My Loyal Ponies: Submission Is Mandatory- Vinyl Scratch

May 1st, 2014
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  1. >So far the plan had been as easy as you'd hoped.
  2. >Sneaking into the main branch of the Canterlot Library had been easy.
  3. >Borrowing books was the last thing on pone's minds after Equestria fell,keeping track of the public library's inventory even less so.
  5. >Logic dictated that Nightmare Moon wouldn't have changed the layout of Canterlot Castle that much. The throne room would be the throne room, servants quarters would still house servants.
  6. >The dungeons would certainly be different though...
  7. >Staring you in the face was the first part of the plan that could easily go wrong.
  9. >The outer walls of Nightmare Keep.
  11. >Canterlot Castle was already the most defended place in all of Equestria and it was no different under Nightmare Moon's iron hoof.
  13. >Guards patrolled constantly, leaving few blind spots. Lookouts posted at each tower and other nasty surprises that were not part of the public record.
  15. >Hopefully this would work to your advantage. Few knew that the castle was also protected by some of the most sophisticated wards and enchantments ever developed by p0nykind.
  17. >You and the rest of the former castle staff knew this, and your entire plan hinged on hoping that the Nightmare did not.
  19. >One light blue flash of your horn to take out the grappling hook, another to silence it and a third to launch it skyward to your intended target.
  21. >A light tug signals success!
  23. >Scaling the wall is easy enough, though the next part of the plan is dodgy. The patrols are difficult to see in near pitch black conditions AND they have the advantage of night vision.
  25. >It might have been a blessing when they were members of the lunar guard, but their strength was derived from the moon.
  27. >A fatal flaw exploited by the Lunar tyrant to instantly turn half of Equestria's armed forces to her side.
  29. >There was nothing you could do for them and sliding on your enchanted shades reminded you of the task ahead.
  31. >Infiltrate the castle.
  33. >Find Octavia.
  35. >Flee Equestria.
  36. _________________
  38. >The plan had fallen apart faster than you'd care to admit.
  39. >The combination of inside knowledge of the castle enchantments and your enchanted shades to detect the coming and going of the Nightmare Guards, allowing unmolested passage through the bleak halls.
  41. >At least until you came across the Timberwolf.
  42. >Granted you were able to dispose of it with relative ease, but your shades had paid the price.
  43. >Tavi...
  44. >They had been a gift from her, after the first playdate your parents had arranged.
  45. >Your trademark shades had been a project the two of you had worked on for weeks; Born of careful applications of personally chosen enchantments and Octavia's eye for precision.
  46. >And now they lay in pieces in some Celestia forgotten corridor of the castle, under the sap and twig remains of a Timberwolf that could have killed you.
  47. >Adrenaline and desperation had gotten you to the maid's quarters; so had the hope that what Octavia's parents told you was still true. Still, it wouldn't matter at all if you ended up bleeding out on the cold stone floor.
  48. ____________
  49. >Master had told you to move into Fluttershy's room less than an hour ago, yet you were still uncharacteristically happy about it. After all, less than a day ago, you were as far from the dignified member of the Canterlot Philharmonic as one could be.
  50. >Your only silver linings were the roof over your head and the knowledge that, despite being a tyrannical monster, Empress Nightmare Moon would honor your pledge and continue to spare your parents' lives.
  51. >Now you had unexpectedly moved up in the world! Being Master Anon's personal maid meant no more scrubbing latrines, cleaning the torture chambers, or hours spent being Nightmare Moon's ottoman.
  52. >Sure, it meant putting the intellect honed by years in Canterlot's ivy league towards the distasteful acts he did to his pets; But he was certainly the far lesser of two evils. Granting you the mercy of being reunited with your beloved cello had convinced you of that.
  53. >A slammed door and heavy breathing alerted you to an intruder in the maid's quarters.
  54. >The good and decent p0ne in you first directed your gaze to the pool of blood at the stranger's feet.
  55. >Then your common sense kicked in, and so did a vase, upside the back of that unfortunate unicorn's head.
