Get Cutter get Butter 6(NSFW)

Jul 21st, 2016
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  1. >"Fuck it. Let's do it ladies."
  2. >You watched as Anon's hands teased Twilight's back by kneading the sensitive muscles around her wings
  3. >For a few moments you just marveled at his hands
  4. >There were so wonderfully adaptive you've noticed
  5. >One moment they had the strength to rip signs out of the ground and bend metal we if it were clay and the next they could tease the most sensitive parts of a mare with no trouble at all
  6. >"O-Oh my goodness," Twilight murmured, her wings twitching
  7. >Anonymous was rubbing the small of her back with his thumbs now
  8. >As he was doing that his pointer and middle fingers were lightly tracing where Twilight's wings met her back
  9. >You couldn't help but feel a pang of pity as poor mare's hips bucks
  10. >Anonymous was really going to drive the poor dear insane, as he had with you
  11. >But unlike you, who had... experience in the art of lovemaking, you feared that Twilight was an unabashed novice in the act of intimacy
  12. >That and those wings of her's were new additions, so even if she was somewhat versed in sex there was no way that she had ever felt what Anonymous was doing to her...
  13. >You continued to watch as your friend's wings opened to full extension with each light touch and tickle
  14. >These were not the wings of a pegasus, you realized, giving both appendages a once over
  15. >The bone that ran up the both wings looked thicker than that of a pegasus, the feathers were wider and longer
  16. >Though Twilight wasn't much of a flyer-- being a unicorn for nearly all of her life had made her prefer walking to flying-- there was very real definition in her back
  17. >Her flight muscles were thick, corded muscle, and the only pony that you knew who's back could rival hers was Rainbow Dash and maybe a few of the Wonderbolts
  18. >They were powerful wings, commanding wings
  19. >They were the wings of an alicorn
  20. >And Anonymous was using them to turn your dear, dear friend into a blubbering, red-faced mess
  21. >The poor dear wasn't ready for something like this
  22. >...
  24. >Then again, though you could boast having relations with a number of stallions, you had never had anypony suckle on your horn as Anonymous just had...
  25. >And after that was all said and done you had ended up in perfect condition
  26. >...Mostly
  27. "Anonymous?"
  28. >The human, who was looking down at Twilight to judge her reaction to his ministrations, looked over at you
  29. >There was strength in those bright green eyes
  30. >Strength that went far beyond his gigantic frame and otherworldly strength
  31. >It felt as though you were looking up at some grand monument, or even a mountain
  32. >It was a quiet strength
  33. >Quiet but undeniable
  34. >You felt small underneath it
  35. >Small yet not at all insignificant
  36. "Though I'm sure that Twilight very much appreciates you concentrating your efforts solely on her back--"
  37. >Twilight let out a groan, her legs twitching as he touched a particularly sensitive area
  38. "--I have heard that a pegasus also enjoys when another touches the wings themselves. Just food for thought, dear."
  39. >Anonymous raised an eyebrow thoughtfully
  40. >You watched as one of his fingers traced up the joint on Twilight's wing, and up the series of bones that held the wing together
  41. >Though even his arm wasn't quite long enough to reach the wingtip you could clearly see that Twilight was beginning to shake
  42. >"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh," she whispered over and over and over again. "Oh sweet Celestia, oh sweet Celestia, oh sweet Celestia..."
  43. >Her tail flicked out of the way, allowing you to see the treasure underneath
  44. >Twilight's marehood was glistening in the sunlight, and each time she rose and lowered her hips you could see her lips twitch and spasm
  45. >Your nostrils flared, taking in not only yours and Anonymous's scent but now Twilight's as well
  46. >The alicorn groaned again as Anonymous ran his fingers through her feathers
  47. >Her hips bucked again with greater force, giving you a view of her erect teats
  49. >It was, you'll admit, an alluring sight
  50. >Possibly even a sight to salivate over
  51. >You might have even continued to sit there for many more minutes, watching one of your best friends be pleasured by this bull of a stallion, when a whimper from your right made you turn your head
  52. >"U-Um, Rarity?"
  53. >You had never seen Pinkie Pie in such a state
  54. >The party pony's mane, which was unruly on a good day, looked positively atrocious, sticking out every which way
  55. >A thin sheen of sweat also covered the mare from the tips of her ears to the bottoms of her hooves
  56. >There was also a hunger in Pinkie's eyes
  57. >No, not a hunger; A need
  58. >A desperate, burning need that had her body tense and her expression wild
  59. >A need that you also found yourself feeling
  60. "Did you need something, Pinkie dear?" you asked, trying to bite back a smile
  61. >A whine escaped the earth pony's throat, her tail slapping against the dirt
  62. >Her eyes darted to Anonymous's cock before snapping back to your face
  63. >"C-Can we..."
