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  1. Please note that this server is still in extensive testing and that lags occur sometimes.
  2. Official Discord:
  3. Welcome on the Server for Epic Gamers! Please read the rules down below before you connect.
  4. Rules:
  5. 1. Please be respectful and friendly in tone. If someone is rude or very disrespectful in tone, please report it on the discord server.
  6. 2. Teamkilling is forbidden. If someone teamkills you, please report it on the discord server (and a screenshot if possible)
  7. 3. Dont beg for staff. If you want to apply for staff, direct message the admins. They will send me the application and i will review it. If we decide to make you a staff member, you will be a trial staff. If we hear positive feedback about your work, we will make you a permanent staff member. (please remember if we receive more negative than positive feedback about you, you will be demoted.)
  8. 4. We use a warning system. If you receive a warning, you will be able to see the warning on the discord channel and when its gone. After 3 warnings you will be tempbanned for 1 day, 1 more warn = 2 days and so on.
  9. 5. Cheating and using exploits in anyway is prohibited. You will be banned permanently if you get caught cheating.
  10. 6. Killing Admins in admin sits is also prohibited. They will kick you.
  11. 7. Have fun!
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