Yukanji Highschool

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  2. had just unlocked the door to the clubroom. It was the new year, and they've just hit their third years. Not long ago, perhaps a few weeks, Kazuma was appointed team Captain by the previous one. Now, Yukanji high's volleyball team was not --by any meaning of the word-- high calibur. Even as most of them had put all of their effort into becoming better players, becoming a better team, sometimes it never worked out. And now? Now he was given responsibility to lead them. As if he was supposed to know what he was doing. Sharp breath was drawn just as the door was swung open, revealing to him an empty room, filled only by a single table and a bunch of lockers lining it's sides. Upon the table lay the new list of applicants. There was no doubt in his mind that most of them were hopeful first years. However, the first application paper was that of a female. "What...?" His head tilted slighlty, as if to inspect it. It seemed that maybe --hopefully-- there was a mix up with the girl's team.
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  4. It was several minutes later that a light rapt of knuckles would sound at the door that had swung close of it's own accord with a light thud previously. Too early and soft to belong to any existing member of the team, but faculty would be feasible. On the opposite side awaited a hunched figure in a track suit of the traditional school colors, devoid of a number or insignia that gave them a coveted position upon the team. Hood of jacket was pulled up and partially obscured features from view, even as arms crossed over chest to hide the telling swell of chest. There was not a second series of knocks, instead opting to lean partially against the doorframe.. Patience was key here. But it was not the door opening that came next, but the thundering of steps as a group of over zealous boys rushed towards the club room. Sounding like a stampede of wildebeest, while tearing into the room beyond with a chorus of varying pitch their enthusiastic greeting to the captain.
  5. ¢нυвву вυηηү02/17/2019
  6. had the application of the female in his hands. She was cute. Kazuma caught himself greedily staring at the image for more than he should have, and the thought of him even committing such as that sent a blush to his cheeks. Normally, he wouldn't be so interested in staring at anything --or anyone for that matter-- but somehow, her features had caught his attention. No doubt if she were to join the Girl's Volleyball team, she'd most probably have some form of fan base following her. Much like that one brunette boy. The sudden --rather soft-- knocks against the door tore his attention away, instinctively shoving the papers in between the pile, mixing them nicely. However, before he could muster to turn heel and open the door, the familiar yells and enthusiasm that flowed from the team had suddenly filled the room. "Alright guys, calm down. There's not a lot of room in he--" His eyes ventured towards the hooded one. "Calm down, guys." He ordered softly, if not to manage to focus himself upon the newcomer. But it didn't seem like any of them were paying attention, causing his brow to twitch slightly. "I said QUIET!" Kazuma's voice was loud, and the fact that the acoustics of the room was good, it pretty much reached everyone's ear. It was commanding, almost frightening, like it demanded to be listened to. And once all was silent, his shoulders lowered. "I-- sorry you had to see that." The boys then turned to face the figure. Curious. "Are you here to apply? Try outs aren't until a few hours from now."
  7. stαr02/17/2019
  8. Youko wouldn't have believed that Kazuma or any other boy in the world would think she was cute. Not after so many years of being ridiculed or worse, ignored, by her peers. But it hadn't stopped her from caring about any of them, or playing her own role in seeing their happiness bloom. Towards the end of last semester, an unfortunate incident had occurred resulting in being homeschooled while she recovered. One of the better students in her grade, it had not been difficult to maintain the workload from home -- yet it was somehow lonelier than sitting in the middle of a crowded room with no one to talk to. However, there was a blessing from the forced seclusion.. as previous pounds were shed. And the walrus in a skirt was suddenly slim and fit. The latter due to hours of playing with a ball on her own, or riding a bicycle everywhere she went. There was a notable flinch of the small form that haunted the doorway as the captain yelled first for silence, and then addressed her directly. "S-s-sorry," voice feminine and faint with shyness, "Coach said I should come.." The sentence falling short of completion, as if thinking better of continuing. "I'll go," turning sharply on heel to retreat down the corridor.
