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  1. (9:38:32 PM) Clarence|ST: The situation is thus: We have Thredot and Relentless on the roof, standing over the bloody remains of two men, as two other men look at them. Thredot is inside the Box-shaped Aerial Transport Vehicle, body sprayed with blood, and Relentless is five metres away, standing up after splattering a Terrorist's face into the ground. There is no chance of outside comms for these two.
  2. (9:39:31 PM) Clarence|ST: On the North side, The Obsidian Professional has called in a pickup-team for the two he's incapacitated, and they have taken the two away. He is now prepared to infiltrate further.
  3. (9:39:45 PM) ***Book not actually INSIDE it; Thredot attacked the man from right in front of the cockpit.
  4. (9:39:59 PM) Obsidian: I'm still with them, I've got a plan coming
  5. (9:40:39 PM) Clarence|ST: Then the Professional is still with them, and they await orders.
  6. (9:40:52 PM) Clarence|ST: [Scene Focus: Obsidian]
  7. (9:41:10 PM) ***Relentless is still standing there, glaring at the two terrified men, ready to bolt at any sign of retaliation
  8. (9:42:25 PM) ***Obsidian grabs the comms guy by the neck and lifts him off the cold alley floor "You will contact your commanding officer. You will tell him that the authorities have sent an unarmed individual to negotiate the release of the hostages."
  9. (9:42:38 PM) Obsidian: "Out back. Beyond the garage."
  10. (9:43:41 PM) Clarence|ST: The Obsidian Professional stands in a metal alleyway, grinding gears every few metres working their magic in the walls. He is covered by men under his command.
  11. (9:44:03 PM) Clarence|ST: The Comms guy looks at the Obsidian professional, and he's choking. He's slightly grabbed by the neck.
  12. (9:44:49 PM) ***Obsidian sets the wretch down and loosens his grip slightly. Just enough to allow for air. "Do so."
  13. (9:46:15 PM) Clarence|ST: The Comms guy breathes, and presses his fingers to his ears. "Sir? Yes, the Authorities have sent an unarmed individual to negotiate the release of the hostages. Out back. Beyond the garage." his voice is incredulous, and he listens to his CO.
  14. (9:47:11 PM) Clarence|ST: He pauses for a moment. "He's... asking if this is some kind of joke."
  15. (9:48:05 PM) Clarence|ST: He listens again.
  16. (9:48:41 PM) Clarence|ST: "He's said to send in the unarmed negotiator, through the front, no funny business."
  17. (9:50:39 PM) Obsidian: "The authorities will not lose sight of their negotiator. This agreement is valid only if the doors stay open."
  18. (9:52:05 PM) Clarence|ST: He repeats the proposition to his CO.
  19. (9:52:30 PM) Clarence|ST: "He agrees."
  20. (9:54:03 PM) ***Obsidian tosses the comms officer to the rest of the team "Make ready to engage on my mark. Do not be seen." His image wavers as he takes a step out of the alley, and he is gone.
  21. (9:55:20 PM) Clarence|ST: [Scene Focus: Thredot and Relentless]
  22. (9:56:00 PM) Book: "Stand down."
  23. (9:56:27 PM) Clarence|ST: Both of the men still remaining train their weapons on Relentless, but do not shoot. They're sidestepping away to the furthest possible distance away from both Thredot and Relentless.
  24. (9:56:36 PM) ***Book looks at the two survivors. He tries to look reasonable, himself.
  25. (9:56:57 PM) Book: "My primary companion and I killed your only means of contact with the others."
  26. (9:57:19 PM) Book: "My secondary and tertiary may eliminate you at a moment's discretion."
  27. (9:57:21 PM) Book: "Stand down."
  28. (9:57:51 PM) Clarence|ST: Left one: "We won't be hurt?"
  29. (9:57:56 PM) Book: "No."
  30. (9:58:41 PM) ***Book 's voice is without tone, without inflection. He sounds and looks like what he is; a deadly heretic-hunting extension of the Maker.
  31. (9:59:35 PM) Clarence|ST: Right one: "What are you thinking? The moment they put us into custody they'll torture us for all we know then leave us to rot!"
  32. (9:59:57 PM) ***Book 's eyes flicker for a moment.
  33. (10:00:06 PM) Book: "Torture is inefficient."
  34. (10:00:18 PM) Book: "We have painless methods for extraction of relevant information."
  35. (10:00:32 PM) Book: "What hurts one human, hurts all humans."
