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May 10th, 2018
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  1. 2:02 PM <•DiePotato> while i type let me uh
  2. 2:02 PM <•DiePotato> have the floor i guess
  3. 2:02 PM <•DiePotato> i'll also answer what questions i can after we're done
  4. 2:02 PM <•DiePotato> er
  5. 2:02 PM <•DiePotato> i'm done
  6. 2:02 PM <•DiePotato> As you nerds may or may not know Origins has now been running for about 5 years
  7. 2:02 PM <•DiePotato> which is fucking long
  8. 2:03 PM <•DiePotato> they have been a long and storied 5 years and they were built by a GM team and members who are largely not around any more
  9. 2:03 PM <•DiePotato> As such, some of us in the GM team started playing around with the idea of a continuation/reboot
  10. 2:04 PM <•DiePotato> Because honestly?
  11. 2:04 PM <•DiePotato> Origins is less the "50's SCP RP" and more "The SCP RP that just happens to be in the 50's"
  12. 2:04 PM <•DiePotato> i feel that's partly our fault
  13. 2:04 PM <•DiePotato> and also a fault of the fact the original team is largely just not around anymore
  14. 2:05 PM <•DiePotato> we've kinda just been working with the scraps of what they've left
  15. 2:05 PM <•DiePotato> and there's also the slew of other problems that the original team did not see as being issues but have shown themselves as this place has aged
  16. 2:05 PM <•DiePotato> (like our system)
  17. 2:05 PM <•DiePotato> (dear god)
  18. 2:06 PM <•DiePotato> So, what began as vague musings by the GM team soon evolved into us actually considering a continuation/reboot of some sort
  19. 2:06 PM <•DiePotato> We're still very much Not Done
  20. 2:06 PM <•DiePotato> which is why I don't want to get into extreme specifics
  21. 2:07 PM <•DiePotato> because I'm honestly not sure what of what we have is going to go and what's going to stay
  22. 2:07 PM <•DiePotato> also we wanted to ask you all if you had any ideas
  23. 2:07 PM <•DiePotato> because the reboot/continuation is as much for you guys as it is for us
  24. 2:08 PM <•DiePotato> So, currently what I will say is we are indeed planning a continuation/reboot. It will be following the current Origins canon (to an extent), it will involve reworking the system to an extent, and will take place after the events of Origins
  25. 2:09 PM <•DiePotato> That's all I'm kinda willing/can say until the 21st of this month after the GM team meets at least one more time to consider what we have along with anything you guys propose
  26. 2:09 PM <•DiePotato> (within reason)
  27. 2:09 PM <•DiePotato> So, yeah
  28. 2:09 PM <•DiePotato> that's it
  29. 2:10 PM <•DiePotato> any questions
  30. 2:10 PM <•DiePotato> that i can answer
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