  56. >After she collapses in a heap, you gingerly step over to examine the candidate for 'most likely to be thrown into the dungeons'.
  57. >Panic and a sharp intake of breath quickly follow as you realize just who it is.
  59. " Vinyl? "
  60. - - - - - - - - - - - -
  61. >The magical monitor hooked up to your unexpected visitor remains unchanged since you looked at it a few minutes ago.
  62. >It steadily beeps, the reliable pattern being the only reassurance that Vinyl was alive.
  63. >Lack of sleep and emotional distress didn't stop you from replaying the evening's events over and over in your head.
  65. "Nurse, please! I don't care what the consequences are, I need you to save this pony's life!"
  66. >The nurse looks at you incredulously.
  67. " This is the intruder that managed to kill one of the Timberwolves under the direction of master's wallflower pet, is it not?"
  68. >Your heart drops.
  69. "Yes it is, and I know what that means. I DON'T CARE. J..just save her.. please."
  70. >The nurse nods, informing one of the Lunar guards to fetch Anonymous, before then switching her attention to the barely conscious mess on the gurney before her.
  71. "Punctured lung, right eye swollen shut and likely scratched cornea as a result of glass shards..."
  72. >You feel bile backing up into your throat.
  73. "Contusions over fifty percent of the body, partial horn fracture, possibly magical reflux as a result..."
  74. >She shifts her uninterested glance over to your increasingly sickened face, before handing you stainless steel bedpan.
  75. "Cracked front right and back left hooves, fractures on the other legs.. And the nastiest splinters I've ever seen."
  76. >You swear that you could FEEL your face become ashen, and the vomit that flows past your lips into the bedpan doesn't help at all.
  77. " Octi...?"
  78. "Vinyl!? What the hell were you thinking!? How did you get into the castle? Why..."
  79. >You're silenced by Vinyl weakly raising her hoof to cover your lips.
  80. "You were worth it." she croaks, before losing consciousness.
  81. >You shoot a panicked glance to the nurse, who is returning with a clean bedpan. Her visage softens as she begins administering an I.V. drip.
  83. "This should stabilize your unfortunate friend until the royal surgeon returns from the mistress' dungeon."
  84. - - - - - - - -
  85. >You cringe when she says that. Anonymous had mentioned that Nightmare M... Mistress Nightmare had been gathering up those who had dared defile the pets she had benevolently given him dominion over.
  86. >The thought of their punishment turned your face a vivid shade of green before the nurse spoke up again.
  87. "So who is your friend, Octavia?" asks the nurse.
  88. >You stutter a bit before starting, not noticing that she was looking behind you when she asked that.
  89. "My oldest and dearest friend.." you say, eyes blurred with tears "I've known her since our parents arranged a playdate when we were still fillies."
  90. >You become aware of the sound of boots walking across the sterile floor to the chair you occupied at Vinyl's bedside.
  91. " We became fast friends over our mutual love of music, despite the polar differences in our tastes."
  92. >A pair of gloved hands gently rest themselves on your shoulders and begin to massage the knots out.
  93. "We had lost touch after I moved to Canterlot to pursue my dream of playing in the Royal Philharmonic. It was purely by chance that she attended one of my performances on the recommendation of Princess Cadence. I think she had sensed the heartache that Vinyl carried with her in the years since we had been separated."
  94. >The massage had stopped, being replaced by the sound of a chair setting up next to your own.
  95. " I was overjoyed when I saw Vinyl backstage! Sure I caught flack from the conductor for skipping our post performance meeting, but we had serious catching up to do! "
  96. >You could feel your enthusiasm flagging, the sadness and depression of the evening finally catching up to you.
  97. " Even though we went through a few bottles of Princess Celestia's reserve back at my apartment, the kiss we shared was genuine."
  99. "And how long ago was this? "
  101. >You look up at your Master. His gaze resting on your tear stained face, an expression of uncharacteristic kindness looking back at you.
  103. "Last year. " you whisper " The day after the concert was the happiest Hearts and Hooves day either of us had even experienced. We were like two teenagers in love, so sure of our feelings, yet awkward in expressing them."
