AcetoneAnon - A Flexible Dream (New)

Aug 23rd, 2015
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  1. >After having a nice double breakfast you and Maud walk to Canterlot High while Limestone and Marble take the bus to their work.
  2. >Maud keeps Boulder in her purse, and you double check your backpack to know if you didn’t forget a notebook.
  3. “La la la” you happily sing as you skip, “come on Maud, we’re going to be late!”
  4. >”I’ll catch up with you Pinkie Pie…go on ahead,” she calmly replies.
  5. “Oki dokie, if you say so!”
  6. >Mondays are always fun if you skip all the way to school.
  7. >Some meanies might laugh at you whenever you do this, but you don’t mind.
  8. >In fact, you feel quite peaceful.
  9. >This morning is somehow extra special, but you don't know why.
  11. >You enter the school and find Sunset Shimmer talking to Principal Celestia in the main hall.
  12. >She dismisses her and walks back into her office.
  13. >"Hey Pinkie Pie!" Sunset notices you and warmly greets you.
  14. "Hi Sunset! What'chu doing?"
  15. >"Principal Celestia told me there was a new student and she wanted me to introduce him to our school. She said that she'd call for me when he arrives."
  16. "A new kid? Cool! As long as he doesn't turn out to be like those meanies of The Dazzlings."
  17. >You both giggle.
  18. >"Yeah, I hope so. Alright Pinkie, I have to go to class. Talk to you later okay?" Sunset says before waving at you and walking away.
  19. "Alrighty then, bye bye Sunset!"
  20. >You check your watch and quickly walk to Ms. Cheerilee's class.
  21. >She doesn't like students who arrive late to her class.
  23. >[YouTube] Spongebob Soundtrack - Me For You
  24. >The classes have ended for the day.
  25. >While the rest of your classmates have walked out of the school's premises you and your friends have stayed in music classroom practicing some new songs for this year's fall formal.
  26. >Except for Sunset Shimmer.
  27. >She left an hour ago because Principal Celestia called her, probably to introduce the new kid around the school.
  28. >The five of you are enjoying a nice break, when all of a sudden you receive a text from Sunset Shimmer.
  30. >["OMG PINKIE! YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS! Are you still in the music room with the others?"]
  31. >Huh, Sunset never shows excitement like this.
  32. ["Yeah! Why do you ask?"] You write down your reply on your phone.
  33. >["Don't move a muscle, I want to show you something!"] Sunset Shimmer quickly replies.
  34. >"Who is it Pinkie?" Rainbow Dash asks.
  35. "It's Sunset Shimmer, she said that she wanted to show me something and she told me not to move a muscle, and that's what I'm going to do!" You say before freezing completely behind your drumset.
  36. >Applejack sighs.
  37. >"Sugarcube, she didn't mean that literally..."
  38. >You stay still.
  39. >If Sunset said 'don't move a muscle' then you'll follow her order.
  40. >The door of the music room slowly opens and Sunset Shimmer peeks her head inside.
  41. >"Hey girls...guess who just moved back to Canterlot this morning?"
  42. >Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash stop playing their instruments before Sunset Shimmer opens the door slowly.
  43. >The girls gasp, and your eyes go wide open.
  44. >[YouTube] Hotline Miami 2 OST: Magic Sword - The Way Home
  45. "N-nonny? I-is that really you?"
  46. >He gives you a warm smile before nodding.
  47. >You stand up and walk around the drumset slowly.
  48. >"Hi Pinkie...missed me?"
  49. >You quickly run at him and jump straight to his arms.
  50. >"Whoa! Pinkie!" He says while trying to keep his balance.
  51. "AAAAH NONNY! IT'S YOU! IT'S REALLY YOU!" You yell into the thin air while hugging your best friend.
  52. >Your friends giggle.
  53. >"Yeah, I'm back...and this time for good," he says before placing his arms around your waist and giving you a warm hug.
