Feb 1st, 2016
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  1. >You're Non Anonymous, a secondary medical school student.
  2. >Summer holidays are in full swing, and the summer weather is hot and nice.
  3. >Continental summer, man.
  4. >One of your internet friends from Britain had come over for a couple weeks, and now the two of you are staying on your family's cottage in the hills.
  5. >Liam and you go way back, you even used to roleplay over twitter.
  6. >Back then, you had your own characters, and it was all good fun.
  7. >You two were to a con in Poland, literally over the hills.
  8. >And, to top the great holiday off, you two had won a contest from a known fandom plushie maker.
  9. >And she was kind enough to make your two OCs!
  10. >You're sitting in the garden, watching the clear day skies.
  11. >The weather is a good bit colder out here, but hot nonetheless.
  12. >Your friend that goes by the name Liam, has been sitting opposite to you.
  13. "I'm pretty sure the plushies should arrive soon. At least, the tweet said that. Let's give FedEx some time."
  14. >"That is some great news! Imagine how adorable they'll look! Especially Sulphur, with that silly hat and long blue mane stretching all the way to the ground." Man, you should definitely draw some more."
  15. "Draw some more? I'm pretty shit tier to begin with. Heck, my writing isn't that great to begin with."
  16. >"You're too self critical, Non, people liked when you were drawing and doing free requests. Even I liked your writing."
  17. >You chuckle.
  18. "I won't draw anything. Too much nerves involved in that business. And besides, I'm not on an art school."
  19. >"Yeah, sure Mister nurse!"
  20. "For the love of God. It's nurse assistant."
  21. >Your friend chuckles.
  22. >"Well, then we're fine in case of me catching heart attack in case of sight on my Zainey plushie."
  23. "Or if I'll punch you because of your British hypocrisy."
  24. >The both of you laugh.
  25. >You hear a car driving past.
  26. >A FedEx delivery car.
  27. >The guy drives upwards, completely passing your house.
  28. >A few minutes later, you see him driving past.
  29. >He stops and rolls down his window.
  30. >"I'm looking for sir Non Anonymous, I have a couple packages to deliver." The driver says.
  31. "Yes that's me."
  32. >"Alright, I need you to sing a couple things."
  33. >And ten minutes later, under your armpits you're carrying two big cardboard boxes.
  34. >Much bigger than you would expect, the damn things have to be twice the size of the official Hasbro licensed plushies.
  35. >You carry them into the living room, and put them on a table.
  36. >Under one of the boxes, one with your name on it is a letter.
  37. >Well, an envelope more accurately.
  38. >You pick up the envelope.
  39. >"what did you find, Non?"
  40. "It seems our gifter has sent a letter along with the boxes. I'll read it out."
  41. >You open the envelope, and pull out a paper with golden lining.
  42. >You begin to read.
  43. "Hello, Non and Liam.
  44. I'm happy you're reading this, that means the boxes arrived properly!
  45. The Sulphur plush is in the blue marked box, the Zainey one is in the orange one. Have fun!
  46. Don't hug them too hard!
  47. Celes Tia."
  48. >"Let's open the boxes!"
  49. "No, after lunch. With a cold beer, and you being calm."
  50. >"Non, you're such a bone killer."
  51. >You chuckle, and walk off to the kitchen.
  52. >After a lunch, you're sitting in the living room.
  53. >Cold beer in hand, and Liam's eyes are glistening like the one of a child before a Christmas tree.
  54. >"Dude! We have got plushies of our characters, from Celest Tia!"
  55. "Yeah, I know, pretty rad."
  56. >You sit down in an armchair, and take the box with the plushie of your original character.
  57. >The cardboard box is sealed on top by duct tape, and you eagerly open it.
  58. >As soon as you open it, a pleasant scent of cornflowers flies through the room.
  59. >"Cornflowers? Wasn't that Sulphur's favourite flower?"
  60. "Yeah, but I didn't tell that in the text file I sent over. She probably did a background read."
  61. >A white tip of a horn pokes out of the little puffs of polystyrene, along with what seems like a navy blue beret poking out of the puddle of wrapping.
  62. >Eagerly, you sink your hands into the box.
  63. >You manage to touch what seems like the coat of the plushie.