  9. ¢нυвву вυηηү02/17/2019
  10. From the get go, Kazuma was weary of the way the person had presented themselves. Normally, one wouldn't wear their hoods that far up if they held confidence in themselves. Confidence being something that he --as the newly appointed captain-- decided was necessary for the team to even thrive. Immediately, his eyes began assessing the individual first by height, and then by-- He found himself with his mouth slightly hung open. The person sounded feminine, but he was, in no way, quick to draw conclusions. Perhaps, they were simply too unfortunate that they managed to possess one that resembled that of a female's in a male's body. But, upon further inspection, something seemed... off about them. His shock did not make him feel lonesome, for the rest seemed to have their attentions drawn to the hooded figure. "Usually he'd say that if there's a problem. Is there?" A brow was furrowed when suddenly, the boys began whispering about the person perhaps being one of those people who have been sent to the team to be a benchwarmer simply because their parents were rich enough to pay the school to pretend their children were good in some sport. "Hold it." He ordered, not as loud as his demand for silence, but one that held just as much authority, one that truly belonged to a captain. "What's your name?"
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  12. It was true, that judging by body language there was a gaping chasm of confidence in the hunched frame. As years worth of experience had all but pounded her into the floor on which she stood. Why would the boys treat her presence any differently than the girls had? Because her father was an old friend of the coach? What did that matter in the club room or the court? Youko just wanted to play. She wanted to be able to look back on her life, and feel that there had been a moment where she had belonged and been seen. The retreat was short lived as Kazuma called out, and damnit if she didn't flinch again. Why was she so afraid? Isn't this what she wanted? To be spoken to? "(insert surname here)," swallowing back the acidic feeling in throat, "Youko." Fingers rising to remove hood and reveal blonde ponytail, moments before turning to face them all. Gaze scanning over their collective faces briefly before dropping to the floor. She waited for the laughter, the jokes and the insults. Better to hear it now, than behind her back, right?
  13. ¢нυвву вυηηү02/17/2019
  14. could the understand the want. The need to be on the court. To play. The do the things you loved and not be judged for it. But now? Now Kazuma was past that. He still had the drive that pushed him to accelerate his training years ago, but now he was much more than a man who wanted fun. He was now someone who was on a mission. Someone hellbent to create a legacy that people will remember him for. It might have been too much to put on an activity such as Volleyball. But to people like them? It was more than just an activity. it was a way of life. "Youko?" His brow raised once more, hand coming up to scratch at his head, but before he could even do so, the individual had removed the hood, to reveal that they were, in fact, a she. His jaw was perhaps the first to fall, and an active silence immediately filled the room. A far cry to what it was mere moments before. "If I hear anyone speak, or even squeak out a sound, I will ask for a hundred pushups. Each." That should be enough to make sure that no laughter, jokes, or insults would ever take place. At least for the moment. "Please. Come with me." Immediately, he guided her outside the clubroom, leaving the rest of the team inside. Once he, and Youko were both out side, the male crossed his arms. "Miss, I think you're mistaken. The girl's volleyball team is on the other side of the hall. "
  15. stαr02/17/2019
  16. Any outburst was muted before it could form, or at least within hearing. Nothing was said about facial expressions, and mercifully Youko didn't look up to see them. She knew the third year faces all too well, the second years were vaguely familiar. Further back into the corridor they retreated, their exchange not entirely private as the room was dead silent at Kazuma's back. The formality was a kindness, but misplaced. "I know where it is. They didn't want me to play," the truth expelled plainly, even as velveteen cheeks began to burn hotly from the most recent memory of embarrassment. "Coach said I would be accepted here," hating the burden she was placing on the boy's team shoulders, but Youko was so very desperate. "There are no rules stating I can't play on the team," gaze rising from the floor to meet his, the loveliest shade of lavender burning with a fire that hadn't managed to reach her voice yet. At the very least, she was standing firm on the subject -- even if she was going to sit in the gym as directed and just await the official tryouts.
  17. ¢нυвву вυηηү02/17/2019
  18. Had both his eyes narrowed, almost far too irritated at the thought that the team might have their ears pressed against the door, curiously listening to whatever the two of them were talking about. And for as much as he wanted something to say about the matter, sometimes there was really not much one could do. Kazuma felt the desperation in her words, but he could not pin point exactly where it stemmed from. His arms were still crossed, lips pursed for a moment. "I--" He sighed. "I'm supposed to assume you're saying what I think you're saying, correct?" And it wasn't something that he liked. "It's the boy's volleyball team. Boys." He would be lying to himself if he said that he didn't feel the slightest bit of regret allowing those words to escape his lips, but there was. And it didn't sit right with him. "I have no idea what coach was thinking but you are... as bad as it is for me to say; certainly NOT accepted here. The girl's team exists for a reason, Youko." And why would she not be there? Was she far too shy to tryout in a team where she actually belonged? Would being rejected somewhere you're not supposed to be a part of in the first place easier to bear than normal? While his mind wandered and theory crafted, his head idly swiveled to a no. Absolutely not. It was absurd. However, as their eyes met, Kazuma felt a certain hunger. An unexplainable need that resembled his. He would make no note of it. Not vocally, not mentally, but his subconscious has certainly been stirred awake. There was something about her.
