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Nov 3rd, 2018
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  1. ...soda? idk fam,1
  2. A mistake! Just kidding. Depends. Juice or soda? A cocktail? Not enough info here.,1
  3. A soda,1
  4. A soda / juice,1
  5. A soda?,1
  6. a soda?,1
  7. Basically any soda,1
  8. Carbonated? Soda. Not? Juice drink or sugar drink.,1
  9. Depends what it is. Juice? Soda? Bubble Milk Tea?,1
  10. "ehh probably a soda, but it could also be juice or something",1
  11. "English is not my native language, but I call it soda",1
  12. Fizzy drink/pop/soda,1
  13. "Frisdrank (dutch term), soda",1
  14. "I don't t follow the question. Are you asking what is my standard for a sugary beverage? Or what do i call sugary beverages? The latter has no universal answer, the former probably starts at soda/pop.",1
  15. "In english, soda",1
  16. Is it a soda? Is it juice? Is it hot? Is it cold? Give me more to work with her.,1
  17. "Is it carbonated? If yes, soda, if no, probably juice. If alcohol is added, it’s a mix drink",1
  18. It’s SODA,1
  19. Juice / Soda,1
  20. Juice or soda,1
  21. Juice or soda depending on carbonation,1
  22. "Juice or soda, depending on carbonation",1
  23. "Juice, soda, pop",1
  24. "Juice, soda, sugar water, the choices are endless",1
  25. "Juice, tea, soda, flavored depends on what it is",1
  26. "not sure tbh. I was wondering this myself bc I usually call them fizzy drinks but it's quite long-winded, but I've never called them soda or pop. so I don't actually know",1
  27. "Oh sorry, I cut it soda.",1
  28. Pop or soda interchangeabley,1
  29. "Pop or soda, depends who I’m talking to",1
  30. Soda,289
  31. soda,69
  32. Soda (but this doesn't organically seem like a multiple choice kind of question),1
  33. Soda (or unhealthy trash but I don’t think that’s the answer you want),1
  34. "soda if carbonated, juice if not, really depends though",1
  35. "soda if it's carbonated, I assume that's what you're getting at.",1
  36. "Soda if its in a can or bottle, but pop from a machine (as in, you go to a restaurant and order a fountain pop)",1
  37. Soda or Juice,2
  38. Soda or juice,2
  39. "Soda or juice, depending on what it is",1
  40. Soda or maybe juice depending on the drink,1
  41. Soda or soda pop is acceptable pop is not,1
  42. Soda Pop,2
  43. Soda pop,1
  44. "Soda,",1
  45. "Soda, if carbonated. Otherwise juice.",1
  46. "Soda, if it’s soda",1
  47. "soda, juice",2
  48. "Soda, juice etc depends on what it is",1
  49. "Soda, shake, or any drink with added sugar",1
  50. "soda, soft drink",1
  51. "Soda, usually",1
  52. Soda.,1
  53. Soda. Anything else is B.S.,1
  54. Soda/Coke,1
  55. Soda/juice,4
  56. Soda?,4
  57. Soda? Or sugar-water.,1
  58. Soda? Though I guess fruit juices can be sugary. Depends on the beverage I guess.,1
  59. sodavand,1
  60. Sody Pop,1
  61. "Something sweet, like any soda",1
  62. "this is a trick question because you're looking for ""soda"" but juice, power drinks, lemonades, alcohol, and a lot of prepackaged tea and coffee have sugar so the real answer is ""sugary beverage""",1
  63. To many gotta be more specific. Soda? Juice? Shakes? Gateroade ? Smoothie?,1
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