  64. >Happily, you pull the plushie out, the polystyrene wrapping looking out with the emerging shape of the very long blue mane.
  65. >The head of the plushie is out, and you see the marvelous work.
  66. >The blue beret with two golden rectangular stripes, the long blue mane flowing down lower into the box.
  67. >A pair of round glasses, made from a thick wire, toppling off the look, partially covering the green eyes of the gift.
  68. >"Woa! That looks amazing, Non!"
  69. "Yeah! I can't see any stitches, and the beret just holds on the head.
  70. >Pulling up the plush even further reveals the rest of the mane that stretches all the way down to the hooves.
  71. >You're holding the plush in the air before you, staring at it.
  72. >And it's staring back.
  73. >A quick look at Liam reveals that he's examining the gift too, surprised and happy just as you are.
  74. >Yeah, this summer can't get better!
  75. >You smile.
  76. "Real good work on it. I can't see any stitches or anything. It looks like it was made in one piece, heck even the mane looks great."
  77. >"They don't call her plush magician for nothing. Some even day she gave birth to the Lyra plushie."
  78. >You chuckle.
  79. "I'm going out for a smoke. Don't hug her too much."
  80. >"Pfft. You've put your on your shoulder, don't tell me what to do."
  81. >Wait what? Shoulder?
  82. >You don't remember doing that.
  83. "Yeah, whatever. I'll be back soon."
  84. >You grab a pack of cigarettes from your jacket on the way out of the house.
  85. >A couple steps lead up to the front door, and you take seat on one of them.
  86. >The plushie is still on your shoulder.
  87. >You really don't recall putting it there.
  88. >It just sits there, staring at you with those big green eyes.
  89. >You pull out one of the cigarettes, lighting it after you put it between your lips.
  90. >The day is great.
  91. >You're chilling out with a really great friend, got plush replicas of your characters, and you have an entire free summer ahead of you.
  92. >But little do you know of the future, and that can have some interesting effects.
  94. >You finish your cigarette, and walk back inside.
  95. >Snoring resonates from the living room.
  96. >Is he really asleep?
  97. >Yeah, he must be.
  98. >The neither of you slept much, and you're not that surprised he wants to catch up to lost hours.
  99. >You yawn and walk to your room.
  100. >Being tired too, less than four hours of sleep does things.
  101. >You walk to your room, and lie down on your bed.
  102. >Happily, you put the plushie behind your neck.
  103. >You're mellowed to sleep by the gentle smell of the cornflowers.
  104. >You fall asleep.
  105. >Splintering pain awakes you, as you see your arms and legs snap, fingers getting number and number, until..
  106. >You don't see them.
  107. >Watching, your limbs coat themselves in white fur.
  108. >Fine white fur coats your limbs.
  109. >Your hair extends out further, blue mane falling into your eyes.
  110. >Something pushes out of your boxers, something swishing against your legs.
  111. >A heat between your legs sends your.....hooves?
  112. >You touch the area with whatever appendages you have.
  113. >You feel your rod standing in full attention, slowly retracting into your body, sending shivers down your spine, and moans out of your throat.
  114. >A voice very different.
  115. >Femine, so different.
  116. >Just like what ended up between your legs.
  117. >Your numb hoof presses down against your boxers, touching something very sensitive.
  118. >It's not there.
  119. >You sob a little, and see your nose expanding outwards, forming a muzzle, as your body finishes to change.
  120. >You try to see yourself.
  121. >You're so groggy.
  122. >You sweat.
  123. >Heck you even manage to stand up on your bed.
  124. >You step on your mane, that has spilled against the bed like some sort of a blue sea.
  125. >And you immediately fall down of your face.
  126. >You manage to stumble down from your bed.
  127. >Liam will help you out.
  128. >Hooves clap against the lino flooring.
  129. >You're stumbling.
  130. >One hoof in front of the other.
  131. >Yeah, that's it.
  132. >You're so busy watching the ground and your new hooves to notice you're walking against a small blue orange haired similar looking thing.
  133. >Bump!
  134. >You hit your head, and a blue spark lights up the hall.
  135. >You have a horn?
  136. >Apparently, the creature you've bumped does too.
  137. "Hey! Who the hell are you?"
