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  2. Minxe: Thanks a bunch.
  3. Minxe: Okay - So hello. lol
  4. Minxe  sweats a little  
  5. Minxe: I have to tell you..
  6. Minxe: I really freaked out after I left yesturday.
  7. Minxe: like P A N I C
  8. Tsukiryu: o,^,o
  9. Tsukiryu: how come?
  10. Minxe: I am not used to being wanted.
  11. Tsukiryu: I can understand that bit.
  12. Minxe: And I regret acting like such a hardass yesturday.
  13. Minxe: So I am sorry if I gave that impression.
  14. Minxe: I just want to protect my fluffy insides.
  15. Tsukiryu: I'm actually panicking on what to do for my bday because I'm not used to multiple people wanting to do things. I could sense your nervousness. Its ok.
  16. Minxe: c:
  17. Minxe  scrunches my nose  
  18. Minxe: You are a respectable person.
  19. Minxe: Okay - S- so.
  20. Minxe: I talked with Rei a bit.
  21. Minxe: I shared that I wanted to change my RP for this if I were to continue coming back.
  22. Tsukiryu: Rp?
  23. Tsukiryu: o,^,o
  24. Minxe: Sorry character.
  25. Minxe: Myself. lol
  26. Tsukiryu: ah.
  27. Tsukiryu: lol
  28. Minxe: My fox represents an old me.
  29. Minxe  uses motions to sweep back  
  30. Tsukiryu: I am a dragon in spirit..I can be a cat or fox, but the dragon is what's truly connected to me outside of here..
  31. Minxe: Angry, cold, lustful.. I feel I have matured a lot.
  32. Minxe: Rei wants to educate me on a being a bakeneko.
  33. Minxe: hence...
  34. Minxe  poses  
  35. Tsukiryu: He just wants to mate. - . - ;;
  36. Minxe: My cuteass new outfit.
  37. Tsukiryu: He can't mate with my other girls. >:v..
  38. Minxe: My rp skills are trash.
  39. Minxe: So good luck to him. X
  40. Tsukiryu: It is cute.~
  41. Minxe: My concern isn't with him as much as it is with you.
  42. Minxe: D-do you really want me to be apart of your home? :o
  43. Minxe: ooo so pretty.
  44. Tsukiryu: long as you can understand..I am very standoffish at times. ..I was actually talking to Rei about this. I'm not good with affection. I come and go. I'm constantly distracted by one thing or another and it frustrates others. Probably why I don't have a mate. < w >;;
  45. Tsukiryu: aside from my pain in the ass personality.
  46. Minxe: I do not accept affection as easily as I would like
  47. Minxe: I just want to have a place to call home.
  48. Minxe: Where I am accepted, the ttypical stuff.
  49. Minxe: I am not into drama, but I am very nervous at meeting people.
  50. Tsukiryu: I don't trust most anymore.
  51. Minxe: Took me a week to come talk to you because I was scared.
  52. Minxe: So we have that in common lol.
  53. Tsukiryu: I actually ran into a former trial today..
  54. Tsukiryu: She was in my ex's room. I was like..Kurama is here? OF ALL PLACES?! I..kinda raged.
  55. Tsukiryu: Slightly.
  56. Minxe: LOL well damn
  57. Minxe: Sounds pretty uh... tough actually.
  58. Minxe: I don't have very many relations with people.
  59. Minxe: Like 0
  60. Minxe: I try and then run away.
  61. Minxe  looks down a bit  
  62. Minxe: Better to hide than to be hurt.
  63. Tsukiryu: I will say this.
  64. Tsukiryu: Don't stop being who you feel you truly are within...You can still be you and change how you see things over time. For instance...I've never changed who I am. I am cold, calloused at times even. But the dragon is also a spirit of wisdom. I protect those that are close to me. A fox is a symbol of cleverness, playfulness and warmth. A cat..cats are just assholes. ~ - ~; Don't be like Rei and Mimi and knock my tea over. LOL
  65. Minxe: Well to be honest...
  66. Minxe: I have no idea what I am.. x)
  67. Minxe: I feel more connected to plants than animals.
  68. Tsukiryu: o - o You are a tree.
  69. Tsukiryu: x
  70. TsukiryuTsukiryu : D
  71. Minxe: But that wouldn't be very cute.
  72. Minxe: LOL
  73. Minxe: So the animal I choose will be a direct representation of me.
  74. Minxe: Same spirit different promise to myself.
  75. Minxe: Also I will drink your tea. not knock it XD
  76. Minxe: ... but then pour you a new one because I like acceptance lOL
  77. Tsukiryu: I didn't choose who I am. @-@;.. It..kind of chose me. because it goes further than just RP for my being. Baha. well..As long as you don't bite my ass when I'm on the toilet like Vergil does.
