The Squeeze

Aug 16th, 2017
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  1. “I’ll make you squirm more.” He says confidently.
  3. You smile, then give him a sort of fun little giggle by accident. You’re going to have some fun. You reach into his pants and grab the beast.
  5. “Ah!” He gasps as you stroke.
  7. “Already getting hard?” You taunt.
  9. He’s hilariously red. The way the colour shows in those pale cheeks, the way his hair shines in the light, and the way he looks so helplessly cute as you stroke him. It all drives you crazy.
  11. “What are you going to do with this?” You ask, hoping for the right answer.
  13. “I...I don’t know.”
  15. “You’re going to give it to me.” You press him against the tree, kissing him deeply as you use one hand to pull him out. “I’m going to take it.” You feel an intense rush.
  17. “Laki... I’m not ready to go that far.”
  19. Shit. You know that. You just hate it. “Yeah. I know.” You sigh disappointedly.
  21. “Sorry.”
  23. “It’s fine. I respect that. I think it’s a weird mainlander viewpoint about making the first time out to be a big deal. Nothing's that great the first time. I didn’t have fun at my first battle the first time. My first pole vault was, well, as bad as my last one. The point is to practice and get good.” You find that smile creeping back. “But I won’t take you if you don’t want me to. Don’t be scared.” You give another little taunt. You hope he takes it lightheartedly.
  25. “Thanks.” He smiles. “I’m not scared, I trust you.”
  27. “Oh?” You grin, wanting to play around a little. You drop his pants down to his ankles. “Do you?”
  29. “Yup.”
  31. You press against his erection, kissing his neck. “You’re sure?”
  33. “Y-yeah.”
  35. You order him to strip as you take your own clothes off. “Even now?”
  37. “Uh huh.” You shyly covers up a little, looking slightly concerned at the way you’re staring at his member.
  39. You firmly but carefully take him down to ground on the pile of clothes, then straddle him. You can imagine how you could make this play out. All fantasy of course. You’d pin him down, straddle him, and tell him that you’re going to fuck him.
  41. “Laki?” He brings you out of it.
  43. You’re turned on, but if you’re being honest with yourself, it’s more about the power. Soft Hands and his confidence and competence have always been intimidating, but he’s always been helpless against your sexuality. It made you feel powerful yourself. In control. And control is safety.
  45. You smile and grind. You delight in his reaction. “Yes?”
  47. “You are okay with waiting, right?”
  49. He’s mostly concerned about your feelings, but there’s this very slight, almost imperceptible tinge of fear. For some reason that emboldens you. “I think it’s dumb to wait. If it were up to me,” you lean it close to his face and grind all the way up so the tip of him is almost entering you, “I’d fuck you right now. And I’d only give you permission to cum when I’d satisfied.” You can picture it so well in your head. The way you’d just take your man. You’d assert your dominance so that nothing could hurt you. Well, looking down, that beast from his pants might hurt a bit at first, but you’d still he in control.
  51. He gulps. “O-oh.”
  53. You’re just slightly worried about that reaction. Mostly confident, but still. “You’re not going to run away, are you?”
  55. “Of course not!” He gives you that sweet, innocent, assuring smile again. That damned earnest grin that tells you he’s not holding any malice or anything else back. You take that as permission to get a little crazy. You showed him your emotional, girly side. Now it’s time to unleash Laki the conqueror.
  57. “Good, because you wouldn’t get far.” You squeeze your legs in tight, emphasizing your control over him. He laughs for a second before you kiss him. It’s a nice, hot makeout session.
  59. It’s odd. It’s turning you on, a lot, as you dance your tongue on his and he desperately tries to keep up. As you press your hands on his chest and grind his cock, aching to have it fill you. As you feel the weight of your breasts as they hang over and touch him. But your mind still wanders.
  61. What is a first time? Why does it matter? That’s such a silly notion. It’s one you’re guilty of sometimes though. Of trying to romanticize events based just on their order in your life. It’s just a fun little act that feels good. At least, that’s the understanding you have. Emotions run high, you get that, but there’s no reason to make it so formal. You like Herb. Your body very much likes Herb. You have him pinned and can make him feel great. Why make a first time into an issue?