  138. >Your voice is so damn different!
  139. >Femine, raspy with a strong subtone, along with a dominant underline.
  140. >"And who are you?"
  141. >The other creature says, with a lot happier and jumpier tone in her voice.
  142. >How will you work this out?
  144. >You're sitting on your flanks, watching the second...pony?
  145. >It sure looks like one.
  146. >Short orange mane, dark blue coat, and that sweet and happy tone in the voice..
  147. >You can't really see, your vision is blurred.
  148. >"S-Sulphur? You're Sulphur, right?"
  149. "What?" You drummer out, you being no way near used to the voice. Nor you are nearly used to such tone.
  150. >The voice sounds like the one of a daring commander, someone who has been to hell and back for summer holidays.
  151. >"You're Sulphur White, Non's OC."
  152. "Liam? Is that you?"
  153. >"Non!"
  154. "You're a little mare!"
  155. >"I can say the same for you as well."
  156. "How did it happen?"
  157. >"You tell me."
  158. "I'm happy that I can somewhat see."
  159. >"Didn't Sulphur wear glasses?"
  160. "Yeah, she did. But I don't have any around."
  161. >"When I finished...changing, I saw that instead of the plushie there were some brushes and rubber bands. Maybe you get glasses and a hat."
  162. "And how do you suppose I'll do that? With these hooves, I'm happy that I can walk, let alone pick things up."
  163. >"Yeah, I saw that. We'll figure things out as we go."
  164. >You and Liam, trot to your room, supporting each other as you went.
  165. >Event through you did support each other, you managed to trip on your mane a couple times.
  166. >Why is the god darned thing so long?
  167. >You like it though.
  168. >It smells of cornflowers and some chemicals.
  169. >It's a nice and pleasant scent.
  170. >The mane flows freely, reacting to whatever jerk of your head, the mane pleasantly brushing against your coat.
  171. >Your ears twitch at the slightest sound.
  172. >The new tail swishes against your back legs.
  173. >It's so odd and alien, and're enjoying it, you're enjoying yourself.
  174. >After a few minutes of stumbling, you're standing in your room again.
  175. >Okay, so..
  176. >Torn clothes on the bed, check.
  177. >Tossed around blanket, check.
  178. >Torn bedcovers, check.
  179. >Plushie, not check.
  180. >Alright, where is it?
  181. >You pull off the blanket by biting down on it, but that reveals nothing.
  182. >You wrestle with the pillow, nothing there.
  183. >Urgh!
  184. >"Non, I think I found it."
  185. >You look over to your friend, who is standing above a pile of neatly folded black cloth, with a distinctive black beret ontop.
  186. >Black, with some sort of golden lining.
  187. >What is this?
  188. >Uniform, for sure, but you don't recognize that little sword placed next to the pile.
  189. >The colour is odd too, you never drew anything with a black uniform, especially not golden trim.
  190. >It looks celebratory, though.
  191. >Very celebratory, something one would take to a parade, or a diner with some high ranking officials.
  192. >And a pair of round glasses too!
  193. >How will you put them on though, still remains a mystery.
  194. >Urh, you have a horn right? You can levitate things!
  196. >You do have one, you just need to figure out how to levitate things, and not poke your eye out whilst at it.
  197. >Easy, right.
  198. "How does the horn work anyway?"
  199. >"The horn focuses magical energy fields, and helps manipulate them, adding in energy density or spreading it. Magical energy is never created, simply bent to the user's desire."
  200. >You turn your head, and look at Liam.
  201. "What the fuck did you just say?"
  202. >"I have no bloody idea. Zainey was a magician. Maybe I get to know some of her things?"
  203. "Fine whatever. Sulphur was never a good spellcaster, nor too good of a cook."
  204. >"That still isn't an excuse not to try. Say, how about the hat first? That'd be easier than the glasses."
  205. "And does your magician head know how to do that?"
  206. >"You need to grip the object with dense magical energy and move it to you. Simple spells."
  207. >You shake your head.
  208. >Your character, Sulphur, wasn't anything like her counterpart.
  209. >Sulphur was calm and tactical.
  210. >Zainey was slightly reckless, and planing on the fly.
