Molestia's 'personal' Guard (Request from Bastinator)

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  1. >One hundred and thirty five days since you landed in Equestria.
  2. >The first month or so was spent helping out around Ponyville after they acepted you.
  3. >Thats about when the Diamond dogs decided to attack.
  4. >Given your history as a medival war buff, and your police training, you proved an invaluable asset in the defence of Ponyville.
  5. >Shortly after, you got a request to join the royal guards.
  6. >You accepted, even though many of the friends you made in Ponyville would miss you.
  7. >Your rank was immediately raised to leutenant, and for the first two months, you commanded the day guard on the outskirts of Canterlot.
  8. >During the second months parade, Celestia herself came to inspect the troops, something about raising morale.
  9. >While she inspected you, a small smile formed on her lips, and a strange twinkle formed in her eye.
  10. >You, of course ignored this, assuming it was just curiosity, seeing as this was one of the first times she had seen you up close.
  11. >Shortly after, you are transfered to the castle guard, and are almost always on throne room duty.
  12. >Throne room guarding is probably the most interesting guard job, but after a while, you notice Celestia giving you more of those wierd looks.
  13. >Another month or so, and you recieved a personal request from Celestia to become one of her personal guards.
  14. >You were sceptical, but the pay raise and perks immediately dispeled what little skepticism you had.
  15. >After accepting, you took a weeks vacation, as a sort of transition period, visiting your frinds back in ponyville, getting a Promotion party courtesy of Pinkie Pie, all the usual stuff.
  16. >You sigh, adjusting your chestplate in the mirror, the sun emblem on the front catching the suns rays, and shining like a miniature sun itself.
  17. >Straping your custom made blade to your hip, you give one final shake, settling everything into place, and step out of your chambers.
  18. >Its your first day as Celestia's personal guard, and you are fairly nervous.
  19. >Partly because you will be spending most of your waking hours next to the Princess, who is powerfull enough to raise the sun, but also partly because you hate standing in front of crowded rooms.
  20. >Making your way to the Princess's chambers, you nod to the guards outside the door.
  21. >They nod back, and open the door, letting you inside.
  22. >Strangely enough, even though the sun has been raised, Celestia is still asleep on her bed.
  23. >Making your way to the side of the bed, you speak firmly yet quietly
  24. "Princess Celestia, It is time for you to wake up."
  25. >She responds by turning over, her tail flipping up and brushing across your thigh.
  26. "Celestia, It if I must forcibly remove you from bed on my first day of being your personal guard, I will."
  27. >Her wings flare out, knocking the blankets off, before retracting, and she rolls onto her back, her smooth white stomach exposed to the air.
  28. "If thats the way you want to be, fine."
  29. >Reaching out, you wrap your arms around her stomach and heave her off the bed.
  30. >Dragging her off to the bathroom, you set her, still sleeping, in the bath, before running the water.
  31. >As cold as it goes.
  32. >Hitting her right on the plot, the cold shoots her awake, and she umps, water sparyng everywhere.
  33. "Its good to see your finally awake your majesty. Anonymous reporting for duty."
  34. >Celestia glares at you for a moment, before turning away.
  35. >"Since you decided to wake me in such a wet manner, I feel it is your responsibility to dry my royal person off."
  36. >Sighing, you grab a towel, and procede to dry off Celestia, until you come to her plot.
  37. >"I said you must dry me off. Now are you going to do this, or are you going to have to be punished?"
  38. "No your majesty"
  39. >As you begin to dry off her plot, her tail flicks aside for a moment, giving you a flash view of her marehood and asshole.
  40. >Finishing the job, you set the towel on a rack to dry, and look back to the princess.
  41. >She has that same strange look again, but you mentaly shrug it off.
  42. >Breakfast is relatively boring, you sit beside Celestia, eyeing everything carefully as you eat.
  43. >Celestia's tail occasionally flicks over, brushing against your thigh and stomach, but you pay it little mind.
  44. >As the day rolls on, you stand beside Celestia's throne, obseving the pony's who come forward to speak.
  45. >Aside from more tail flicking, and some mane blowing against you, the day is still relatively the same as your previous position.
  46. >Nearing the end of visiting hours, a guard rushes in, and approaches you.
