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Oct 12th, 2016
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  1. Gents,
  3. Thanks so much for the show. I've been a listener since episode #1, and
  4. it has been such a great resource in sharpening my *BSD know-how.
  6. Following in the footsteps of Jupiter Broadcasting's own Chris Fisher,
  7. my wife and I are living full-time in a RV. (And we're throughly
  8. enjoying it for anyone who is curious - its not as bad as you'd think!)
  10. With our new living arrangement, I am slightly more concerned about
  11. physical security than I was previously. It would not take much to break
  12. into an RV and quickly make off with any valuables.
  14. Therefore, I'd like to encrypt all my critical data. Currently, I have a
  15. small file server running ZFS with no disk encryption. Disks are
  16. arranged in a "RAID-10" style configuration (data striped over two
  17. mirrored pairs).
  19. My question to you is this: if I use GELI-encrypted disks as the
  20. foundation for my new pool, what happens if a "flipped bit" or other
  21. corruption condition occurs? Is ZFS on top of GELI just as "safe" from a
  22. data corruption standpoint as ZFS on a raw disk, even though ZFS cannot
  23. "reach down" into the GELI layer?
  25. Thanks for shedding light on this. I hear about encrypted ZFS pools
  26. quite frequently, so I'm assuming its relatively safe, but I want to
  27. make sure I'm not missing anything before I take the plunge.
  29. Keep up the great work!
  31. Charlie
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