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Fallout: Beyond Equestria 29: Northern Blues (part 13)

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  1. [2013-03-27 13:08:59] <Kkat> 3The image of Princess Cadence hands her head, eyes closed, a sad expression on her face.  "Yes.  Take whatever you need from the tower.  Just... be careful of the spiders."
  2. [2013-03-27 13:09:06] <Kkat> 3Bookwright "...Spiders?"
  3. [2013-03-27 13:09:57] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Twenty-Nine: Northern Blues (Part Thirteen)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KIsa8-aXpk
  4. [2013-03-27 13:10:01] * Mitzi has just finished taking care of said spider problem. Or part of it at least
  5. [2013-03-27 13:10:09] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  6. [2013-03-27 13:11:22] * Mitzi pokes around the spider next for anything that looks important or useful
  7. [2013-03-27 13:11:27] <Mitzi> *nest
  8. [2013-03-27 13:11:57] * Noble_Heart tilted her head slightly to one side, frowning a bit. "We understand. We shall be careful." She shuffled her forehoof briefly. "We should be off soon, however. The sooner we can help, the better."
  9. [2013-03-27 13:12:58] <Kkat> 3Mitzi finds nothing...
  10. [2013-03-27 13:12:59] * Fridge blinks slowly. "Wait, hold up. Spiders."
  11. [2013-03-27 13:13:29] * Kkat 3image of the sad pink alicorn flickers and disappears.
  12. [2013-03-27 13:13:38] <Kkat> 3The image of the sad pink alicorn flickers and disappears.
  13. [2013-03-27 13:15:29] * CopyCat looks up at the corners of the throne room checking for webs that might happen to contain millions of spiders hiding very quietly.
  14. [2013-03-27 13:16:34] * Noble_Heart frowns and looks down towards Kid. "Does this surprise you? Spiders live most everywhere. Especially where no one cleans up for centuries." She turns away from the place where the hologram was and heads back towards the entrance, a serious expression on her face.
  15. [2013-03-27 13:18:00] * Mitzi shrugs, figuring spiders probably wouldn't have had anything useful or valuable anyways. At least not that sentient creatures would consider as such. She resumes looking for a way up and/or out.
  16. [2013-03-27 13:19:35] * Fridge tightened her lips in disapproval and discomfort as she leaves. Fuck. She hated bugs. They didn't quite always understand the unspoken deal between her and them. Don't fuck with me, won't fuck with you. She sucks on her teeth. "Th' way she was sayin' it makes m' think these kinds ain't the ones where th' worst you have to worry about is walkin' int' a web in th' wind and havin' t' blow it out've yer face." She swapped out her shotgun magazine, inserting buckshot into the chamber.
  17. [2013-03-27 13:19:52] <Mitzi> *Kid does that stuff
  18. [2013-03-27 13:21:45] * CopyCat nods. "That's true... but perhaps the princess likes spiders and doesn't want us distrubing their webs. We are guests here after all." She follows after Noble_Heart, walking between the other alicorn and Kid.
  19. [2013-03-27 13:22:43] * Noble_Heart frowns. "We do not like this. There is something wrong with her. We have seen it before. Forgetting who you were, and why you changed, but remembering the most powerful motivations of your life." She shook her head and flattened her ears. "We do not like it. There is something sinister happening here. Beyond the robot brains and worse things." She looks towards CopyCat, a
  20. [2013-03-27 13:22:43] * Noble_Heart smile cracking its way onto her face. "Ah. Perhaps. But We doubt it. Though it does make a lovely scene. The young, pink princess surrounded by adorable spiders all having a tea party together."
  21. [2013-03-27 13:24:08] * CopyCat smiles too. "That does sound lovely! Oh, I hope that's what Cadence meant."
  22. [2013-03-27 13:25:48] <Kkat> 3There are several small cobwebs on the ceiling, but no spiders in sight.
