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  1. >"Anon, come on. We're going to be late."
  2. "I told you I don't need to wear this fucking helmet, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
  3. >"You've been banging your head up against the wall ever since you got here. It's common for your… condition, but I need you to cooperate for your own safety."
  4. "The voices… they won't leave me alone…"
  5. >"Nice try, but the analysis didn't show any signs of schizophrenia. My insurance is already through the roof with you, thank Celestia you didn't."
  6. "But mooom, the other fillies will make fun of me if I have to wear a stupid helmet…"
  7. >Your big eyes start to overflow with tears and soon you're a blubbering mess.
  8. >Twilight comes over and puts a hoof over your wither.
  9. >"Hey, it's okay. You'll be with other ponies like you."
  10. "Other r-retards?"
  11. >"Hey… who called you that?"
  12. "S-some colt… he laughed at me and said I was a b-bucking retard…"
  13. >You're just playing to delay now, of course.
  14. >"Why when I get my hooves on… oh, right. Here you go, honey."
  15. >A tissue is levitated in front of your boopbox and you blow into it messily.
  16. "M-mommy?"
  17. >"Yes?"
  18. "I-I'm scared about stating school tomorrow…"
  19. >Just six more hours of wasting her time and she'll have to take you home to be put to bed…
  20. >"Aww… it'll be okay munchkin, I know Vibrant Flowers personally. She's a very nice pony, she'll understand your special needs.
  21. "I still don't see why I can't be put in a class with the rest of the fillies, I'm just as smart…"
  22. >She rubs your back softly, avoiding your bruised head for the time being.
  23. >"Of course you are honey, this has nothing to do with smarts. You'll be learning the same material from the other class out of a packet."
  24. "Wait, Ms. Flowers won't be teaching it to the class?"
  25. >"Well, no… you see, most of your class is a bit…"
  26. >She pauses for a second, considering how best to break to you that the rest of your class has an IQ resting around room temperature.
  27. >"Different in different ways."
  28. >Wow, excellent choice of words.
  29. >Well, you know how to combat that paper-thin explanation.
  30. "Different… how?"
  31. >"Well, some of them can't walk, and a lot have trouble speaking…"
  32. >"They're all very nice ponies I'm sure, I even babysat a few back when I didn't have Princess of Friendship duties."
  33. >"They all just need a bit of extra attention, like you!"
  34. >Ouch.
  35. >"Now come on, time's a wasting. I need to get you fitted for that helmet."
  36. >Fuck…
  37. "C-can't we get ice cream? I start school tomorrow, being a big filly deserves celebration, right?"
  38. >She leans over and gives you a light kiss on the cheek.
  39. >"If I don't get a telegram from Ms. Flowers, we can get some after your first day, that suit?"
  40. >It's better than nothing, but it isn't the delay you need.
  41. "I… I-I gotta go potty!"
  42. >Your ace in the hole.
  43. >Twilight picks you up with her magic and rushes you inside, practically breaking down the door to the Mare's room.
  44. >You've been having some… issues making it on time.
  45. >Twilight frantically wipes down the seat, plopping your admittedly slightly chubby filly butt on the seat.
  46. >She looks away.
  47. >"Do your thing."
  48. >Fuck, and it wasn't even that full…
  49. >You only really manage a small trickle.
  50. >"That it? I thought it was urgent."
  51. "It felt urgent…"
  52. >She just shrugs and picks you back up, wiping you gently and washing her hooves.
  53. >Didn't even touch anything except the floor, but you guess that might get a bit nasty in a public restroom.
  54. >Twilight hurries you over to the receptionist.
  55. >"Appointment for Anonymous Sparkle at 1:00 PM."
  56. >The receptionist, a sweet looking old mare around Granny Smith's age looks up from her book.
  57. >"Ah, just in time! Do you want me to take you to his office?"
  58. >"No, I'm alright with directions."
  59. >"Well, you take the first right and then go up the spiral staircase…"
  60. >Five minutes later, and you're sitting on a plush sofa in a room that smells faintly of isopropyl alcohol.
  61. >Twilight has reluctantly left the room, but you can hear her outside.
  62. >Something about her inert magic field interfering with his scan? You couldn't be asked to care.
  63. >"So, Anonymous! Tell me about yourself."
  64. "M-my friends call me Anon."
  65. >Ha, that's a fucking lie.
  66. >But it'll save time for him to assume you have friends.
  67. >"Neat nickname, I like it! I'm Dr. Cotton, a pleasure to meet you."
  68. "Likewise."
  69. >"Say Anon, how old are you?"
  70. "S-six, I start First Grade tomorrow."
  71. >"Ah, so that's the rush for the helmet."
  72. >He's setting up a bunch of equipment while he talks, so you don't feel like he's a complete smalltalk-obsessed dolt.
  73. "T-they already scanned my head when I was diagnosed, w-why you gotta do it again now?"
  74. >"Well, those scans only would've covered your grey matter. These ones are to measure your head's circumferance, identify areas where the skull might not have grown in completely…"
  75. "That's dumb, the other scan didn't require any big machines."
  76. >"Let me guess, your mom did the scan?"
  77. "Y-yeah, how'd you know?"
  78. >"Easy. An alicorn would be the only type of pony that could preform that type of scan without an entire warehouse of equipment."
  79. "So, couldn't she easily just do the scan herself? Why here?"
  80. >"Well, a couple of reasons. Part of our policy is not to accept any measurements from outside the facility."
  81. >He leans in really close to you.
  82. >"And I have a sinking suspicion your mom might have a bit of a crush on me."
  83. >He goes back to his work, chuckling warmly.
  84. >"Everything is calibrated when you're ready, hop on up."
  85. "It looks like a spaceship…"
  86. >"Well, then I'll be your brave cadet, Cap'n Anon."
  87. >He salutes you and you start to giggle a bit.
  88. "O-okay, hehe…"
  89. >You get up in the chair nervously.
  90. >"Now Anon, previous patients have found the next part to be a bit scary, would you like to hold my hoof?"
  91. >Fucking degenerate…
  92. "N-no, I'm alright. I'm a big filly."
  93. >"If you insist, alright. We're ready to go in three… two… one!"
  94. >The orb lowers down onto your head and flashes brightly before coming back up.
  95. >"Thank you Anon, that's it. You can go back out to see your mom now, your helmet should be waiting at the front desk by the time you get out of here."
  96. "That quick?"
  97. >"It's just plastic and foam, pretty simple stuff."
  98. >He leans in close to you again.
  99. >"But don't tell Princess Twilight, she's paying out the butt for this."
  100. >You giggle.
  101. "O-okay, thank you!"
  102. >"My pleasure."
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