  105. >You chuckled, despite being fully aware of the weight of your situation.
  107. " I nearly got poked in the eye by her horn the first few times we kissed; Neither of us really knew what we were doing, but we threw ourselves into it like each day was our last."
  109. " I assume the return of our Queen interrupted your idyllic lives, yes? Finely trimmed lawn wilting and white picket fence disintegrating once the sun was banished? "
  111. " I..." you start, wanting to scream at him for treating the situation with even a hint of detached sarcasm. " We last saw each other at the Summer Sun celebration in Canterlot. The crowd erupted into a panic once the Nightmare Legions descended upon Canterlot."
  113. >Anonymous holds out his hand, silencing you.
  115. "While I understand your feelings for this pony, you do understand that Nightmare Moon is more likely to order her fed to Fluttershy's Timberwolves than spare her, right?"
  117. "Please master! I'll bring her in line, I promise! Vinyl Scratch will be a loyal servant to you and the lunar empire, I stake the privileges you have given me on it!"
  119. >Anonymous gives you a look, raising his eyebrow, obviously not believing you.
  121. "I'll..." you manage to say, your throat dry and legs quivering " I'll cut the rope at the gallows myself if it comes to it. " you kneel and kiss the Nightmare Ring on his right hand.
  123. >Anonymous grins widely, clapping a hand onto your shoulder.
  125. "You're learning, my dear treble clef. I will plead your case before Nightmare Moon personally, though I can make no promises."
  127. "Thank you for your benevolence master." is all you say before returning your troubled gaze to Vinyl's bed.
  129. " Nightmare guards will be stationed outside the infirmary as long as your charge is enjoying my hospitality."
  130. - - - - - - - -
  131. >"M..mm aster! Aaaahhhmmm..."
  132. >Fluttershy's hind legs clench around your waist as you flood her eager womb with your seed.
  133. >She sighs as her own orgasm subsides, the twitching and panting giving way to a gentle smile and embrace.
  134. "Are you feeling better now, Fluttershy?"
  135. >"Are you sure you'll be able to put Mr Splinters back together Master?"
  136. "Well I personally won't be, but the castle alchemists and Twilight will be doing their best. She will keep you appraised of any change in his condition."
  137. >Fluttershy squees and embraces you tighter.
  138. >"Thank you master. I'd feel awful if anything worse happened to any of the critters I adopted from the Everfree."
  139. >You smile back at her.
  140. >While Fluttershy was still fragile and meek, she was responding to your efforts to bring her out of her shell. The fact that the suggestion she made to allow her to tame Timberwolves and have them patrol the castle had a lot to do with that.
  141. >She sighs happily again and smiles as you withdraw your flaccid member, before grabbing some tissues to clean herself up.
  142. "Don't forget that we only caught the intruder because of your pets my dear. Take pride in that."
  143. >Fluttershy blushes as you leave the room, blissfully unaware that you had less... pleasant matters to attend to.
  144. >Namely talking to Nightmare Moon about the mare that had managed to infiltrate the castle, avoid the guards and nearly kill one of Fluttershy's Timberwolves. She had been in tears for hours.
  145. >That little tidbit angered you; If anyone was to reduce one of your pets to a sobbing mess, it'd be you and ONLY you.
  146. >Sure Octavia had spared her lover the hangpony's noose with her bold promise, but it would ultimately be Nightmare Moon's decision to make.
  147. - - - - - - - -
  148. >The two lunar guards at the entrance to the throne room snap to attention as you approach.
  149. "Is your mistress busy? I have to talk to her about the intruder that Octavia subdued."
  150. >They both share an uneasy look before the braver of the two speaks up.
  151. >" She.. was sir. One of the royals had been hiding in the escape tunnels and your pet's creatures helped us flush him out."
  152. >You smirk, letting Fluttershy have that bit of her old life back was continuing to pay dividends. One thing puzzled you though.