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  22. Akio
  23. laid down arms crossed and all that good shit.
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  25. Chiharu
  26. it was ten minutes later, that a familiar huff could be heard.
  27. ¢нυвву вυηηү02/17/2019
  28. blinked once. Twice. Pink with teal stripes. Good choice today, Chiharu.
  29. stαr02/17/2019
  30. fists straddled hips as she stared down at him, a disappointed frown on her lips. Akio..
  31. ¢нυвву вυηηү02/17/2019
  32. raised a brow at. "That's my name." Snickered at. "Have you ever considered wearing a thong?"
  33. stαr02/17/2019
  34. realization that her boyfriend was a pervert caused cheeks to flare red, and hands would fold over skirt to block his view. Akio was rewarded for his trouble with a pointed kick to his ribs, not hard enough to cause him actual pain. Don't be a pain! Did you forget about today?
  35. ¢нυвву вυηηү02/17/2019
  36. Next thing he knew, her skirt was folded, shielding her panties away from view. Before words of protest could even escape his lips, his ribs were introduced to her feet. "TODAY? What's with today? It's no longer Valentines. Not your birthday. Not our anniversary. Ah fuck--" The male sat up. "Did I forget to buy you tampons today?"
  37. stαr02/17/2019
  38. it wasn't that he hadn't seen her panties on more occasions than she cared to recall, or even bare witness to her in a bikini when frequenting the pool or beach. But now wasn't the time to be cute. Which was difficult, considering he was awfully cute and.. and.. and.. FOCUS CHIHARU! N-n-no! Squirming a bit as he sat up, as the urge to kick him again was strong. You're supposed to be at the club room?!
  39. ¢нυвву вυηηү02/18/2019
  40. Stared at her, perhaps for nothing more but to admire just how beautiful his girlfriend is, or imagine how sexy she was whenever she'd be wearing her bikini at the pool. Most guys would be jealous having their lovers being gawked and drooled over by others. Not much so for Akio. He likes the attention she gets, simply because they'll know he taps that whenever he wants to. "Club room? What clu--" That's when Kazuma and Hideo crossed his mind. "Fuuuuuuuck."
  41. stαr02/18/2019
  42. expression softened as the importance of the prior engagement popped in his brain, and she leant forward to press forehead against his. Slender hands abandoning pleated skirt to cup his cheeks, as a light rub of nose was given. You're such a space cadet! Pink hair, fragrant with the scents of strawberry and cream would spill around him with the aid of the breeze. Lips lowering to brush sweetly to his for encouragement.
  43. ¢нυвву вυηηү02/18/2019
  44. A sigh of exasperation escaped his lips, head cocked back as his body was now upright, save for the legs that were crossed against the rooftop cement. Immediately felt his cheeks become claimed by her palms, eyes immediately torn from her gaze. He always did like to pretend he was too cool for her romantic antics, but her lips brushing against his caused a disturbance within his chest. Akio's very own lips trembled, moving closer in an attempt to grasp at her's. "I thought we had to be somewhere?"
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  48. ¢нυвву вυηηү04/18/2019
  49. Kazuma
  51. rolled the volleyball container into the gym.
  52. stαr04/18/2019
  53. Youko trailed behind the excited boys into the gym. Arms folded like a makeshift shield over chest, still obscured mostly by the concealing track suit.
  54. ¢нυвву вυηηү04/18/2019
  55. crossed his arms, and cleared his throat. He shouldn't say anything more, so he's expecting the men to form a line.
  56. stαr04/18/2019
  57. as the others began to form a line, would take a place at the end. Ignoring the snickers and curious glances.
  58. ¢нυвву вυηηү04/18/2019
  59. grabbed a ball from the container, and clutched onto it with his fingers. The boys were beginning to sweat, and very obviously he was not anticipating for the Youko girl to show up. "Just because last year, you were a part of this team, doesn't mean you get to be again." Looked around, and peered at the yawning Akio, with Chihara gripped tightly onto his collar. Brow twitch. "We're holding try outs. For everyone. Do I make myself clear?"
  60. Akio
  62. Yawned even louder. "Well, you heard the man. I'm going." Turned heel, but struggled on removing Chihara's fingers on the fabric of his oversized shirt.