  211. >Sulphur was tech oriented, where Zainey had been bound closely to the arcane side to the world.
  212. >Perfect pair!
  213. >On twitter and in your roleplays anyway. You won't start an intimate relationship with your friend, just because you've both been turned into little cute mares.
  214. >Yeah, and then it hits you.
  215. >You sit down, and laugh, causing Liam to look at you in curiosity.
  216. >"What's so funny?"
  217. "Just realized. We've both been turned into little mares. We're no longer human, nor we are males anymore. Damn, I won't be able to do things I always wanted, I won't grant my life dreams. I'll probably spend my days in the forest, hiding."
  218. >Your laughs slow into chuckles, chuckles coming down to sobs, and your sobbing degrading to tears.
  219. "I won't finish the school! I won't do my dream job, I won't start a family! I won't be able to-"
  220. >Your tear soaked ranting is quickly silenced by the pony next to you nuzzling against your cheek, the orange mane mixing with your blue to create an abstract image.
  221. >The blue coat brushing against your white one, sending pleasant shivers down tour spine, brightening you up a little.
  222. >"Shh, Non, it's not that bad! You're kind of cute! And we're in this together, and we'll help each other out! That's what friends are for!"
  223. "You sure? What if we won't be able to reverse this? What if we're stuck like this forever?"
  224. >"We'll continue helping each other! We're friends, I won't leave you."
  225. >You nod and crack up a smile.
  226. "Yeah, let's do this."
  227. >"You should put on those glasses and the hat. Could brighten up your mood."
  228. >Alright, so how will you make magic lift the hat up?
  229. >The horn is supposed to dense up the magical field around the object.
  230. >So if you target the hat, with a bit of effort, you should be able to lift the beret up!
  231. >You focus and close your eyes.
  232. >The beret is in front on you.
  233. >You focus even harder.
  234. >You feel a bit of warmth from your forehead.
  235. >A low humming noise resonates the area, along with some sort of a sparkling noise.
  236. >You open your eyes.
  237. >Holy sweet Jesus!
  238. >The beret is floating in front of your muzzle.
  239. >It's just there, floating, staring at you, enveloped by some sort of a blue field.
  240. >Liam is clapping hooves together.
  241. >"You've got it! Just put it on that head of yours!"
  242. >On thought, the hat moves around, spinning a little, but with a slight nudge, it's stationary again.
  243. >A few minutes of fiddling later, you've got the beret comfortably sitting on your head.
  244. >You feel better already, almost as if the beret had returned a part of you.
  245. >Now for the glasses.
  246. >It's a similar process.
  247. >You've got the glasses on, and you blink a few times.
  248. >From your misty surroundings, using a bit of sight through the glasses, had became a clear vision of the room around you.
  249. >Along with a clear look on your friend.
  250. >The pony is...Beautiful.
  251. >That orange mane almost shining like ambers, the blue coat soft like a fleece blanket, the warm and friendly voice coming from that beautiful pair of lips which just beg for a sweet tender touch of your lips and those deep green eyes.
  252. >You shake your head.
  253. >No, it's your friend.
  254. >That pony may be beautiful, but you won't be kissing her anytime soon!
  255. >Nor doing anything else with her.
  256. >Argh!
  257. >This is too much for your brain to process.
  258. >You have a vagina for no longer that two hours and it's making you think of naughty things already.
  259. >Is either of you still you?
  260. >No. It's still you. If not in body, then in mind and soul.
  261. >It's you, you are you!
  262. >And nothing will change that.
  263. >No sort of female hormones will be able to change the fact that you won't ever dare to bury your muzzle in-between the hind legs of the blue coated mare.
  264. >Wait, what?
  265. >What. The. Honest. Fuck, Brain?
  266. >"Why are you blushing?"
  267. >Fuck.
  268. >Quickly a cover up.
  269. "You do realize that neither of us are male anymore, right? It just feels odd sitting on it."
  270. >"Sounds like we need to get our heads moving. Why don't we walk then?"
  271. >Cover up successful.
  272. "I'm dying for a cigarette. Can I?"
  273. >"Whatever comforts you. Let's get moving, at least around the house."
  274. "I'm not going to smoke inside. Parents would kill me."
