3583. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3584. mpc27 printer (prin) .prn
  3585. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3586. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3587. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3588. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3589. mpc64 printer (prin) .prn
  3590. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3591. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3592. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3593. mpf1 cassette (cass) .wav
  3594. mpf1b cassette (cass) .wav
  3595. mpf1p cassette (cass) .wav
  3596. mprof3 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3597. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3598. cassette (cass) .wav
  3599. mps1000 (none)
  3600. mps1230 (none)
  3601. mpt02 cartridge (cart) .st2 .bin .rom
  3602. mpt02h cartridge (cart) .st2 .bin .rom
  3603. mpt05 quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  3604. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3605. mpu1000 quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  3606. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3607. mpu2000 quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  3608. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3609. mpz80 floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3610. mr61 (none)
  3611. mratlus cartridge (cart) .bin
  3612. mrchalgr (none)
  3613. mrrack (none)
  3614. ms0515 floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3615. ms9540 (none)
  3616. msbc1 (none)
  3617. mstation (none)
  3618. msthawk (none)
  3619. mt32 (none)
  3620. mt735 (none)
  3621. mtc9016 cartridge (cart) .st2 .bin .rom
  3622. mtx500 printer (prin) .prn
  3623. snapshot (dump) .mtx
  3624. cassette (cass) .wav
  3625. mtx512 printer (prin) .prn
  3626. snapshot (dump) .mtx
  3627. cassette (cass) .wav
  3628. mu100 midiin (min) .mid
  3629. midiout (mout) .mid
  3630. mu100r midiin (min) .mid
  3631. midiout (mout) .mid
  3632. multi16 (none)
  3633. multi8 (none)
  3634. multmega cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3635. mvbfree (none)
  3636. mvme350 (none)
  3637. mwcbaseb (none)
  3638. mx10 printer (prin) .prn
  3639. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3640. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3641. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3642. mx101 printer (prin) .prn
  3643. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3644. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3645. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3646. mx15 printer (prin) .prn
  3647. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3648. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3649. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3650. cartridge3 (cart3) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3651. mx1600 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  3652. printer (prin) .prn
  3653. cartridge (cart) .ccc .rom
  3654. mx2178 (none)
  3655. mx64 printer (prin) .prn
  3656. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3657. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3658. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3659. myb3k floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3660. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3661. mycom cassette (cass) .wav
  3662. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3663. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3664. myvision cartridge (cart) .bin
  3665. mz1500 cassette (cass) .wav .m12 .mzf .mzt
  3666. printer (prin) .prn
  3667. mz2000 floppydisk1 (flop1) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3668. floppydisk2 (flop2) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3669. floppydisk3 (flop3) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3670. floppydisk4 (flop4) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3671. cassette (cass) .wav .m12 .mzf .mzt
  3672. mz2200 floppydisk1 (flop1) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3673. floppydisk2 (flop2) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3674. floppydisk3 (flop3) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3675. floppydisk4 (flop4) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3676. cassette (cass) .wav .m12 .mzf .mzt
  3677. mz2500 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3678. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3679. floppydisk3 (flop3) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3680. floppydisk4 (flop4) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3681. mz2520 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3682. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3683. floppydisk3 (flop3) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3684. floppydisk4 (flop4) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3685. mz3500 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3686. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3687. floppydisk3 (flop3) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3688. floppydisk4 (flop4) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3689. mz6500 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3690. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3691. mz700 cassette (cass) .wav .m12 .mzf .mzt
  3692. mz700j cassette (cass) .wav .m12 .mzf .mzt
  3693. mz800 cassette (cass) .wav .m12 .mzf .mzt
  3694. printer (prin) .prn
  3695. mz80a cassette (cass) .wav .m12 .mzf .mzt
  3696. mz80b cassette (cass) .wav .m12 .mzf .mzt
  3697. mz80k cassette (cass) .wav .m12 .mzf .mzt
  3698. mz80kj cassette (cass) .wav .m12 .mzf .mzt
  3699. mzr8105 (none)
  3700. n64 cartridge (cart) .v64 .z64 .rom .n64 .bin
  3701. n64dd cartridge (cart) .v64 .z64 .rom .n64 .bin
  3702. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  3703. nano quickload (quik) .bin
  3704. cassette (cass) .wav
  3705. nanos floppydisk (flop) .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3706. nascom1 cassette (cass) .wav
  3707. snapshot (dump) .nas
  3708. nascom2 cassette (cass) .wav
  3709. snapshot (dump) .nas
  3710. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  3711. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  3712. nascom2c cassette (cass) .wav
  3713. snapshot (dump) .nas
  3714. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  3715. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  3716. nc100 printer (prin) .prn
  3717. cartridge (cart) .bin
  3718. nc150 printer (prin) .prn
  3719. cartridge (cart) .bin
  3720. nc200 printer (prin) .prn
  3721. cartridge (cart) .bin
  3722. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .mfi
  3723. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .mfi
  3724. ncrpc4i floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3725. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3726. printer (prin) .prn
  3727. nd80z (none)
  3728. neat floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3729. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3730. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  3731. nectk85 (none)
  3732. neiva floppydisk1 (flop1) .kdi .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3733. floppydisk2 (flop2) .kdi .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3734. floppydisk3 (flop3) .kdi .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3735. floppydisk4 (flop4) .kdi .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3736. cassette (cass) .wav
  3737. neocd cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3738. neocdz cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3739. neocdzj cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3740. nes cartridge (cart) .nes .unf .unif
  3741. nespal cartridge (cart) .nes .unf .unif
  3742. newbrain floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3743. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3744. cassette1 (cass1) .wav
  3745. cassette2 (cass2) .wav
  3746. newbraina floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3747. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3748. cassette1 (cass1) .wav
  3749. cassette2 (cass2) .wav
  3750. newbrainmd floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3751. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3752. cassette1 (cass1) .wav
  3753. cassette2 (cass2) .wav
  3754. next harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  3755. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3756. nextct harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  3757. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3758. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3759. nextctc harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  3760. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3761. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3762. nexts harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  3763. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3764. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3765. nexts2 harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  3766. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3767. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3768. nextsc harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  3769. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3770. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3771. nextst harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  3772. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3773. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3774. nextstc harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  3775. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  3776. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3777. ngen floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3778. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  3779. ngenb38 floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3780. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  3781. ngp cartridge (cart) .bin .ngp .npc .ngc
  3782. ngpc cartridge (cart) .bin .ngp .npc .ngc
  3783. nimbus floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3784. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3785. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  3786. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  3787. harddisk3 (hard3) .chd .hd
  3788. harddisk4 (hard4) .chd .hd
  3789. printer (prin) .prn
  3790. nms801 printer (prin) .prn
  3791. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3792. nms8220 printer (prin) .prn
  3793. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3794. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3795. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3796. nms8220a printer (prin) .prn
  3797. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3798. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3799. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3800. nms8245 printer (prin) .prn
  3801. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3802. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3803. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3804. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3805. nms8245f printer (prin) .prn
  3806. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3807. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3808. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3809. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3810. nms8250 printer (prin) .prn
  3811. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3812. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3813. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3814. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3815. nms8250f printer (prin) .prn
  3816. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3817. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3818. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3819. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3820. nms8250j printer (prin) .prn
  3821. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3822. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3823. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3824. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3825. nms8255 printer (prin) .prn
  3826. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3827. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3828. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3829. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3830. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3831. nms8255f printer (prin) .prn
  3832. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3833. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3834. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3835. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3836. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3837. nms8260 printer (prin) .prn
  3838. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3839. cartridge (cart) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3840. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3841. nms8280 printer (prin) .prn
  3842. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3843. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3844. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3845. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3846. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3847. nms8280f printer (prin) .prn
  3848. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3849. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3850. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3851. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3852. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3853. nms8280g printer (prin) .prn
  3854. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  3855. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3856. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  3857. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3858. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3859. noki3210 (none)
  3860. noki3310 (none)
  3861. noki3330 (none)
  3862. noki3410 (none)
  3863. noki5210 (none)
  3864. noki6210 (none)
  3865. noki6250 (none)
  3866. noki7110 (none)
  3867. noki8210 (none)
  3868. noki8250 (none)
  3869. noki8850 (none)
  3870. noki8890 (none)
  3871. notetakr floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3872. npc8300 printer (prin) .prn
  3873. cassette (cass) .wav
  3874. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  3875. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  3876. nshrz floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3877. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3878. nupogodi (none)
  3879. ob68k1a (none)
  3880. oc2000 quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  3881. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3882. octopus (none)
  3883. odyssey2 cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3884. odyssey3 cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3885. okean240 (none)
  3886. okean240a (none)
  3887. okean240t (none)
  3888. olivm15 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3889. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  3890. printer (prin) .prn
  3891. olypeopl floppydisk1 (flop1) .imd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3892. floppydisk2 (flop2) .imd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3893. omni2 quickload (quik) .com .cpm
  3894. printer (prin) .prn
  3895. floppydisk1 (flop1) .kay .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3896. floppydisk2 (flop2) .kay .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3897. omv1000 cartridge (cart) .bin .sg
  3898. omv2000 cartridge (cart) .bin .sg
  3899. ondrat cassette (cass) .wav
  3900. ondrav cassette (cass) .wav
  3901. onyx cartridge (cart) .rom .col .bin
  3902. orao cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  3903. orao103 cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  3904. orbituvi cartridge (cart) .bin
  3905. ordisava cartridge (cart) .bin
  3906. oric1 printer (prin) .prn
  3907. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  3908. orica printer (prin) .prn
  3909. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  3910. orion128 cassette (cass) .wav .rko