  153. " Him? I thought the only royals were her majesty, Celestia and that pink alicorn, Catdance or whatever. "
  154. >"Cadence, sir. And yes they are the only royals of real importance, but Prince Blueblood is still a valuable prize. "
  155. > You raise your eyebrow. The name was familiar, but it belonged to someone that even the snooty nobles held in contempt.
  156. >" We don't understand why a womanizing dandy who has done nothing but embarass the crown is important either sir. Best guess is that her highness believes he would be a possible leader for the rebellion. "
  157. >You all take a moment to laugh heartily.
  158. "Hillarity aside, I really do need to speak to the empress."
  159. >"As you wish sire. Don't be too shocked about his condition, the last battalion was rather 'eager' to meet him"
  160. >The guards bow and step aside, the doors to the chamber responding to your lunar signet ring and creaking open.
  161. >The first thing that draws your attention is the white unicorn chained to the wall. Despite being dirty and clearly still half starved, he looks better off than most of Nightmare's playthings.
  162. "My..my royal posterior." Blueblood sobs " I nuh..never did anything to deserve this! Why won't you just kill me and be done with it?! "
  163. >The small puddle of blood below him and sticky stomach hair were all the clues you needed as to what exactly had been done to 'the royal posterior'. The empty bottles of lube and dried cum on his lips weren't subtle either.
  164. >"Silence and be glad that is all your empress has done, swine." Nightmare is laying it on a bit thick this time "Cooperate and you may be given a five star cell in the finest wing of the dungeon."
  165. >Blueblood whimpers before a flash of magic places a ball gag in his mouth and a new source of pain into 'the royal posterior'. The buzzing was familiar enough, though that particular model wasn't your first choice of toys.
  166. >"Now then my loyal monster..." Nightmare shifts slightly on her cushion, giving you a view of the ethereal pastel mane moving around slightly at her hindquarters "What business do you have that is so important as to interrupt the quality time I'm spending with my sister?" she emphasizes sister by flicking her tail, which interrupts the steady slurping with a pained yelp.
  167. "I'd hate to interrupt such a heartwarming moment your majesty." you flash a grin, she wasn't the only one that could brown nose if needed and Nightmare Moon ate it up "I need a decision on the intruder that is under observation in the infirmary."
  168. >"Ah yes, the other musician, correct?" she shifts slightly, giving Celestia deeper access to her depths.
  170. >She thinks on it a moment, the thought process punctuated by an almost imperceptible moan and more slurping coming from her rear.
  171. >"Ensure that the unicorn poses no threat to the empire. Other than that, she has to serve a purpose for the empire. If Vinyl Scratch cannot be of use, then I expect you to execute her on the spot."
  172. "I already have Octavia's word that she will execute Vinyl herself if it comes to that."
  173. >Nightmare perks up at the mention of this. Manipulating the emotions of her subjects was a favorite pastime after all.
  174. >"Ah, I see you've managed to catch a pair of lovers in your claws; How amusing. I'll leave this delicious situation in your hands then. I trust it'll turn out as well as the yellow one's suggestion."
  175. "Oh I already have an idea of what she can do for the Empire."
  176. >"Then do what you must. And do make sure that you keep me appraised of your production of Romeo and Juliet." she then lays back into her plush cushion, a light blush on her face.
  177. - - - - - - - -
  178. >You are once again Octavia, former member of the Canterlot Philharmonic, current maid to the second worst thing thats ever happened to Equestria.
  179. >The first being the one that separated you from the pony you loved which started the series of events leading to her being in the infirmary bed in front of you.
  180. >The activity around consists of nurses hurrying back and forth, guards at the exits looking bored and the steady beep that is your constant companion.
  181. >Magic or not, the nurses said Vinyl would be touch and go for awhile. Nothing short of the magic of an alicorn could cure such severe injuries and the only available one barely cared enough to spare her to begin with.
  182. >The only alternative was conventional magic and medicine, which, in a case as severe as this, was 50/50 at best.
  184. "What am I going to do with you Vinyl." you sigh "Either you join me in servitude to a monster or you end up being the toy of another."