  54. "R-really?" You ask before wiping a couple of tears away on his t-shirt.
  55. >"Yeah, I Pinkie-promised it remember?" He says.
  56. >You let out a soft giggle before breaking the hug and taking a good look at him.
  57. "'ve changed a lot Nonny...I barely recognized you."
  58. >"Well, plenty of time has passed Pinkie; and it did wonders on you."
  59. "N-nonny...what are you saying?" You say while touching your cheeks trying to hide your embarrassment.
  60. >He chuckles.
  62. >"What? I'm just saying that you've changed as well, last time we saw each other we were about 'this' tall," he marks the same height you and him were back then with his palm.
  63. >You giggle.
  64. "Yeah, you're right. But what took you so long? I thought I wouldn't see you again!"
  65. >"Ah you know, my dad and his job. Luckily he got transferred to Canterlot once again, this time with a raise and a promotion."
  66. "That's great to know Nonny!, are you going to stay here for real?"
  67. >"Of course! The Principal and my mom just filled the paperwork, seems that we'll be studying together, just like in the old times."
  68. "HOORAY!" You jump in the same spot, "THIS IS LIKE, THE BEST DAY EVER!"
  69. >Rarity coughs up a bit to attract your attention.
  70. >"Darling, aren't you going to introduce us?"
  71. "Oopsie, where are my manners? Nonny! These are my best friends: Applejack-"
  72. >"Howdy!" Applejack tips her hat towards Anon.
  73. "Rainbow Dash-"
  74. >"Yo!" Rainbow Dash briefly raises her hand.
  75. >"Fluttershy-"
  76. >"Umm...h-hi," she says while covering her face with her hair.
  77. >"Rarity-"
  78. >"Pleased to meet you darling," she says in a rather flirty way.
  79. >"And the girl that introduced you to our school is Sunset Shimmer!"
  80. >She smiles at you.
  81. >"Well, hi girls. Name's Anonymous, or Anon for short. As you saw...Pinkie and I had our story back when we were children-"
  82. >"Of course dear, Rarity interrupts him in a sophisticated way, "Pinkie Pie told us all the nice things you did for her and the beautiful and innocent friendship you had."
  83. >Anon chuckles.
  84. >"Well, it feels good that she told you those things because I thought that she had completely forgotten about me."
  85. "What?! Are you loco in the coco Nonny? Why would you even say things like those?"
  86. >" never replied to the letters I sent you," he says while showing disappointment.
  87. >Your eyes go wide.
  88. "L-letters? You sent me letters?"
  89. >He nods.
  90. >"-And you never replied."
  91. "B-but there must be some kind of mistake! I've never received such letters Nonny!"
  93. >You speed home from school on your bike with a shit-eating grin on your face.
  94. >Who else can say that they managed to land a date with a girl within the first day of school?
  95. >And a cute one, to boot!
  96. >It more than makes up for the mess you went through during the day.
  97. >You finally arrive at the studio apartment building where you currently live.
  98. >Your parents felt that you were responsible enough to live on your own, so they rented out a studio apartment for the rest of your time at school.
  99. >They're footing the bill for rent and basic utilities, since they know that current jobs for a 17-year old aren't paying enough.
  100. >How thoughtful of them.
  101. >They made it clear that those are the only costs they're covering. Anything extra, like TV and/or internet, comes out of your pocket.
  102. >They've also stipulated that you keep up the apartment. If they ever find out that you're living like a slob, they're cutting you off.
  103. >Still more than a fair deal for you.
  104. >As you enter your apartment, you stow your bike in the closet by the front door and toss your backpack next to the couch.
  105. >You walk over to the couch and flop down on it, one leg draped over the far armrest, the other folded underneath.
  106. >You're still on cloud nine as you stare up at the ceiling, recounting the scene when you entered the supply room and discovered Blossomforth.
  107. >Her steady, unflinching form.
  108. >Her soft breathing.
  109. >The way that ball seemed frozen in time and space as she flowed around it.
