Miyako Hinano Costume Story: Swimsuit Costume

Aug 26th, 2018
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  1. Miyako Hinano Costume Story: Swimsuit Costume
  2. "Midsummer Dynamite Queen"
  4. (I went to the beat with Emiri and friends.)
  5. Hinano: Heh heh heh... finally the time has come!
  6. Hinano: The day I will be called the Dynamite Queen of thh Beach!
  7. Hinano: I've already got the 15cm platform sandals I ordered by mail...
  8. Hinano: All I need now is to go buy a daring and gorgeous swimsuit...!
  10. Emiri: Oooh, all the customers are pretty young women?!
  11. Hinano: Heh heh... a store like this may still be a little too much for you guys, huh?
  12. Woman: My, is that young missy there a grade schooler~?
  13. Woman: There are a ton of kids' swimsuits over that way~!
  14. Hinano: Who's a kid!!
  16. Rika: seems like it could take Senpai a while to find a swimsuit.
  17. Ren: Me too... there are so many... I may not... be able to choose.
  19. Hinano: (I won't be able to rely on the salespeople, will I... it'll be easier if I pick one myself.)
  20. Emiri: ...there you are! Myaako-senpai~!
  21. Emiri: Don't go walking around by yourself! You'll get lost~!!
  22. Hinano: I told you not to treat me like a little kid!
  23. Hinano: So, did Ren decide on a swimsuit?
  24. Emiri: Nnn, she's leaving the decision to Rikappe!
  25. Emiri: What have you been up to, Myaako-senpai? Find a swimsuit that might be good yet?
  26. Hinano: Heh... I found it all by myself.
  27. Hinano: A gorgeous swimsuit appropriate for the Midsummer Dynamite Queen!
  28. Emiri: Seri-serious?! Show me, show me!
  29. Hinano: Heh heh, what do you think of this!
  30. Emiri: .........
  31. Hinano: What's wrong, you got a problem?
  32. Emiri: ...Let's get an employee to measure your size!
  33. (This product might be a little bit too big for you, miss.)
  34. (We've got many cute items in junior sizes, though.)
  35. (It may be better for you to pick something from among those...)
  36. Hinano: I can't accept that!
  37. Emiri: Yeah, yeah!
  38. Hinano: These types of cutesy junior swimsuits...
  39. Hinano: ...don't do anything to show off my charms!
  40. Emiri: Exactly!
  41. Emiri: You should wear a school swimsuit and an innertube instead of one of those extreme ones!
  42. Hinano: ...Huh?!
  43. Emiri: I'm not gonna say who, but someone said this!
  44. *darkened background image with Rika*
  45. "Myako-senpai isn't really fully utilizing her own charms, y'know? I think it'd work really well if she dressed up like a kindergartner! Yeah!"
  46. Hinano: It was Rika, wasn't it...!
  47. Emiri: How?! How did you know??!!
  48. Hinano: She's the only one who calls me "Myako-senpai"!
  49. Emiri: I see!! I reproduced it too well!!!
  50. Hinano: Don't take Rika's jokes seriously. She didn't mean that when she said it, y'know?
  51. Emiri: True...! I didn't say it seriously either!
  52. Hinano: Couldn't you have just made the choice to not say it at all?
  53. Emiri: Hmmmm.
  54. Emiri: I was thinking that since you have the tolerance of an adult, Myaako-senpai, you'd forgive me for it!
  55. Hinano: If that's what you think then stooop treating me as a little kid!
  56. Hinano: ...Anyway, my objective is...
  57. Hinano: The Midsummer Sexy Scientist.
  58. Hinano: I'm not going to deviate from that route, okay!
  59. Emiri: Hmm, well then...
  60. Emiri: about we look for something that matches your size?
  61. Hinano: To be honest, that might take some time...
  62. Emiri: I'll message Rikappe and Renpasu and tell them to leave without us!
  63. (And with that, the result of searching the entire store was...)
  64. Emiri: Ooooh?!
  65. Hinano: Heh heh heh... how's this?
  66. Emiri: This... could totally work!
  67. Hinano: Heh... it's just like I told you.
  68. Emiri: Yeah, yeah! It...
  69. Emiri: ...especially captures the feeling of a tiny girl wishing to grow up that makes you want to cheer her on!
  70. Hinano: .........
  71. (EMIRI, YOU~!)
  73. Rika: Myaako-senpai sure is late.
  74. Ren: Y-yeah...
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