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  1. AptAtlas07/09/2019
  2. Pushing open the door and looking around what passes for a bathroom in the backwoods of nowhere USA. Looking to see your feet in one stall and only seeing one other stall right beside yours that appears to be working. I walk in and start to whistle a bit as I unzip and take out my somewhat rigid cock. As the stream starts up I look over and see a sizable hole that's about crotch level. I smile to myself and imagine if the person next to me is even bothering to take a look.
  4. ColouredSeasons07/09/2019
  5. I pull my pricey car in quickly with a slight screech at the sudden stop, ignoring how seedy the place looks when the need to pee suddenly hits me bad mid drive. I don’t even bother to lock the car as I rush in, squeezing my thighs together whilst I half walk and half run, making my way into the bathroom. In a hurry, I peel my tight shorts down with a struggle followed by my tiny thong before planting my ass down hard, my eyes shut in relief, no idea of what awaits me.
  7. AptAtlas07/09/2019
  8. After I finish draining the ole ape I take a look over at the hole. Above it the words "$10 for a hand job, $20 for a blow job, and $80 for a fuck." A little smile crosses my lips and I fish out a twenty, and before pushing it through the hole I push two of my fingers through. Wiggling them a little to get your attention in the stall. "Hey you open for business over there?"(edited)
  10. ColouredSeasons07/09/2019
  11. At your attempt to get my attention it doesn’t take you long to hear my gasp from being drawn out of my pleasant relief before you hear the expected squeak of a follow up. At seeing the hole my breathing hitches, growing slightly ragged.(edited)
  13. AptAtlas07/09/2019
  14. "Didn't mean to startle ya ma'am. Just wondering if you're sucking dick for the $20 or do you have a different price?" Kneeling down a bit and looking through the hole and taking a look at what little of you I can see. Loving the sight of those big fucking titties and pretty face. "I'm willing to negotiate."(edited)
  16. ColouredSeasons07/09/2019
  17. I can hear you shuffling around behind the cheap wood and roll my eyes, knowing you’re checking me out, unable to see any of you. I don’t even get time to respond by the time you stick your dick out with a 1, a 5, a 20, and a 50 laid out on it. I roll my eyes again and slowly drop to my knees, taking the one before gently prodding the rest back through the hole. “I’m sure you saw my car, I clearly don’t need the money....” I purr, shoving the one into the waist and of my thong before giving your fat mushroom tip a peck.
  19. AptAtlas07/09/2019
  20. Shuddering a little as I listen to this bad bitch talking game as she starts to tease the tip. "Didn't mean to offend you. I just took one look at that banging little body of your mama and knew I wanted to get me some." Feeling my cock hardening a bit already and growing right in front of your eyes as I relax and get into the moment. "Can't blame me for that now can you?"
  22. ColouredSeasons07/09/2019
  23. I just grin and blow air against the rapidly hardening monster in front of me, not yet touching it as it grows, already way bigger and much thicker than I’ve ever seen. “I’m not offended, why else would I take the just the 1~” I giggle.
  25. AptAtlas07/09/2019
  26. Licking my lips a bit and one of my big hands reaching up and gripping the top of the stall. Hips arching a bit forward and pushing that black monster just a little closer to those soft lips I remember as I close my eyes. "God you are such a good little tease...I hope you can get your lips around this beast, because you're driving me crazy over here."
  28. ColouredSeasons07/09/2019
  29. Your length as it is already takes up half of my stall, already able to tell that I’m going to struggle getting you inside my mouth, especially your flared tip. At the sight of your growth eventually slowing I duck down a bit and lay pecks up and down your member.
  31. AptAtlas07/09/2019
  32. "That's it mama....get it wet so I can slide it right into your little fuckin mouth...", groaning as I finish the sentence as a little precum already starts to leak from the tip. "If you're scared I can just fuck those big tits." Laughing a bit as I still feel your busy mouth and start to roll my hips a bit.(edited)
  34. ColouredSeasons07/09/2019
  35. It doesn’t take long for me to devolve from teasing pecks to long and slow licks, licking my lips at the taste of your sweet precum before it can drip away. Taking a hold of as close to the base as I can manage, my hand still unable to wrap its way around your girth, I take a deep breath and push forwards, the tip of your flared bellend struggling to fit inside.
  37. AptAtlas07/09/2019
  38. Groaning as I feel those soft lips struggling around the head. Hips instinctively pushing forward, but coming to my senses when I feel more resistance. "Oh yeah that's the stuff baby...I got faith in those DSLs. Make me cum fuckin buckets...", I let slip with a casual smoothness as my grip tightens on the top of the stall. The whites of my knuckles showing as I hold on for dear life.
  40. ColouredSeasons07/09/2019
  41. I can hear the barrier between us creaking in your tightening grip, submissively keeping my head still whilst you continue trying to force your meat between my pillowy lips, knowing full well that as soon as the flare makes it past that it’ll be in there until it deflates.
  43. AptAtlas07/09/2019
  44. Grunting harder now as I push forward. Those noises from your mouth driving me forward until I'm struggling to get my balls flush with the stall. "Fuckin relax that jaw baby...daddy needs to feel that mouth around his big ape." Biting my lip and thrusting forward a bit more forcefully and as I tense you can see the veins sticking out even more as that black steel works it's way deeper into your mouth.
  46. ColouredSeasons07/09/2019
  47. My eyes shoot open as I suddenly feel it slip through, my jaw being made to stretch an almost painful amount whilst you let out a guttural growl. My eyes lids flutter as it doesn’t take you long to reach the back of my throat, drawing out a loud gag.
  49. AptAtlas07/09/2019
  50. Moaning as I feel the head hit back of your throat. "Yeah gag for me me what a good little latina can do with a monster in her mouth...", I tease as I start to roll my hips. Barely working it back before pushing it forward again. Hammering against the back of your throat a bit. Hips straining to push it deeper as the wet gagging noises drive me forward like an animal in heat.
  51. ColouredSeasons07/09/2019
  52. My gags and splutters only continue as you don’t let up on me, forcing your fat cock deeper and deeper down my throat, the intrusion meeting very little resistance whilst spit leaks out the corners of my mouth.
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