  23. [2013-03-27 13:29:37] <Kkat> 3It doesn't take long for Mitzi to find a curving stairwell that leads her into a dining hall adjacent to the main corridor to the throne room.  Her keen ears pick up the sounds of her friends on the other side of a large set of thin, decorative doors.
  24. [2013-03-27 13:30:37] * Mitzi hears the sounds and lumbers towards them, "Hey. Dat yu guys?" she calls, heading towards the doors.
  25. [2013-03-27 13:31:45] * Kid 's ears flatten. "It ain't." Better to not be surprised than to fool yourself into having hope. "Mitzi? That you? Look out fer' spiders!"
  26. [2013-03-27 13:32:00] * Mitzi snickers, "Uh just squished spider. No problem."
  27. [2013-03-27 13:33:13] * Kid is... Pleasantly surprised. Oh. Huh, things can turn out well. "How many?"
  28. [2013-03-27 13:33:46] * Mitzi pushes the door open (and possibly off it's hinges, given its age and her strength), to reunite with the party. "Uh... un big un und lotsa leetle uns. Da big un squish real easy und da small uns run away."
  29. [2013-03-27 13:34:10] * Bookwright "Uhm, how large is 'big', precisely?"
  30. [2013-03-27 13:34:38] * Mitzi raises her paw up to the approximate height of the large spider, "Eet drinkeen rainbow soda."
  31. [2013-03-27 13:35:17] <Kkat> 3Mitzi, alarmingly, raises her head to about her neck's height.
  32. [2013-03-27 13:35:45] * Bookwright "My, that is certainly big. Cadance was right to warn us. Even though it wasn't necessary, in the end."
  33. [2013-03-27 13:36:01] * Noble_Heart frowns, looking at Mitzi's indication of size. She sighs quietly. "We are not surprised. Merely disappointed. In any case, We have permission to find supplies in the castle, and so We suggest doing so before moving out. We would still like to take a chance to check the Zebra enturnment camp before attempting to breach the shield."
  34. [2013-03-27 13:36:08] * CopyCat looks impressed. "It was that big and you fought it all by yourself? Wow!"
  35. [2013-03-27 13:40:24] * Mitzi shrugs, "Eet squishy und not smart enuff tu run frum sumteen eet cudn't fight. Eet nott really deserve tu keep goeen. Leetle uns at least smart enuff tu run. Also, da kitchen eez empty. Everyteen dere mush."
  36. [2013-03-27 13:40:58] * Bookwright "We are in agreement, O Noblest of Hearts."
  37. [2013-03-27 13:41:33] <Kkat> 3The amount of webbing grows considerably more impressive the further down into the tower the party travels.  
  38. [2013-03-27 13:44:40] * Kid frowns. "Thinkin' that ain't the only damn bug. Eyes open, folks.
  39. [2013-03-27 13:46:48] * CopyCat sees the others looking around and exploring and does the same.
  40. [2013-03-27 13:51:13] * Noble_Heart nods her head in agreement with Kid, continuing the exploration.
  41. [2013-03-27 13:52:27] <Kkat> 3Kid and Bookwright both find clutches of spider eggs.  They glow a gentle blue.  With some skill, Kid knows that doses of the spider's poison could be extracted from them.
  42. [2013-03-27 13:54:05] * Kid smirks and closes in. Jackpot! "Yo, Bookie! You seein' what I'm seein'? 'Cause I'm seein' some profit!"
  43. [2013-03-27 13:57:00] * Bookwright "I don't see how spider eggs equate to profit, but yes, I see them too."
  44. [2013-03-27 13:58:45] <Kkat> 3Shatara spots an ammo box in one of the rooms.  Inside are fifteen ECs.