  3911. floppydisk1 (flop1) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3912. floppydisk2 (flop2) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3913. floppydisk3 (flop3) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3914. floppydisk4 (flop4) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3915. cartridge (cart) .bin
  3916. orionide cassette (cass) .wav .rko
  3917. floppydisk1 (flop1) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3918. floppydisk2 (flop2) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3919. floppydisk3 (flop3) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3920. floppydisk4 (flop4) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3921. cartridge (cart) .bin
  3922. orionidm cassette (cass) .wav .rko
  3923. floppydisk1 (flop1) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3924. floppydisk2 (flop2) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3925. floppydisk3 (flop3) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3926. floppydisk4 (flop4) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3927. cartridge (cart) .bin
  3928. orionms cassette (cass) .wav .rko
  3929. floppydisk1 (flop1) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3930. floppydisk2 (flop2) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3931. floppydisk3 (flop3) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3932. floppydisk4 (flop4) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3933. cartridge (cart) .bin
  3934. orionpro cassette (cass) .wav .rko
  3935. floppydisk1 (flop1) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3936. floppydisk2 (flop2) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3937. floppydisk3 (flop3) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3938. floppydisk4 (flop4) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3939. cartridge (cart) .bin
  3940. orionz80 cassette (cass) .wav .rko
  3941. floppydisk1 (flop1) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3942. floppydisk2 (flop2) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3943. floppydisk3 (flop3) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3944. floppydisk4 (flop4) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3945. cartridge (cart) .bin
  3946. orionzms cassette (cass) .wav .rko
  3947. floppydisk1 (flop1) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3948. floppydisk2 (flop2) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3949. floppydisk3 (flop3) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3950. floppydisk4 (flop4) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3951. cartridge (cart) .bin
  3952. orizon snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  3953. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  3954. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  3955. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  3956. ormatu cartridge (cart) .bin
  3957. os214 (none)
  3958. osbexec floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3959. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3960. osborne1 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3961. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3962. oz750 quickload (quik) .wzd
  3963. p112 (none)
  3964. p2000m (none)
  3965. p2000t (none)
  3966. p500 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3967. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3968. cartridge (cart) .20 .40 .60
  3969. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  3970. p500p floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3971. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3972. cartridge (cart) .20 .40 .60
  3973. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  3974. p8000 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3975. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3976. p8000_16 (none)
  3977. packmon (none)
  3978. pairmtch (none)
  3979. palmiii (none)
  3980. palmiiic (none)
  3981. palmm100 (none)
  3982. palmm130 (none)
  3983. palmm505 (none)
  3984. palmm515 (none)
  3985. palmpers (none)
  3986. palmpro (none)
  3987. palmv (none)
  3988. palmvx (none)
  3989. palmz22 (none)
  3990. partner cassette (cass) .wav .rkp
  3991. floppydisk1 (flop1) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3992. floppydisk2 (flop2) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3993. paso1600 (none)
  3994. pasogo cartridge (cart) .bin
  3995. pasopia (none)
  3996. pasopia7 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3997. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3998. pasopia7lcd floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  3999. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4000. patinho cartridge (cart) .bin
  4001. pb1000 (none)
  4002. pb2000c cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  4003. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin
  4004. pbqbert (none)
  4005. pc floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4006. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4007. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  4008. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  4009. pc100 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4010. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4011. pc1000 cartridge (cart) .bin
  4012. pc10iii floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4013. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4014. printer (prin) .prn
  4015. pc1245 (none)
  4016. pc1250 (none)
  4017. pc1251 (none)
  4018. pc1255 (none)
  4019. pc1260 (none)
  4020. pc1261 (none)
  4021. pc1350 (none)
  4022. pc1360 (none)
  4023. pc1401 (none)
  4024. pc1402 (none)
  4025. pc1403 (none)
  4026. pc1403h (none)
  4027. pc1450 (none)
  4028. pc1500 (none)
  4029. pc1512 floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4030. printer (prin) .prn
  4031. pc1512dd floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4032. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4033. printer (prin) .prn
  4034. pc1512hd10 floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4035. printer (prin) .prn
  4036. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  4037. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  4038. pc1512hd20 floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4039. printer (prin) .prn
  4040. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  4041. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  4042. pc1640 floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4043. printer (prin) .prn
  4044. pc1640dd floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4045. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4046. printer (prin) .prn
  4047. pc1640hd20 floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4048. printer (prin) .prn
  4049. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  4050. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  4051. pc1640hd30 floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4052. printer (prin) .prn
  4053. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  4054. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  4055. pc20 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4056. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4057. printer1 (prin1) .prn
  4058. printer2 (prin2) .prn
  4059. printer3 (prin3) .prn
  4060. pc200 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4061. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4062. printer1 (prin1) .prn
  4063. printer2 (prin2) .prn
  4064. printer3 (prin3) .prn
  4065. pc2000 cartridge (cart) .bin
  4066. pc2086 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4067. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4068. printer1 (prin1) .prn
  4069. printer2 (prin2) .prn
  4070. printer3 (prin3) .prn
  4071. pc2386 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4072. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4073. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  4074. printer (prin) .prn
  4075. pc3086 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4076. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4077. printer1 (prin1) .prn
  4078. printer2 (prin2) .prn
  4079. printer3 (prin3) .prn
  4080. pc4 (none)
  4081. pc486mu floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4082. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4083. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  4084. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4085. pc6001 cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  4086. cartridge2 (cart2) .cas .p6
  4087. pc6001a cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  4088. cartridge2 (cart2) .cas .p6
  4089. pc6001mk2 cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  4090. cartridge2 (cart2) .cas .p6
  4091. pc6001sr cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  4092. cartridge2 (cart2) .cas .p6
  4093. pc6601 cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  4094. cartridge2 (cart2) .cas .p6
  4095. pc7000 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4096. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4097. printer (prin) .prn
  4098. pc8001 printer (prin) .prn
  4099. cassette (cass) .wav
  4100. pc8001mk2 printer (prin) .prn
  4101. cassette (cass) .wav
  4102. pc8201 printer (prin) .prn
  4103. cassette (cass) .wav
  4104. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4105. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4106. pc8201a printer (prin) .prn
  4107. cassette (cass) .wav
  4108. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4109. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4110. pc8300 cassette (cass) .wav .p .81
  4111. pc8401a cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4112. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4113. pc8500 cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4114. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4115. pc8801 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4116. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4117. cassette (cass) .wav
  4118. pc8801fa floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4119. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4120. cassette (cass) .wav
  4121. pc8801ma floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4122. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4123. cassette (cass) .wav
  4124. pc8801ma2 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4125. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4126. cassette (cass) .wav
  4127. pc8801mc floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4128. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4129. cassette (cass) .wav
  4130. pc8801mh floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4131. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4132. cassette (cass) .wav
  4133. pc8801mk2 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4134. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4135. cassette (cass) .wav
  4136. pc8801mk2fr floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4137. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4138. cassette (cass) .wav
  4139. pc8801mk2mr floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4140. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4141. cassette (cass) .wav
  4142. pc8801mk2sr floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4143. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4144. cassette (cass) .wav
  4145. pc88va floppydisk1 (flop1) .xdf .hdm .2hd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4146. floppydisk2 (flop2) .xdf .hdm .2hd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4147. pc88va2 floppydisk1 (flop1) .xdf .hdm .2hd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4148. floppydisk2 (flop2) .xdf .hdm .2hd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4149. pc9801bx2 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4150. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4151. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  4152. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4153. pc9801f floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4154. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4155. floppydisk3 (flop3) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4156. floppydisk4 (flop4) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4157. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  4158. pc9801rs floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4159. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4160. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  4161. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4162. pc9801rx floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4163. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4164. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  4165. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4166. pc9801ux floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4167. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4168. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  4169. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4170. pc9801vm floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4171. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4172. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  4173. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4174. pc9821 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4175. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4176. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  4177. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4178. pc9821ap2 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4179. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4180. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  4181. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4182. pc9821as floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4183. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4184. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  4185. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4186. pc9821ce2 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4187. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4188. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  4189. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4190. pc9821ne floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4191. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4192. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  4193. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4194. pc9821v13 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4195. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4196. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  4197. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4198. pc9821v20 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4199. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4200. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  4201. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4202. pc9821xs floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4203. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .hdm .fdi .fdd .dcp .dcu .dip .nfd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4204. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  4205. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4206. pcd floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4207. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4208. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  4209. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  4210. pce cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4211. cartridge (cart) .pce .bin
  4212. pce220 serial (serl) .txt .ihx
  4213. pcega floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4214. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4215. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  4216. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  4217. pcfx (none)
  4218. pcfxga (none)
  4219. pcg815 serial (serl) .txt .ihx
  4220. pcg850v serial (serl) .txt .ihx
  4221. pcherc printer (prin) .prn
  4222. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4223. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4224. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  4225. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  4226. pcm cassette (cass) .wav
  4227. pcmda printer (prin) .prn