  110. >You couldn't help but utter it again to yourself.
  111. "Beautiful..."
  112. >You recall her facial features.
  113. >Her soft, sloping jawline.
  114. >Her small, but full lips.
  115. >Her small, slightly upturned nose.
  116. >Those freckles.
  117. >God, those freckles.
  118. >Her eyes: large, glassy aquamarine orbs that just suck you in and never let go...
  119. >You feel a shiver travel up your spine again.
  120. >Geez, even thinking about them does that to you?
  121. >Seriously, those eyes are dangerous.
  122. >...
  123. >...
  124. >...
  125. >You stir awake, after some time.
  126. >You hadn’t really planned on taking a nap.
  127. >After the day’s events, though, it's not like you didn't expect the possibility of one happening.
  128. >You take a quick look at your watch.
  129. >6:40 pm.
  130. >Damn, you slept quite a while.
  131. >You slough off the couch ahead to the kitchen area to whip up a quick meal.
  132. >After you finish up you sit back down on the couch and watch an hour or so of TV.
  133. >No cable service, but the HD antenna gives you pretty much all the channels you could need.
  134. >You finish watching whatever primetime show was on and turn off the TV.
  135. >It's still early in the evening, but you don't have much else to do.
  136. >Might as well wash up.
  137. >Heading toward the shower, you disrobe in the most efficient way guys know how and turn the hot water on.
  138. >As the water warms up, you take a look at yourself in the mirror.
  139. >From a few years to up until a few months ago, you had practiced martial arts as a way of burning up all the extra time you had on your hands after school.
  140. >Your parents pitched the idea to you back when you started high school, since they were getting rather tired of you lazing about the house.
  141. >You weren’t all that for it, but as you took more and more classes, you found it rather fun.
  142. >You even advanced up the belt ranks rather quickly, and even gave the black belts a run for their money on sparring nights.
  143. >But as time went on, you grew tired of the routine, and it became repetitive and boring, so you decided to drop the classes.
  144. >Between then and now, you didn’t have anything to fill the time, so you went back to lazing about.
  145. >It was starting to show.
  146. >You’re nowhere near overweight, and your metabolism is still crazy high to the point where you can eat just about anything and not see any gain in weight.
  147. >But you aren’t as defined as you were a few months ago.
  148. >All that relaxing kills the muscles.
  149. >You would rather not pick up classes again and be subjected to the same routine.
  150. >The apartment has a decent amount of open space, maybe you can just do you own workouts?
  151. >Huh.
  152. >You’re oddly motivated.
  153. >...Or maybe it’s not so odd.
  154. >Maybe part of you is telling you to take better care of yourself, now that there could potentially be another person in your life.
  155. >You snap out of thought and notice that the shower is up to temp.
  156. >You get in, wash yourself up, rinse off, and turn the shower off.
  157. >You grab your towel as you step out of the bathroom and grab your dirty clothes with on hand while you dry yourself off with the other.
  158. >You should probably throw the towel in the laundry too.
  159. >You bundle the fabrics altogether and toss them in an open hamper by your closet.
  160. >After making sure all the lights inside are turned off, with the exception of the lamp in the bedroom area, you pull back the sheets to your bed and hop in.
  161. >Yet another perk to living on your own: sleeping in the nude.
  162. >Having a queen-sized bed is nice too.
  163. >Can’t get enough of that extra sleep space.
  164. >All to yourself...
  165. >Yet, it wouldn't be terrible to share it, either...
  168. >You find yourself in an unfamiliar corridor.
  169. >The walls are completely featureless, and the hall seems to stretch on to eternity.
  170. >You begin to walk, but your foot falls produce absolutely no sound.
  171. >Everything is completely silent, save for the soft sound of your breathing.
  172. >This would normally be very unsettling to you.
  173. >Hell, it would to anyone.
  174. >But, for whatever reason, you’re not phased by it.
  175. >Some unknown force drives you forward, ignoring what feels out of place.
