Regarding Chaseisgr8

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  1. Hello, I would like to clear a few things up about what happened with me and Chaseisgr8.
  2. I admit that I shouldn't have gotten into his forum account, twitter account, Skype account, twitch account etc. I know that if someone got into all my accounts I would be very annoyed with them too.
  3. I would like to say a few things about this though: First off, When I got into chaseisgr8's forum account I was extremely shocked as I didn't know that would actually be the password. The first thing I did when I got into it was make a thread saying about how I had gotten into his forum account. I did ban a few people on the forums (No one special) I didn't ban anyone that played an important role on the forum or would affect the forum in a negative way if they were banned. The part where porn was posted WAS NOT done by me, My friend who I shall not reveal knew the password as well as he was the one that found it in a database, logged onto the account and started posting pornographic pictures. Taz, You could have banned chase's forum account without deleting ALL his posts. The fact that you banned him without unselecting the 'clear all posts' option was probably not the smartest decision and helped to caused a lot more harm as everything he has done on the forum has been deleted.
  5. With his other accounts: I did in fact get on his twitch. All I did on it was change his profile picture to some random one I found on the internet and I think I might have changed a few other things but nothing that would cause permanent damage to his account. I also got on a few other accounts. I didn't do much harm to any of them, the most I did was change the name of the account (Which can be put back as Chaseisgr8) or I some of the personal information, e.g Skype: Chaseisgr8 to lolhi21. I did not change any passwords or anything that would cause you to never get on the accounts again. With your Skype account - All I did was talk to nxt about Blayze and look at the staff chat I was also trolling Vyza or something. I did leave the Staff chat but you could easily be invited back.
  7. EVERYTHING I DID COULD BE EASILY REVERTED. I'm extremely sorry for what I have done. I just got carried away as I've never done this sort of stuff before.
  8. Regarding "Aaron": Aaron had nothing to do with it. I will not say anymore about it but just get into your head that Aaron wasn't involved AT ALL with this. Also Nick (Nickplays) had nothing to do with this this as well.
  11. Sorry and I regret it a lot. (Btw sorry for the grammar mistakes, I typed this quickly as I'm in a rush)
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