  45. [2013-03-27 14:02:20] * Kid gently plucks the eggs from the nest and starts fondling around her pack for a Sparkle Cola bottle. "Hey, Bookie. Lemme teach ya'll a little somethin' about venom. Now, I'm guessin' that these little-un's ain't too developed, but they can make yer head spin somethin' awful cooked up right. Used t' put real trace amounts o' some scorp venom in some cookin' back in th' bog. Keeps y' warm in cold nights, an' helps yer sick-fightin' stuff be better. Or, y'no. Ya'll can always put 'em on somethin' t' make somepony's day a bad one."
  46. [2013-03-27 14:04:36] <Kkat> 3Mitzi checks what looks like a changing room.  There is a locker in it and a medical box on the wall.  The medical box holds a healing potion and nine bobby pins.  The locker is locked.  (Easy lock: requires Lockpick 25, +20 to roll.)
  47. [2013-03-27 14:04:37] * Bookwright scribbles in his notebook, "....trace amounts ... 'sick-fightin''... bad day."
  48. [2013-03-27 14:05:38] * Mitzi picks up the locker and carries it back to the group, "Can someun open dis?
  49. [2013-03-27 14:05:39] <Mitzi> "
  50. [2013-03-27 14:06:06] * Bookwright "I think I can, if somepony can lend me a bobby pin."
  51. [2013-03-27 14:06:11] * Mitzi holds the healing potion for herself since it was always a good idea to have one handy for yourself, but offers the Bobby pins to any resident lock picker
  52. [2013-03-27 14:06:25] * Noble_Heart frowns, thoroughly failing to find anything useful.
  53. [2013-03-27 14:07:41] * Bookwright "Okay, lessee... gentleness is 'key', aha..."
  54. [2013-03-27 14:08:07] * Bookwright snaps a bobby pin in his inexpertise.
  55. [2013-03-27 14:08:39] * Bookwright tries again.
  56. [2013-03-27 14:12:22] * Mitzi looks at Bookwright, "Eef yu can't get eet open, Uh'll tear door off aneeways."
  57. [2013-03-27 14:12:42] * Bookwright *snickt*
  58. [2013-03-27 14:12:53] <Kkat> 3Bookwright gets the locker open on the second try.  Inside is something very pretty...
  59. [2013-03-27 14:13:26] <Kkat> 3A set of crystal guard armor, complete with a matching weapon.
  60. [2013-03-27 14:13:37] * Bookwright "Huh, I think that would cheer up my old academy tutor."
  61. [2013-03-27 14:14:03] <Kkat> 3And they seem to be in perfect condition.
  62. [2013-03-27 14:14:09] * Bookwright "Me getting that lock open, I mean. But that armor is dang pretty."'
  63. [2013-03-27 14:14:10] * Mitzi 's eyes go wide at the crystal armour, "Pretty... but not Ur size..." She pouts.
  64. [2013-03-27 14:18:15] * Noble_Heart blinks and tilts her head to one side, taking a look at the weapon. "We do not believe We would fit in the armor either. However, that weapon would be most useful to Us." She reaches out with her magic to levitate the lance from it's location, looking it over briefly and nodding.
  65. [2013-03-27 14:18:24] <Noble_Heart> "A much more suited weapon for a defender of ponies."
  66. [2013-03-27 14:21:18] * Mitzi nods, "Uh prefer Ur claws tu weapons like dat, but can anyun else here even wear dat armur withotu falleen ovur?"
  67. [2013-03-27 14:21:34] * Kid looks it over. "... This thing can get us a Sparkle factory!" She brightly stated.
  68. [2013-03-27 14:21:51] * Mitzi adds the armour to her inventory for now.
  69. [2013-03-27 14:24:39] * Noble_Heart raises her head. "We can. We are certain of it. Though We admit that between that armor and the safe We are currently carrying it might be stressful, We are none the less large and quite capable."
  70. [2013-03-27 14:25:57] * Kid trots in place. She seemed very excited, as if she's not used to having that much wealth in her saddlebag. "Aw, mare, why don't ya'll let me sell it so ah can' get some things that we c'n' actually use? I mean, I guess ah could wear it, but I ain't one fer' the heavy stuff. Need t' keep light on m' hooves!"