  4228. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4229. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4230. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  4231. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  4232. pcw10 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4233. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4234. pcw16 printer (prin) .prn
  4235. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4236. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4237. pcw8256 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4238. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4239. pcw8512 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4240. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4241. pcw9256 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4242. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4243. pcw9512 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4244. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4245. pcx floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4246. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4247. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  4248. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  4249. pda600 (none)
  4250. pdp1 punchtape1 (ptap1) .tap .rim
  4251. punchtape2 (ptap2) .tap .rim
  4252. printer (prin) .typ
  4253. cylinder (cyln) .drm
  4254. pdp11qb floppydisk1 (flop1) .img .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  4255. floppydisk2 (flop2) .img .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  4256. pdp11ub floppydisk1 (flop1) .img .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  4257. floppydisk2 (flop2) .img .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  4258. pdp11ub2 floppydisk1 (flop1) .img .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  4259. floppydisk2 (flop2) .img .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  4260. pecom32 cassette (cass) .wav
  4261. pecom64 cassette (cass) .wav
  4262. pegasus cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  4263. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin
  4264. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin
  4265. cartridge4 (cart4) .bin
  4266. cartridge5 (cart5) .bin
  4267. cassette (cass) .wav
  4268. pegasusm cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  4269. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin
  4270. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin
  4271. cartridge4 (cart4) .bin
  4272. cartridge5 (cart5) .bin
  4273. cassette (cass) .wav
  4274. pencil2 cassette (cass) .wav
  4275. cartridge (cart) .bin
  4276. printer (prin) .prn
  4277. pent1024 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  4278. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  4279. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  4280. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  4281. floppydisk1 (flop1) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4282. floppydisk2 (flop2) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4283. floppydisk3 (flop3) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4284. floppydisk4 (flop4) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4285. pentagon snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  4286. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  4287. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  4288. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  4289. floppydisk1 (flop1) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4290. floppydisk2 (flop2) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4291. floppydisk3 (flop3) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4292. floppydisk4 (flop4) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4293. perfect1 printer (prin) .prn
  4294. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  4295. cartridge (cart) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4296. pes (none)
  4297. pet2001 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4298. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4299. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  4300. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  4301. pet20018 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4302. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4303. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  4304. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  4305. pet2001b floppydisk1 (flop1) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4306. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4307. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  4308. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  4309. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4310. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4311. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  4312. pet2001b16 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4313. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4314. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  4315. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  4316. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4317. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4318. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  4319. pet2001b32 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4320. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4321. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  4322. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  4323. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4324. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4325. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  4326. pet2001n floppydisk1 (flop1) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4327. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4328. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  4329. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  4330. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4331. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4332. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  4333. pet2001n16 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4334. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4335. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  4336. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  4337. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4338. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4339. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  4340. pet2001n32 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4341. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4342. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  4343. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  4344. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4345. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4346. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  4347. pet4016 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4348. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4349. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  4350. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  4351. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4352. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4353. pet4032 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4354. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4355. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  4356. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  4357. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4358. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4359. pet4032b floppydisk1 (flop1) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4360. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4361. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  4362. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  4363. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4364. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4365. pet4032f floppydisk1 (flop1) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4366. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4367. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  4368. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  4369. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4370. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4371. pet64 cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  4372. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4373. cartridge (cart) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  4374. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  4375. pet8032 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4376. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4377. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  4378. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  4379. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4380. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4381. phc2 printer (prin) .prn
  4382. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  4383. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4384. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4385. phc23 printer (prin) .prn
  4386. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  4387. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4388. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4389. phc25 cassette (cass) .wav .phc
  4390. printer (prin) .prn
  4391. phc25j cassette (cass) .wav .phc
  4392. printer (prin) .prn
  4393. phc28 printer (prin) .prn
  4394. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  4395. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4396. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4397. phc28l printer (prin) .prn
  4398. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  4399. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4400. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4401. phc28s printer (prin) .prn
  4402. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  4403. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4404. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4405. phc35j printer (prin) .prn
  4406. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  4407. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4408. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4409. phc55fd2 printer (prin) .prn
  4410. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  4411. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4412. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4413. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4414. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4415. phc64 printer (prin) .prn
  4416. cassette1 (cass1) .wav
  4417. cassette2 (cass2) .wav
  4418. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  4419. phc70fd printer (prin) .prn
  4420. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  4421. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4422. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4423. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4424. phc70fd2 printer (prin) .prn
  4425. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  4426. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4427. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4428. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4429. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4430. phc77 printer (prin) .prn
  4431. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  4432. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4433. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4434. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4435. phpball (none)
  4436. phunsy cassette (cass) .wav
  4437. quickload (quik) .bin
  4438. pico cartridge (cart) .bin .md
  4439. picoj cartridge (cart) .bin .md
  4440. picou cartridge (cart) .bin .md
  4441. pilot1k (none)
  4442. pilot5k (none)
  4443. pimps (none)
  4444. pioner cassette (cass) .wav .rks
  4445. piopx7 printer (prin) .prn
  4446. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  4447. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4448. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4449. piopx7uk printer (prin) .prn
  4450. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  4451. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4452. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4453. piopxv60 printer (prin) .prn
  4454. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  4455. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4456. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4457. pipbug quickload (quik) .pgm
  4458. pippin cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4459. pitagjr (none)
  4460. pk6128c cassette (cass) .wav
  4461. floppydisk1 (flop1) .fdd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4462. floppydisk2 (flop2) .fdd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4463. cartridge (cart) .bin .emr
  4464. pk8002 cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  4465. pk88 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4466. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4467. printer (prin) .prn
  4468. cassette (cass) .wav
  4469. plan80 (none)
  4470. plldium cartridge (cart) .bin
  4471. plus1 (none)
  4472. plus4 cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  4473. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4474. cartridge (cart) .rom .bin
  4475. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  4476. plus4p cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  4477. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4478. cartridge (cart) .rom .bin
  4479. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  4480. pm68k (none)
  4481. pmac6100 harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  4482. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  4483. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  4484. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  4485. pmd851 cassette (cass) .wav .pmd .tap .ptp
  4486. pmd852 cassette (cass) .wav .pmd .tap .ptp
  4487. pmd852a cassette (cass) .wav .pmd .tap .ptp
  4488. pmd852b cassette (cass) .wav .pmd .tap .ptp
  4489. pmd853 cassette (cass) .wav .pmd .tap .ptp
  4490. pmi80 (none)
  4491. pockstat cartridge (cart) .gme
  4492. pofo printer (prin) .prn
  4493. cartridge (cart) .bin
  4494. poisk1 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4495. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4496. cassette (cass) .wav
  4497. poisk2 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4498. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4499. printer (prin) .prn
  4500. pokemini cartridge (cart) .bin .min
  4501. polgar (none)
  4502. poly1 (none)
  4503. poly88 cassette (cass) .wav
  4504. snapshot (dump) .img
  4505. poly880 cassette (cass) .wav
  4506. poly8813 cassette (cass) .wav
  4507. snapshot (dump) .img
  4508. polyvcg cartridge (cart) .bin
  4509. poppympt cartridge (cart) .bin
  4510. pow3000 cassette (cass) .wav .p .81
  4511. pp01 (none)
  4512. pp1292 quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  4513. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  4514. pp1392 quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  4515. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  4516. ppc512 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4517. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4518. printer1 (prin1) .prn
  4519. printer2 (prin2) .prn
  4520. printer3 (prin3) .prn
  4521. ppc640 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4522. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4523. printer1 (prin1) .prn
  4524. printer2 (prin2) .prn
  4525. printer3 (prin3) .prn
  4526. prav82 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4527. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4528. cassette (cass) .wav
  4529. prav8c floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4530. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4531. cassette (cass) .wav
  4532. prav8d printer (prin) .prn
  4533. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  4534. prav8dd printer (prin) .prn
  4535. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  4536. prav8m floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4537. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4538. cassette (cass) .wav