  64. >You smiled
  65. "Of course dear, if you want we can--"
  66. >Before you could finish your sentence Pinkie sprang forward, grabbing the ball bra that Anonymous still wore and ripping it off with her teeth
  67. >The human's orbs, no longer supported, flopped down onto Pinkie's muzzle, much to her delight
  68. >Anon twitched, muscles tensing, as Pinkie let out a happy groan
  69. >You found yourself smiling at the sight, before your eyes wandered toward Anonymous's cock
  70. >The sleeve looked even tighter now that you were as close as you were
  71. >No doubt it felt uncomfortable; why, it could be even cutting off Anonymous's blood flow!
  72. >Something like that wouldn't do!
  73. >It wouldn't do at all!
  74. >In fact you wouldn't allow it!
  75. >As Pinkie busied herself with Anonymous's balls, lapping and sucking the orbs into her mouth as her nostrils flared, you gently pushed the pony party away a bit so that you could too reach your prize
  76. >Your horn glowed as you leaned down and nuzzled the human's length
  77. >Your musk was most powerful here
  79. >Your juices had stained the sleeve, soaking Anon's cock
  80. >Long after this whole mess was finished your stink would still be on him
  81. >Every mare would know that you had taken him if the wind so much as picked up
  82. >Your stench was so powerful that even if he hid himself underneath those clothes of his they would still know...
  83. "Hmm~"
  84. >You tugged on the sleeve as gently as you could, trying to slip it off
  85. >But the fabric would not budge
  86. >Your tail flicked in frustration as you began to tug a little more firmly, not wishing to destroy what you had spent so much time working on
  87. >It would be a waste, and this sleeve was a thing of beauty
  88. >Anonymous grunted as you tugged on it just a little bit harder
  89. "Come on now... Stop being so difficult," you murmured. "If you would just... move at least a little... buck it."
  90. >With a burst of magic you tore the sleeve apart, and with a flick of your horn the fabric was tossed away
  91. >...
  92. >To be perfectly frank you did not care all that much for that sleeve
  93. >You could whip up another one just like it in the span of twenty minutes
  94. >And since you had so uncouthly RUINED Anonymous's sleeve you would make him another one of course
  95. >Though you were going to make sure to get proper measurements the next time~
  96. >But that would have to be set aside for another day
  97. >At that moment you had other engagements...
  98. "There we are~" you cooed, drinking in the sight of Anon's naked, half-erect manhood
  99. >The human was, slowly but surely, getting hard , what with Twilight groaning and grinding in his lap and Pinkie pleasuring below
  100. >But not fast enough
  101. >Not nearly fast enough
  102. >You licked your lips, looking up at Anon's face
  103. >The human's eyes were closed as he pressed Twilight against his chest
  104. >You could see that he was running both of his hands along the alicorn's left wing
  105. >His fingers grazed each feather, tugging and shifting and pressing
  106. >Your eyes snapped to Twilight's right wing
  107. >It looked immaculate, you realized
  109. >There wasn't a single feather out of place, and not a single of of them were loose or broken
  110. >There was a pile of feathers sitting next to him you noticed
  111. >"A-Anon," Twilight whispered, rubbing his sides with her hooves. "A-AnON!"
  112. >She tensed as Anonymous pulled a feather free and let it fall into the pile
  113. >Her hips bucked as she let out a whimper, rubbing her cheek against the human's neck
  114. >Anonymous's body shifted as he leaned down slightly to nuzzle the alicorn back
  115. >Twilight's breathing hitched as he then tugged at another cluster of feathers
  116. >"H-Holy horse apples..."
  117. >Your friend looked up at the big human
  118. >She reached up, shaking like a leaf, and wrapped her hooves around his neck
  119. >A whimper escaped her throat as she tried to pull Anonymous downward
  120. >Anonymous, twitching again as Pinkie let out a moan underneath you, allowed her to pull him downward until their foreheads were touching
  121. >Aw...
  122. >They were looking in each other's eyes
  123. >And were they?...
