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  1. Step 1. Activate Union Hangar, and use its effect to add A-Assault Core to your hand
  2. Step 2. Normal Summon Gold Gadget, and use its effect to special summon A-Assault core from your hand
  3. Step 3. Using Union Hangar's effect, attach B-Buster Drake from the deck to A-Assault Core
  4. Step 4. XYZ summon Gear Gigant X using Gold Gadget and A-Assault Core
  5. Step 5. Using B-Buster Drake's graveyard effect, add Heavy Mech Support Armor to your hand
  6. Step 6. Detach A-Assault Core from Gear Gigant X to use its effect, and add Symphonic Warrior Guitaar to your hand
  7. Step 7. Set Symphonic Warrior Guitaar in the Pendulum Zone, then activate its effect to special summon Symphonic Warrior Miccs from the deck (and discarding a card)
  8. Step 8. Normal Summon Heavy Mech Support Armor using Miccs's effect
  9. Step 9. Using Heavy Mech Support Armor's effect, special summon A-Assault Core from the graveyard
  10. Step 10. Link Summon Platinum Gadget using Gear Gigant X and A-Assault Core
  11. Step 11. Using A-Assault Core's effect, add B-Buster Drake back into your hand
  12. Step 12. Activate Platinum Gadget's effect, special summoning B-Buster Drake from the hand
  13. Step 13. Link Summon Underclock Taker using B-Buster Drake and Heavy Mech Support Armor
  14. Step 14. Using B-Buster Drake's effect, add C-Crush Wyvern to your hand
  15. Step 15. Activate Cynet Mining, discarding C-Crush Wyvern and adding Backup Secretary to your hand
  16. Step 16. Activate Backup Secretary, special summoning it from your hand.
  17. Step 17. Link Summon a Link 4 using Underclock Taker, Heavy Mech Support Armor, and Backup Secretary
  18. Step 18. Contact Fusion Summon Summon ABC-Dragon Buster using Assault Core, Buster Drake, and Crush Wyvern in your graveyard.
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