  63. stαr04/18/2019
  64. Chiharu flashed Kazuma an apologetic look, even as Aiko was shoved forward towards the line-up, after her fingers were pried loose from his collar. She then walked off to the side to collect clipboard from a younger version of herself. Sakura looked a bit green, but seemed excited to be included as a manager trainee. Youko on the other hand was doing her best to avoid meeting anyone's gaze.
  65. ¢нυвву вυηηү04/18/2019
  66. Akio grumbled, stumbling past a few of the lined-up men, soon as he was shoved by Chiha. "Fuck. Relax." He shoved both  hands inside his pockets. "Oi. Kazuma-kun. Why the fuck do we have to audition anyway? Me specifically? You and I both know this team is garbage without me. Just ask Chiha-chan." Kazuma  physically feel his blood boil with the heat of a thousand hells, but said nothing to agitate. "Because it's proper to do this." Looked away, noticing the fact that Hideo, who was going through the list of signees, was close to passing out from the tension.
  67. stαr04/18/2019
  68. There was a mask of disinterest on Chiharu's angelic face as Aiko began to gripe, not rising to his defense or to argue. Kazuma was the team captain, and it was his responsibility to reign in everyone, even his egotistical best friend. Gaze shifted over the turnout, pausing on the girl at the far end out of surprise. "Sakura, give me the list," fingers reaching for the sheet of potentials. Youko leaned forward to get a better look at Aiko and Kazuma, mildly amused by the vein beginning to form on the dark haired boy's forehead.
  69. ¢нυвву вυηηү04/18/2019
  70. Kazuma walked down the line of boys that stood straight to attention, as if they were soldiers in the army. Kazuma instilled fear in the best way imaginable. By making an example. Especially out of someone who thought themselves the alpha-- The male grabbed Akio by the ear, and tugged downward. Sharply. --when they are, in fact, the beta. Akio winced and almost bent at the knee from the sudden ear tug. "Holy shit, Kazuma. STOP--OW." Slapped at the captain's wrists, only to be released moments after. He rubbed at the sore spot of his ear, looking to Chiara with a look that asked "SAY SOMETHING?" Kazuma turned to Chiharu and wiped his hands. "First on the list?"
  71. stαr04/18/2019
  72. Sakura had handed off the sheet to her big sister, but was distracted looking at the boys gathered. Or more specifically the starting of a spat between Kazuma and Akio. Neither Hideo or Chiharu seemed concerned enough to intervene. All the same a gasp was given at the ear tugging. Chiharu didn't miss a beat however, "Akio."
  73. ¢нυвву вυηηү04/18/2019
  74. Hideo was definitely concerned. More than enough, actually. It was just that he knew never to step in between Kazuma and Akio. Mostly since, he knew that both of them were... frightening in their own way, even with him being the tallest one. Akio immediately looked baffled, but at the same time as if he was sick with life. "Me? Fuck. Babe, you should really say something about this. I just went through child abuse, you know." Side-eyed Kazuma. Kazuma pointed to the court with his free hand, and tossed the ball upwards, higher than most setters should. Akio scoffed. "And now he's putting me through child labor..." If there was one thing Kazuma knew, it was setting examples. And he knew Akio was it. The blue-haired ace dashed forward faster than the eye can keep up with, the Blue Blur. In that same instance, the ball was slammed against the floor, the impact caused an ear-shattering THUD. In it's wake, was Kazuma grinning. "Next?"
  75. stαr04/18/2019
  76. "Language," was the only word of warning to Akio to set a better example as a third year from Chiharu. A glance was given to the list before selecting a second year, "Setsuna." A faint smile formed for the libero, encouragement not to let Akio steal the spotlight completely. Sakura had made a note of surprise, never quite getting over how fast the blue haired demon was. Youko blinked and returned to her former position, fingers beginning to unfasten the legs of track pants in preparation for her turn.
  77. ¢нυвву вυηηү04/18/2019
  78. Setsuna raised his hand, and had already been positioned in the middle of the court without notice, or anyone even realizing that he had already taken his position. " same position... Kazuma-Senpai." A resounding gasp from the rest of the people inside the gym was made. Hideo quickly shifted his body to whisper in Kazuma's ear. "Did you notice he was there?" Kazuma shook his head. "No idea." Blinked a few times and waved a hand around. "A-ah! Setsuna, just Kazuma is fine. No need for the honorifics." Setsuna stared at the captain with empty eyes. "...okay." And just like that, Kazuma picked up another ball and served the light blue-haired individual a few balls, failing to receive only four out of fifteen serves. Good. "Next?" The next few attendees were... less than desirable, so in turn, Kazuma had hoped an interesting one would come along, because God knows that Akio was getting restless. After being warned with his language, he had decided to use hand signs instead. With both middle fingers flying everywhere.
