OWB 3.3.14 Patch Notes

Nov 1st, 2021
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  1. -- Update 3.3.14 --
  3. ### Added
  4. - Added unique puppet names and puppet type for Viceroyalty.
  5. - Added localisation for two tech categories: civilized_tech_category and scientific_tech_category.
  6. - Added extra flag check to Ejército Mexicano focus ‘Davy Crockett's Return‘ so the Alamo Chapter has to have broken away from the Alamo Chapter first to take it.
  7. - Added extra code to the focus ‘Mexico's Greatest Failure’ to warn Ejército Mexicano that the Republic of the Rio Grande is preparing for war against them.
  8. - Added additional checks to the ‘To The West’ focus for the Legion so you must border the Hoover Dam to take it as well as be at peace.
  10. ### Changed
  11. - Changed the Stoppen unique flavor event to only trigger when wild wasteland is enabled.
  12. - Changed Caesar Legion focus ‘Legionary Utah’ to require someone in the Caesar’s Legion faction to own it rather than a puppet.
  13. - Changed Caesar Legion Hoover Dam focuses so they can not be completed after the battle for the Hoover Dam.
  14. - Changed Eighties focus ‘Ride True’ to give warnings to the White Legs and New Cannan that the Eighties will attack them.
  15. - Changed Unity of Austin focus ‘The "Failure of the Union" Speech’ so if you are the leader of the Texas Economic Union and there are no other members you will leave the faction instead of being stuck in it.
  16. - Changed localisation for a few categories to match up with how we revised the tech levels in 3.0.
  17. - Changed Republic of the Rio Grande focus ‘A Brotherhood Detachment’ so it can’t be taken if you are at war with the Alamo Chapter.
  18. - Changed the followers system idea from a dynamic modifier to a normal idea.
  19. - Changed event ‘Debris Hits Our Shore!” to a country event due to how news events don’t show more than one option well.
  21. ### Fixed
  22. - Fixed a minor issue of Truces sometimes not showing between nations on the diplomatic screen.
  23. - Fixed nations being able to have ghoul manpower laws with other manpower laws.
  24. - Fixed cartel subideology not being properly localised.
  25. - Fixed several localisation issues with ideas/focuses/events.
  26. - Fixed Gente del Sol Arms Production idea not working correctly.
  27. - Fixed chariot icon being split in half temporarily till we get a more permanent icon.
  28. - Fixed bug with map modes and states being just lines due to color issues.
  29. - Fixed some bypass issues in the Legion focus tree.
  30. - Fixed issues with the event ‘Santa Anna's Birthday’ not having the correct names for certain options also fixed it so his brothers can receive the event as well.
  31. - Fixed issues with the event ‘Uncivil Civilian Unrest’ not saving the state target properly.
  32. - Fixed ability to take Ejército Mexicano focus ‘Anna's Depression’ without taking ‘Desperate Bargaining’.
  33. - Fixed Light Ship Hulls missing a description.
  34. - Fixed issue when New Reno switches to Thradd’s legion some of its flags don’t change.
  35. - Fixed issue with the New California Republic focuses ‘Military Industrial Complex’ and ‘The Hiring of James ‘Big Jim’ Marshal’ having their bypasses set up wrong so they bypassed unintentionally.
  36. - Fixed issue with New Reno focus ‘Biomedical Experiments’ bypasses due to a strange bypass issue.
  38. ### Removed
  39. - Removed events about Phoenix from the ‘Second Legate’ event.
  40. - Removed additional nuke gui as it was unneeded.
  42. ### Technical Changes
  43. - Updated the Map Mode to the latest version, 0.5.1, from ICode. See his gitlab for more info on the changes
  44. - Added 48 new generic idea icons for use in the base mod and submods. See the z_fallout_ideas.gfx file in the interface folder for the list of all idea icons.
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