Shireikan wa Suki na Hito Irukai? [Typeset]

Sep 29th, 2015
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  1. Shireikan wa Suki na Hito Irukai? Translation
  2. From
  4. >[Preface]
  5. >[Pleased to meet you, first-time readers, I am the author (whatever)]
  6. >[This time I am drawing the 6th Destroyer Division's Hibiki. In the anime, Hibiki's role was relatively neglected. When I was watching, I was starting to worry that she might become a character who excluisvely said xopowo.
  7. >[When I was drawing this Hibiki, I was a little troubled over how to show Hibiki's cute side. Having resolved these troubles, this doujin as born. I would be very happy if you all were to find this cute and interesting.]
  8. >[Well then, please enjoy the main course.]
  10. >...Leave?
  11. >I'm sure Hibiki is exhausted by day after day of battles too?
  12. >No, Commander, I'm completely fine.
  13. >Some rest is necessary as well, right? When's the last time you took a break? Can't remember, right?
  14. >Don't think about it too much, this is a rare break. Just spend it however you like.
  16. >Come in.
  17. >Whew-I've reached my destination.
  18. >...H-hibiki that luggage is...?
  19. >I'm on a vacation, Commander.
  20. >Vacation?
  21. >A Vacation to the Commander's Room.
  23. >I'll be honest, Hibiki, I don't really follow your logic here...
  24. >Isn't it normal to go on vacations and trips while on leave? You're making a mountain out of a molehill, commander.
  25. >I'm not shocked that you're on vacation! I'm shocked that you're on vacation here!! >Wasn't it the Admiral who said that it'd be fine if I spent my break as I liked?
  26. >That is correct, but isn't it really boring to spend it here?
  27. >Nothing of the sort.
  28. >I am healed just by looking at the Commander.
  29. >Is there something wrong with me?!
  30. >Now now, I'm happy even if it's flattery.
  31. >[But it's not flattery...]
  33. >The Commander's so boring.
  34. >I did warn you.
  35. >Speaking of which, what is this situation?
  36. >Don't mind me, just keep on working your corporate wage slave
  37. >Don't mind me....
  38. >...Did the commander cut his hair?
  39. >Impressive, for you to notice that while my hat was on.
  40. >I'd notice normally anyway. Did you just come back from the barber's?
  41. >To be able to deduce that, that's some amazing perception of yours.
  42. >Well, it's because I watch you every day that I can notice these changes in the Commander... >Eh? How are you watching me normally?!
  44. > the way, Commander, could I talk to you about something?
  45. >Ahh, what is it?
  46. >There's somebody i like.
  47. >...Ah, I see, Hibiki's at that age...
  48. >Commander, aren't you treating me too much like a child?
  49. >...I'll be a little sad if it goes on.
  50. >Ehh - I've never seen you as a child.
  51. >I've always thought about things from Hibiki's point of view.
  52. >Your response was clearly too big.
  53. >Yeah...
  55. >Well, whatever. Does the commander have someone he likes?
  56. >....Eh? Well...
  57. >Eh?! Could it be you have one...?!
  58. >W...?! Is it like that?
  59. >, no, nothing of the sort.
  60. >You were thinking for a while there. What were you thinking about?
  61. >Nah, it's just that I don't know much about love and that sort of thing. I can't help at all, you know?
  62. >Not at all!
  63. >I hope the Commander will help me! Things will definitely work out if you do!
  65. >I-is that so? If that's the case, I'll definitely help you.
  66. >cпасибо/Spasiba ...speaking of which, what kind of person does the Commander like?
  67. >Eh? Is what kind of person I like all you need?
  68. >, I just need some references. Since you promised to help me, I just wanted to understand a little.
  69. >In that case - it'd be nice if she could cook. They do say that "the fastest way to man's heart is through his stomach." Food is the primary concern of the citizenry!
  70. >Mhm mhm,
  71. >Ah! If she can make and give me a bento, I'll take that as proof of culinary ability!
  73. >The next day
  74. >Ah fuck, i'm hungry. It's time for the noontime break, huh?
  75. >Knock knock knock
  76. >Hm?
  77. >I-Is the Commander here?
  78. >Ah, I'm here-
  79. >...Hibiki? Commander, please accept this!
  81. >A Bento...? For me?
  82. > ///
  83. >I was just thinking that it was almost time for the noontime break.
  84. >I'll dig in.
  85. >Awww shit, they're all things i like.
  86. >Hey, Hibiki, what's going on...
  87. >Seeing that you like it makes me really happy///
  88. >Commander...
  89. >...It's something like that...
  91. >This is....
  92. >Could it be...
  93. >That is to say....
  94. >EHhhhhhhh?!
  95. >Fin
  97. >{I wonder if the Commander will be happy]
  99. >Hibiki's Day
  100. >The day before
  101. >[What will be the Commander's Expression when I give him the Bento?]
  102. >Aww Yeah—Babyyyyy—
  103. >One day passed.
  105. >[Postface]
  106. >[In truth this is my first time joining COMIC 1. This is the first time I did the stall setup and decorations. I was pretty strung out because it didn't look like what I imagined.]
  107. >[While doing this, I had to switch my LCD display. Although it was a 5-year-old bargain bin product, the change in color was shocking. As such, the cover colors may be a little different from that of past works.]
  108. >[The next time we meet will most likely be Comiket (note: the doujin says Comige/コミゲ but Comiket/コミケ isn't far off ). I would be grateful for your continued support.]
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