  78. Tsukiryu: - . -;
  79. Minxe: oof. no lol.
  80. Minxe  smiles and curls up in my jacket  
  81. Minxe: I love plants lol
  82. Minxe: Oh I have 500 baby seeds on my back patio rn.
  83. Minxe: They are finally sprouting
  84. Minxe: :o
  85. Minxe  wiggles
  86. Tsukiryu: >_ > You are a tree. xD
  87. Minxe: babiessss
  88. Tsukiryu: Or a nymph rather.
  89. Minxe: meh.
  90. Tsukiryu: o,w,o
  91. Tsukiryu  pets.
  92. Minxe  purrs  
  93. Minxe: I will be a cat. Rei seems to enjoy the idea and as long as I am accepted by you I am fine.
  94. Tsukiryu: ~.~;..I will have to keep his horny tail in a separate corner.
  95. Tsukiryu: =w=;;
  96. Tsukiryu: Or clip him o-o..
  97. Minxe: He stays away from me.
  98. Tsukiryu: Anyways.. The way I tell it to my pets..They have free will. I'm not a BDSM type of master. I don't lie with my pets unless they are in the mood and want to and I share the same willingness. And its very rare I even let someone close to me in that way. I have a master, he's more like my guardian.
  99. Minxe: We have made that decesion clear.
  100. Minxe: That is preferred by me anyways
  101. Tsukiryu: I..let Kurama go because she was straight out being a whore wanting to lie with everyone else and create her own..furrydom. Even stabbed me behind my back with Aeyir. So.. There are do's and don'ts.
  102. Tsukiryu: =.=;;;;
  103. Minxe: ooof.
  104. Minxe: (Is afraid of sex)
  105. Minxe: No problems here.
  106. Minxe: I have never been to your home before.
  107. Minxe: Just this place and the spring.
  108. Tsukiryu: I will not let my pets take pets anymore. That gets way too out of control. And they sure as hell will not have another master. If this is your home, and I do my damnest to show I appreciate you all, I expect my pets will at least stay with me and not wander to someone else. Well, the Springs are a part of my home, as is this rp wise. This is all a part of the Drakon Empire within the realm of Lunaria. But I haven't actually RP'd in some time. Too many events going on @.@
  109. Minxe  nods and listens to her  
  110. Tsukiryu: My pets will be protected. There is no touching without permission of the others..I let Leki handle herself because she just bites off people's hands.
  111. Tsukiryu: =w=;
  112. Minxe: hehe.
  113. Tsukiryu: If I see my pet is uncomfortable, I will address it. My pets are my territory. My shinies. You don't take shinies away from a dragon. =,w,=
  114. Minxe: Okay good to know
  115. Minxe: Shinies
  116. Minxe: Yay ~
  117. Minxe: Are you wanting me to be a pet?
  118. Minxe: Or am I assuming stuff?
  119. Tsukiryu: Er..Was just giving you the rundown. :x..
  120. Tsukiryu: I thought that was..what you were asking.
  121. Tsukiryu: I'll shut up now. xD;
  122. Minxe: Sorry for the pause.
  123. Minxe: nO NO
  124. Minxe: i AM JUST
  125. Tsukiryu: That's ok
  126. Tsukiryu: o,^,o;;
  127. Minxe: getting insecure
  128. Minxe: LOL
  129. Arale has joined the chat
  130. Minxe: I am over thinking.
  131. Tsukiryu: ..
  132. Tsukiryu: Chen.
  133. Tsukiryu: I love you, but. BAD TIMING.
  134. Tsukiryu: >:V.
  135. Minxe: Like as if I asked and you didn't ask.
  136. Tsukiryu: shooo
  137. Minxe  covers my face  
  138. Tsukiryu: shohoshooo!
  139. Minxe: sorry ~
  140. Arale: <_<;;;
  141. Arale: LOL
  142. Arale: Ok
  143. Arale: POOF
  144. Arale: owo
  145. Minxe: XD
  146. Arale has left the chat
  147. Minxe: Sorry yes. I just got scared.
  148. Tsukiryu: That's the thing..I don't ask. I leave it up to the individual.
  149. Tsukiryu: o^o;..
  150. Minxe: Like "hey dummy did she even ask you."
  151. Tsukiryu: Lol..
  152. Minxe: Oh okay. Well then I WAS right.
  153. Minxe: But yesss
  154. Minxe: I want to be apart of your pet-dom.
  155. Minxe: pet-palace.
  156. Tsukiryu: I wish I had credits right now. :x.. Alright dear. I'll set you on trial.
  157. Tsukiryu: The trial I don't give a specific time. Could range from a week to a month. It just depends.
  158. Tsukiryu: sadd
  159. Tsukiryu: sfs
  160. Tsukiryu: o - o
  161. Tsukiryu: Nuu! Bad vixen!
  162. Minxe: Okay no problem.
  163. Tsukiryu: so pretty
  164. Tsukiryu: @.@
  165. Minxe: Extra birthday gift lol.
  166. Minxe: Oooh that is very nice
  167. Tsukiryu: Hm..
  168. Tsukiryu: Doable!
  169. Minxe: Okay - I need to step away to eat.
  170. Minxe: When I come back (if I don't pass out.)
  171. Tsukiryu: Alright dear
  172. Minxe: We can continue but I would like to accept your half/invitation.
  173. Tsukiryu: Full invitation.~
  174. Tsukiryu: ^
  175. Tsukiryu: ^^
  176. Minxe has left the chat
  177. Whispering to
  178. Stop whisper
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