  275. >"You're a little white coated, blue maned mare. I doubt they'll care about the house smelling like an ashtray."
  276. "Yeah, I guess you're right. My brain refuses to cope with all this bullshit."
  277. >"I'm not surprised. Why don't we unclog it, then?"
  278. >You manage to stand up, and trot?
  279. >Yeah, trot, you're a little horse. No walking for you.
  280. >You find your jacket and with a little more practice, you pull out your pack of cigarettes using your horn's ability to lift things.
  281. >And with some difficulty, even the lighter is floating beside you.
  282. >You trot up the stairs with little difficulty.
  283. >You're getting used to these hooves, thankfully.
  284. >There are three rooms on the second floor.
  285. >Your parent's bedroom, the room of your younger siblings and the second bathroom.
  286. >Along with an entrance to the terrace.
  287. >Perfect.
  288. >You can't hold a third thing.
  289. >Thankfully, Liam has just managed to pull up the horse up the stairs.
  290. "Could you open the door?"
  291. >"Yeah, give me a minute."
  292. >A hum later, you're standing on the terrace, basking in the evening sun, watching the expansive forest all around the cottage.
  293. >The nearest neighbor is two kilometers away.
  294. >Truly a sense of privacy.
  295. >You manage to pull out one of the cigars, lighting it mid flight.
  296. >It's very different to smoking as a normal human.
  297. >Especially since you have to pull in a lot more smoke to feel anything, mainly because of your huge lungs.
  298. >Along with the fact that your muzzle is so different to the human face.
  299. >You have to keep the cigarette in a constant magical grip.
  300. >You don't mind though.
  301. >The sunset is simply dazzling.
  303. >You finish your cigarette, and lie down on your back.
  304. >The sun had set, and moon risen, the stars looking like dust on the perfect black night sky, so many that they overlap one another.
  305. >In the corner of your eye, you see so many many and many smaller stars, so much sand in the field of smaller rocks.
  306. >But if you look at them, they're not there, over shined by the bigger and closer stars.
  307. >So many of them.
  308. >Hundreds of billions upon billions and billions of stars in the night sky.
  309. >You're staring in ave.
  310. >Liam, on the other hand, is nuzzled up to you.
  311. >He said that he's cold, and so he hugged up to you to keep warm.
  312. >No lewd, right?
  313. >Right, just adorable cuddles.
  314. >Nothing more or less, even though you're pretty sure that lewd will come one day.
  315. >And how will you feel about it?
  316. >More importantly, how would Liam feel about it?
  317. >If he won't agree, you can always stick a hoof in-between those lips.
  318. >You shake your head as if you want to shake those thoughts out of your head.
  319. >But a touch wouldn't hurt, right?
  320. >Science for the science god.
  321. >Right?
  322. >Yes, a slight exploration wouldn't hurt one bit.
  323. >You gently roll away, and stand up.
  324. >With a slight good of your horn, you open the door leading to the terrace,
  325. >And another horn glow later, you're in the bathroom.
  326. >So how will you approach it?
  327. >Unsure, you sit down on the titles of the bathroom.
  328. >Even more unsurely, you spread your back hooves.
  329. >Hoof trembling, you near the folds of your new marehood.
  330. >You touch the lips, sliding the hoof around the exterior, the touch sending a few shivers down your spine.
  331. >This is it.
  332. >You manage to put the hoof in-between the labia of the marehood, moaning in the process.
  333. >You don't get much further than the external part of the organ.
  334. >But you don't care, you demand more.
  335. >You slowly begin to move the hoof in between the lips, moaning with each slide, with each brush of the numb hoof against the nether region.
  336. >You fall against the wall, your mind melting down under the constant barrage of pleasure and heat coming from down low.
  337. >The hoof is in autopilot, speeding up more and more, with each slide down releasing more and more pleasure, the coat on the hoof being matted by the movement.
  338. >Your moans, huffs and puffs fasten and strengthen.
  339. >Then suddenly, you blank out, with a large moan.
  340. >When you come to, you're slumped over against a wall, your backside in a puddle of a semi clear liquid.
  341. >Yeah.
  342. >You did that..
  343. >You get a towel and clean yourself.
  345. >You exit the bathroom.
  346. >It's pitch black outside.