  186. >A weak groan, followed by a few coughs snaps you out of the trance you'd been in for a few hours. Looking up, you're greeted by the most beautiful smile you've ever seen.
  188. >"That vase hurt you know."
  190. >The next few minutes are a whirlwhind of kissing and crying as the emotion of the last few hours catches up to you. Vinyl breaks the embrace you shared, seemingly uncomfortable at the prospect of showing affection under the gaze of the Nightmare guards stationed at the door.
  192. "How are you even conscious Vinyl? You were half dead from whatever beating you took before I found you and that was BEFORE the doctor sedated you!"
  194. >" You've seen me party hard Octy, I'm a tough cookie. "
  196. "A Timberwolf is a lot different than staying up til the crack of dawn at one of those 'raves' you love so much."
  198. >Before she can reply, Vinyl is racked with a series of violent spasms and coughs.
  199. >You're pushed aside as the nurse and doctor move quickly, under orders from your mutual Master to keep the valuable prisoner alive.
  200. >You'd be grateful if you weren't still horrified about Vinyls potential future in this world.
  201. >Nightmare Moon could only use so many maids, and you had no idea if Vinyl's decidedly not nobility parents were even still alive.
  202. >Once again all you can do is idly stand by as another pony suffers from the horrors of this world. Mother and Father being tortured at Nightmare Moon's hooves hadn't brought out any emotion in you. Vinyl was different.
  203. >She had brought out feelings you never thought yourself capable of displaying. Affection and love that you had never experienced, unwilling to let anypony else inside after your heart was broken the first time.
  205. >And she might be dying on the bed in front of you.
  207. >The nurse offers you her shoulder, and all you can do is wail.
  208. - - - - - - - -
  209. >Casually strolling through the castle, you take a moment to go over the days events. The break in was routine, they happened at least every other day.
  210. >The near death of one of Fluttershy's Timberwolves was what had gotten your attention, and the fact that it was the love of your newest pet was what kept your interest.
  211. >Octavia was the closest thing to a trusted confidante in this strange world of talking ponies and creatures straight out of the Monster Manual.
  212. >The song magic was pretty weird too, more so because all you had seen of it was the lamentations of the poor bastards chained to the walls in the dungeon.
  213. >Stopping in front of the infirmary door, you're halted by loud sobbing.
  214. >Opening the door confirms your suspicions, Vinyl Scratch had taken a turn for the worse and Octavia wasn't taking it well.
  215. >Much as you wanted to go play with your other pets (especially since Pinkie Pie had really been getting into anal), Octavia couldn't be ignored. You'd been harsh and cruel plenty of times, but you weren't heartless.
  216. >Silently dismissing the guards and infirmary staff, you sit down next to Octavia. She could definitely use a shoulder to
  217. >"Get away from me you horrid beast!"
  219. >This was certainly unexpected.
  221. >"Its your fault! ALL OF IT!" an empty water bottle goes flying past your head. "My parents living under constant threat of being killed on that bitch's orders, Vinyl practically being a vegetable. ALL OF IT FALLS ON YOUR SHOULDERS!"
  223. >She's screeching at this point. Good thing you'd dismissed the guards, there'd be no saving her from the hangman's noose if they'd heard this outburst. Still, even if she wasn't doing any harm by crying and pounding on your chest, you had to calm her down.
  225. >A nibble on her ear draws a sharp gasp and the pounding on your chest slows.
  226. >Tracing a path down her body and kissing here and there turns that gasp into a series of moans.
  228. "Are you ready to act civilized?" you ask, fingers resting lightly on Octavia's nethers.
  230. >She looks up at you, eyes red and puffy. Hair frazzled and mascara smeared; Still shivering from the sudden, unexpected attention.
  232. >"P..please" she hiccups, her voice cracking slightly "Don't let her die! I don't know what I'd do without Vivi."
  234. "Shh my pet. Master will make it all better."
  236. >She gasps as your fingers move to one of her teats pinching and rolling her nipples; while your right hand unbuckles your pants.
  237. >A satisfied moan greets your entering Octavia's depths. The pleasure of once again receiving your cock cutting through all the pain and sadness of the past few hours.