  63. Maybe he’s worried he won’t be good. That’s another silly concept. Mainlanders and their idea of maximizing their fun efficiency. But it’s an infectious thought. When you have more to compete over, more to worry about, your mind always turns to that sort of thought pattern. You can’t relax or enjoy the moment, because the idea that you might be missing out on somehow having even more fun instead always lingers.
  65. You shake the thought as you quiver on top of him. Yeah, you could be having more fun, but this is fine too.
  67. “The safe word is Pineapple.” You inform him as you inch up slightly closer to inserting him. You just want to do it. To keep him pressed to the ground, get him inside you, and tell him that no matter what, he’s not allowed to cum inside. And oh, you’ll ride that dick. You’ll get yourself off with complete abandon. And you’ll do whatever you can to milk him with your inner kegel muscles. He won’t be able to help it, and he’ll erupt. But you’ll just tighten your legs around him and force him to give it all to you.
  69. You bite your lip. This is turning you on and scaring you at the same time.
  71. “Safe word? I...oh.” He squirms, but not without anticipation. Mission complete.
  73. “What’s with that face you’re giving me?” You still worry just a little that you’re going overboard.
  75. “You’re just so cute.”
  77. You give one good, long grind and shudder as you orgasm. The heat in your face and belly both compete to bring you down, but the laughter and joy in our heart keep you going. You can hear yourself laughing. You feel heavy and light at the same time. Your body just sort of does it’s own thing, chasing that feeling to the bitter end as it fades.
  79. When you begin to slow down, you don’t know what to do. He’s still looking at you. It’s overbearing. You bite his shoulder and lightly gut punch him. “Stop it!”
  81. “Stop what?” He squirms again. You’re not biting that hard, are you?
  83. “Stop looking at me like that!”
  85. “Sorry. I just...I guess I like what I see.” He laughs at how awkwardly he delivered that line.
  87. Still. You appreciate the meaning. You want more. “What do you see?”
  89. “Someone I trust, and care about, and want to...”
  91. Oh. What’s this? “Want to what?” You grin. You’re covered in sweat, feeling heavy, but still ready to go if he wants.
  93. “I want to make feel as beautiful as you are.”
  95. “Sh...shut up!” He did it again. You love this, you do, but you also feel so uncomfortable when he does it. It’s this massive battle inside of you. How can he think you’re cute? You were just thinking about how easy and fun it would be to take his seed! Can’t he see what a brute you are? What a failure you are when you try at anything? All he seems to see is how much you enjoy his attention. It’s maddening. How are you supposed to stay in control if he melts your heart like this? It’s not fair, is what it is!
  97. “I guess that sounds corny. But it’s how I feel. When I said I want to make you squirm,” he gets a sudden aura of assertiveness and flips you onto your back, kissing down your stomach, “it’s because I think you're cute when you react.”
  99. Good seas! You can’t even assess how much wetter than made you because he’s already licking. You were going to protest that he shouldn't. You’re not fresh out of a bath. You didn’t exactly sweat all day either, but still. You were worried. Now that he’s doing it though, you grab a handful of his head to make sure his head won’t get away.
  101. “Herb! Oh j....Oh fuck!” You lose control. You orgasm again already. You can’t help it. You’re too sensitive from before. You’re a helpless passenger in a rogue body, spasming and tightening.
  103. “Hmph.” Something buzzes between your legs. You tell yourself you’ll answer it in a bit as another rush comes over you. You ride that one out too, then realize it’s Herb.
  105. “Soft Hands!” You unclamp your legs. His face is red, sweaty, and he looks like he’s going to pass out. “I’m so sorry!”
  107. “I’ll,” he wheezes, “take it as a compliment.”
  109. You laugh. He weakly returns it, but with a lot less enthusiasm. He’s still regaining his strength. You pull him on top of you for a cuddle so he can relax. You feel a different kind of power this time, playing with his hair as he rests his head on your chest. Not power over him, but empowerment of him. It’s a more mutual, joint feeling of power, like he’s a sailship and you’re the captain making sure he’s well maintained.