  124. >A different sort of warmth filled your chest as Twilight pressed her lips against Anon's
  125. >From what you could tell there was no tongue in play; it was simply a heavy yet chastised kiss
  126. >But even so you were prouder than the spoken word could describe
  127. >...
  128. >Your nostrils flared once more as Twilight moaned into Anonymous's mouth
  129. >That moment, that delicate, lovely, wonderful thing was broken in an instant
  130. >Now it was time to make an altogether different moment...
  131. >You began to tease the head of Anonymous's stallionhood with precise, loving licks
  132. >You took your time, savoring the taste of both him and you until his cockhead glistened with your spit
  133. >Not giving the human time to get acclimated, you then ran your tongue from his tip down to his base
  134. >Lapping at the area where his stiffening member met his groin for a few moments you then began to pull back, letting your tongue do it's work
  136. >Your wet muscle traced every vein, every curve, wettening every inch of him
  137. >Halfway up his length you started to kiss and suckle at him, pairing your lips with your tongue
  138. "Hmm~"
  139. >On either side of you the muscles on Anonymous's legs rippled as he tensed, letting out a groan that you could feel in your chest
  140. >His cock twitched, wetly slapping you on the chin
  141. "Easy now, darling," you murmured, taking another deep, deep breath as you planted a kiss on a particularly bulging vein. "We're almost there. Just a little longer~"
  142. >Anonymous's musk was nearly drowning you now, making it very hard to keep your slow, methodical pace
  143. >It was making your thoughts hazy and the heat between your legs unbearable
  144. >Your heart fluttered as you felt his length hit the side of your jaw
  145. >He was very nearly there
  146. >Just a little more work and you'd be able to see him in all of his stunning glory
  147. >Pace yourself, Rarity old girl
  148. >You were positive that you'll be happy with the end result
  149. >VERY happy
  150. >With that thought in mind you continued to pull back, making sure that every inch of Anonymous was well taken care of and looked after
  151. >As you neared his tip it felt as though his stallionhood was getting hotter and hotter
  152. >Each needy throb became more powerful and each twitch became more pulsating
  153. >Your chin and jaw were wet with a mixture of your spit and Anonymous's cum, and the smell was threatening to overwhelm you
  154. >Just a little longer...
  155. >Surely there was only an inch or two left...
  156. >Anonymous twitched again, and you couldn't help but jump as his cockhead reared up and slapped you on the nose
  157. "Oh! Hello there," you said with a giggle, looking down at the weeping, bulging, fat mushroom-like head that was dangerously close to your mouth
  158. >Anonymous's cock twitched again, dragging up the side of your face and staining your cheek with a delightful amount of precum
  159. >You cooed at the sensation, letting your tongue once again slip out to clean the cockhead of the offending substance
  161. >The second that your taste buds registered the cum, your eyes widened
  162. >Never before had you tasted something like this!
  163. >The bouquet of flavors!
  164. >Salty, slightly sweet, tangy, and slightly bitter!
  165. >Oh Celestia above!
  166. "Hmmm~"
  167. >A delightful shiver ran through your body as you took the final half-step back, letting Anonymous's member stand on its own accord
  168. >Twilight, who appeared to be lost in her own little world, twitched as it arched upward with enough force to smack her on the backside with a meaty slap
  169. >"DFvkdjfbdkj!" the bookworm... said(?) her stiff wings flapping
  170. >Pinkie, who had been busying herself with Anonymous's balls, stopped her tongue-bathing
  171. >The part pony's eyes were wide as she lifted herself up so that she was sitting wither-to-wither with you
  172. >Both of you just staring
  173. "Oh my goodness," you muttered with an excited flick of the tail
  174. >Not breaking eye contact with Anonymous's length, Pinkie leaned over toward you, licking your cheek, jaw, and neck clean of Anon's substance and your saliva
  175. >"Wowie zowie, just LOOK at that thing!" she said, her eyes gleaming as she licked her lips
  176. >You turned your head away slightly, giving Pinkie better access to the cum on your face
  177. >Pinkie, with a happy coo, continued to clean you as you gazed upon the thing before you
  178. "Wowie zowie indeed, Pinkie dear..." you breathed, wiggling as you took another deep, savoring breath
  179. >Your horn glowed
  180. >Anonymous, who had once again focused all of his attention on the muscles in Twilight's back, much to the mare's delight, went stiff as your blue aura encased his length
  181. >With a thought you lowered his cock so that it was resting against your face
  182. >It was long enough for the tip to be touching your horn
  183. >It was thick enough that it felt like half of your face could be hidden behind it
  184. >The heat of the thing nearly burned your skin as it mightily pulsed
  185. >You licked your lips, quietly thanking the being that had led you to such a FINE specimen
  186. >A fine, LARGE specimen...
