Scorpion Girl Quest Character Sheet

Nov 23rd, 2013
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  1. Name: Hunzuu
  2. Age: 13
  3. Potential Instars (Moltings) Remaining: 1
  5. Roll a number of six-sided dice equal to the relevant stat. If you have a score of zero in something, roll a single six-sided die, and you might be able to BS your way through it if you get a 6. When rolling for random events or other things outside Hunzuu's direct actions, roll Favor of the Gods. First dice roll counts as long as it doesn't include an action that most of the other players clearly don't agree with.
  7. During combat, high dice rolls may be used even if they're not the first roll, as long as the post also contains a link to music appropriate to the scene. And it's got to be music that hasn't been used before.
  10. Brawling: 5
  11. Weaponry: 2
  12. Toughness: 5
  13. Streetwise: 1
  14. Refexes: 3
  15. Warcraft: 2
  16. Favor of the Gods: 3
  17. Blood Magic: 2
  18. Literacy: 2
  19. All Others: 0
  21. Spells Known
  23. *Aid the Worthy
  24. Cost: Special
  25. Allows you to aid in blood rituals. The ritual leader pays the ritual's cost in blood and receives bonuses for being part of a unit.
  27. *Slow the Rot
  28. Cost: 1 jar of blood
  29. Preserves up to 10 jars' worth of blood. Roll Blood Magic to determine duration.
  31. *Stanch the Wound
  32. Cost: 1 jar of blood
  33. Stops a human or corpse from bleeding out.
  35. *Knit the Wound
  36. Cost: 2 jars of blood
  37. Heals 1 wound. Chances of weird mishaps if you roll too low on Blood Magic.
  39. *Shape Blood Crystals
  40. Cost: Up to 10 jars of blood at a time
  41. You can shape an amount of blood equal to the amount you spent (which cannot currently be in the body of an unwilling person) into brittle crystalline objects.
  43. Venom Type: Hunzuu's Mercy (A nonlethal venom that puts humans to sleap and slows down stronger creatures.)
  44. Poison Supply: Full
  46. Wounds Received: 0
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