  239. >Gently moving your hips back and forth makes Octavia's moans increase, her body giving into the more primal and satisfying desires your training had instilled in the prim and proper high society mare.
  241. >She knew her place and unlike Rarity, you allowed Octavia to remain a lady. After all, she had offered herself to you freely, requiring none of the tactics that had broken the elements of harmony. All Octavia had needed was training in some of the... rougher aspects of love.
  243. "Are you enjoying yourself my pet?" you ask, already knowing the answer.
  245. >Octavia's only reply is more moans, an ahegao already on full display.
  246. >You grin, already positioning yourself over Vinyl Scratch; your connected bodies being mere inches above her face.
  248. "Show her what it means to receive my love." you coo while simultaneously pinching her rapidly winking clit.
  250. >"Nnnnoooo master I ca...aaaaahhhhh!"
  252. >Octavia thrashes in your grip, her entire body tensing as she is rocked by an intense orgasm.
  253. >Vinyl's face is splashed with Octavia's juices, and she then slumps into your arms.
  254. >Your vigorous fucking combined with the day's events had taken it's toll on your poor maid, but at least she had a smile on her face.
  255. >After gently placing her on a bed next to Vinyl's, you pull up her blanket and lightly kiss her forehead.
  257. "Sleep well my treble clef. We'll talk more in the morning."
  258. - - - - - - - - - -
  260. >You feel a light breeze caress your face.
  261. >Startled, you bolt up from your bed, confusion mixing with fear.
  262. >Octavia is nowhere to be seen.
  263. >Neither is any of the infirmary staff either.
  264. >Nor the guards.
  265. >Weird.
  266. >Gingerly getting up from the bed, you feel no stiffness, soreness or pain. Again, odd, especially considering the fact that you were at death door, the last time you had checked.
  267. >There hadn't been anything restraining you to the bed, nor a magic inhibitor on your horn.
  268. >Either the tyrant and her pet were Equestria's worst prison wardens, or something is going...
  269. "Noticed the oddness of your situation I take it?"
  271. >Turning around slowly, you're confronted by the monster responsible for Equestria's downfall. He is suspiciously unarmed, and wearing a robe and slippers.
  272. >Something at the back of your mind sounds an alarm, but you ignore it.
  273. >Few ponies had gotten the opportunity that this presented you, and you doubt that many ever would. Calling upon your magic, you steel yourself to confront..
  274. >He's laughing.
  276. >"Whats so funny?" you snarl
  278. "Oh nothing. They always give some sort of speech about freeing Equestria, and sending me to Tartarus or some such nonsense. Its refreshing to have someone get down to the nitty gritty and try to kill me."
  280. >That whisper in the back of your head is now a blood curdling scream. This entire situation is wrong!
  281. >He notices the worry play across your features and smirks. Calmly walking from the door to your bed.
  283. >" Nno! Get away from me!" you scream, panicking as you will your magic to stop him.
  285. >Bedsheets, curtains and towels grab his arms and legs, binding him in place. His cocky demeanor shifting to terror as he tugs against the restraints, especially the one slowly tightening around his neck.
  286. >He struggles, movements becoming more and more frantic as the noose around his neck tightens and his face turns blue.
  287. >Then his body just slumps, twitching slightly before ceasing to move.
  288. - - - - - - - - - - - -
  289. >Cautiously rising from your hiding spot behind your bed, you move towards his body.
  290. >Every sign of a recently deceased corpse is there.
  291. >The twitching is still going on, but decreasing.
  292. >Your nose twitches when you notice the stench that indicates voided bowels.
  293. >The satisfying crack that comes after you stomp his neck a few times for good measure confirms it.
  294. >You've killed Anonymous!
  295. >This is too unreal! You had set out to free Octavia, not confront and kill one of the two tyrants enslaving Equestria.
  296. >If this was one of those cheezy soap operas Octy loved so much your character would pinch herself to see if she was...
  298. >Oh no.