  188. "Pinkie dear, I believe that I shall need help in conquering such a beast," you said, planting a loving kiss on the underside of Anonymous's cock. "Why don--"
  189. >Though you couldn't see it, Twilight's hips slapped against Anonymous's stomach loudly enough that the sound nearly made your ears ring
  190. >"Oh my gosh!" the alicorn muttered, her wings quivering. "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh..."
  191. >Her breathing became even more ragged and her eyelids shut tightly
  192. >From horn to hooves, Twilight's body began to tense as her bucks became desperate and furious
  193. >"OhmygoshohmygoshohmygoshGONNACUM!"
  194. >Twilight's wings, the beautiful, strong, majestic wings of an alicorn, spread to their utmost length
  195. >Her grip around Anonymous's neck tightened as she buried her muzzle into the human's neck
  196. >Anonymous, ever the gentle stallion, nuzzled her neck, giving it a kiss as he gave her wing joints one last squeeze
  197. >Twilight's eyes shot open and, throwing back her head, she screamed
  199. >A giggle escaped your throat as your friend came crashing into the finish line, soaking Anonymous's lap, legs, and groin
  200. >You, of course, began to clean the alicorn's cum as best as you could from the position that you were in, savoring the musk, your's and Twilight's cum, and Anonymous's sweat
  201. "Yes~ There we go... Give her a finish that she will think about for some time to come, Anonymous dear~"
  202. >Anon continued to tease the princess's back muscles as she rode out her orgasm
  203. >There was a warmth in that smiling face of his as he nuzzled and kissed her neck
  204. >Such tenderness...
  205. >It was a side of Anonymous that you had never seen before
  206. >You hadn't even considered that he could be this gentle...
  207. >...
  208. >But, now that you witnessed it with your own eyes-- well... you were a bit preoccupied, but you were sure that Pinkie had been able to see it in its entirety-- you could say that, without a shadow of a doubt, that you enjoyed seeing this side of him
  210. >Hopefully you'd be seeing this side of him more often...
  211. >Twilight's furious, needy bucks and grinds began to slow as she came to the tail end of her orgasm
  212. >Before long she was just rubbing her overly sensitive rump side-to-side in Anon's lap, her head still resting on the human's shoulders
  213. >She was breathing as if she had just finished a marathon, she was sweaty, and you were positive that she was grinning from ear to ear
  214. >"That wasn't... like they said... in the books..." you could hear her say, even as you ran your tongue up Anon's length
  215. >From above you, you could hear a chuckle escape the human's throat
  216. >"Still pretty good though?" he asked, pushing a lock of mane out of her face
  217. >Taking a few ragged breaths, Twilight tiredly nodded
  218. >"It was... fantastic," she said, hissing as Anon's fingers ran around her wing joints. "Oh sweet... Celestia, I can't... feel my... legs..."
  219. >A shiver ran through your body once more
  220. >Though a gentlemare you may be you believed that it was time to properly taste this stallion in front of you
  221. >No...
  222. >You were POSITIVE
  223. >No more teasing
  224. >It was time to REALLY enjoy yourself~
  225. >You pulled lifted Anon's length away from your face, licking your lips clean
  226. "Pinkie?"
  227. >You smiled as you felt your pink friend's tongue on your cheek
  228. >You watched as Anonymous's eyes snapped down to the two of you
  229. >Now that he had finished with Twilight-- for the moment at least-- he could now afford to turn his attention to you
  230. >He would see every lick, every kiss, every single thing that you and Pinkie decided to do to him
  231. >You grinned as you leaned toward Pinkie
  232. >Anon's eyes widened as her tongue brushed against your lips
  233. >His cock twitched in your magic
  234. >Yes~
  235. >You had this big stallion nice and ready now...
  237. "Pinkie, whilst I appreciate the cleaning I believe that we have Anonymous to see to do we not?"
  238. >Giving your jaw another lick, Pinkie looked up at Anon
  239. >You could see the corners of her lips turn upwards when she saw his expression
  240. >"Oopsie," she purred, leaning over to nuzzle your cheek. "Sorry about that, Nonny."