  4539. prestige cartridge (cart) .bin
  4540. prestmpt cartridge (cart) .bin
  4541. primoa32 snapshot (dump) .pss
  4542. quickload (quik) .pp
  4543. cassette (cass) .wav .ptp
  4544. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4545. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4546. primoa48 snapshot (dump) .pss
  4547. quickload (quik) .pp
  4548. cassette (cass) .wav .ptp
  4549. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4550. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4551. primoa64 snapshot (dump) .pss
  4552. quickload (quik) .pp
  4553. cassette (cass) .wav .ptp
  4554. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4555. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4556. primob32 snapshot (dump) .pss
  4557. quickload (quik) .pp
  4558. cassette (cass) .wav .ptp
  4559. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4560. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4561. primob48 snapshot (dump) .pss
  4562. quickload (quik) .pp
  4563. cassette (cass) .wav .ptp
  4564. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4565. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4566. primob64 snapshot (dump) .pss
  4567. quickload (quik) .pp
  4568. cassette (cass) .wav .ptp
  4569. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4570. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4571. primoc64 snapshot (dump) .pss
  4572. quickload (quik) .pp
  4573. cassette (cass) .wav .ptp
  4574. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4575. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4576. pro128 cassette (cass) .wav .k5 .k7
  4577. floppydisk1 (flop1) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4578. floppydisk2 (flop2) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4579. floppydisk3 (flop3) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  4580. floppydisk4 (flop4) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  4581. floppydisk5 (flop5) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  4582. floppydisk6 (flop6) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  4583. printer1 (prin1) .prn
  4584. printer2 (prin2) .prn
  4585. cartridge (cart) .m5 .rom
  4586. pro128s printer (prin) .prn
  4587. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  4588. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin
  4589. floppydisk (flop) .adf .ads .adm .adl .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4590. pro80 cassette (cass) .wav
  4591. prof180x floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4592. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4593. floppydisk3 (flop3) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4594. floppydisk4 (flop4) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4595. printer (prin) .prn
  4596. prof181x floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4597. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4598. floppydisk3 (flop3) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4599. floppydisk4 (flop4) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4600. printer (prin) .prn
  4601. prof80 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4602. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4603. printer (prin) .prn
  4604. profi snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  4605. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  4606. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  4607. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  4608. floppydisk1 (flop1) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4609. floppydisk2 (flop2) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4610. floppydisk3 (flop3) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4611. floppydisk4 (flop4) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4612. profweis cartridge (cart) .bin
  4613. prose2k (none)
  4614. prose2ko (none)
  4615. proteus3 cassette (cass) .wav
  4616. prpht600 midiin (min) .mid
  4617. midiout (mout) .mid
  4618. prsarcde cartridge (cart) .rom .col .bin
  4619. psa memcard1 (mc1) .mc
  4620. memcard2 (mc2) .mc
  4621. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4622. pse memcard1 (mc1) .mc
  4623. memcard2 (mc2) .mc
  4624. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4625. psion1 cartridge1 (cart1) .opk
  4626. cartridge2 (cart2) .opk
  4627. psioncm cartridge1 (cart1) .opk
  4628. cartridge2 (cart2) .opk
  4629. psionla cartridge1 (cart1) .opk
  4630. cartridge2 (cart2) .opk
  4631. psionlam cartridge1 (cart1) .opk
  4632. cartridge2 (cart2) .opk
  4633. psionlz cartridge1 (cart1) .opk
  4634. cartridge2 (cart2) .opk
  4635. psionlz64 cartridge1 (cart1) .opk
  4636. cartridge2 (cart2) .opk
  4637. psionlz64s cartridge1 (cart1) .opk
  4638. cartridge2 (cart2) .opk
  4639. psionp200 cartridge1 (cart1) .opk
  4640. cartridge2 (cart2) .opk
  4641. psionp350 cartridge1 (cart1) .opk
  4642. cartridge2 (cart2) .opk
  4643. psionp464 cartridge1 (cart1) .opk
  4644. cartridge2 (cart2) .opk
  4645. psionxp cartridge1 (cart1) .opk
  4646. cartridge2 (cart2) .opk
  4647. psj memcard1 (mc1) .mc
  4648. memcard2 (mc2) .mc
  4649. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4650. psu memcard1 (mc1) .mc
  4651. memcard2 (mc2) .mc
  4652. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4653. pt68k2 floppydisk1 (flop1) .imd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4654. floppydisk2 (flop2) .imd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4655. pt68k4 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4656. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4657. pulsarlb floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4658. pv1000 cartridge (cart) .bin
  4659. pv16 printer (prin) .prn
  4660. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  4661. cartridge (cart) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4662. pv2000 cassette (cass) .wav
  4663. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom .col
  4664. pv7 printer (prin) .prn
  4665. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  4666. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4667. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  4668. pv9234 (none)
  4669. pve500 (none)
  4670. px4 printer (prin) .prn
  4671. cassette (cass) .wav
  4672. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  4673. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin
  4674. px4p printer (prin) .prn
  4675. cassette (cass) .wav
  4676. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  4677. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin
  4678. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin
  4679. px8 cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4680. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4681. cassette (cass) .wav
  4682. pyl601 floppydisk1 (flop1) .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4683. floppydisk2 (flop2) .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4684. pyl601a floppydisk1 (flop1) .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4685. floppydisk2 (flop2) .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4686. pyuuta printer (prin) .prn
  4687. cassette (cass) .wav
  4688. cartridge (cart) .bin
  4689. pyuutajr printer (prin) .prn
  4690. cassette (cass) .wav
  4691. cartridge (cart) .bin
  4692. qi600 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4693. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4694. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  4695. printer (prin) .prn
  4696. qi900 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4697. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4698. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  4699. printer (prin) .prn
  4700. ql cassette1 (cass1) .mdv
  4701. cassette2 (cass2) .mdv
  4702. cartridge (cart) .rom .bin
  4703. ql_de cassette1 (cass1) .mdv
  4704. cassette2 (cass2) .mdv
  4705. cartridge (cart) .rom .bin
  4706. ql_dk cassette1 (cass1) .mdv
  4707. cassette2 (cass2) .mdv
  4708. cartridge (cart) .rom .bin
  4709. ql_es cassette1 (cass1) .mdv
  4710. cassette2 (cass2) .mdv
  4711. cartridge (cart) .rom .bin
  4712. ql_fr cassette1 (cass1) .mdv
  4713. cassette2 (cass2) .mdv
  4714. cartridge (cart) .rom .bin
  4715. ql_gr cassette1 (cass1) .mdv
  4716. cassette2 (cass2) .mdv
  4717. cartridge (cart) .rom .bin
  4718. ql_it cassette1 (cass1) .mdv
  4719. cassette2 (cass2) .mdv
  4720. cartridge (cart) .rom .bin
  4721. ql_se cassette1 (cass1) .mdv
  4722. cassette2 (cass2) .mdv
  4723. cartridge (cart) .rom .bin
  4724. ql_us cassette1 (cass1) .mdv
  4725. cassette2 (cass2) .mdv
  4726. cartridge (cart) .rom .bin
  4727. qtsbc (none)
  4728. quorum snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  4729. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  4730. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  4731. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  4732. floppydisk1 (flop1) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4733. floppydisk2 (flop2) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4734. floppydisk3 (flop3) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4735. floppydisk4 (flop4) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4736. quorum48 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  4737. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  4738. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  4739. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  4740. qx10 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4741. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4742. r9751 floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4743. radio16 cassette (cass) .wav .rk .rkr .gam .g16 .pki
  4744. radio4k cassette (cass) .wav .rk .rkr .gam .g16 .pki
  4745. radio86 cassette (cass) .wav .rk .rkr .gam .g16 .pki
  4746. radio99 cassette (cass) .wav .rk8
  4747. radionic cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  4748. quickload (quik) .cmd
  4749. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4750. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4751. printer (prin) .prn
  4752. radioram cassette (cass) .wav .rk .rkr .gam .g16 .pki
  4753. radiorom cassette (cass) .wav .rk .rkr .gam .g16 .pki
  4754. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  4755. rainbow floppydisk1 (flop1) .img .td0 .imd .dsk .ima .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .cqm .cqi
  4756. floppydisk2 (flop2) .img .td0 .imd .dsk .ima .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .cqm .cqi
  4757. floppydisk3 (flop3) .img .td0 .imd .dsk .ima .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .cqm .cqi
  4758. floppydisk4 (flop4) .img .td0 .imd .dsk .ima .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .cqm .cqi
  4759. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  4760. rainbow100a floppydisk1 (flop1) .img .td0 .imd .dsk .ima .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .cqm .cqi
  4761. floppydisk2 (flop2) .img .td0 .imd .dsk .ima .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .cqm .cqi
  4762. floppydisk3 (flop3) .img .td0 .imd .dsk .ima .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .cqm .cqi
  4763. floppydisk4 (flop4) .img .td0 .imd .dsk .ima .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .cqm .cqi
  4764. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  4765. rainbow190 floppydisk1 (flop1) .img .td0 .imd .dsk .ima .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .cqm .cqi
  4766. floppydisk2 (flop2) .img .td0 .imd .dsk .ima .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .cqm .cqi
  4767. floppydisk3 (flop3) .img .td0 .imd .dsk .ima .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .cqm .cqi
  4768. floppydisk4 (flop4) .img .td0 .imd .dsk .ima .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .ipf .mfi .mfm .cqm .cqi
  4769. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  4770. raisedvl (none)
  4771. rameses cassette (cass) .wav
  4772. printer (prin) .prn
  4773. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  4774. ravens quickload (quik) .pgm
  4775. cassette (cass) .wav
  4776. ravens2 quickload (quik) .pgm
  4777. cassette (cass) .wav
  4778. rc759 cassette (cass) .wav
  4779. printer (prin) .prn
  4780. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4781. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4782. rd100 (none)
  4783. rebel5 (none)
  4784. replica1 (none)
  4785. reutapm cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  4786. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  4787. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  4788. cartridge4 (cart4) .bin .rom
  4789. printer (prin) .prn
  4790. reversic (none)
  4791. rex6000 quickload (quik) .rex .ds2
  4792. ringo470 cassette (cass) .wav .p .81
  4793. risc (none)
  4794. rk7007 cassette (cass) .wav .rk .rkr .gam .g16 .pki
  4795. rk700716 cassette (cass) .wav .rk .rkr .gam .g16 .pki
  4796. rm380z floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4797. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4798. robie quickload (quik) .com .cpm
  4799. printer (prin) .prn
  4800. floppydisk1 (flop1) .kay .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4801. floppydisk2 (flop2) .kay .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4802. roma (none)
  4803. roma32 (none)
  4804. rowtrn2k cartridge (cart) .bin
  4805. rpc600 (none)
  4806. rpc700 (none)
  4807. rpc86 (none)
  4808. rs128 printer (prin) .prn
  4809. snapshot (dump) .mtx
  4810. cassette (cass) .wav
  4811. rt1715 (none)
  4812. rt1715lc (none)
  4813. rt1715w (none)
  4814. rvoicepc (none)
  4815. rwtrntcs quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  4816. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  4817. rx78 cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  4818. cassette (cass) .wav
  4819. s3670 (none)
  4820. sabavdpl cartridge (cart) .bin .chf
  4821. sabavpl2 cartridge (cart) .bin .chf
  4822. sacstate (none)
  4823. sage2 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4824. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4825. printer (prin) .prn
  4826. samcoupe printer1 (prin1) .prn
  4827. printer2 (prin2) .prn
  4828. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  4829. floppydisk1 (flop1) .mgt .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4830. floppydisk2 (flop2) .mgt .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4831. sanfuze2 (none)
  4832. sapi1 (none)
  4833. sapizps2 (none)
  4834. sapizps3 (none)
  4835. sapizps3a (none)
  4836. sapizps3b (none)
  4837. sarpc (none)
  4838. sarpc_j233 (none)
  4839. saturn cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4840. cartridge (cart) .bin
  4841. saturneu cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4842. cartridge (cart) .bin
  4843. saturnjp cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4844. cartridge (cart) .bin
  4845. savia84 (none)
  4846. sawatte (none)
  4847. sb2m600b cassette (cass) .wav
  4848. sbc6510 (none)
  4849. sbrain floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4850. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4851. sc1 (none)
  4852. sc2 (none)
  4853. sc3000 cassette (cass) .wav .bit
  4854. cartridge (cart) .bin .sg .sc
  4855. sc3000h cassette (cass) .wav .bit
  4856. cartridge (cart) .bin .sg .sc
  4857. sc55 (none)
  4858. sc80 cassette (cass) .wav
  4859. scorpio snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  4860. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  4861. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  4862. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  4863. floppydisk1 (flop1) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4864. floppydisk2 (flop2) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4865. floppydisk3 (flop3) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4866. floppydisk4 (flop4) .trd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4867. scv cartridge (cart) .bin
  4868. scv_pal cartridge (cart) .bin
  4869. sd1 midiin (min) .mid
  4870. midiout (mout) .mid
  4871. floppydisk (flop) .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4872. sd132 midiin (min) .mid
  4873. midiout (mout) .mid
  4874. floppydisk (flop) .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4875. sdk80 (none)
  4876. sdk85 (none)
  4877. sdk86 (none)
  4878. seattle (none)
  4879. segacd cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4880. segacd2 cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4881. segapm (none)
