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  1. A: Minor Petition, Abjuration
  2. B: Blessings
  3. C: Major Petition, Banish
  4. D: Miracle
  5. E: Bodyguard, Divine Casting
  6. F: Martyr
  8. Minor Petition: This takes an exploration turn and can be used once per target per day. Any non-success means the attempt is wasted.
  9. Abjuration: The cleric brandishes their holy symbol against the abomination. The difference between the cleric’s and the monster’s hit dice is applied as a modifier to the roll. A success means it is held at bay whereas a critical success deals 1d6 damage to it.
  10. Blessings: A minor boon that can be tried an indefinite amount of times. Has an alternate use that isn’t as effective.
  11. Major Petition: A more powerful boon that represents a merging of Blessings and Minor Petition.
  12. Banish: The Abjuration ability gains further targets.
  13. Miracle: You can use your Petition abilities in the middle of combat with no wisdom bonus.
  14. Bodyguard: If an adjacent ally would take physical damage, you can opt to take it for them. This ability has a 4-in-6 chance of succeeding.
  15. Divine Casting: You can cast from scrolls like a Wizard. You take a penalty on the roll equal to twice the [dice] involved. Mishaps give you a cumulative -1, whereas Dooms give you a cumulative -2.
  16. Martyr: You can sacrifice 2 of your max HP to gain a +1 bonus on any of your clerical 2d6 rolls. Even if you’re below max health, you still take 2 damage. This damage heals at a rate of one hit point per week.
  18. To cast, you roll 2d6 plus half of your templates modified by wisdom. An unmodified roll of 2 cannot be boosted.
  20. 2: Crisis of faith, can’t use this ability until you atone, -1 cumulative.
  21. 3-5: Insufficiently devout, you fail, cumulative -1.
  22. 6-8: Failure, you may try again next turn.
  23. 9-11: Standard success.
  24. 12: Rewarded with better effect.
  26. Wisdom modifiers apply, penalty equal to Hit Dice of the enemy and bonus equal to half of your level (rounded down)
  28. Standard Lawful Cleric
  29. Healing and Purification
  30. Minor Petition removes all Lethal Damage, heals for 1d6+1, and removes 1d4 days from injuries (minimum 1). Critical successes heal 2d6+2 and remove 1d6 days from injuries.
  31. Blessings will purify food and water. Critical success allows for the creation of holy water and doubles nourishment value of rations if eaten right away. Will give people with curses and poisons a second save at -4, normal save if a critical success.
  32. Major Petition can remove curses, poisons, and diseases. Use the HD of the creature causing the affliction as a penalty to the roll.
  33. Abjuration will fend off the undead and demonic spirits, banishment will fend off extremely magical creatures and dispel magic (use [dice] as HD). Critical successes deal 1d6 damage. You affect undead or demonic spirits of HD totaling to your turn undead roll (but at least one monster) within 60’.
  34. Miracle lets you use your Petitions in combat, but you use the HD of the monster causing the wound as a penalty and an extra half of the monster causing the curse or poison as a penalty.
  35. Alternate Orders
  36. Order of the Sun: Instead of purification, Blessings creates a cool, smokeless, holy fire that lasts for an hour and illuminates 20’/20’. Critical success allows the light to have all the properties of sunlight.
  37. Order of the Wind: If unarmored, you get +templates to Defense, +2 against small projectiles. This doesn’t apply to large objects and is lost forever if you wear armor. You can fire arrows without a bow (no dex bonus) and hold your breath to become lighter, halving all fall damage and allowing you to walk on twigs and lily-pads.
  39. Standard Neutral Cleric
  40. Plants and Animals
  41. Minor Petition will warp and move plants and plant matter for 2d4 hours or move a roomful of dirt once. A critical success means the locus of effect follows the cleric around and lasts the whole day or you can shape a houseful of earth.
  42. Blessings will bring a beast under your sway for the day. A critical success allows you to permanently recruit the creature. They have morale and count towards your retainer limit. Their morale is penalized by half of their HD.
  43. Major Petition allows you to auto-succeed your next wilderness skill check, critical success gives you +4 to your next Navigation check, gives you 3 vegetable rations, 6 meat rations only consuming 1 arrow, and 2 doses of the herb you’re searching for.
  44. Abjuration will fend off wild beasts and abominations of nature, banishment will fend off those bearing the tools of civilization and technology itself.
  45. Miracle lets you perform any of your petitions and blessings immediately (the Minor petition simply acts as a critical success if applied to a successful skill check). However, you must sacrifice some of your blood with a dagger, taking 1d4 damage and reducing your max HP by 1 for the day. You can also rust all metal or warp wood within 50’. This can also be used to quickly subdue a beast but take an extra penalty of half of their HD to the roll.
  46. Alternate Orders
  47. Order of the Beast:  With the skin of an animal, you change into its shape for an hour and gain its abilities. You rip out of its skin after an hour. A critical success lasts an entire day or until you end it. This replaces your normal Blessings ability, and fittingly so.
  49. Standard Chaotic Cleric
  50. Fear and Corruption
  51. Minor Petition lets you curse a weapon or an inventory slot of ranged projectiles. The curse gives you -2 to hit with the weapon but deals 1 damage each round after a successful hit. A critical success gives you +1 to damage, on a successful hit and damage over time, and is only -1 to hit. This can only be done once per day.
  52. Blessings lets you poison food and water, the poison is mild (1d3, rounds) and the corrupted food will cause nausea and fever for 1d4 days giving them -2 to all rolls. The poison, once applied to a weapon, is only good for one strike. A critical success strengthens the potency of the poison to 1d6 damage and -4 to all rolls.
  53. A Major Petition gives you 1d4 chances to deal 1d6+1 damage to a target. This requires a successful attack roll and does not use up the charge if the attack misses. The charges will expire if unused for 10 minutes. A critical success will give you 2d4 charges that deal 2d6+2 damage each.
  54. Once per encounter, Abjuration allows you to provoke a morale check in all sentient enemies in a 50’ cone. A critical success applies a penalty to the roll equal to half your templates, rounding down. Banishment allows you to deal 1d4 necrotic damage with each attempt. If you don’t break focus, you can keep trying until the enemy fails their morale check.
  55. Alternate Orders
  56. Order of Fire: Instead of poisoning things, Blessings lets you turn any liquid into flaming oil or enhance normal flames for an hour. It never goes out if dropped and only has a 1-in-6 chance of being extinguished if immersed. It will always set fire to enemies (though the new flames are mundane) and has a 2-in-6 chance of flaring back to life if dried and re-exposed to air.
  57. Order of Death: You can use Abjuration like a lawful cleric, but instead you can issue a command to the undead if successful (intelligent undead get a save) and heal any undead you control for 1d6+1. On a critical success, undead equal to half your templates must Save or switch over to your side (intelligent undead save at +4) and you heal undead you control for 2d6+2.
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