  347. >You open the door to the terrace, lying back down to your friend.
  348. >This state you're in, it's somewhat enjoyable.
  349. >You're certainly having fun, at the moment in time.
  350. >But you need to think of the things ahead.
  351. >You can't really show yourself to people.
  352. >Not the average people anyway.
  353. >An idea pops inside your head.
  354. >Your younger brother, Samuel!
  355. >He'll help you and Liam out!
  356. >But how do you contact him.
  357. >You can't use your phone, these useless hooves make it next to impossible.
  358. >Unless..
  359. >You could probably homebrew a bootleg stylus for the phone and attach it to your hoof.
  360. >Then you could contact Sam!
  361. >That is if your body produces that small passive electrical current.
  362. >It has to.
  363. >But that is all for tomorrow, now you're cuddling with the lovely mare next to you.
  364. >And sleep soon follows.
  365. >Sounds of birds chirping and the warm sunlight on your face wakes you up.
  366. >Liam is silently snoring next to you.
  367. >You smile.
  368. >Your mane is covering half of the pony next to you, almost shrouding her like a blanket.
  369. >The sun is pleasantly shining, filling your coat with morning warmth, your mane glistening like a bag of sapphires under the weight of the sun's rays.
  370. >You happily watch the forest beyond the terrace's railing, trees staring back at you, waving in the brisk mountain zephyr like big hands saying good morning to you and your sleeping companion.
  371. >Yawning, you push the beret on your head into your eyes, above the silly round glasses, trying to get some more sleep, whilst the sun continues to shine at you, poking you on the muzzle, but the big black hat blocks it from reaching your eyes.
  372. >And soon, the sun helps you to mellow into sleep.
  373. >You're awoken by something brushing against your coat.
  374. >You push the beret up, and have a look.
  375. >Liam in nuzzling against you, smiling, grinning and overall being happy and adorable.
  376. "Good morning, sunshine."
  377. >"It's half past one. It hardly qualifies as a morning."
  378. "Jeez, no need for details there, is it? We should get up, I want to try something."
  379. >"And what's that, Sul-"
  380. >Liam stops on the first syllable.
  381. "It's fine. I'm not too much of Non anymore, am I? That is, if you're okay with me calling you Zainey?"
  382. >"Yeah, Sure, Sulphur!" Your friend says and giggles.
  383. "Glad we agreed, Zainey!"
  384. >You chuckle and get up.
  385. >Soon, you're standing in the kitchen, on the ground floor.
  386. >"So, what's the plan?"
  387. "I want to contact my brother. He should be able to help us out."
  388. >"You do realize there's no way you're using a touchscreen with these hooves."
  389. "Yes, and that's why we'll make a stylus out of a pen, a bag of chips and some cotton."
  390. >"And with duct tape. Can't forget that."
  391. "Mandatory, silly."
  392. >"Alright, lead on!"
  393. "Get me an old marker from my room. I've got duct tape and scissors there too."
  394. >"I'm on it, Captain!"
  395. >You chuckle.
  396. >You on the other hand have to get everything else ready.
  397. >You levitate a bag of potato chips from the larder, and a puff of cotton from the first aid kit in a cupboard.
  398. >Bin-go!
  399. >You open the bag of chips and spill it out into a random bowl on the table.
  400. >Just as you're done with that, Zainey, or Liam, whichever you prefer, busts through the door, the things you've wanted floating beside her.
  401. >Your friend puts them on the table, and eagerly watches you work.
  402. >Some cutting and swearing later, you're done.
  403. >Yay.
  404. >You trot over to your phone. You've left it in your room.
  405. >"Hey, if the focus the field enough, you won't even need to touch the stylus."
  406. "Nice. I'll definitely try it."
  407. >Alright, so you just need to tighten your magical grip.
  408. >You tap the screen, lights up!
  409. >Urrah!
  410. >"Hey, one thing first, screw Sam. How about we get in touch with Celest. She sent us the plushies. She'll be the one responsible. "
  411. "Good idea."
  412. >Tap.
  413. >Launcher opened.
  414. >Tap.
  415. >Twitter, and bingo. Direct messages.
  416. "What should I type?"
  417. >"That it's really hard to type with hooves."
  418. >And sent.