  241. >Her blue eyes traveled up and down Anonymous's length as she lightly kissed the corner of your mouth
  242. >"Your party cannon's all ready and nopony's been trying to get it to fire~"
  243. >As one, both you and Pinkie leaned forward, with your mouths slightly parted
  244. >Anonymous's cock jumped again, and you could see a small spurt of precum fire from his tip and land some ways down his length
  245. >Not able to help yourself, you darted forward, cleaning him once more
  246. >Anonymous sucked in a lungful of air through his teeth as Pinkie let out a playful cry
  247. >"Hey! No fair!" she said, a playful look in her eye as she lightly shoved you. "I wanted a taste!"
  248. >Your eyes snapped up to Anonymous, who was staring down at you with an unyielding intensity
  249. >You opened your mouth, making it a point to show him that you still had his little present on the tip of your tongue
  250. >His cock jumped again as Pinkie, with one of her patented giggle-snorts, grabbed you by the back of your head and pulled you into a kiss
  251. >Her tongue, overly large even for an earth pony, immediately found yours
  252. >The two of you groaned as you shared Anonymous's cum like the good little mares that you were, your tongues battling and teasing and playing with each others
  253. >Pinkie, as you found out, was an aggressive kisser
  254. >Her tongue immediately invaded your mouth and explored every inch that you had to offer
  255. >No matter what you did, no matter what tricks that you tried, you couldn't force your way into her mouth
  256. >Her tongue was too strong, her technique was too expansive
  258. >She had you beaten in every aspect of the word
  259. >While such domination might have put you off even you had to admit that never before had such a nimble and experienced tongue been in your mouth before
  260. >It felt good, wonderful even, and you couldn't help but deepen the kiss as you let out another moan
  261. >You didn't find it all that surprising that Pinkamena was an excellent kisser
  262. >A mare like her, who could talk a mile a minute without breaking a sweat, almost seemed destined to be gifted in the department
  263. >Anonymous, on the other hoof, seemed absolutely floored
  264. >His cock jumped again as he squirmed in his seat, watching as you let Pinkie lead the kiss
  265. >To tease the dear a little more you began to moan into Pinkie's mouth every few seconds, closing your eyes as that ever-mounting warmth in between your legs made your body tingle
  266. >For what felt like minutes the two of you held the kiss, groaning and moaning and just putting on a show, when Pinkie suddenly broken it
  267. >Gulping air, she giggled
  268. >"Wowie..." she said, a bit of red tinting her cheeks
  269. >Though you'd like to think that you were a little more composed even you found yourself breathing hard and blushing
  270. "Wow indeed..."
  271. >The two of you turned away from each other to look up at Anonymous
  272. >To your pleasant surprise he appeared to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown
  273. >His eyes were as wide as you've ever seen them, there was a sweat dripping down his face and neck and chest, and that delicious nectar of his was flowing freely from his tip
  274. >Smiles came to both yours and Pinkie's faces as you looked at each other out of the corner of your eyes
  275. >He looked ready
  276. >More than ready in fact...
  277. >Still smiling, you leaned forward until your muzzle was pressed against Anonymous's cock
  278. >Pinkie, not one to be left out when there was fun to be had, leaned forward with you
  279. >With some careful moving the two of you found yourself cheek-to-cheek once more, with Anonymous's cock resting in between the two of you
  281. "Just lay back and enjoy yourself, dear," you said, your nostrils flaring
  282. >A spurt of cum landed on Pinkie's cheek as she dragged her tongue his length
  283. >"Yeah," she said with a hungry giggle. "Just sit back and let aunt Pinkie and Rarity make you feel good~"
  284. >Her tongue darted out of her mouth again, licking the side of Anonymous's cock
  285. >You pressed your lips against his tip
  286. "Mwah."
  287. >Pinkie teased his base with her tongue as you traced another vein
  288. "Mwah."
  289. >Anonymous's cock pulsed as he bite his lip
  290. >Your ears perked up as you gave his length a lick
  291. >You wanted to hear him moan, wanted to hear him gasp, make any sounds really
  292. >Just like he had before when you had caught him unawares
  293. >But the big stallion sitting before you was a fighter
  294. >He wasn't going to moan like a whore over a little tongue play
  295. >Both you and Pinkie were going to have step it up a little...
  296. "Mwah."