  71. [2013-03-27 14:26:09] * Mitzi picks up the armour, "Eet's heavy, und dose eet can fit right now dun have da build to carry eet, so Uh'll just hang onto eet fur now, kay?"
  72. [2013-03-27 14:28:05] * Noble_Heart nods her head to Mitzi. "We understand." She looks down to Kid. "Sell it to whom? This place does not have an abundance of traders."
  73. [2013-03-27 14:30:26] * Mitzi finagles the armour onto her back. In spite of its weight, the Large framed, abnormally strong Hellhound really has no trouble with the weight.
  74. [2013-03-27 14:31:45] * Bookwright "Before we go, I'm gonna try a little something..."
  75. [2013-03-27 14:32:01] * Bookwright casts an amber spell.
  76. [2013-03-27 14:34:43] * Kid frowns, slightly, and takes a moment to crack the eggs carefully into her Sparkle Cola bottle while they were in a safe place, making sure the viscous fluid didn't spill too much. There's good caps in this kind of venom.
  77. [2013-03-27 14:41:16] <Kkat> 3Bookwright's spell reveals records in multiple locations throughout several floors of the tower, as well as on many of the party members.  (Including the magazines and the small, pink safe that were found earlier.)
  78. [2013-03-27 14:42:10] <Kkat> 3The largest repository of records is a room back in the direction they had come from.  Most likely: Doctor Amore's private chambers.
  79. [2013-03-27 14:42:27] * Bookwright "Interesting. That pink safe has recorded information in it."
  80. [2013-03-27 14:43:19] * Bookwright "There's a few other hotspots around here... Time for a treasure hunt!"
  81. [2013-03-27 14:43:53] * Bookwright starts climbing stairs and digging out all the stuff he spotted with his spell, barring of course the records in Amore's chambers.
  82. [2013-03-27 14:45:51] * Noble_Heart follows along behind Bookwright, keeping her own eyes open. She might not have record-seeking magic, but she could still help.
  83. [2013-03-27 14:49:33] * Kid simply follows the rest of the group, keeping a cautious eye out. A wandering mind led her to thinking of Mare-Do-Well again. She wished that she could see her again.
  84. [2013-03-27 14:52:17] <Kkat> 3There are records both above and below the group's location when Bookwright casts his spell.  Heading back up turns out to be a good call, as there appears to be nothing to threaten them in the upper levels of the tower.  Many leads turn out to be insignificant, such as clipboards of two-hundred-year-old political or financial records...
  85. [2013-03-27 14:52:20] * CopyCat 's ears perk up. "Treasure hunt!? Can I help? Please, can I?"
  86. [2013-03-27 14:56:07] <Kkat> 3...or a massive scroll detailing an extremely ornate hairdo.  Others are more promising.  A diary of a maid.  A Stable-Tec manual found inside a series of (otherwise empty) shipping containers with the company logo.  A discarded box with a single orb inside.
  87. [2013-03-27 14:57:42] * Bookwright "Well well well. A memory orb! Save this one for later..."
  88. [2013-03-27 14:59:45] * Kid 's eye twitches while going through the massive scroll. "Who would care this much about a /hairdo/!?"
  89. [2013-03-27 15:01:27] * Bookwright "Evidently, the Crystal Empire. Stuff it in the sack, it's culturally significant."
  90. [2013-03-27 15:01:57] * Bookwright also adds the maid's diary and the Stable-Tec manual to his bags.
  91. [2013-03-27 15:01:58] * CopyCat peers curiously over Bookwright's shoulder (with no regard for personal space) at the treasures he uncovered.
  92. [2013-03-27 15:01:59] <Kkat> 3The hairdo apparently involves weaving gems into the mane.
  93. [2013-03-27 15:03:33] * Noble_Heart frowns, moving alongside Bookwright. "We believe that perhaps somepony who's talent is related to hair dressing, perhaps?"