  111. “Are you feeling better?”
  113. “Yeah. thanks.” He snuggles into you. Oh gosh.
  115. “You didn’t cum.”
  117. “I don’t need to-”
  119. Nope. Not acceptable. You’re not leaving your man unsatisfied. It’d be a crime if you were the harem leader, it’d be a crime if you were just in a single relationship. As one of his girls, it’s unspeakable. You push him onto his back and immediatly go to work sucking him off.
  121. “Laki!” He gasps. He was going to protest before. That just makes you more motivated. He shouldn’t protest! Even if he’s being nice! He should be eager. He should be hard as...actually he’s getting rock hard again. Good.
  123. You pop your mouth off of him, then try something new. You press your tongue against the underside, pressing it from the top with your hand, and go up and down the entire length. He seems to have a few sensitive spots under there.
  125. “Laki!” He repeats.
  127. “Yeah. Same my name.” You smirk for only the brief second you allow yourself to stop. Not that you’re keeping count or trying to maximize your fun or anything, but he made you orgasm a lot more than you have him, and you have a need to even that out a little. You go hard. You’re a quitter in a lot of things, but not here and not today.
  129. “I’m g...going to...”
  131. Perfect. You grab him by the ass and thrust yourself down onto his pride. For a second you think you did it too early, but it comes. His cock jerks and tickles your throat, making you gag and cough even with it in your mouth. But you hold tight. You’ll learn to handle it if it means he makes that stupid face he’s making right now. You keep holding on, until eventually he’s done and you need some air. Instead of going all the way back though, you just go far enough so that you can catch your breath.
  133. “Laki. That was...wow.”
  135. You look up, trying to give your cutest face. The one you would sometimes do in the mirror and tell yourself you’re just fooling around with, even though you desperately always wanted to look like that instead of the girl you usually catch in a reflection. You wink, then you go down again.
  137. “Laki. I already- ah!” He moans and squirms. “What are...Oh jeez!”
  139. You feel powerful again, in the fun, naughty way. He tries to reach down to your head to guide you off, but you growl and go harder. Up and down, back and forth. You’re going to suck this dick right off of him.
  141. “Laki! I’m-” he squirms some more. His face looks like it’s going to explode. “What...I can’t take it!”
  143. You give a faux nonchalant hum and keep going. He rolls his head back and twitches his leg.
  145. “What do you want?” He eventually manages to squeak out. You can’t tell if he’s coming again or what. His dick spazzes along with the rest of his body, but it could just be some leftover seed.
  147. “Shmaf mwrd!” You hint, keeping your mouth on him and going at it from a slightly changed angle.
  149. “What does that mean?” He gasps, again trying to stop you. You pull him into your mouth tighter. “Oh. Safe word...ummm, I...Pinapple!”
  151. You pull yourself off with a loud “mwuah,” wiping away a little snot and tears and some Soft Hand that got on your chin somehow. “Good Herb.”
  153. “I think... I think you broke me.” He gasps.
  155. “I hope not.” You say with a demanding tone. You can already town it’s working for him. You guess he really doesn’t mind if you unleash a little crazy on him. Good. “But if I did, or you’re just holding out the dick on me, I’m going to start sitting on your face.”
  157. “I...okay.”
  159. Really? Fucking A!
  161. “Good.” You cough, restoring your confidence in your more cemented role as the dominant one. This is great. You’re safe. You’re secure. You’re in charge and nothing will change that after this. “Now let’s get dressed and catch up.”
  163. As you’re dressing though, he comes over to you to hand you some more of your clothes. But he pauses, putting a hand on the top of your head. The power you had vanishes.
  165. “W-what is it?”
  167. “Nothing. I guess I just saw you and thought you could use it.” He pets you a little.
  169. You melt, helpless under your man’s touch. “Oh. Okay.” You mutter humbly. Safely. Securely.
  171. This is okay too.
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