  36. (10:00:38 PM) Book: "You will be spared."
  37. (10:00:47 PM) Clarence|ST: Right: "That's bullshit and you know it."
  38. (10:00:56 PM) Book: "Consider:"
  39. (10:01:14 PM) Book: "Regardless of your actions at this juncture, you have lost."
  40. (10:01:33 PM) Book: "You can be exterminated like burning rats, dying in a horrible and horribly painful manner."
  41. (10:01:51 PM) Book: "Or you can surrender, and be peacefully reintegrated into the pattern of Autocthonia."
  42. (10:01:52 PM) ***Relentless smiles walking forward ".. or you can cooperate and hold onto the hope that we will spare you."
  43. (10:02:11 PM) Clarence|ST: The right one fucking bolts.
  44. (10:02:31 PM) Clarence|ST: The left one looks to his companion, back to the Alchemicals, then splits.
  45. (10:03:25 PM) ***Relentless nods the thredot before bolting after him, decreasing her weight with her gravity manipulation appartus in order to increase the distance she covers with a simple step, charging after the one on the left, prepared to dramatically increase her weight and tackle him when she catches him
  46. (10:04:28 PM) ***Book launches his whip in a single, smooth action, sending the barbed coils through the air.
  47. (10:05:24 PM) ***Relentless launches herself full force at the man, bringing him to the ground, wrenching his arm up and pinning him in place ".. and we were trying to be civil."
  48. (10:11:06 PM) ***Book 's arm nearly clears out of the socket with the force of the motion, and the whip entangles the fleeing malcontent like a mother strangling her beloved child.
  49. (10:20:01 PM) Clarence|ST: Like a mistreated child, the whip entangles the man a serious lot. However, he escapes the whip, but not without massive tearing of his armour, and blood gushing from his veins. He continues stumbling away. It's likely he'll bleed to death.
  50. (10:31:19 PM) ***Book explodes into motion, taking long strides that eat the distance between him and his prey. After two heartbeats, Thredot leaps the rest of the way, carrying himself and his weapon sailing through the air, his whip trailing behind him like a spider's webbing, then whistling ahead to strike down the insolent coward.
  51. (10:33:36 PM) Clarence|ST: The boy could barely turn around to pull his trigger for a last stand before he's decapitated, and made armless.
  52. (10:33:45 PM) ***Book satisfies himself and his Maker as the needle-thin edge of the scourge connects with the poor man, a silent lightning bolt striking him, tearing him apart into bloody, meaty chunks.
  53. (10:34:24 PM) Clarence|ST: He is torn, and blood & gore form a pool that starts slowly flowing off the building.
  54. (10:37:49 PM) ***Book Satisfied that his quarry is deactivated, Thredot turns his attention to the flying device.
  55. (10:37:53 PM) Book: "Shame."
  56. (10:38:35 PM) ***Book gauges it as one mechanical to another, and quickly silences its engine with a crack of his whip.
  57. (10:40:10 PM) Clarence|ST: Thredot can't manage to get to the engine, as it is encased in flying steel, but he manages to sever a fuel line. Oil pools out of it.
  58. (10:40:34 PM) Clarence|ST: [Scene Focus: Obsidian]
  59. (10:42:22 PM) Clarence|ST: The front doors of the establishment are carefully opened, and CRSO units train their sights on the front, ready for any shenanigans.
  60. (10:43:06 PM) Clarence|ST: "You have ten minutes to send in your Negotiator."
  61. (10:43:12 PM) ***Obsidian strolls on in, careful not to bump anything, keeping his glowing oculars peeled for the important looking one.
  62. (10:45:58 PM) Clarence|ST: Obsidian walks into the majestic building. There are many trophies, plaques, and memorials to accomplishments by several upstanding members of Autocthonian Society. Scattered around, are a number of terrorists stationed in tactical areas. The hall is some 10 metres wide, and 150 metres deep. There are a number of doors strewn across the left, and a pair of open double doors to the right, towards the main ceremonial room.
  63. (10:46:35 PM) Clarence|ST: In a small indent on the left, where a number of lockers are, Obsidian notices... blurring. In the motion of Waving.
  64. (10:46:56 PM) Clarence|ST: Waving at him
  65. (10:49:50 PM) ***Obsidian moves to the blurring and murmurs at it "Open private comm channel on frequency 141.12 and speak there."
  66. (10:51:53 PM) Clarence|ST: The channel is opened. Surprisingly, what Obsidian sees isn't an alchemical, but a young, bespeckled man with messy hair and a slight lack of shaving. "Hey, Officer. Glad to see you could join us."