  299. - - - - - - - - -
  301. " I see you've figured it out. "
  303. >The terrified unicorn slowly turns around. Doing a double take as she looks at your corpse on the ground and then at the you standing over her, fully armed and armored.
  304. >She backs up slightly, tripping over the corpse before it vanishes into the dreamscape.
  306. >" A trick? This was all some sort of sick game? "
  308. "You expected any less from me? Seriously?"
  310. >Vinyl opens her mouth to respond, then smartly decides against it.
  312. "If you really want to know why, its simple."
  313. >A quick snap of your fingers changes the scenery, movie transition style. Now you address Vinyl from the comfort of your study.
  315. "This was not some trick or sick game. Thats Nightmare's schtick. My reasons for this 'test' are simple."
  317. >Vinyl gulps.
  318. >The weight of the situation is settling in. Good.
  320. "You broke into Nightmare Keep. That alone is an offense punishable by death. The fact that you DARE to try and take MY property changes that punishment to something more... severe."
  322. >"Octavia isn't your prop..."
  324. " SHE IS MINE! " you roar, immediately silencing Vinyl's objection. " Her servitude to Nightmare Moon may have been forced, but Octavia has given herself to me freely, under no duress or threat of death."
  326. >Vinyl pales, if thats possible for someone with white fur.
  328. "Speaking of death. Do you know, my dear Vinyl Scratch, why I haven't killed you?"
  330. >Now she's trembling. Good. A pony that has no fear and is willing to accept death would be useless to you; One that had something to live for, that wouldn't just accept her fate, would be putty in your hands.
  332. "Octavia said she would throw the lever at the gallows herself, if you didn't fall in line. She was willing to put her own life on the line to spare yours."
  334. >The objection Vinyl was about to speak dies in her throat after you mention Octavia again. She now eyes you suspiciously, the wheels turning in her mind, convincing her of the truthfulness of your tale.
  336. >"How do I know all of this isn't another elaborate lie?"
  338. "You don't do you. And yet I'm the only way that you'll ever find yourself in her arms ever again. You would do well to remember that."
  340. >She stammers, the reality of her situation finally dawning.
  342. "Shh, give it time to sink in, my dear." you grin "After all, you're still half dead in the castle infirmary, in case you've forgotten."
  344. >Vinyl is looking at the floor at this point.
  346. "We'll talk again soon my dear. While I do have you helpless, strapped to a bed and deprived of your magic, what happens next is your choice."
  348. >You turn around, deliberately taking your time to walk slowly to the door.
  350. "Just remember that I can either be a kind, or cruel master."
  352. >The door clangs shut.
  353. - - - - - - - - - -
  354. >Your door barely closes shut, the exhausting day leaving you with little strength to do something so trivial.
  355. >Recently life had been treating you well, for an indentured servant anyways.
  356. >Gone were the mind numbing and life threatening months of working for Nightmare Moon.
  357. >You'd never miss working among the other lost souls that now comprised Nightmare Keep's servants, thats for sure.
  358. >A days work would usually involve cleaning the dungeons, enduring the leering and advances of the Lunar Guard and food that could barely be called sustenance.
  359. >You'd be lucky to have a handful of seeds to go with your three square meals of grass clippings and wilted flowers.
  360. >On top of all that, there was always the chance of the Empress taking the wrong kind of interest in you. Sure, you were safe, but you knew of a few maids and butlers who had been executed for minor screwups.
  361. >Nightmare Moon had personally crushed the windpipe of a maid who hadn't polished her jewelry to its shiniest.
  362. >The worst that Anonymous had done was tan your hide after the outburst in the infirmary. For someone who could be as horribly cruel as Nightmare Moon, he had the same capacity to be loving and kind.
  363. >The night promised to be restless. You'd napped for all of half an hour in the infirmary and your sore behind was going to make sleeping in your room tougher.
  364. >At least you knew that Vinyl was going to be ok.
  365. >Your eyes start to get heavy and the yawns are becoming more frequent; Guess sleeping wasn't going to be so difficult after...
  366. - - - - - - - -
  367. "Run that by me again Octavia?"