  79. stαr04/18/2019
  80. "Kallua," head tilting as a few notes were jolted down next to priors, whether or not Kazuma took them into consideration was anyone's guess. Chiharu was likely adding to Akio's irritation as she was not fawning over him, as she was habitual of doing outside of the gym. Sakura was attempting not to stare at Yoshino, a bit ensnared by his quiet.. mounting intensity.. as he was awaiting his turn.
  81. ¢нυвву вυηηү04/18/2019
  82. Kazuma turned his head, even his attention briefly to Hideo, and then Akio. "Kallua?" Words that were whispered to himself. It was a name he hadn't heard before, but felt like he should have. As if, it had tickled his ear just from Chiharu's sheer utterance of it. Akio seemed uninterested, as he was most days, Hideo himself looked like he was trying to figure out who the Kallua person was s well. Kazuma then cleared his throat, making sure his voice would be loud and imposing enough. "Kallua? Could you please step out of the line, and into the court?" For a moment, no response. Until-- Kallua stepped out a crowd of women hoarding him for autographs and selfies. "Sorry. Sorry. I got caught up with work." The male snickered, and as soon as his smile showed, any woman with good taste would feel like swooning. Akio took a step forward. "I don't like him already." Kazuma, on the other hand, raised an arm to stop his best friend from taking another step. "Let's see what he has to offer, yeah?" Usually, anyone who disobeyed direct orders meant immediate extraction. But still, he wanted to see more. The male gestured to the middle of the court. Only for Kallua to pick up a volleyball, toss it in the air, and catch it before it could land. "Wing Spiker, sir." He boasted, chest out slightly. The ball was tossed upwards, spinning on it's axis, just in time for Kallua to reel back, get a running start, and leap to strike at the ball. In Kazuma's eyes, or the way he saw it. The spike had been lack luster. It was... ordinary. But at the same time, there was potential for something more. There was something about his jump. "Bench." The captain proclaimed. "Next." Kallua's jaw dropped. "Wait, wha--?" Akio stuck his tongue out. "He said bench, dumbass."
  83. stαr04/18/2019
  84. Eyebrow lifted as the model broke forth from his admiring crowd to be a part of the tryouts, agreeing with Kazuma's silent observation that it wasn't cheer worthy but there was potential. Chiharu gave Sakura a nudge to pay attention, even as she called out the next name "Yoshino."
  85. ¢нυвву вυηηү04/18/2019
  86. Akio immediately groaned. "Oh great. Fuck me. It's this guy." Although this time around. his expression was not one of the dissatisfaction, but one that was ready to watch. Observe. Kazuma and Hideo both knew what Yoshino could bring to the table. And it was something that was altogether frightening. The captain of the volleyball team swiveled his head, for his gaze to meet Akio's yet Akio's deep blue hues not once broke from the stare. That in itself sent a shiver down Kazuma's spine. To the third years, Yoshino was a shadow. A shadow that loomed taller than anything. For one simple reason. Because shadows were stronger the brighter the light. Out from the line stepped Yoshino dark hair, stoic expression, but eyes full of hunger. "Wing Spiker, Captain." Kazuma grabbed for a volleyball, waited for the second year to get a running start and tossed it to the other with perfect accuracy. Yoshino could feel his feet drag him across the court, a spring to his step caused him to soar above the net, arm swinging down to deliver a brutal, although not as powerful spike as Akio's. The shadow was stronger the brighter the light. And the Blue Blur was blinding. Silence filled the gymnasium for a moment. Only to then be broken by Kazuma. "O-oh. Uh. Thank you, Yoshino." Words needed not be said, and Akio himself had been quiet. Simply choosing to distract himself by looking towards Chiharu and making sneaky kissy faces. The Captain raised a hand slightly. "Next?"
  87. stαr04/19/2019
  88. There was the faint curl of lips as the second year had made his way to the starting point, corner of eye trained upon the younger girl at her side that was already turning a lovely shade of pink as the raven haired boy moved. He wasn't as fleet of foot or strong as Akio, but certainly was impressive. Chiharu scribbled a note beside Yoshino's name, even as Sakura admitted a joyous note that couldn't quite be contained. Poor girl flushing two shades darker in embarrassment, even as she turned to grab some bottle waters to distribute to the boys. The gym was a bit hot that day, as the air conditioning was under maintenance. A few other various names were called, the results ranging from promising to awful. Until what seemed like ages, "Youko," was summoned.