  176. >You continue to walk down the corridor for what seems like an eternity, when a sudden whisper behind you causes you to cease your movement.
  177. >”Anon…”
  178. >It’s rather quiet, distant.
  179. >Feminine.
  180. >Vaguely familiar.
  181. >You turn around to the source of the whisper, and find that where there once was a long hallway that you traversed, there is now a door only a few feet away.
  182. >You make your way to the door, pulling it open.
  183. >It’s the High School P.E. supply room.
  184. >That’s what it sort of looks like, anyway.
  185. >You aren’t really focused on what the room looks like, anyway.
  186. >The only thing that catches your attention is what looks like a note, laying on a stack a gym mats, in the middle of the room.
  187. >It’s hard to make out what’s written on it at first, but as you start to slowly make your way towards it, the words start to take shape.
  188. >’Behind You.’
  189. >As you about face, you come to see Blossomforth standing in front of you.
  190. >She’s inches from your face, and wearing the leotard you saw her in earlier today.
  191. >Yet it's rather apparent that she is excited.
  192. >Her face is flushed.
  193. >Her breathing is heavier than normal.
  194. >You move your eyes slowly down her figure.
  195. >It’s as if her nipples are trying to bore their way through the fabric.
  196. >At first, you thought she wasn't feeling well, but her high beams are telling a different story.
  197. > Before you can react, Blossomforth shoves you back onto the stack of gym mats.
  198. "Oof, easy there, girl."
  199. >She says nothing as she climbs up on top of you, straddling your bare waist.
  200. >Wait, weren't you clothed?
  201. >Not anymore, it seems.
  202. >You can feel the heat radiating from her crotch, penetrating to your core.
  203. >Boy, does she have it bad.
  204. >It's contagious too.
  205. >Your own body starts to respond in kind.
  206. >With every beat of your heart, you can feel your manhood rise more and more, until it's pressed firmly against Blossomforth’s ass.
  207. >You see her grin as she leans down to whisper seductively in your ear.
  208. >"I want you inside me."
  209. >A shockwave of ecstasy rips through your body as you blow your load right then and there.
  210. >As your orgasm subsides, there's a ringing in your ears.
  211. >Man, was it that intense?
  212. >The ringing then transitions to a full on buzzing, reaching a deafening crescendo.
  214. >You snap your eyes open and hear the buzzing of your alarm clock.
  215. >A dream.
  216. >Sonofabitch.
  217. >You didn't even get to the fun part.
  218. “Ugh, dammit.”
  219. >You rub the dried crap out of your eyes and reach over to turn off the alarm.
  220. >As you shift over, you feel something wet slide across your hip.
  221. “What the…?”
  222. >You whip off the sheets and notice a splotch of baby batter on the flat and fitted sheets.
  225. >You hop out and grab the shirt that you wore yesterday out of your hamper to wipe yourself off.
  226. >You finish wiping off and throw it back in the hamper.
  227. >A wet dream…seriously!?
  228. >You pull your sheets off the bed and ball them up, throwing in a pile next to your hamper.
  229. >Heading to the linen closet, you grab a fresh pair of sheets and begin to make your bed.
  230. >You haven’t had a wet dream in, like, five years. What the fuck?
  231. >Maybe you aren’t masturbating enough?
  232. >You finish making the bed and grab a pair of boxer briefs and a pair of white ankle socks from the dresser.
  233. >As you slip on your underwear and socks, you walk over to your closet and pick out your clothes.
  234. >A loose-fitting long sleeved and collared shirt, gray with vertical pinstripes.
  235. >Given the recent hot weather, you opt to roll the cuffs up.
  236. >You also pick out a pair of neutral-colored shorts.
  237. >You were never one for bright or loud colors.
  238. >You put on your clothes and walk over to the kitchen area where you whip up a quick breakfast of bacon and eggs.
  239. >You check your watch.
  240. >7:10 am.
  241. >Best be heading your way to school.
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