  67. (10:52:32 PM) Obsidian: (:V)
  68. (10:52:44 PM) Clarence|ST: (You started it)
  69. (10:52:59 PM) Obsidian: "Requesting information on current situation."
  70. (10:56:02 PM) Clarence|ST: "The Terrorists have got a gun pointed at nearly every single Engineer in here. They have a number of the Chosen pinned down, but 7 or so are equipped with cloaking devices such as yours, spread around. I can give you their respective frequencies if you'd like."
  71. (10:57:32 PM) ***Obsidian begins moving towards the main hall "Bring them into the channel. This will be simple."
  72. (10:57:36 PM) Clarence|ST: "By my reckoning, two are on the roof. I'm not sure about one, because she's new, but the Vigilant Observer of Necessity's frequency is 143.14."
  73. (11:00:13 PM) Clarence|ST: He invisibly gets to work. After he's done, you hear a cacaphony of voices talking about completely unrelated things, such as sports, games, and clothing. They all hear the cacaphony at the same time, and stop. "Gentlemen, the cavalry has arrived. What's the plan, Professional?"
  74. (11:00:30 PM) Clarence|ST: Thredot hears this ringing in his ears, too.
  75. (11:01:19 PM) Obsidian: "Calculating. Requesting confirmation that all hostages are gathered in the main hall." He keeps walking.
  76. (11:02:28 PM) Book: "Partial confirmation, Professional; Relentless and I are located on the roof; we have eliminated four guards and their flying device. No hostages present, over."
  77. (11:04:11 PM) Clarence|ST: Reason: "I confirm that all of the hostages are gathered in the main hall, Professional. Over."
  78. (11:04:50 PM) Obsidian: "Acknowledged. All available armed stealth units into the main hall immediately."
  79. (11:07:24 PM) Book: "Confirmed; Vigilant moving to main hall now."
  80. (11:09:14 PM) ***Relentless walks over carrying the whimpering guard over her shoulder like a sack of flour "Orders?"
  81. (11:11:54 PM) ***Book focuses on Relentless.
  82. (11:12:52 PM) Book: "Professional has ordered all units with Stealth capabilities into the main hall; I am unsure whether that includes you. I would that it would be tactically wise for you to remain here, in case the hostiles make a run for the roof."
  83. (11:13:07 PM) Book: "On other hand, must admit not happy with leaving behind a capable operative."
  84. (11:14:45 PM) Book: "Professional, risk assesment needed, please advise; Relentless does not possess flawless stealth capability."
  85. (11:17:42 PM) Obsidian: "Optical fields will be adequate."
  86. (11:17:50 PM) ***Relentless pokes the mortal with her free hand "He's still alive, and concious.. I can question him while you go inside, if need be. Relay any tactical information he.. erm.. 'reveals' to you.
  87. (11:20:02 PM) Book: "Negative, Professional, Relentless does not possess optical fields."
  88. (11:20:32 PM) Book: "Good idea, Relentless."
  89. (11:20:58 PM) Clarence|ST: The Professional walks into the rec room. There are around 40 armed men inside, spaced apart in order to keep all the engineers under line of fire, and a good number of them are surrounding the Chosen that didn't have cloaking fields.
  90. (11:21:12 PM) Obsidian: (There are stairs in this building, right?)
  91. (11:21:40 PM) Clarence|ST: (Come to think of it)
  92. (11:21:46 PM) Obsidian: (So the engineers are surrounded in a big group?)
  93. (11:22:48 PM) Clarence|ST: There are a number of stairs going from left to right from the entrance to the rec room, and they go up into a walkway that circumsects the room entirely. Mostly for high-brow spectating, but now contains a small number of guards. Drapes hang from the walkway in all sorts of patterns and insignia.
  94. (11:22:57 PM) Clarence|ST: (The engineers are surrounded in a big group, yes.)
  95. (11:23:43 PM) Obsidian: "Requesting operative with advanced biological analysis optics to provide emotional state readings of the terrorist group."
  96. (11:23:59 PM) Obsidian: (And any big leader dude?)
  97. (11:26:25 PM) Clarence|ST left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  98. (11:26:48 PM) Clarence_Mage [] entered the room.
  99. (11:27:36 PM) Clarence_Mage is now known as Clarence|ST
  100. (11:28:37 PM) ***Relentless taps the comm device on her arm trying check to make sure it even works "Um.. I can do that, but.. I don't have optical camo.."
