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  1. Have you ever asked youself how does our brain function? More precisely: How does it store data and information?
  2. A database representation [image] can't be accepted for this kind of data storage process. In fact, your brain stores data by elements (with their definition) in seperated layers. And every element from the upper layer, is connected, with a causal description, to a minimum of one child element which is already connected, in the same way, to the lower layer. The first layer contains the most basic elements which defines the roots of our brain's functionality.
  4. ----Note that the description of the elements can be a perception, an idea, a memory, a feeling. If the element does not belong to the root layer, it can hold in its description, elements from any other lower elements.
  5. For instance, the first layer contains stuff like:
  6. •  
  7. •  Table + it's perception
  8. •  
  9. •  Love + it's feeling?
  10. •  
  11. •  Cold + it's ?
  12. •  
  13. •  Wood + ?define
  14. The second layer is mostly dominated by you first language's simple words and their definition:
  15. •  
  16. •  Door + ..
  17. •  
  18. •  Wine + ..
  19. •  
  20. •  Football + ..
  21. •  
  22. •  Dog + ..
  24. [Image]
  27. Then with time, we add a second layer which enlarges the concept of almost each element from the root layer and gives it some new explanations and techniques to follow. And so on...
  28. Throughout you life, you keep on doing nothing but appending layers to your brain. The complexity of these layers can grow indefinitely... It can surpass the thousands, when it does so, only the most recent layers and the root one are triggered by your consciousness whereas the others are analyzed by the unconsciousness without you noticing it. That explains the well known scientific fact: "The human brain is estimated to do between 10^13 and 10^16 calculations per second!".
  29. When you add all these layers, you are adding the layers-connection; an easy operation belongs to a layer, necessarly under the top layer. You are always trapped by the most recent brain activity whereas the old tasks are easily accomplished without even needing to respond.
  30. Note that you can't just overlay layers, each time you add one, you have to check the stability of the causal description. Practice is a must.
  32. For example, the only reason of all these years of mathematics is to embed the simple calculations, which weren't simple at all when we did learn them, in our unconsciousness in order to proceed and analyze harder situations.
  33. Let's take a more particular example:
  38. No one is meant to be genuis, we are all born with a null layer. Your determination of brain enlightenment let's you build your internal empire, if you're interested.
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