  297. >Planting another loving kiss upon this mouth-watering length, you began to make your way southward as Pinkie made her way northward
  298. >Both of your paces were slow as you savored every inch of Anonymous
  299. >His taste, his texture, his musk, both of you basked in its glory to the fullest extent
  300. >Your cheeks brushed against each other as you two met in the middle
  301. >Tongues slide past and caressed each other as you both tried to lap up more of the human's cum
  302. >Out of the corner of your eye you could see see Anonymous's face contort cutely as he gritted his teeth
  303. >He was oh so close...
  304. >Just a little more...
  305. >If your tongue moved in just the right way you would hear a moan come out of that throat of his...
  306. >Continuing downward until your lips were pressed against the space where his sack met his length
  307. >Sucking in a lungful of air you began to hum
  308. >As you did that Pinkie made her way to his tip and began to put that long, powerful precise tongue of her's to work
  310. >It swirled around his no doubt sensitive head, collecting the precious cum that had collected there, as she leaned forward, her mouth opening wide
  311. "Hmmmmm~"
  312. >You kissed each of his orbs, humming all the while
  313. >You could nearly feel the cum churning in those balls of his
  314. >Anonymous didn't seem to be a stallion that... relieved himself often
  315. >In fact, you wouldn't be all that surprised if it had been a month or more since he had spilled his seed
  316. "Hmmm~"
  317. >Pinkie, with a hum of her own, wrapped her lips around the human's crown
  318. >Her cheeks concaved as she began to suck
  319. >Another barely contained groan escaped Anonymous's mouth
  320. >His hips gently bucked at the stimulation
  321. >"F-Fucking..."
  322. >Pinkie was staring into his eyes as she sucked on his cockhead and continued to suckle upon it
  323. >She smiled through her mouthful, giving him a wink as her tongue began to tease his urethra
  324. >Another buck, another gasp
  325. >You were almost there...
  326. >Just a little more and Anonymous would be SINGING for you...
  327. >You pulled one of his balls into your mouth, gently sucking for a few moments, before moving to the other
  328. >Anonymous's legs twitched as you continued to switch back and forth
  329. >You relished his taste, sucking and licking with more and more fervor as minutes passed
  330. >Pinkie, with another playful wink, began to lower herself on his length before pulling back and taking even more
  331. >Such a monster might have been too much for most ponies, but Pinkie Pie seemed to take him with ease
  332. >"Gluk, gulk, gulk, gulk~"
  333. >She swallowed inch after inch of him with little effort, her lips rubbing against his sensitive flesh as her tongue twirled about
  334. >The beginnings of a groan escaped Anonymous's lips
  335. >The wondrous sound was however cut short as as he snapped his mouth shut with enough force that you could clearly hear his teeth hitting together
  337. >You frowned even as you popped a ball into your mouth
  338. >No, no, no!
  339. >That simply won't do!
  340. >It wouldn't do at all!
  341. >Quietly huffing, you left a parting kiss on each testicle before you pulled away from Anonymous's sack
  342. >Planting a few more kisses up his length, you nuzzled Pinkie's cheek
  343. >The party pony, at this point, was swallowing half of his length with each bob, her eyes hazy and half-lidded
  344. >You could see her tongue teasing the edges of her lips as she took even more of him
  345. >She held herself there, groaning through her mouthful as she began swallowing
  346. >"Ulp, ulp, ulp, ulp~"
  347. >Anonymous's eyes crossed, and to your delight, you finally heard a groan escape his lips
  348. >His grip on Twilight, who appeared to be asleep now that you had gotten a look at her, tightened as you smiled
  349. >You nuzzled Pinkie's cheek again, reaching up and running your hoof through her mane
  350. "I believe that he likes that, Pinkamena," you cooed, beaming as the human's head rolled. "Oh look at the faces he's making. So precious~"
  351. >You continued to play with your friend's mane as she pulled back from Anonymous's length with a pop
  352. >Face and chin coated in spit and cum, you saw a shiver run through her body even as she gulped in air
  353. >"Whoo... That's gonna... be a toughie..." she said, booping Anonymous's twitching length with her nose. "Gonna be... hard to get... all the way... down..."