  101. (11:30:12 PM) Obsidian: "You have just volunteered to act as the diversion, then."
  102. (11:31:05 PM) Relentless: "R-right, uh.. what exactly does that require?"
  103. (11:33:33 PM) ***Obsidian moves towards the center of the ring of hostages, being very careful not to bump anything. His mvoes are determined, calculated, and precise. A strange sight, to be sure, considering usually this situation calls for bumbling and flailing. "Designate Relentless will be acting as the police negotiator. All other units will spaced evenly outside of the hostage ring."
  104. (11:34:44 PM) Book: "Affirmative. Moving now."
  105. (11:35:01 PM) ***Book moves into position as fast as he can - which, even for the Exalted, isn't fast.
  106. (11:36:42 PM) Obsidian: "Each operative will be assigned to six targets. On my mark they will be dispatched with speed and efficiency. Relentless will be tasked with moving the hostages to the stairs and into the transport. Any Units who find themselves without targets are to assist Relentless and cover her escape."
  107. (11:36:52 PM) Obsidian: "There is no room for miscalculation."
  108. (11:37:33 PM) Obsidian: "Unit Relentless: Requesting emotional state analysis ASAP."
  109. (11:39:07 PM) ***Relentless nods to.. no one "R-roger. activating her gravity manipulation apparatus and peering into the room via the closest window, flipping her biological sensors in her eyes on, doing a quick scan of the room, looking for any signs of irritation or excitement, then dashing to another window, getting an alternate angle and doing the same
  110. (11:40:29 PM) ***Book Upon hearing these commands, Thredot momentarily stops. He seems motionless, unless observed in the infrared spectrum, in which case his entire lower back is glowing. After a short while, he resumes his motion into the room.
  111. (11:43:19 PM) Clarence|ST: Relentless can see the static, quavering blue of trained tension in most of the terrorists. However, some occasionally feel a bit more red & yellow, as they're a bit antsy, impatient. The hostages are all yellow-orange off the charts, except for the Alchemicals, who are resonating with their respective castes.
  112. (11:45:16 PM) ***Relentless repositions to the roof before tapping her com "Most of the terrorists are showing a calm tension, well trained I'd assume, though some seem to be getting a bit impatient, the hostages, as expected, are terrified." nodding ot no one again then looking at her.. 'hostage' "Tell me when you need that diversion."
  113. (11:46:08 PM) ***Obsidian opens the police channel once more "Requisitioning the loudest ordennance available to be brought as close as possible to the target without being visible. Immediately."
  114. (11:46:51 PM) Clarence|ST: CSRO: "Roger that."
  115. (11:47:19 PM) Obsidian: "Unit Relentless: Move into position through the front gate. You are expected."
  116. (11:47:49 PM) Book: "Professional; require some time to prepare method of attack; request target specification, over."
  117. (11:49:03 PM) ***Relentless taps her com ".. was I not supposed to be providing a diversion? if so I have am ethod for doing so, either way.. heading towards the front gate."
  118. (11:49:05 PM) Relentless: "er.. over."
  119. (11:51:05 PM) Obsidian: "Define method."
  120. (11:52:40 PM) Relentless: "I have an er.. Hostage, one of the guards we fought earlier, I can likely propel him through the nearest window towards one of the more.. impatient terrorists with a charm, then make my way to the other side of the building and towards the hostages.."
  121. (11:53:00 PM) Relentless: "err.. Over."
  122. (11:54:13 PM) Obsidian: "...Adequate. Move in through a window on mark with the rest of the squad."
  123. (11:54:43 PM) Obsidian: "Begin final positioning preparations. Fire when ready, Unit Relentless."
  124. (11:58:47 PM) Book: "Professional; Thredot moving into position. Will prepare trap; fire on Relentless' signal, over."
  125. (11:59:15 PM) ***Relentless picks the quivering mortal up ".. just not your day." walking to the edge of the roof and looking up, then down, taking a step back throwing the mortal as high as she possibly can before decreasing her weight and leaping onto the wall of a parallel building, carefully counting as the gravity brings the mortal down, as he clears the edge of the roof, she shoves off hard,
  126. (11:59:16 PM) ***Relentless meeting the mortal as he comes down, her piston pulling back as she leaps, her fist colliding with the mortals chest, the piston coming down with a resounding THUD, sending him flying through the window, into the middle of the crowd as she lightly lands on wall below the window
  127. (12:00:08 AM) Obsidian: (Doing this like two seconds after, regardless of the terrorist reaction)
  128. (12:00:09 AM) ***Book invisibly scuttles acros the ceiling and picks a group of targets; above their heads, unseen, he spools out unending lengths of his favorite material, setting the mechanically-perfect armatures for a trap.
