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Nov 13th, 2019
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  1. Your in-game name: Jack Twitch 
  3. Your SteamID64: 
  5. Appeal Type: Ban Dispute (Removed From Community)
  7. Who banned you: Doug Jumper
  9. Why were you banned: Poaching?
  11. Ban duration: Permanent 
  13. Why should you be unbanned? (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence): It all started with myself being pulled into a channel by Jose Mourinho getting told Di'Pinto Crime Syndicate is receiving a gang strike for 1 of our new recruits going to Art Gallery and reviving 2 of our members, we talked about it then agreed to it. I then asked to speak with Jose again seeing that one of our members were on that was involved in the case to give the full story of what happened, Jose said it would get reviewed and that was that, Doug said to myself that if we didn't break rules like this, we wouldn't receive gang strikes, I then replied with not every single person in Anzus follows the rules, and brought up a situation were Doug had been killed and returned to FED to then push and kill every single Di'Pinto in fed (He had god-mode on but he said he didn't mean to have it on". He then revived all Cops and Di'Pintos, that were in the fight before to continue, Doug said that 2 of our members couldn't return to the situation, I then asked him if the cops could, he said he didn't revive any cops, we then carried on, soon enough through the major we realized the cops we had killed returned to the situation. We would've won that fed if it wasn't for that little mess. As we were finishing up the conversation he said that Di'Pintos were disbanded because one of our "Gang Members lied to Doug about what happened in the situation" A break of our "Toxicity Policy?" that had been placed on us a few days ago. I told Doug that if Di'Pinto was to be disbanded, most of the Higher Up's from Di'Pinto would leave to go to a different server, he then told me that I was breaching the "Poaching rule" and I would be RFC'd if I did it. The reason I told him we would be moving servers is because of the rule of not being able to create a gang for "90 Days" and we didn't want to join any other gangs, so I told him some of the main Di'Pintos would leave if we were to be disbanded, when Di'Pinto was formed, we all agreed that if we did get disbanded we would leave the server for 90 Days then come back and regroup due to there being no better gangs to join on Anzus. I then got told that I was getting RFC'd and Kay Dee was leading the new Di'Pinto gang. I was quite confused that he offered Kay Dee that because he said we couldn't create a gang for 90 Days. 
  15. Doug I am sorry if I offended you but, a RFC against someone telling you that you're moving servers because we get disbanded, shouldn't be an RFC, considering the messages we exchanged to each-other
  17. Thanks
  18. Jack
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