  419. >Not even a minute later, your phone vibrates.
  420. >She replied.
  421. "She replied."
  422. >"What does it say?"
  423. "She'll be over here in a minute and explain everything."
  424. >"Then I hope her explanation will be good enough."
  425. "Me too, Zainey, me too."
  428. >You're sitting in the living room.
  429. >"How do you reckon she'll get here so fast?"
  430. "Magic, probably. If she made us into cute little mares, quantum tunneling would be a daily bread."
  431. >Just as you finish your sentence, you hear something like glass shattering from the hall.
  432. "She's here."
  433. >You poke your head out of the door to the living room.
  434. >A thin white mist covers the end of the halway.
  435. "H-Hello?" You stutter.
  436. >Clap, clap, clap and clap.
  437. >Long long rainbow mane, flowing in some sort of nonexistent wind.
  438. >A very tall figure, white coated with the most majestic trot you have ever seen. One hoof proceeding the other, with trained glamour.
  439. >Wings, and a very long horn.
  440. >Princess Celestia!
  441. >And then you get it.
  442. >How have you been so blind and stupid!
  443. >Celest, Tia.
  444. >Name of the plushie maker.
  445. >Celestia, the alicorn goddess of the sun from the show.
  446. >Remove a space, and the two become one.
  447. >So the alicorn is behind all this mess.
  448. >Well, you have a lot of questions. And the Princess will have to answer them.
  449. "We're over here, Princess."
  450. >You sit down on the couch, and wait until the mare enters the room.
  451. >Without a word, she sits down in one of the armchairs, looking majestic as you always remember from the show.
  452. >An akward silence takes the room.
  453. >You breath in and break the silence.
  454. "Urh..Could you care to give us an explanation on why we were changed into little mares?"
  455. >No response.
  456. "What is the reason behind this, why you chose us! Answer me!"
  457. >After shouting at the Princess, you think twice of your tone.
  458. >But if it's going to get you a response from the creature that has been silently watching you and your friend, you're all up for it.
  459. >"Very well, I do suppose I give you an explanation. The reason why I chose you is because you're compatible with the magical shenanigans involved. Also, you're quite knowledgeable and strong characters. Then, your past roleplay endeavours have prepared you for future life in Equestria, more so together as a strong pair to boost morale."
  460. >Well, this wasn't that helpful.
  461. "Morale? Future life? Please, explain."
  462. >"Equestria is at war. The show you humans have been watching documents the stone age of our society. Now, we've advanced forwards and higher. Sadly, there are still those that don't approve Equestrian technological advances. Diamond dogs, Griffons and the other races have united themselves against us. Things are grim and we need skilled and memorable characters like yourself and your special mare."
  463. You flail your hooves. "It's not like that! We're just good friends!"
  464. >The Princess laughs slightly.
  465. >"The airship, Princess of Zion, will come pick us up in a few hours. Then we'll unfold our Warshavski sails, and leave for Equestria. In the meantime, please wear the rest of your uniform, Captain. This is a memorable occasion. And you, magician, please pack up things for you and your friend."
  466. >You nod.
  467. >Nothing holds you or Liam over here.
  468. >And if Equestria needs your help, you'll gladly supply it.
  469. >You're in your room, Zainey packing some things. Photos of you and your family, books, phone and charger, everything.
  470. >Everything you've been before.
  471. >But now, its time to start anew.
  472. >It's time to win and ride the wind.
  473. >It's time to fight, and emerge victorious!
  474. >Wait what?
  475. >You shake your head. You're just excited.
  476. >You slip on the white best of the uniform.
  477. >White cotton, brushing pleasantly against your coat.
  478. >you slip on the black jacket, adorned by a bunch of golden trim with two golden rectangles on your chest.
  479. >Now, for the sword.
  480. >You tie the belt on which the holster hangs on.
  481. >Hurrah.
  482. >A whistling sound resonates through the outside.
  483. >The airship is here.
  484. >A look on the outside reveals the giant airship.
  485. >It looks amazing.
  486. >You and your escort trot outside, to the airship hovering roughly two meters above ground.
  487. >You walk outside and a ramp lowers down.
  488. >Goodbye, Earth.
  489. >Equestria, I'm coming!
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