  94. [2013-03-27 15:04:00] * Bookwright "Looks more like this was the kind of mane-do that a real princess would get."
  95. [2013-03-27 15:05:05] * Bookwright "This is exactly the kind of stuff I set out to preserve in the first place."
  96. [2013-03-27 15:09:48] <Kkat> 3The Stable-Tec manual is an unpolished, barely professional black & white affair bluntly labeled: "Paladin: Instillation and Maintenance".   There is a smiling image of Apple Bloom on it that looks like it was stamped there with an ink press.
  97. [2013-03-27 15:10:43] * Noble_Heart frowns a few monents as she claims the manual, carefully opening it to check the contents. The possibility of connection was... Disturbing, and she wanted a chance to see if there was any implication of what this Paladin device was meant to do.
  98. [2013-03-27 15:11:11] * Bookwright surrenders it to Noble_Heart, being too engrossed in the increasingly gaudy details of the mane-do scroll.
  99. [2013-03-27 15:12:42] * Mitzi looks at the hairdo scroll, then up at her own head, where her fur was not any longer than that which covered the rest of her body. SHe shrugs.
  100. [2013-03-27 15:21:54] * CopyCat taps Bookwright on the shoulder. "Isn't the diary important too? It might document day to day life in the crystal empire that would otherwise be lost in time."
  101. [2013-03-27 15:23:00] * Kid hefts strains the scroll over her shoulder and slumps it over Bookwright's back. "You wanna protect this? Ya'll're gon' carry it, then.
  102. [2013-03-27 15:23:34] * Noble_Heart frowns as she leafs through the manual, furrowing her brows. "This is... Disturbing. We are not pleased with the likely truths implied by this discovery." She frowns heavily and slowly closes the manual, offering it back to Bookwright. "We doubt you will find any machines outside this kingdom for which this is useful."
  103. [2013-03-27 15:23:51] * Bookwright nods, and reluctantly puts away the mane-do scroll. "Yes. It's very important, I'd say. Anypony know what time it is? If it's near dark, I think we should rest in the tower..."
  104. [2013-03-27 15:23:55] <Kkat> 3Several of the pages Noble_Heart is looking at appear photocopies of other pages from elsewhere.  
  105. [2013-03-27 15:24:25] * Bookwright accepts the manual back from Noble_Heart. "What did you find in there, anyways? Is it in any way related to this 'Professor Paladin' we keep hearing about?"
  106. [2013-03-27 15:26:26] * Kid flumps back, feeling strained for having it on her back. Ugh. "Gimme th' diary. Less likely t' break me in half."
  107. [2013-03-27 15:26:38] * Noble_Heart furrows her brow. "We hope it does not. But We suspect it has to do with both him and Doctor Amore. And their strange actions. That book is a manual for a new kind of Maneframe design. One which must not have been finished before the end of the war." She shook her head. "Perhaps even one like the maneframe which runs the Ministry of Peace building. Or the Single Pony Project.
  108. [2013-03-27 15:26:39] * Noble_Heart Something so powerful it could simulate a pony's mind, possibly even to the point of not realizing they are a simulation at all." She shuddered slight and snapped her tail in distress at the thought. "But We cannot say for certain. Only that it is a maneframe, and not one likely meant for larger distribution at the time the war ended."
  109. [2013-03-27 15:28:32] * CopyCat looks down at her hooves. "Oh... that might explain it," she says quietly.
  110. [2013-03-27 15:29:09] * Noble_Heart looks up towards CopyCat, frowning slightly. "Explain what?"
  111. [2013-03-27 15:30:20] * Bookwright "Yes, what do you mean, CopyCat?"
  112. [2013-03-27 15:33:43] * CopyCat bites her lip nervously. "When Doctor Amore said she was in the next room I reached out... I couldn't help myself. I felt her mind, and her thoughts and feelings were real but... strange. They kept repeating, exactly the same over and over again."