  4882. selz80 (none)
  4883. sexpertb (none)
  4884. sexpertc (none)
  4885. sf7000 floppydisk (flop) .sf7 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4886. printer (prin) .prn
  4887. cassette (cass) .wav .bit
  4888. sfach (none)
  4889. sfortea (none)
  4890. sforteb (none)
  4891. sforteba (none)
  4892. sfortec (none)
  4893. sfzbch (none)
  4894. sfzch (none)
  4895. sg1000 cartridge (cart) .bin .sg
  4896. sg1000m2 cassette (cass) .wav .bit
  4897. cartridge (cart) .bin .sg .sc
  4898. sg1000m3 card (card) .bin
  4899. cartridge (cart) .bin .sms .sg
  4900. sgi_ip2 (none)
  4901. sgi_ip6 (none)
  4902. sgx cartridge (cart) .pce .bin
  4903. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  4904. sh4robot (none)
  4905. sheenhvc cartridge (cart) .bin
  4906. shmc1200 cartridge (cart) .st2 .bin .rom
  4907. sicpc1605 cassette (cass) .wav
  4908. printer1 (prin1) .prn
  4909. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4910. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  4911. printer2 (prin2) .prn
  4912. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  4913. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  4914. simon (none)
  4915. sitcom (none)
  4916. slc1 (none)
  4917. slicer floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4918. sm1800 (none)
  4919. smc777 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4920. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4921. sms cartridge (cart) .bin .sms
  4922. sms1 cartridge (cart) .bin .sms
  4923. card (card) .bin
  4924. sms1000 floppydisk1 (flop1) .img .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  4925. floppydisk2 (flop2) .img .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  4926. sms1kr card (card) .bin
  4927. cartridge (cart) .bin .sms .sg
  4928. sms1krfm card (card) .bin
  4929. cartridge (cart) .bin .sms .sg
  4930. sms1pal cartridge (cart) .bin .sms
  4931. card (card) .bin
  4932. smsj card (card) .bin
  4933. cartridge (cart) .bin .sms .sg
  4934. smskr cartridge (cart) .bin .sms .sg
  4935. smspal cartridge (cart) .bin .sms
  4936. smssdisp cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .sms
  4937. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .sms
  4938. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .sms
  4939. cartridge4 (cart4) .bin .sms
  4940. cartridge5 (cart5) .bin .sms
  4941. cartridge6 (cart6) .bin .sms
  4942. cartridge7 (cart7) .bin .sms
  4943. cartridge8 (cart8) .bin .sms
  4944. cartridge9 (cart9) .bin .sms
  4945. cartridge10 (cart10) .bin .sms
  4946. cartridge11 (cart11) .bin .sms
  4947. cartridge12 (cart12) .bin .sms
  4948. cartridge13 (cart13) .bin .sms
  4949. cartridge14 (cart14) .bin .sms
  4950. cartridge15 (cart15) .bin .sms
  4951. cartridge16 (cart16) .bin .sms
  4952. card1 (card1) .bin
  4953. card2 (card2) .bin
  4954. card3 (card3) .bin
  4955. card4 (card4) .bin
  4956. card5 (card5) .bin
  4957. card6 (card6) .bin
  4958. card7 (card7) .bin
  4959. card8 (card8) .bin
  4960. card9 (card9) .bin
  4961. card10 (card10) .bin
  4962. card11 (card11) .bin
  4963. card12 (card12) .bin
  4964. card13 (card13) .bin
  4965. card14 (card14) .bin
  4966. card15 (card15) .bin
  4967. card16 (card16) .bin
  4968. snes cartridge (cart) .sfc
  4969. snespal cartridge (cart) .sfc
  4970. snmath (none)
  4971. snmatha (none)
  4972. snmathp (none)
  4973. snotec cartridge (cart) .bin
  4974. snotecex cartridge (cart) .bin
  4975. snread cartridge (cart) .vsm
  4976. snspell cartridge (cart) .vsm
  4977. snspellc cartridge (cart) .vsm
  4978. snspellca cartridge (cart) .vsm
  4979. snspellcuk cartridge (cart) .vsm
  4980. snspellfr cartridge (cart) .vsm
  4981. snspellit cartridge (cart) .vsm
  4982. snspelljp cartridge (cart) .vsm
  4983. snspellp cartridge (cart) .vsm
  4984. snspellua cartridge (cart) .vsm
  4985. snspellub cartridge (cart) .vsm
  4986. snspelluk cartridge (cart) .vsm
  4987. snspelluka cartridge (cart) .vsm
  4988. socrates cartridge (cart) .bin
  4989. socratfc cartridge (cart) .bin
  4990. softbox floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4991. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  4992. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  4993. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  4994. harddisk3 (hard3) .chd .hd
  4995. harddisk4 (hard4) .chd .hd
  4996. sol20 cassette1 (cass1) .wav .svt
  4997. cassette2 (cass2) .wav .svt
  4998. sorcerer snapshot (dump) .snp
  4999. quickload (quik) .bin
  5000. cassette1 (cass1) .wav .tape
  5001. cassette2 (cass2) .wav .tape
  5002. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5003. sorcerer2 snapshot (dump) .snp
  5004. quickload (quik) .bin
  5005. cassette1 (cass1) .wav .tape
  5006. cassette2 (cass2) .wav .tape
  5007. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5008. sorcererd snapshot (dump) .snp
  5009. quickload (quik) .bin
  5010. cassette1 (cass1) .wav .tape
  5011. cassette2 (cass2) .wav .tape
  5012. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5013. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5014. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5015. floppydisk3 (flop3) .dsk .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5016. floppydisk4 (flop4) .dsk .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5017. soundic cartridge (cart) .bin
  5018. sp3e8bit snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  5019. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  5020. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  5021. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5022. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5023. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5024. sp3eata snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  5025. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  5026. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  5027. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5028. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5029. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5030. sp3ezcf snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  5031. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  5032. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  5033. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5034. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5035. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5036. space84 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5037. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5038. cassette (cass) .wav
  5039. spc1000 printer (prin) .prn
  5040. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5041. spc1500 printer (prin) .prn
  5042. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5043. spc4000 quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  5044. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5045. spc800 printer (prin) .prn
  5046. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5047. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5048. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5049. spec128 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  5050. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  5051. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  5052. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5053. spec80k snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  5054. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  5055. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  5056. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5057. special cassette (cass) .wav .rks
  5058. specialm cassette (cass) .wav .rks
  5059. specialp cassette (cass) .wav .rks
  5060. specide snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  5061. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  5062. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  5063. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5064. specimx cassette (cass) .wav .rks
  5065. floppydisk1 (flop1) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5066. floppydisk2 (flop2) .odi .cpm .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5067. specpl2a snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  5068. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  5069. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  5070. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5071. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5072. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5073. specpl3e snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  5074. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  5075. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  5076. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5077. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5078. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5079. specpls2 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  5080. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  5081. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  5082. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5083. specpls3 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  5084. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  5085. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  5086. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5087. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5088. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5089. spectred floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5090. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5091. cassette (cass) .wav
  5092. spectrum snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  5093. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  5094. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  5095. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5096. spektr01 cassette (cass) .wav .rk .rkr .gam .g16 .pki
  5097. spektrbk snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  5098. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  5099. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  5100. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5101. spellb (none)
  5102. spellb79 (none)
  5103. splasfgt (none)
  5104. splitsec (none)
  5105. spt1500 (none)
  5106. spt1700 (none)
  5107. spt1740 (none)
  5108. sq1 midiin (min) .mid
  5109. midiout (mout) .mid
  5110. sq80 midiin (min) .mid
  5111. midiout (mout) .mid
  5112. sqrack midiin (min) .mid
  5113. midiout (mout) .mid
  5114. squale floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5115. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5116. cartridge (cart) .bin
  5117. sr16 cassette (cass) .wav
  5118. ssam88s floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5119. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5120. printer (prin) .prn
  5121. ssem quickload (quik) .snp .asm
  5122. ssfball (none)
  5123. ssimon (none)
  5124. ssports4 (none)
  5125. ssystem3 (none)
  5126. st floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5127. printer (prin) .prn
  5128. midiin (min) .mid
  5129. midiout (mout) .mid
  5130. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5131. st1700h (none)
  5132. st1701 (none)
  5133. st1702 (none)
  5134. st1703 (none)
  5135. st1704 (none)
  5136. st1705 (none)
  5137. st1706 (none)
  5138. st1707 (none)
  5139. st1708 (none)
  5140. st1714 (none)
  5141. st_de floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5142. printer (prin) .prn
  5143. midiin (min) .mid
  5144. midiout (mout) .mid
  5145. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5146. st_es floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5147. printer (prin) .prn
  5148. midiin (min) .mid
  5149. midiout (mout) .mid
  5150. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5151. st_fr floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5152. printer (prin) .prn
  5153. midiin (min) .mid
  5154. midiout (mout) .mid
  5155. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5156. st_nl floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5157. printer (prin) .prn
  5158. midiin (min) .mid
  5159. midiout (mout) .mid
  5160. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5161. st_se floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5162. printer (prin) .prn
  5163. midiin (min) .mid
  5164. midiout (mout) .mid
  5165. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5166. st_sg floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5167. printer (prin) .prn
  5168. midiin (min) .mid
  5169. midiout (mout) .mid
  5170. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5171. st_uk floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5172. printer (prin) .prn
  5173. midiin (min) .mid
  5174. midiout (mout) .mid
  5175. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5176. starwbc (none)
  5177. starwbcp (none)
  5178. ste floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5179. printer (prin) .prn
  5180. midiin (min) .mid
  5181. midiout (mout) .mid
  5182. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5183. ste_de floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5184. printer (prin) .prn
  5185. midiin (min) .mid
  5186. midiout (mout) .mid
  5187. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5188. ste_es floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5189. printer (prin) .prn
  5190. midiin (min) .mid
  5191. midiout (mout) .mid
  5192. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5193. ste_fr floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5194. printer (prin) .prn
  5195. midiin (min) .mid
  5196. midiout (mout) .mid
  5197. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5198. ste_it floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5199. printer (prin) .prn
  5200. midiin (min) .mid
  5201. midiout (mout) .mid
  5202. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5203. ste_se floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5204. printer (prin) .prn
  5205. midiin (min) .mid
  5206. midiout (mout) .mid
  5207. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5208. ste_sg floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5209. printer (prin) .prn
  5210. midiin (min) .mid
  5211. midiout (mout) .mid
  5212. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5213. ste_uk floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5214. printer (prin) .prn
  5215. midiin (min) .mid
  5216. midiout (mout) .mid
  5217. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5218. stopthie (none)
  5219. stopthiep (none)
  5220. stratos (none)
  5221. studio2 cartridge (cart) .st2 .bin .rom
  5222. sun1 (none)
  5223. sun2_120 (none)
  5224. sun2_50 (none)
  5225. sun3_110 (none)
  5226. sun3_150 (none)
  5227. sun3_260 (none)
  5228. sun3_460 (none)
  5229. sun3_50 (none)
  5230. sun3_60 (none)
  5231. sun3_80 harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  5232. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  5233. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5234. sun3_e (none)
  5235. sun4_20 (none)
  5236. sun4_300 (none)
  5237. sun4_40 (none)
  5238. sun4_50 (none)
  5239. sun4_60 (none)
  5240. sun4_75 (none)
  5241. sun_s10 (none)
  5242. sun_s20 (none)
  5243. super6 floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5244. super80 printer (prin) .prn
  5245. quickload (quik) .bin
  5246. cassette (cass) .wav
  5247. super80d printer (prin) .prn
  5248. quickload (quik) .bin
  5249. cassette (cass) .wav
  5250. super80e printer (prin) .prn
  5251. quickload (quik) .bin
  5252. cassette (cass) .wav
  5253. super80m printer (prin) .prn
  5254. quickload (quik) .bin
  5255. cassette (cass) .wav
  5256. super80r printer (prin) .prn
  5257. quickload (quik) .bin
  5258. cassette (cass) .wav
  5259. floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5260. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5261. super80v printer (prin) .prn
  5262. quickload (quik) .bin
  5263. cassette (cass) .wav
  5264. supercon (none)
  5265. supergb cartridge (cart) .bin .gb .gbc
  5266. supergb2 cartridge (cart) .bin .gb .gbc
  5267. superpet floppydisk1 (flop1) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5268. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d80 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5269. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  5270. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  5271. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  5272. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  5273. superslv (none)
