Breakfast - Warm rain

May 15th, 2014
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  1. >... You are Shimmer Light.
  2. >You don't know where you are.
  3. >You're bundled up in a lot of clothing, that's for sure.
  4. >Fantastic, your mind isn't catching up with your body.
  5. >Your eyes focus on the wall you're leaning against.
  6. >No, wait, that's actually the floor.
  7. >There's something else underneath you.
  8. >... Where are you?
  9. >What happened...?
  10. >Wait, you remember now.
  11. >Presumably last night, you had a difficult time getting home due to an intense storm.
  12. >Then Hexferry brought you inside... somewhere...
  13. >Is this her house?
  14. >If it is, you should be able to see your home through a window.
  15. >Luckily, there's a window in your line of sight.
  16. >... The only thing you can see is rain.
  17. >It's brighter than when you were out, but it still isn't bright.
  18. >The rain is only slightly less than before.
  19. >Great...
  20. >You take in a deep breath and try to move yourself to stand.
  21. >Your legs feel like they're made of lead.
  22. >"Oh, you're finally awake."
  23. >Okay.
  24. >That didn't startle you at all.
  25. >Nope.
  26. >Though your body didn't shake in the slightest.
  27. >Your heart is racing, but your body didn't even react.
  28. >Even in disadvantageous circumstances, you can still perform perfectly.
  29. >... Wait, that voice seemed incredibly close.
  30. >Did you land on her?
  31. >Has she been stuck under you this whole time?
  32. >How long were you out?
  33. >... It's time to get up.
  34. >You roll yourself more onto your legs.
  35. >Well, you're probably not on Hexferry anymore.
  36. >You're... almost in a kneeling position now.
  37. >... After a bit of struggling, you raise yourself to stand upright.
  38. >Hexferry is next to you; she just stood up as well.
  39. >"Are you okay?"
  40. >She's still concerned.
  41. >Of course you're okay.
  42. >You're perfect.
  43. >She waits only a few seconds for an answer, then nonchalantly walks past you.
  44. >Your eyes follow her and...
  45. >She walks into a dining room/kitchen mix of a room.
  46. >You follow her in.
  47. >... Wait, you need to stop paying attention to her. You can't just...
  48. >... You have no choice.
  50. >You can't just leave.
  51. >You can't just ignore her in her house.
  52. >... You don't have the energy to make it home before you get drenched.
  53. >Even though your house is next door, you can't make it.
  54. >It's sad, really.
  55. >... Hexferry has pulled a few things from various cabinets and the refrigerator and set them on the table.
  56. >The round table has thirteen chairs around it.
  57. >Exactly thirteen.
  58. >You've counted several times in the span of ten seconds.
  59. >... You take a few steps forward.
  60. >Hexferry seems to have everything she was looking for now.
  61. >The table has various fruits, cereals, vegetables, breads, peanut butters, jellies, milks...
  62. >She has more food on this table than you usually have in your house.
  63. >She walks over to the chairs you're closest to and puts a few things at them.
  64. >Bowls, plates, spoons, forks, butter knives, cups...
  65. >Well, it seems you're going to eat breakfast.
  66. >Choices, choices...
  67. >As a finishing touch, Hexferry pulls out a chair and offers you the seat.
  68. >... You really wish you had some pride left in you.
  69. >Grudgingly, you sit.
  70. >She takes a seat next to you.
  71. >Great...
  72. >She looks at you with a warm smile.
  73. >"So, what do you want?"
  74. >You look over the assortment of foods.
  75. >... Actually, the only thing here you can have is milk.
  76. >"Oh, I'm sorry, can you eat solid food?"
  77. >... You're being incredibly easy to read.
  78. >You shake your head.
  79. >You ate solid food all the time when you were a filly, but now...
  80. >You just... can't.
  81. >"I can make you a fruit smoothie, if you'd like that."
  82. >You slowly nod your head.
  83. >This is pathetic.
  84. >She flutters over, picks up some fruit and flies over to the counter.
  85. >You can see a blender.
  86. >"What do you want in it?"
  87. >... You sigh in defeat.
  88. "Whatever..."
  89. >You're a pathetic sight to behold.
  90. >She quickly prepares a few things and puts them in.
  91. >Strawberries, bananas, pineapple...
  92. >Hexferry, however, isn't done. She grabs the coconut milk from the table and pour a bit into the mix as well.
  94. >She puts the lid on the blender and starts it up.
  95. >While your smoothie is blending, she sets herself up with a bowl of Honeycombs.
  96. >She casually walks over to the blender, shuts it off and pours the contents into a glass.
  97. >She flutters over to your side and gives it to you.
  98. >... If you weren't so dead for energy...
  99. >You move the scarves out of the way and bring your nose to the glass.
  100. >... It smells heavenly.
  101. >Slowly, your tongue snakes out of your mouth and into the smoothie.
  102. >Hexferry is staring at you.
  103. >Of course she is, she wants to know if you like it.
  104. >You take a sip.
  105. >...
  106. >It...
  107. >It's really good...
  108. >It's better than most things you've ever made.
  109. >Every flavor mixes perfectly together.
  110. >Genius.
  111. >... She...
  112. >You'll have to make it in your free time so you can feel better about yourself.
  113. >Your ego died in the mud last night.
  114. >... Sad.
  115. >You glance over at Hexferry.
  116. >She's smiling and eating her Honeycombs.
  117. >Knowing your luck, you showed some sign of liking it.
  118. >You really hate everything right now.
  119. >If it wasn't raining so hard, you'd go home, flop on your bed and call the day a failure.
  120. >"So... Aren't you hot in all those layers?"
  121. >...
  122. >The rest of breakfast was spent mostly in silence.
  123. >Hexferry asked a few questions and you nodded or shook your head to respond.
  124. >She took the empty glass from you and put it in the sink with her bowl and spoon.
  125. >It took her a while, but she cleared the table as well.
  126. >You went back to the entrance room and sat in front of the window.
  127. >Your home is so close, but the rain would easily stop you.
  128. >... It isn't raining as hard as it was.
  129. >"Is there anything else I can do for you?"
  130. >You just continue to stare out the window.
  131. >...
  132. >Eventually, the rain dies down to a reasonable level, and you get up to leave.
  133. >Hexferry wishes you well.
  134. >You open the door and...
  135. "... Thank you..."
  136. >You really hope she doesn't save you next time.
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