  368. >"I wish to be one of your pets, Master."
  369. "Dare I ask why, treble clef? You've seen how I treat those under my 'care'."
  370. >He motions over to Applejack, who is currently writhing under the attention of both an orgasm denying, enchanted clit ring and vibrating eggs taped to her nipples.
  371. >She in turn, has her snout buried in Rainbow Dash's pussy.
  372. >Turns out that before they had been enslaved by Nightmare Moon, both mares had been harboring serious hidden crushes on each other.
  373. >This had come to light after a particularly intense training session involving the two of them.
  374. >When Anonymous had questioned why Applejack didn't seem to despair at him forcing Rainbow to tease her for six hours, she had let the cat out of the bag.
  375. >Applejack told him that she had despaired when he separated the two of them after their escape attempt, thinking that she'd never see Rainbow Dash again.
  376. >When pressed further, she quietly admitted to already coming to terms with the fact that she'd likely never see her family again.
  377. >With tear filled eyes, Applejack also said that if she had been separated from Rainbow Dash would have left her despondent.
  378. >Anyone else would have called Applejack a fool for giving Anonymous this much ammunition to use against her.
  379. >She would have told them that it was better for her that she did.
  380. >Anonymous was happy to let them pursue the relationship, under his terms of course.
  382. "Up until you took me on as your personal maid, my life here was day in and day out misery. Every day was the same: wake up, eat my grass clippings, tend to the demands of that horrid bitch Nightmare Moon has put in charge of the staff and then go to sleep exhausted."
  383. " I assume that taking you under my proverbial wing changed all that? "
  384. >"While I am still bound to serve the crown, you are a preferable master to Nightmare Moon."
  386. >You remember beginning to blush at this point.
  388. >"While it is true that you and she share some qualities, I do not believe the empress would have shown me any of the mercy you have master."
  389. "And this makes me desirable to you?"
  390. >"You've shown the pets who respect your position care and compassion. It is something my life has lacked since Nightmare Moon's rise to power. While you have indeed made my life better, I am still a mare with needs."
  391. "And you expect me to fulfill your carnal desires? You are certainly an attractive mare, but you ask a lot for someone in your position."
  392. >"I am aware of that master. That is why I offer myself to you, body and soul, if that is what it takes."
  394. >At this point Anonymous had been sitting on the bed, Applejack and Rainbow Dash busying themselves servicing him.
  396. "Very well. I expect you to continue your exemplary service to me and your fellow pets while also assisting me in their training."
  398. >"Thank you for your generosity master." you bow your head to him "I had hoped you would honor my request, so I put in a request with the quartermaster."
  400. >Anonymous had then opened the small box you handed him. Inside was a simple collar, identical to those worn by his other pets.
  401. >The name tag was engraved with your cutie mark, name and indicated his complete ownership of you. It also shared the enchantment added to the others after the guard incident.
  402. >If anyone other than Anonymous, Nightmare Moon or a fellow pet tried to touch you, they would be wracked with intense pain.
  403. >That was one of the things that had attracted you to Anonymous in the first place; he cared about his pets.
  404. >He had beaten them, urinated on one, tortured several and enslaved the lot of them; taking them away from their families into their lives of servitude.
  405. >And yet, under the cruel master lay a gentle soul, a kind and gentle man who genuinely cared for his pets.
  406. >Your life had been a living hell up till the day you had caught Anonymous' eye. He actually appreciated the work you did and treated you with kindness.
  407. >You had even been reunited with your beloved cello!
  408. >He had already shown you kindness that you thought had vanished from this world, along with the Princess.
  409. >While it was true that the Empress had agreed to his making you his personal maid, he had been a consummate gentleman.
  410. >He actually treated you like a valued assistant instead of a prized hostage, even complimenting your choice of food for his pets and giving you a divine ear scratch when he learned you had commissioned Applejacks harness.
  411. >The lucid dream begins to fade, images of your encounter with Vinyl flashing in front of your eyes.
  412. >Life as a maid was going to be difficult, once again.
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