  5274. supracan cartridge (cart) .bin
  5275. sv8000 cartridge (cart) .bin
  5276. svi318 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  5277. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5278. svi318n cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  5279. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5280. svi328 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  5281. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5282. svi328n cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  5283. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5284. svi728 printer (prin) .prn
  5285. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5286. cartridge (cart) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5287. svi738 printer (prin) .prn
  5288. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5289. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5290. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5291. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5292. svi738ar printer (prin) .prn
  5293. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5294. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5295. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5296. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5297. svi738dk printer (prin) .prn
  5298. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5299. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5300. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5301. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5302. svi738pl printer (prin) .prn
  5303. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5304. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5305. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5306. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5307. svi738sp printer (prin) .prn
  5308. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5309. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5310. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5311. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5312. svi738sw printer (prin) .prn
  5313. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5314. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5315. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5316. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5317. svision cartridge (cart) .bin .ws .sv
  5318. svisionn cartridge (cart) .bin .ws .sv
  5319. svisionp cartridge (cart) .bin .ws .sv
  5320. svisions cartridge (cart) .bin .ws .sv
  5321. svmu quickload (quik) .vms .bin
  5322. swtpc (none)
  5323. swtpc09 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5324. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5325. floppydisk3 (flop3) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5326. floppydisk4 (flop4) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5327. swtpc09d3 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5328. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5329. floppydisk3 (flop3) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5330. floppydisk4 (flop4) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5331. swtpc09i floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5332. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5333. floppydisk3 (flop3) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5334. floppydisk4 (flop4) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5335. swtpc09u floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5336. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5337. floppydisk3 (flop3) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5338. floppydisk4 (flop4) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5339. swyft (none)
  5340. sx16 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5341. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5342. printer (prin) .prn
  5343. sx64 cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  5344. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5345. cartridge (cart) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  5346. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  5347. sx64p cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  5348. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5349. cartridge (cart) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  5350. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  5351. sym1 (none)
  5352. sys2900 (none)
  5353. sys80 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  5354. quickload (quik) .cmd
  5355. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5356. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5357. printer (prin) .prn
  5358. systec (none)
  5359. t1000hx floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5360. printer (prin) .prn
  5361. t1000rl floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5362. printer (prin) .prn
  5363. t1000sl2 floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5364. printer (prin) .prn
  5365. t1000sx floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5366. printer (prin) .prn
  5367. t1000tl2 floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5368. printer (prin) .prn
  5369. t1000tx floppydisk (flop) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5370. printer (prin) .prn
  5371. t2000sx floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5372. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5373. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  5374. t9000 cassette (cass) .wav .k7
  5375. floppydisk1 (flop1) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5376. floppydisk2 (flop2) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5377. floppydisk3 (flop3) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5378. floppydisk4 (flop4) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5379. floppydisk5 (flop5) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5380. floppydisk6 (flop6) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5381. printer (prin) .prn
  5382. cartridge (cart) .m7 .rom
  5383. tactix (none)
  5384. tadpc200 printer (prin) .prn
  5385. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5386. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5387. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5388. tadpc20a printer (prin) .prn
  5389. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5390. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5391. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5392. taitons1 (none)
  5393. tama (none)
  5394. tandy102 printer (prin) .prn
  5395. cassette (cass) .wav
  5396. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5397. tandy12 (none)
  5398. tandy200 printer (prin) .prn
  5399. cassette (cass) .wav
  5400. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5401. tandy2k floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5402. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5403. printer (prin) .prn
  5404. tandy2khd floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5405. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5406. printer (prin) .prn
  5407. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  5408. tanodr64 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  5409. printer (prin) .prn
  5410. cartridge (cart) .ccc .rom
  5411. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5412. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dmk .jvc .dsk .vdk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5413. tb303 (none)
  5414. tbbympt3 cartridge (cart) .bin
  5415. tbreakup (none)
  5416. tc2048 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  5417. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  5418. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  5419. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5420. tc4 (none)
  5421. tcaveman (none)
  5422. tccombat (none)
  5423. tccosmos cartridge (cart) .bin
  5424. tdv2324 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5425. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5426. tec1 (none)
  5427. tecjmon cassette (cass) .wav
  5428. tecnbras (none)
  5429. tek4051 cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  5430. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin
  5431. tek4052a cartridge1 (cart1) .bin
  5432. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin
  5433. tek4107a (none)
  5434. tek4109a (none)
  5435. tekxp330 (none)
  5436. telefevr cartridge (cart) .bin
  5437. telngtcs quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  5438. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5439. telstrat printer (prin) .prn
  5440. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  5441. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5442. tempestm cartridge (cart) .bin
  5443. terak (none)
  5444. tesa6240 cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  5445. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5446. cartridge (cart) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  5447. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  5448. test410 (none)
  5449. test420 (none)
  5450. tg16 cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  5451. cartridge (cart) .pce .bin
  5452. ti1000 (none)
  5453. ti1250 (none)
  5454. ti125076 (none)
  5455. ti1270 (none)
  5456. ti30 (none)
  5457. ti630 (none)
  5458. ti73 (none)
  5459. ti74 cartridge (cart) .bin .rom .256
  5460. ti81 (none)
  5461. ti81v2 (none)
  5462. ti82 (none)
  5463. ti83 (none)
  5464. ti83p (none)
  5465. ti83pse (none)
  5466. ti84p (none)
  5467. ti84pse (none)
  5468. ti85 snapshot (dump) .sav
  5469. ti86 snapshot (dump) .sav
  5470. ti89 (none)
  5471. ti89t (none)
  5472. ti92 (none)
  5473. ti92p (none)
  5474. ti95 cartridge (cart) .bin .rom .256
  5475. ti990_10 harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  5476. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  5477. harddisk3 (hard3) .chd .hd
  5478. harddisk4 (hard4) .chd .hd
  5479. magtape1 (magt1) .tap
  5480. magtape2 (magt2) .tap
  5481. magtape3 (magt3) .tap
  5482. magtape4 (magt4) .tap
  5483. ti990_4 (none)
  5484. ti990_4v (none)
  5485. ti99_224 (none)
  5486. ti99_232 (none)
  5487. ti99_4 cartridge (cart) .rpk
  5488. cassette1 (cass1) .wav
  5489. cassette2 (cass2) .wav
  5490. ti99_4a cartridge (cart) .rpk
  5491. cassette1 (cass1) .wav
  5492. cassette2 (cass2) .wav
  5493. ti99_4ae cartridge (cart) .rpk
  5494. cassette1 (cass1) .wav
  5495. cassette2 (cass2) .wav
  5496. ti99_4e cartridge (cart) .rpk
  5497. cassette1 (cass1) .wav
  5498. cassette2 (cass2) .wav
  5499. ti99_4ev cartridge (cart) .rpk
  5500. cassette1 (cass1) .wav
  5501. cassette2 (cass2) .wav
  5502. ti99_4p cassette (cass) .wav
  5503. ti99_4qi cartridge (cart) .rpk
  5504. cassette1 (cass1) .wav
  5505. cassette2 (cass2) .wav
  5506. ti99_8 cartridge (cart) .rpk
  5507. cassette (cass) .wav
  5508. ti99_8e cartridge (cart) .rpk
  5509. cassette (cass) .wav
  5510. tibusan (none)
  5511. tiki100 harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  5512. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  5513. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5514. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5515. printer (prin) .prn
  5516. cassette (cass) .wav
  5517. tim011 floppydisk1 (flop1) .imd .mfi .mfm
  5518. floppydisk2 (flop2) .imd .mfi .mfm
  5519. floppydisk3 (flop3) .imd .mfi .mfm
  5520. floppydisk4 (flop4) .imd .mfi .mfm
  5521. tim100 (none)
  5522. tiprog (none)
  5523. tisr16 (none)
  5524. tisr16ii (none)
  5525. tk2000 cassette (cass) .wav
  5526. tk3000 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5527. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5528. cassette (cass) .wav
  5529. tk80 (none)
  5530. tk80bs (none)
  5531. tk85 cassette (cass) .wav .p .81
  5532. tk90x snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  5533. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  5534. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  5535. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5536. tk95 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  5537. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  5538. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  5539. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5540. tmc2000 quickload (quik) .bin
  5541. cassette (cass) .wav
  5542. tmc2000e cassette (cass) .wav
  5543. tmc600s2 printer (prin) .prn
  5544. cassette (cass) .wav
  5545. tmpacman (none)
  5546. tmscramb (none)
  5547. tmtennis (none)
  5548. tmtron (none)
  5549. tntell cartridge (cart) .vsm
  5550. tntellfr cartridge (cart) .vsm
  5551. tntellp cartridge (cart) .vsm
  5552. tntelluk cartridge (cart) .vsm
  5553. to7 cassette (cass) .wav .k7
  5554. floppydisk1 (flop1) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5555. floppydisk2 (flop2) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5556. floppydisk3 (flop3) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5557. floppydisk4 (flop4) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5558. floppydisk5 (flop5) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5559. floppydisk6 (flop6) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5560. printer (prin) .prn
  5561. cartridge (cart) .m7 .rom
  5562. to770 cassette (cass) .wav .k7
  5563. floppydisk1 (flop1) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5564. floppydisk2 (flop2) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5565. floppydisk3 (flop3) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5566. floppydisk4 (flop4) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5567. floppydisk5 (flop5) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5568. floppydisk6 (flop6) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5569. printer (prin) .prn
  5570. cartridge (cart) .m7 .rom
  5571. to770a cassette (cass) .wav .k7
  5572. floppydisk1 (flop1) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5573. floppydisk2 (flop2) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5574. floppydisk3 (flop3) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5575. floppydisk4 (flop4) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5576. floppydisk5 (flop5) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5577. floppydisk6 (flop6) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5578. printer (prin) .prn
  5579. cartridge (cart) .m7 .rom
  5580. to8 cassette (cass) .wav .k7
  5581. floppydisk1 (flop1) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5582. floppydisk2 (flop2) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5583. floppydisk3 (flop3) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5584. floppydisk4 (flop4) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5585. floppydisk5 (flop5) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5586. floppydisk6 (flop6) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5587. printer1 (prin1) .prn
  5588. cartridge (cart) .m7 .rom
  5589. printer2 (prin2) .prn
  5590. to8d cassette (cass) .wav .k7
  5591. floppydisk1 (flop1) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5592. floppydisk2 (flop2) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5593. floppydisk3 (flop3) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5594. floppydisk4 (flop4) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5595. floppydisk5 (flop5) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5596. floppydisk6 (flop6) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5597. printer1 (prin1) .prn
  5598. cartridge (cart) .m7 .rom
  5599. printer2 (prin2) .prn
  5600. to9 cassette (cass) .wav .k7
  5601. floppydisk1 (flop1) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5602. floppydisk2 (flop2) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5603. floppydisk3 (flop3) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5604. floppydisk4 (flop4) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5605. floppydisk5 (flop5) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5606. floppydisk6 (flop6) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5607. printer1 (prin1) .prn
  5608. cartridge (cart) .m7 .rom
  5609. printer2 (prin2) .prn
  5610. to9p cassette (cass) .wav .k7