  129. (12:00:11 AM) ***Obsidian wavers into being in the center of the hostages, exhaust shunts in his shoulders and pectorals slam open and a thick gray fog pours out, immediately obscuring his form and most of the room, especially the hostage group. The piercing red glow of his eyes are visible for but a moment as he speaks one word over all channels and out loud "Engage."
  130. (12:00:42 AM) Book: "Engaging."
  131. (12:01:29 AM) ***Book chops off the three anchor-points of his trapwebs, and they descend like a shit brickhouse, slamming into the targets and delivering unto them headaches and immobility.
  132. (12:02:32 AM) ***Relentless quickly runs to another window, preferably behind the commotion, hopping through, almost weightlessly landing on the ground, immediately suppressing all of her charms and taking the form of a mortal, dashing towards the hostages "This way." motioning towards the stairs
  133. (12:02:48 AM) ***Book immediately starts pouring more webs into the room, cornering and entrapping select groups of hostiles.
  134. (12:04:20 AM) Clarence|ST: It seems to be complete chaos, but this runs like clockwork.
  135. (12:04:55 AM) Clarence|ST: First: A man is catapulted through a window. The guards inside are momentarily distracted.
  136. (12:05:50 AM) Clarence|ST: Second: The Professional unleashes gas, catching the Terrorists surrounding the hostages off guard.
  137. (12:06:54 AM) Clarence|ST: Third: All sorts of Alchemicals break cloaking to beat the shit out of Terrorists the way they know, and the Chosen surrounded by terrorists are half trapped by Thredot's web, half beatdown.
  138. (12:07:19 AM) Clarence|ST: Fourth: Relentless rallies the hostages, and they start to move their way out.
  139. (12:08:12 AM) Clarence|ST: Fifth: Thredot has managed to web out around 12 terrorists that havn't been beaten down or incapacitated
  140. (12:09:20 AM) Clarence|ST: The CSRO took the liberty of pouring in and neutralising the terrorists occupying the Hall.
  141. (12:09:50 AM) Clarence|ST: The terrorists in the Rec Room were caught completely with their pants down, and there are no casualties to speak of.
  142. (12:11:08 AM) Clarence|ST: The hostages pour out the front, and the Alchemicals remain inside to do what heroes do.
  143. (12:11:50 AM) ***Obsidian clamps his fog generators shut, standing with his arms folded in the center of the room.
  144. (12:14:46 AM) ***Book crawls down his webspace and stands on the floor, silently awaiting futher instruction.
  145. (12:15:25 AM) ***Relentless leads the hostages!
  146. (12:18:21 AM) ***Book looks heroic.
  147. (12:18:35 AM) ***Relentless is sort of like the robot moses!
  148. (12:20:34 AM) Clarence|ST: All sorts of Alchemicals are high-fiving eachother, and dancing in victory. The two performers come out from under the covers, and play a little fanfare.
  149. (12:21:06 AM) ***Relentless returns to the party, still meatbag'd up, looking for Thredot.
  150. (12:21:34 AM) Clarence|ST: All while the man Relentless threw through the window is crumpled ontop of a broken table, the white sheets stained by his blood, & speckled with glass.
  151. (12:22:22 AM) ***Relentless makes a simple handsign as she passes by the sheet "Wasn't your day, buddy."
  152. (12:22:26 AM) ***Obsidian shakes his head and steps out to greet the CSRO command
  153. (12:23:56 AM) Clarence|ST: Obsidian sees the commanding Starmetal outside in the hall, hands behind his back, with a retinue of two men on either side of him. He salutes The Professional.
  154. (12:25:13 AM) ***Obsidian stands at attention and salutes "No casualties. All hostages accounted for. Several terrorist subjects in custody for questioning."
  155. (12:27:45 AM) Clarence|ST: The Commander: "Admirably done, Professional. I knew you would prove your mettle one way or another."
  156. (12:29:19 AM) Clarence|ST: A massive, massive thundering boom from a way way shakes the ground. Everyone can feel it. While the effects can't be seen from here, it's not good news.
  157. (12:29:26 AM) Clarence|ST: [~SESSION END~]
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