SAO EE extras

ultimatemegax Dec 31st, 2013 64 Never
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  1. SAO Extra Edition comes in the standard Aniplex digipak inside a 3-sided clear case with newly drawn cover art by character designer Shingo Adachi. The set also includes a newly written short by author Reki Kawahara and a 16 pg booklet. Included in the digipak is a bonus CD with character songs. The disc will have a bonus "Sword Art Offline Extra Edition" feature.
  3. Purchasers at Animate, Gamers, Sofmap, Tora no Ana, and HMV will get a newly drawn A3 clear poster.
  5. Purchasers at Animate/Gamers will get 2 clear files. Pre-orders at Tora get 4 bromides and an A3 size tapestry. HMV purchasers get an A3 poster. Chara-Ani/BookWalker buyrs get a mini-stand and a B2 tapestry. WonderGoo/Shinseidou purchasers get an A4 clear file.
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