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Anonymous Operation Hocking: Initial Press Release

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Sep 9th, 2015
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  1. Anonymous Operation Hocking: Initial Press Release
  3. Wednesday - September 9, 2015 9:15 PM ET USA
  7. Recently a female student of Hocking College in Nelsonville, Ohio (where convicted Steubenville rapist Trent Mays is now captain of their football team - see the Steubenville Files at reached out to Anonymous. This wonderfully courageous young lady, who as we did in Operation RollRedRoll in Steubenville will refer to as "Jane Doe" - had a horrific tale to share with us. "Jane Doe" related to us how she had been viciously gang raped by at least five men at a party. And as we saw in Steubenville, the mega-dollar sports culture was prepared to do anything to protect their money - and Hocking College has swept the entire affair under the rug, stating categorically that nothing happened. The prosecutor is still investigating, but "Jane Doe" has doubts this will lead to charges.
  9. The Anon that "Jane Doe" reached out to for help had a reputation in these situations. For it was none other than "KYanonymous" aka Deric Lostutter (his name now public thanks to an FBI raid for his actions in Steubenville) the founder of the Anonymous Crew known as Knight Security, and the Anon who initiated Operation RollRedRoll in Steubenville, Ohio. As KYanonymous put the word out in the Anonymous Global Collective, the former members of the now disbanded KnightSec Crew received the news of the incident. After conferring with KYanonymous, who is the founder of KnightSec but unable to participate in the Crew due to FBI scrutiny and concern for his family's safety - it was decided with KY's blessing and moral support that the time had come to revive this historic Crew.
  11. Knight Security's first act after re-forming was to immediately launch Anonymous Operation Hocking. The mission of this Op will be the same as it was in Steubenville. First and foremost we will support and defend "Jane Doe" as she seeks justice for these unspeakable crimes committed against her. We will support the coming protests (and there WILL be protests). And finally we will begin our own investigation, just as we did in Op RollRedRoll. To that end we are working with our allies at LocalLeaks, who were so important to the ultimate success of Operation RollRedRoll in Steubenville. We will scour the internet for clues left by the perpetrator, three of which have been IDed to us by "Jane Doe" herself. We will find out everything, nothing will remain hidden from us - and we will release it all to the media and public via our websites and Twitter accounts.
  13. In the process of doing these things, we will also investigate the rampant corruption and incompetence (which we will have more info on later) at Hocking College - with the intention of forcing them to seriously clean their house and reform the campus culture of rape and impunity. We will leave no stone un-turned. We will find every piece of information and release it. And we will not stop with the protests or investigation until these despicable monsters who so barbarically attacked our "Jane Doe" receive the justice they deserve. We call on all Anons, Crews - and lone wolf hackers to assist us by visiting the website and helping us find the information we need to bring justice to "Jane Doe". Our E-Mail address is on the website to contact us.
  15. To "Jane Doe" Anonymous says to you: we know you are terrified. We have your back, we will not let you down. Stay strong. We will bring these men to justice even if your authorities try to impede it. Do not despair, for now you have 2.5 million allies in over 60 countries across the globe. You are precious. You are a hero.
  17. To the administration of Hocking College: we have looked into you, and we don't like what we see. The data we have so far indicates you are a decrepit and corrupt group determined to protect your little sports business at any cost, including allowing a rampant rape culture to flourish on your campus. If you do not stand down, support "Jane Doe" - and begin serious reforms at once we WILL find all your dirty secrets and destroy you with them. That's not a threat, it's an oath. Your administration will not survive what we will do to you, and most of your lives will be ruined. Study what we did in Steubenville VERY carefully before you decide how to respond to our ultimatum.
  19. To the prosecutor and police: our demand is simple. Leave the protesters alone, and name and charge the men who attacked "Jane Doe". If you refuse, we will name them for you and we will publish the evidence of their crimes for all the world to see. The choice is yours and it is simple, do your job - or we will. This is our second time around at this, and we are well practiced.
  21. To the students of Hocking College: we know you are mostly good people. We ask you to support "Jane Doe", support Anonymous - but most importantly we call on you to protest relentlessly in Nelsonville, Ohio until - working together we obtain justice for "Jane Doe". The first two protests are tomorrow and Friday (Sept. 10 & 11), and you can always get more info on our website. Through the site and our Twitter we will do our best to keep you and the world informed about the ongoing protests in your city. The world will be watching, we'll see to it.
  23. We Are Anonymous
  25. We Are Legion
  27. We Will Never Forgive Rape
  29. We Will Never Forget "Jane Doe"
  31. Hocking College, it's to late to....
  35. SINCERELY -- Knight Security & Anonymous Global
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