  5611. floppydisk1 (flop1) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5612. floppydisk2 (flop2) .fd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5613. floppydisk3 (flop3) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5614. floppydisk4 (flop4) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5615. floppydisk5 (flop5) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5616. floppydisk6 (flop6) .fd .sap .qd .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5617. printer1 (prin1) .prn
  5618. cartridge (cart) .m7 .rom
  5619. printer2 (prin2) .prn
  5620. tonto cassette1 (cass1) .mdv
  5621. cassette2 (cass2) .mdv
  5622. cartridge (cart) .rom .bin
  5623. torchf cassette (cass) .wav .csw .uef
  5624. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  5625. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  5626. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  5627. cartridge4 (cart4) .bin .rom
  5628. printer (prin) .prn
  5629. floppydisk1 (flop1) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5630. floppydisk2 (flop2) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5631. torchh10 cassette (cass) .wav .csw .uef
  5632. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  5633. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  5634. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  5635. cartridge4 (cart4) .bin .rom
  5636. printer (prin) .prn
  5637. floppydisk (flop) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5638. torchh21 cassette (cass) .wav .csw .uef
  5639. cartridge1 (cart1) .bin .rom
  5640. cartridge2 (cart2) .bin .rom
  5641. cartridge3 (cart3) .bin .rom
  5642. cartridge4 (cart4) .bin .rom
  5643. printer (prin) .prn
  5644. floppydisk (flop) .bbc .img .ssd .dsd .fsd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5645. tpc310 printer (prin) .prn
  5646. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5647. cartridge (cart) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5648. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5649. tpp311 printer (prin) .prn
  5650. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5651. tps312 printer (prin) .prn
  5652. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5653. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5654. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5655. tr606 (none)
  5656. trakcvg cartridge (cart) .bin
  5657. tricep (none)
  5658. trs80 cassette (cass) .wav
  5659. trs80l2 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  5660. quickload (quik) .cmd
  5661. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5662. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5663. printer (prin) .prn
  5664. trs80m16 floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5665. printer (prin) .prn
  5666. trs80m2 floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5667. printer (prin) .prn
  5668. trs80m3 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  5669. quickload (quik) .cmd
  5670. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5671. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5672. printer (prin) .prn
  5673. trs80m4 cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  5674. quickload (quik) .cmd
  5675. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5676. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5677. printer (prin) .prn
  5678. trs80m4p cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  5679. quickload (quik) .cmd
  5680. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5681. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5682. printer (prin) .prn
  5683. trs80pc3 (none)
  5684. trsm100 printer (prin) .prn
  5685. cassette (cass) .wav
  5686. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5687. tryomvgc cartridge (cart) .bin
  5688. ts1000 cassette (cass) .wav .p .81
  5689. ts1500 cassette (cass) .wav .p .81
  5690. ts2068 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  5691. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  5692. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  5693. cartridge (cart) .dck .bin
  5694. ts802 floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5695. ts802h floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5696. ts803h floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5697. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5698. ts816 (none)
  5699. tt030 floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5700. printer (prin) .prn
  5701. midiin (min) .mid
  5702. midiout (mout) .mid
  5703. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5704. tt030_de floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5705. printer (prin) .prn
  5706. midiin (min) .mid
  5707. midiout (mout) .mid
  5708. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5709. tt030_fr floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5710. printer (prin) .prn
  5711. midiin (min) .mid
  5712. midiout (mout) .mid
  5713. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5714. tt030_pl floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5715. printer (prin) .prn
  5716. midiin (min) .mid
  5717. midiout (mout) .mid
  5718. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5719. tt030_uk floppydisk (flop) .st .msa .stx .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5720. printer (prin) .prn
  5721. midiin (min) .mid
  5722. midiout (mout) .mid
  5723. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5724. tunixha cartridge (cart) .bin
  5725. tutor printer (prin) .prn
  5726. cassette (cass) .wav
  5727. cartridge (cart) .bin
  5728. tv950 (none)
  5729. tvc4000 quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  5730. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5731. tvc64 printer (prin) .prn
  5732. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom .crt
  5733. cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  5734. quickload (quik) .cas
  5735. tvc64p printer (prin) .prn
  5736. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom .crt
  5737. cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  5738. quickload (quik) .cas
  5739. tvc64pru printer (prin) .prn
  5740. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom .crt
  5741. cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  5742. quickload (quik) .cas
  5743. tvg2000 cartridge (cart) .bin
  5744. tvgame (none)
  5745. tvlinkp cartridge (cart) .bin .ws .sv
  5746. tx0_64kw punchtape1 (ptap1) .tap .rim
  5747. punchtape2 (ptap2) .tap .rim
  5748. printer (prin) .typ
  5749. magtape (magt) .tap
  5750. tx0_8kw punchtape1 (ptap1) .tap .rim
  5751. punchtape2 (ptap2) .tap .rim
  5752. printer (prin) .typ
  5753. magtape (magt) .tap
  5754. tx8000 snapshot (dump) .vz
  5755. cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  5756. ufombs (none)
  5757. uk101 cassette (cass) .wav
  5758. uk2086 snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  5759. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  5760. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  5761. cartridge (cart) .dck .bin
  5762. uknc (none)
  5763. uniap2en floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5764. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5765. cassette (cass) .wav
  5766. uniap2pt floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5767. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5768. cassette (cass) .wav
  5769. uniap2ti floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5770. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .do .po .rti .edd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5771. cassette (cass) .wav
  5772. unichamp cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5773. unior (none)
  5774. unistar (none)
  5775. unitron floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5776. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5777. ut88 cassette (cass) .wav .rku
  5778. ut88mini cassette (cass) .wav .rku
  5779. utrn1024 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5780. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .img .image.dc .dc42 .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5781. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  5782. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  5783. uts20 (none)
  5784. uvc (none)
  5785. uvcfr (none)
  5786. uvcg (none)
  5787. uvcsp (none)
  5788. uzebox cartridge (cart) .bin .uze
  5789. v1050 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5790. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5791. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  5792. printer (prin) .prn
  5793. v200 (none)
  5794. v364 cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  5795. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5796. cartridge (cart) .rom .bin
  5797. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  5798. v6809 floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5799. van16 (none)
  5800. van32 (none)
  5801. vax785 floppydisk1 (flop1) .img .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5802. floppydisk2 (flop2) .img .fdi .td0 .imd .cqm .dsk .d77 .d88 .1dd
  5803. vboy cartridge (cart) .vb .bin
  5804. vbrc (none)
  5805. vc4000 quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  5806. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5807. vc6000 quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  5808. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5809. vcc (none)
  5810. vccfr (none)
  5811. vccg (none)
  5812. vccsp (none)
  5813. vcs80 (none)
  5814. vdmaster cartridge (cart) .bin
  5815. vec1200 cassette (cass) .wav
  5816. floppydisk1 (flop1) .fdd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5817. floppydisk2 (flop2) .fdd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5818. cartridge (cart) .bin .emr
  5819. vector06 cassette (cass) .wav
  5820. floppydisk1 (flop1) .fdd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5821. floppydisk2 (flop2) .fdd .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5822. cartridge (cart) .bin .emr
  5823. vector1 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5824. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5825. vector4 (none)
  5826. vectrex cartridge (cart) .bin .gam .vec
  5827. vesta cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5828. vfx midiin (min) .mid
  5829. midiout (mout) .mid
  5830. vfxsd midiin (min) .mid
  5831. midiout (mout) .mid
  5832. floppydisk (flop) .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5833. vg5k cassette (cass) .wav .k7
  5834. printer (prin) .prn
  5835. vg8000 printer (prin) .prn
  5836. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5837. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5838. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5839. vg8010 printer (prin) .prn
  5840. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5841. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5842. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5843. vg8010f printer (prin) .prn
  5844. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5845. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5846. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5847. vg802000 printer (prin) .prn
  5848. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5849. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5850. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5851. vg802020 printer (prin) .prn
  5852. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5853. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5854. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5855. vg8020f printer (prin) .prn
  5856. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5857. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5858. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5859. vg8230 printer (prin) .prn
  5860. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5861. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5862. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5863. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5864. vg8230j printer (prin) .prn
  5865. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5866. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5867. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5868. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5869. vg8235 printer (prin) .prn
  5870. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5871. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5872. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5873. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5874. vg8235f printer (prin) .prn
  5875. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5876. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5877. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5878. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5879. vg8240 printer (prin) .prn
  5880. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5881. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5882. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5883. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5884. vic10 cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  5885. cartridge (cart) .80 .e0
  5886. vic1001 cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  5887. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5888. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  5889. cartridge (cart) .20 .40 .60 .70 .a0 .b0 .crt
  5890. vic20 cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  5891. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5892. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  5893. cartridge (cart) .20 .40 .60 .70 .a0 .b0 .crt
  5894. vic20_se cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  5895. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5896. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  5897. cartridge (cart) .20 .40 .60 .70 .a0 .b0 .crt
  5898. vic20p cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  5899. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5900. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg
  5901. cartridge (cart) .20 .40 .60 .70 .a0 .b0 .crt
  5902. victhc90 printer (prin) .prn
  5903. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5904. cartridge (cart) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5905. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5906. victhc95 printer (prin) .prn
  5907. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5908. cartridge (cart) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5909. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5910. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5911. victhc95a printer (prin) .prn
  5912. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  5913. cartridge (cart) .mx1 .bin .rom
  5914. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5915. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5916. victor cassette (cass) .wav .k7 .cin .for
  5917. printer (prin) .prn
  5918. victor9k printer (prin) .prn
  5919. floppydisk1 (flop1) .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5920. floppydisk2 (flop2) .img .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5921. vidbrain cartridge (cart) .bin
  5922. videopac cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5923. vii cartridge (cart) .bin
  5924. vinvader (none)
  5925. vip quickload (quik) .bin .c8 .c8x
  5926. cassette (cass) .wav
  5927. vip64 cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  5928. floppydisk (flop) .d64 .g64 .g41 .g71 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5929. cartridge (cart) .80 .a0 .e0 .crt
  5930. quickload (quik) .p00 .prg .t64
  5931. visicom cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5932. visor (none)
  5933. vixen floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5934. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5935. vk100 (none)
  5936. vmdtbase quickload (quik) .pgm .tvc
  5937. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5938. vocaid (none)
  5939. votrpss (none)
  5940. votrtnt (none)
  5941. vp111 quickload (quik) .bin .c8 .c8x
  5942. cassette (cass) .wav
  5943. vsaturn cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  5944. cartridge (cart) .bin
  5945. vsc (none)
  5946. vscfr (none)
  5947. vscg (none)
  5948. vscsp (none)
  5949. vsmile cartridge (cart) .bin
  5950. vsmilef cartridge (cart) .bin
  5951. vsmilpro cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  5952. vt100 (none)
  5953. vt101 (none)
  5954. vt102 (none)
  5955. vt105 (none)
  5956. vt131 (none)
  5957. vt180 (none)
  5958. vt220 (none)
  5959. vt240 bitbngr (bitb) .