  47. >"Sir, a thief has been reported in the castle, please move the princess somewhere safe for the time being"
  48. >You nod, and the guard runs off.
  49. >Leaning over to Celestia, you whisper
  50. "There seems to be a security breach. I am under orders to escort you somewhere safe."
  51. >The twinkle reappears in her eyes, and she nods rising.
  52. >"My dear subjects, there is a minor issue that I must deal with. Unfotunately, because of that, I have to end visiting hours early. Please leave your names with the guards and we will do our best to make sure your questions and concerns are dealt with first tommorow."
  53. >A couple grumbles can be heard from the crowd, but they all calmly leave the castle.
  54. >"Please, lead the way My 'Personal' guard."
  55. >With your hand on your blade, you lead Celestia down a side hallway, and into one of the saferooms in the castle.
  56. >Holding the door for her, she walks inside, and you close the door behind you.
  57. "You will be safe here your majesty, This room is specialy hidden, so anypony who doesnt know its here cant find it."
  58. >"Is that so..."
  59. >The look in her intensifies, and she steps towards you.
  60. >"And how many ponies know about this room?"
  61. "Only the guards, and now you, Princess."
  62. >"Good, I wouldn't want anypony to interupt what is going to happen."
  63. >You just look at her confused, until you notice her horn glow.
  64. >Wrapped in the aura of her magic, you hear the click of your armor pieces detaching, and them the clang, as they are tossed aside.
  65. >God you wish Twilight hadn't told Celestia how to bypass your natural magic immunity.
  66. >The last piece of armor is removed, leaving you in a form fitting onepiece, designed for comfort under your armor.
  67. >Licking her lips, Celestia approaches, and circles around you, her tail wrapping around your thigh, brushing against your manhood through the thin fabric of the suit and you boxers.
  68. >"What, aren't you excited getting to work one on one with me?"
  69. >Your body stiffens, save the one part she wants to, and you simply reply.
  70. "It is honour enough getting to personally guard you, I feel no need to be excited."
  71. >"Well now, isn't that a shame, I guess we will have to fix that."
  72. >Her flowing tail slips through the fabric of the outfit, and wraps itself around your member, slowly bringing it to life, despite your best efforts.
  73. "Princess, why are you doing this? Isn't it rather inappropriate behaviour for somepony in your position?"
  74. >A strange smile flickers across her mouth.
  75. >"Ah, but isnt that what makes it exciting? The taboo's, the risk, It all makes the reward that much sweeter."
  76. >She pushes you back against the door, and steps up, till her face is right in front of yours.
  77. >"Come now, if you want to or not, this is going to happen, so you might as well try to enjoy it, my little human."
  78. >It takes all your force of will, but you manage to push her back, and the magic field around you breaks.
  79. >The door behind you suddenly shoots open, and a cloaked pony falls in, knocking you into Celestia, and Celestia onto her back.
  80. >Pushing youself up with one hand, you grab the cloaked figure with the other.
  81. >The Figure jerks around, throwing you off balance, and you fall face first into Celestia's plot, her tail wrapping itself around your face, holding it there.
  82. >The sound of rushing hooves approaches, and they all storm into the room, seeing you lying fast first in Celestia's plot, the thief in your hand, and Celestia on her back.
  83. >"Oh thank you brave Anon, thank you for stopping the thief before they had a chance to get to me"
  84. >Celestia's tail releases you, and covers herself as she rights herself, and you push yourself up, not releasing the thief.
  85. >The guards swarm the thief, pinning it down, while removing its hood, revealing a zebra stallion of a young age.
  86. >"Excelent work Anon, I knew I made the right choice choosing you."
  87. >Shining Armor, Captain of the guards says as he walks into the room.
  88. >You salute, before resuming your position at Celestia's side.
  89. >S:"I believe we can take it from here. Your Majesty"
  90. >Bowing, he leaves the room, the thief in tow surrounded by a half dozen guards.
  91. >When you were finaly alone, Celestia speaks up.
  92. >"Awwww, just when things were getting fun. Maybe Shining will let me 'Interogate' the suspect..."
  93. >That same smile crosses her face.
  94. >Day one as Celestia's personal guard sure has been wierd......
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