  90. At this point, the girl had removed the track suit and stood to the side in awkward poise. Aside from the exchange with Kazuma earlier, she hadn't exchanged a word with anyone. Fingers twisted long, lustrous mane of gold into a ponytail as the trek to the far end was made where the others had started. Violet eyes had been watching each of the other hopefuls from the beginning, and understood what was expected. She was either oblivious to the rise in chatter, or surrendered to the idea that she wouldn't escape unscathed. Upon reaching her mark, she'd turn to face the captain who had made it clear like so many that she didn't belong.
  92. Youko had one chance to prove him wrong.
  94. "Youko," it seemed ridiculous to repeat her name, but confidence seemed to bloom as shoulders straightened. "I just want to play," the earnest answer would be the truth that many of them carried close to their hearts.
  95. ¢нυвву вυηηү04/19/2019
  96. To Kazuma, promising wasn't enough. and while others like Hideo knew that having potential was one thing to look forward to, having heart was something greater than that. Kallua, on the other hand, seemed like he lacked the necessary skill to be great, yet having the guts to proclaim himself a wing spiker with a lack luster skillset? That took guts. Possibly even more. No words could be used to describe the accuracy of the captain's knowledge when it came to picking out diamonds in the rough, mostly since Chiharu had sharpened his senses as such. For as brash and loud as her boyfriend was, she was quiet, but someone could really learn a thing or two from her. When the name Youko had been called out, whispers were suddenly filling the gymnasium. Even Akio managed a snicker from where he stood.
  98. A wide grin came from the Blue haired devil. "Hey. Wasn't she that one chubby girl?" A single hand propped against his side, not even trying to size the female up. He already knew that she was nothing compared to Chiha. "Go easy on her. She might start eating cake again."
  100. Hideo, from the back of the three third years, grabbed at Akio's shoulders. "Please, keep quiet." A stern face was kept... for a span of five seconds. Hideo began to sweat, hands trembling as they were waved in front of him. "J-j-just so Kazuma-kun can focus!"
  102. And it just so happens that Kazuma already stepped up to the middle of the court. "Just want" Confused for a moment,his eyes turned into tiny black dots. A wave of snickers, sneers, and chuckles replaced the whispers. The expression upon the male turned dark, almost as if he could slit someone's throat. And just like that -- silence. "O-okay. Well. Show me what you got, I suppose..." He still wasn't happy about the fact that a girl was auditioning for the men's volleyball team, but special permits indicated that she should be allowed to, at the very least, be in the tryouts. As rude as it may have been --if he spoke it out loud--, Kazuma was not expecting much from her. Simply because if she was anything special, the girls team would desperately want her on their team. "Here." Kazuma lowered the ball below his waist, bent over slightly, and flung his arms up, tossing the ball into the air. "Do your best."
  103. stαr04/19/2019
  104. "Akio," the note of disapproval was stinging, and anyone that knew the couple well, could bet that Chiharu was going to make his ears bleed later over being so callous with their classmate. Although the description did bring some minor clarity to mind over Youko's identity. Hadn't she been absent the entirety of last term? She had so many questions, but would keep them for later.
  106. As the fat comments began, heralding the snickers, Youko's cheeks turned crimson from humiliation. But she didn't run away, instead a nod was given in answer to Kazuma. The ball was flung upwards, and the rest of the world melted away into nothingness.
  108. Rubber soles squeaked across floor, signaling the abrupt movement of speed. But where the Blue Blur could still be marked in passing, only the shift in wind could be felt on face to comprehend her own. A rock given on heel and then toe, to launch the small girl upwards like a rocket, to a height that should be out of reach and yet she went for it as an astronaut did the stars. Right palm connecting with multi-color leather for a thundering slap, forcing it over the net in a spiral formation. Volleyball hitting the ground just before the serving line, with enough force to send it upwards again to hit projectile into the wall and back towards the net.
  110. As feet reconnected with the ground, legs bent at the knee to avoid injury. Straightening, blonde head tilted upwards to Kazuma who as luck would have it was directly to her right with 2-3 feet to spare between them. Only he would be privy to the flare of fire in those lilac eyes, and the subtle shift of chest as a deep breath was taken.
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