The First Hunt

Mar 18th, 2015
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  1. Snow crunches underfoot. The streets are deserted tonight, with fourteen inches of snow on the ground at minimum. Two figures make their way through the ice and silence, bushy tails perked up behind them as they walk. One has but a single tail, the other five. If you were close enough, you could hear them speaking quietly to each other as they float across the top of the snow like wraiths.
  2. "Now, ideally what you're looking for is a set of keys or a unused door or something, but the best catch would be a man who got trapped in his car or even out on the street when the snow hit. Feel bad for him, but don't show any hesitation if you get so lucky." the elder lectures, barely covered with but the lightest jacket despite the icy weather. The younger listens intently, head flicking to and fro and occasionally tasting the air with a suspiciously long tongue, searching for an ever-elusive hint.
  3. The elder stops, her daughter running into her bushy tails at the sudden brake and nearly overbalancing as she extracts herself. "Do you smell that, Saki?"
  4. "No? What is it, what is it?" Saki says, excitedly.
  5. "It's..." Her mother sniffs the air again, white tails waving gently with her concentration. "Alcohol, and sweat. There's a man out here, under the snow. Try again." A sense of worry fills Izumi's voice. The snow is long since fallen, and hopefully the man isn't under too much snow. The alcohol explains why anyone would sleep outside in this weather, but it's entirely possible now that her daughter's first hunt will end with them having to report a body to the police.
  6. Izumi ponders a bit on this, worrying slightly for her daughter's wellbeing. All she had wanted was to teach her daughter like she had been taught by her mother in the northern reaches, and the snow was the first opportunity she had in a long time.
  7. "I smell him!" Saki nearly shouts, tail going rigid as she points one finger to a bus station, buried in the snow.
  8. "Good. Now, remember as I taught you, Saki." Izumi said, sternly as she could muster under the circumstances. Saki took two more steps forward, braced herself with legs wide, leaning forward and standing as straight legged as she could, butt wiggling slightly as she calculated the right angle to jump.
  9. With a bend and spring, Saki took to the air and slid into the snow face-first, arms outstretched and searching for the man underneath the bench. A solid landing, Izumi thought while admiring her daughter's form. A few steps over that way as Saki's legs flail uselessly before grounding themselves and heaving a cold, snow covered man out of the snow. Saki's face is split into a wide grin, white hair even whiter with snow staining it.
  10. "Whuh-Wuzzat?" The man said. Young, Izumi thought. Probably in his early twenties. Out drinking too late and without the ability to drive home in the blizzard, huh?
  11. "Look, mom!" Saki's voice was as cheerful as could be as she grinned at her mother. "Can I keep him."
  12. "Wait, what-" The young man managed to squeak out before Saki's tail stuffed itself into his face.
  13. "Can I? He smells so goood!" Mumbling from the gagged man followed this point-of-fact statement.
  14. "Well, I don't see why not." Clean enough, good looking enough, and by his smell, single. A perfect catch for her daughter, at least for her first hunt. Izumi looked on with pride, standing back and crossing her arms while her daughter melted the snow with a quick burst of foxfire, slamming the man onto the ground and stripping him while he tried to resist through his hangover.
  15. "Ah, to be young again." Izumi thought, while her daughter celebrated her first success as a young woman.
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