  5960. vt320 (none)
  5961. vt520 (none)
  5962. vta2000 (none)
  5963. vz200 snapshot (dump) .vz
  5964. cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  5965. vz2000 cassette (cass) .wav
  5966. printer (prin) .prn
  5967. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5968. vz200de snapshot (dump) .vz
  5969. cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  5970. vz300 snapshot (dump) .vz
  5971. cassette (cass) .wav .cas
  5972. wales210 (none)
  5973. walle (none)
  5974. wangpc floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5975. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  5976. printer (prin) .prn
  5977. wicat (none)
  5978. wildfire (none)
  5979. wizatron (none)
  5980. wizzard cassette (cass) .wav
  5981. printer (prin) .prn
  5982. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  5983. wmbullet floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5984. printer (prin) .prn
  5985. wmbulletf floppydisk (flop) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5986. printer (prin) .prn
  5987. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  5988. wmega cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  5989. wmegam2 cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  5990. wofch (none)
  5991. wscolor cartridge (cart) .ws .wsc .bin
  5992. wswan cartridge (cart) .ws .wsc .bin
  5993. x07 printer (prin) .prn
  5994. cartridge (cart) .rom .bin
  5995. cassette (cass) .wav .k7 .lst .cas
  5996. x1 floppydisk1 (flop1) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5997. floppydisk2 (flop2) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5998. floppydisk3 (flop3) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  5999. floppydisk4 (flop4) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6000. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  6001. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  6002. x168 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6003. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6004. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  6005. x1turbo floppydisk1 (flop1) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6006. floppydisk2 (flop2) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6007. floppydisk3 (flop3) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6008. floppydisk4 (flop4) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6009. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  6010. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  6011. x1turbo40 floppydisk1 (flop1) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6012. floppydisk2 (flop2) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6013. floppydisk3 (flop3) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6014. floppydisk4 (flop4) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6015. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  6016. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  6017. x1twin floppydisk1 (flop1) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6018. floppydisk2 (flop2) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6019. floppydisk3 (flop3) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6020. floppydisk4 (flop4) .2d .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6021. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  6022. cassette (cass) .wav .tap
  6023. x68000 floppydisk1 (flop1) .xdf .hdm .2hd .dim .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6024. floppydisk2 (flop2) .xdf .hdm .2hd .dim .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6025. floppydisk3 (flop3) .xdf .hdm .2hd .dim .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6026. floppydisk4 (flop4) .xdf .hdm .2hd .dim .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6027. sasihd (sasi) .hdf
  6028. x68030 floppydisk1 (flop1) .xdf .hdm .2hd .dim .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6029. floppydisk2 (flop2) .xdf .hdm .2hd .dim .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6030. floppydisk3 (flop3) .xdf .hdm .2hd .dim .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6031. floppydisk4 (flop4) .xdf .hdm .2hd .dim .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6032. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  6033. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  6034. harddisk3 (hard3) .chd .hd
  6035. harddisk4 (hard4) .chd .hd
  6036. harddisk5 (hard5) .chd .hd
  6037. harddisk6 (hard6) .chd .hd
  6038. harddisk7 (hard7) .chd .hd
  6039. x68ksupr floppydisk1 (flop1) .xdf .hdm .2hd .dim .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6040. floppydisk2 (flop2) .xdf .hdm .2hd .dim .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6041. floppydisk3 (flop3) .xdf .hdm .2hd .dim .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6042. floppydisk4 (flop4) .xdf .hdm .2hd .dim .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6043. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  6044. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  6045. harddisk3 (hard3) .chd .hd
  6046. harddisk4 (hard4) .chd .hd
  6047. harddisk5 (hard5) .chd .hd
  6048. harddisk6 (hard6) .chd .hd
  6049. harddisk7 (hard7) .chd .hd
  6050. x68kxvi floppydisk1 (flop1) .xdf .hdm .2hd .dim .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6051. floppydisk2 (flop2) .xdf .hdm .2hd .dim .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6052. floppydisk3 (flop3) .xdf .hdm .2hd .dim .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6053. floppydisk4 (flop4) .xdf .hdm .2hd .dim .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6054. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  6055. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  6056. harddisk3 (hard3) .chd .hd
  6057. harddisk4 (hard4) .chd .hd
  6058. harddisk5 (hard5) .chd .hd
  6059. harddisk6 (hard6) .chd .hd
  6060. harddisk7 (hard7) .chd .hd
  6061. x820 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6062. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6063. x820ii floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6064. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6065. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  6066. xb42639 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  6067. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  6068. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  6069. xb42639a floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  6070. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  6071. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  6072. xb42663 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  6073. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  6074. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  6075. printer (prin) .prn
  6076. xb42664 floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  6077. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  6078. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  6079. printer (prin) .prn
  6080. xb42664a floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  6081. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  6082. harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  6083. printer (prin) .prn
  6084. xbox harddisk (hard) .chd .hd
  6085. cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  6086. xegs floppydisk1 (flop1) .atr .dsk .xfd
  6087. floppydisk2 (flop2) .atr .dsk .xfd
  6088. floppydisk3 (flop3) .atr .dsk .xfd
  6089. floppydisk4 (flop4) .atr .dsk .xfd
  6090. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom .car
  6091. xeye cdrom (cdrm) .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr
  6092. xor100 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6093. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6094. printer (prin) .prn
  6095. xtvga floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  6096. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  6097. harddisk1 (hard1) .chd .hd
  6098. harddisk2 (hard2) .chd .hd
  6099. y503iiir printer (prin) .prn
  6100. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  6101. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6102. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6103. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  6104. y503iiire printer (prin) .prn
  6105. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  6106. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6107. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6108. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  6109. y503iir printer (prin) .prn
  6110. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  6111. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6112. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6113. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  6114. y503iir2 printer (prin) .prn
  6115. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  6116. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6117. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6118. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  6119. y805128 printer (prin) .prn
  6120. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  6121. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6122. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6123. cartridge60pin(cart60p) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6124. midiout (mout) .mid
  6125. midiin (min) .mid
  6126. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  6127. y805128r2 printer (prin) .prn
  6128. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  6129. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6130. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6131. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  6132. y805128r2e printer (prin) .prn
  6133. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  6134. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6135. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6136. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  6137. y805256 printer (prin) .prn
  6138. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  6139. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6140. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6141. cartridge60pin(cart60p) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6142. midiout (mout) .mid
  6143. midiin (min) .mid
  6144. floppydisk (flop) .dsk .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  6145. yc64 printer (prin) .prn
  6146. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  6147. cartridge (cart) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6148. yis303 printer (prin) .prn
  6149. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  6150. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6151. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6152. yis503 printer (prin) .prn
  6153. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  6154. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6155. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6156. yis503f printer (prin) .prn
  6157. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  6158. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6159. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6160. yis503ii printer (prin) .prn
  6161. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  6162. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6163. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6164. yis503m printer (prin) .prn
  6165. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  6166. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6167. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6168. cartridge60pin(cart60p) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6169. midiout (mout) .mid
  6170. midiin (min) .mid
  6171. yis604 printer (prin) .prn
  6172. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  6173. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6174. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6175. cartridge60pin(cart60p) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6176. midiout (mout) .mid
  6177. midiin (min) .mid
  6178. yis60464 printer (prin) .prn
  6179. cassette (cass) .wav .tap .cas
  6180. cartridge1 (cart1) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6181. cartridge2 (cart2) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6182. cartridge60pin(cart60p) .mx1 .bin .rom
  6183. midiout (mout) .mid
  6184. midiin (min) .mid
  6185. z100 floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6186. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6187. z1013 cassette (cass) .wav
  6188. snapshot (dump) .z80
  6189. z1013a2 cassette (cass) .wav
  6190. snapshot (dump) .z80
  6191. z1013k69 cassette (cass) .wav
  6192. snapshot (dump) .z80
  6193. z1013k76 cassette (cass) .wav
  6194. snapshot (dump) .z80
  6195. z1013s60 cassette (cass) .wav
  6196. snapshot (dump) .z80
  6197. z80dev (none)
  6198. z80ne cassette1 (cass1) .wav
  6199. cassette2 (cass2) .wav
  6200. z80net cassette1 (cass1) .wav
  6201. cassette2 (cass2) .wav
  6202. z80netb cassette1 (cass1) .wav
  6203. cassette2 (cass2) .wav
  6204. z80netf cassette1 (cass1) .wav
  6205. cassette2 (cass2) .wav
  6206. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6207. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dmk .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6208. z88 cartridge1 (cart1) .epr .bin
  6209. cartridge2 (cart2) .epr .bin
  6210. cartridge3 (cart3) .epr .bin
  6211. z88ch cartridge1 (cart1) .epr .bin
  6212. cartridge2 (cart2) .epr .bin
  6213. cartridge3 (cart3) .epr .bin
  6214. z88de cartridge1 (cart1) .epr .bin
  6215. cartridge2 (cart2) .epr .bin
  6216. cartridge3 (cart3) .epr .bin
  6217. z88dk cartridge1 (cart1) .epr .bin
  6218. cartridge2 (cart2) .epr .bin
  6219. cartridge3 (cart3) .epr .bin
  6220. z88es cartridge1 (cart1) .epr .bin
  6221. cartridge2 (cart2) .epr .bin
  6222. cartridge3 (cart3) .epr .bin
  6223. z88fi cartridge1 (cart1) .epr .bin
  6224. cartridge2 (cart2) .epr .bin
  6225. cartridge3 (cart3) .epr .bin
  6226. z88fr cartridge1 (cart1) .epr .bin
  6227. cartridge2 (cart2) .epr .bin
  6228. cartridge3 (cart3) .epr .bin
  6229. z88it cartridge1 (cart1) .epr .bin
  6230. cartridge2 (cart2) .epr .bin
  6231. cartridge3 (cart3) .epr .bin
  6232. z88no cartridge1 (cart1) .epr .bin
  6233. cartridge2 (cart2) .epr .bin
  6234. cartridge3 (cart3) .epr .bin
  6235. z88se cartridge1 (cart1) .epr .bin
  6236. cartridge2 (cart2) .epr .bin
  6237. cartridge3 (cart3) .epr .bin
  6238. z88tr cartridge1 (cart1) .epr .bin
  6239. cartridge2 (cart2) .epr .bin
  6240. cartridge3 (cart3) .epr .bin
  6241. z9001 cassette (cass) .wav
  6242. zackman (none)
  6243. zapcomp (none)
  6244. zdsupers cassette (cass) .wav
  6245. floppydisk1 (flop1) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  6246. floppydisk2 (flop2) .dsk .ima .img .ufi .360 .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi
  6247. printer (prin) .prn
  6248. zexall (none)
  6249. zodiac (none)
  6250. zorba floppydisk1 (flop1) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6251. floppydisk2 (flop2) .d77 .d88 .1dd .dfi .imd .ipf .mfi .mfm .td0 .cqm .cqi .dsk
  6252. zrt80 (none)
  6253. zsbc3 (none)
  6254. zsl5500 (none)
  6255. zsl5600 (none)
  6256. zslc1000 (none)
  6257. zslc3000 (none)
  6258. zslc750 (none)
  6259. zslc760 (none)
  6260. zvezda snapshot (dump) .ach .frz .plusd.prg .sem .sit .sna .snp .snx .sp .z80 .zx
  6261. quickload (quik) .raw .scr
  6262. cassette (cass) .wav .tzx .tap .blk
  6263. cartridge (cart) .bin .rom
  6264. zx80 cassette (cass) .wav .o .80
  6265. zx81 cassette (cass) .wav .p .81
  6266. zx97 cassette (cass) .wav .p .81
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