  354. >The human groaned again, his hips bucking into the open air, causing his cock to lewdly slap against Twilight's rump
  355. "Shush, shush, shush," you murmured, reaching out and grabbing his length and pulling it back toward you. "It's alright dear. Rarity's here. Your mare is here~"
  356. >Leaning forward, you pressed your lips against his tip
  357. >You could taste his cum, you could taste Pinkie's spit, you could even still taste Twilight's cum
  358. >And it was marvelous
  359. "Hmmm~"
  361. >Opening your mouth and took the first inch of him into you
  362. >You could feel him twitch in your mouth as he groaned again, a spurt of cum coating your tongue as you used it to tickle his tip
  363. >"Yeah, just like that Rarity," Pinkie cooed, nuzzling your cheek
  364. >Her hoof found it's way atop your head, pushing you further down his length
  365. >"Make sure to use your tongue a lot," she murmured in your ear, even as you groaned around the human's cock. "He really likes that~"
  366. >While you would have liked to say that your pace was as slow and measured as Pinkamena's had been that would have been a lie
  367. >The second that you felt his warm, pulsating cock in your mouth, spreading your jaw and filling you, you couldn't help yourself
  368. >A groan escaped your lips as you quickly swallowed another few inches of him, pulled back, and swallowed even more
  369. "Gulk, gulk, gulk~"
  370. >You placed your hooves on Anonymous's legs to give yourself better leverage as you forced another inch into your hungry mouth
  371. >You wanted to feel him fill you up completely
  372. >You wanted to feel him twitch, expand
  373. >You--
  374. "Gurh!"
  375. >You gagged as his tip hit the back of your throat with a little more force than you were expecting
  376. >Eyes widening, you attempted to pull back, only for Pinkie to force your down
  377. >"Come on, Rarity," she said, forcing your head to bob a few times as you continued to gag. "I know that Nonny's willy is a big'un but that doesn't mean that you could give up!"
  378. "Ulp!"
  379. >Anonymous's toes curled as, with tears in your eyes, you forced yourself to stay down
  380. "Gurh! gurh! Ulp, ulp, ulp!"
  381. >Anon's tip hit the back of your throat once more, then again, then again
  382. >And again, and again, and again, and again, and again
  383. >"Come on. Get it in that throat. I Wanna see the look on Nonny's face when you do it~"
  384. >Mascara, which you had spend twenty minutes putting on this morning, ran freely down your cheeks as you finally swallowed, forcing Anonymous's tip into your mouth
  386. >Your lungs were burning and you felt lightheaded
  387. >If this were to continue there was a very good chance that Pinkie would be using your unconscious form to throatfuck the human
  388. >You groaned loudly at the thought, wiggling as best as you could as the heat in between your legs made your hips buck
  389. >From above you could hear Pinkie coo
  390. >"Hehe, I can see it, Rarity," she said, tapping your throat
  391. >Anon groaned, bucking his hips and forcing even more of his maleness down your gullet
  392. >Your eyes crossed at the rough treatment, and it was only through a miracle that you didn't cum
  393. >He was in your throat and you could STILL see that he had a few inches to spare
  394. >If you were to swallow all of it you had a feeling that his tip would be tickling the bottom of your throat...
  395. >Your back legs clutches as you groaned, your tongue lazily lapping at the underside of his cock
  396. "Ulg, ulg, ulg, umhumhummmm~"
  397. >Finally, after giving you one last nuzzle, Pinkie allowed your to pull back
  398. >Well, more accurately, she yanked you off of him
  400. >You gasped, blinking away tears as your shaking body pulled in as much oxygen as it could as Pinkie smoothly swallowed two-thirds of Anonymous's stallionhood
  401. >"Fucking... shit," he groaned, his knees tapping Pinkie's withers. "Pissing.... F-Fuck..."
  402. >Coughing, you wiped the tears out of your eyes
  403. >That wasn't a very nice thing that Pinkie had just done...
  404. >FORCING all of that cock into your throat...
  405. "U-Use that tongue, darling," you rasped, wiping the cum and the spit from your cheeks and chin as best as you could. "Use that tongue..."
  406. >As Pinkie continued to bob her head you placed both of your hooves on the back of her head, coating her mane with the filth that you had accumulated on them
  407. >Whilst she rose up, no doubt so that she could get a breath, you pressed as much of your weight upon her as you could
  408. >Pinkie's eyes widened comically as she swallowed Anonymous's entire member
  409. >"Uerlk! Hukmrk! Ulp!"
  411. >Grinning, you pressed a little harder, forcing her nose into the patch of hair above Anonymous's cock
  412. "Come now dear. Take it all like a mare~"
  413. >Leaning down, you kissed Pinkamena's throat
  414. >You could feel Anonymous pulsing there, twitching and swelling
  415. >He was about to give you both what you wanted
  416. >You two were about to make him your stallion
  417. >Pulling Pinkie off him you let your lips and tongue tease his length
  418. >Pinkie, not to be out done, threw her back into the thick of things, putting her lips and mouth and tongue to use
  419. >The two of you were
  420. >You were too busy battling across his length, your lips and tongues fighting for the first taste of his release
  421. >Your horn glowed once more
  422. >Your aura enveloped Anonymous's balls, gently kneading them
  423. >The human groaned again, shutting his eyes tightly as he held Twilight's close to his chest
  424. >Pinkie took him into her mouth, sucking his tip hard
  425. >You immediately pushed her away, taking him into your mouth and sucking him for a few moments before you were pushed off of him
  426. >"Fu... c... cu..."
  427. >Your tongues danced and your lips pressed together with Anonymous's head in between
  428. >Both you and Pinkie moaned, holding each other as Anon mightily twitched
  429. >"Cu... CUMMING!"
  430. >His first shot was fired with enough force to pass in between both of your lips
  431. >Pinkie squealed in delight as it coated her face and mane and forced her to close her eyes
  432. >Teasing each other's tongues for a moment more you broke your impromptu kiss, leaning back and opening your mouths wide just in time for the second spurt
  433. >This time you were coated in the thick, rich substance, which found itself splattered across your cheeks
  434. "Hmmm~"
  435. >The third twitch ended up landing in your mouth and onto Pinkie's extended tongue
  436. >"Fucking... fucking... FUCKFUCKFUCK!"
  437. >You closed your eyes, listening to Anonymous bellow like a bull as rope after rope coated both you and Pinkie
  439. >You swallowed the mouthful of cum that you had acquired, moaning like a bitch in heat as you did so, but not a few moments later another mouthful replaced it
  440. >There was just so MUCH of it
  441. >Both you and Pinkie were soaked
  442. >You were DROWNING in Anonymous's cum
  443. >And it was SPECTACULAR
  444. >You began to stroke the human's length with a hoof as his orgasm began to subside, making sure to get every last bit of that delicious treat out of that cock of his
  445. >You swallowed another mouthful, then leaned forward with Pinkie so that the two of you could share another
  446. >You gulped and gulped and gulped some more, having your fill of the human's seed
  447. >You gulped until you could FEEL it sloshing in your stomach, and then you gulped some more
  448. >Finally, after what felt like hours, Anonymous slumped against the couch with a groan, his arms falling limply to his sides
  449. >Both you and Pinkie, breathing hard leaned back and took stock
  450. >After it was all said and done everything was coated in your human's cum
  451. >You, Pinkie, the couch, Anon himself
  452. >Even Twilight hadn't been spared, the alicorn having gotten a fine coating on that rump of hers
  453. >It was an impossible amount of cum
  454. >"There's so much..." Pinkie murmured, licking her lips
  455. >You nodded
  456. "That there is, Pinkie my dear."
  457. >An intimidating amount if you were being honest...
  458. >But you and Pinkie were not mares that balked away from a challenge
  459. >First, you cleaned Anonymous's legs, his lower belly, and his softening length itself
  460. >Then you and Pinkie cleaned Twilight's rump as best as you could
  461. >You raised an eyebrow as Twilight quietly gasped at the sensation of your tongues sliding against her fur
  462. >"Ohmygosh..."
  463. >Oh?
  464. >Somepony was awake after all?
  465. >Interesting...
  466. >That thought was set aside as your tongue slid over Pinkie's as the two of you lapped at the alicorn's cutiemarks, licking them clean
  467. >Though she twitched again this time the alicorn managed to remain silent, save for some heavy breathing
  469. >After Twilight was (mostly) spotless the two of you then turned to each other
  470. >Anon's gaze, as unfocused as it was, was on the two of you as you cleaned each other's faces, lips, chests, and necks
  471. >Every once in awhile either you or Pinkie would pull the each other into a kiss, to share the taste of Anonymous between yourselves, before you went back to your thorough cleaning
  472. >The human seemed to twitch slightly with each kiss
  473. >His cock ceased its softening and once again began to rise to the occasion
  474. >The sight caused both you and Pinkie to stop what you were doing
  475. >"Wowie zowie..." The party pony muttered for the second time that day
  476. >Leaning toward her, you dragged your tongue from her jaw to the tip of her muzzle, humming as cum collected on your pink muscle
  477. >There was a sparkle in your eye as you watched Anonymous's cock, incredibly, harden to its full, impressive length once more
  478. >Grinning, you kissed Pinkie's cheek
  479. "Indeed."
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