  113. [2013-03-27 15:35:32] * Noble_Heart frowns, tapping her chin. "That is worrying. But We are uncertain what exactly that might mean." she shook her head. "Perhaps she has been... Locked somehow? Damaged or injured?" She sighed. "But We do not know. Never the less, We suspect that she is not a living pony any longer, and We would advise caution with both her and her adversary. Her mind has almost certainly been
  114. [2013-03-27 15:35:32] * Noble_Heart altered for her to be Doctor Amore and not Princess Cadence."
  115. [2013-03-27 15:36:13] * Mitzi looks disappointed, "Too bad. Uh wanted to help ponee Princess tu get in gud wurd fur Ur kind."
  116. [2013-03-27 15:36:23] * Bookwright "These implications disturb me..."
  117. [2013-03-27 15:36:55] * Kid frowned and... Looks very contemplative for a moment. "You an' me both, Bookie."
  118. [2013-03-27 15:38:00] * Bookwright "Well, perhaps we may be able to restore her sanity."
  119. [2013-03-27 15:38:15] * Noble_Heart shook her head. "We do not like it either. But We must face the truth. And We do not wish to walk into a risk of such a thing being done to Us without knowing what may be coming." She sighs quietly. "For now We suggest proceeding. There is little good We can do right now."
  120. [2013-03-27 15:39:23] * Bookwright "I too want to proceed, but unless I miss my guess it's getting late. I personally don't want to travel across this place in the dark, do you?"
  121. [2013-03-27 15:42:34] * CopyCat nods. "I hope we can help her Bookwright. Amore's love for the ponies outside was genuine and her sorrow for their fate sincere. But I don't want to be out in the dark."
  122. [2013-03-27 15:45:59] * Kid looked down at the ground and got very quiet for a good long time. She thought of an old ghoul and a wave of sobering solemn reverence washed over her. "... Let's get up t' the rotunda an' start sleepin' there. Get th' higher ground, get a good look at everythin', an' there ain't any dark corners fer' anythin' t' come n' bite our heads off from." Her voice seemed raspier than normal. A bit lower tone.
  123. [2013-03-27 15:46:01] * Noble_Heart nods her head and yawns involuntarily. "Then perhaps it is time for Us to find a place to rest for the night."
  124. [2013-03-27 15:46:41] * Noble_Heart nods her head in agreement to Kid. "That sounds wonderful. Though We will be sad that there is no sky visible above these lands. The clouds still rule."
  125. [2013-03-27 15:49:22] * Kid hung her head lower, and thought of her father. "Yeah. Shame." That didn't make her feel any better. She simply started to ascend up the steps.
  126. [2013-03-27 15:50:18] * Noble_Heart frowned and tilted her head to one side, moving up to walk beside Kid. She gently lowered a wing to comfort the younger pony. "We do not blame you. No pony gets to choose from whence they come. Only what they do with their life from there."
  127. [2013-03-27 15:52:34] * CopyCat follows quietly, doing her best to leave Kid to her thoughts.
  128. [2013-03-27 15:52:52] * Kid lashed out a little and swiped the wing off of her back. "Don't..." Oh, what's the point? Who are you trying to protect anymore? It certainly wasn't your dad, and it certainly wasn't him. "I mean... Ugh. I... I'm sorry. Somethin' 'bout this just has m' hair goin' up on m' withers th' wrong way, alright?"
  129. [2013-03-27 15:53:24] * Bookwright nods, "This is pretty hinky, as the kids say these days."
  130. [2013-03-27 15:55:12] * Noble_Heart blinks as her wing is pushed away, sighing quietly and folding it again. "We understand. We will be here if you wish to talk about it."
  131. [2013-03-27 15:55:20] * Kid slowly kept going, glancing at Noble every once in a while. "... I ever tell ya'll why y' shouldn't feel too bad about what happened back there wi' th' foalbots?"
  132. [2013-03-27 15:56:05] * Noble_Heart frowns and shakes her head. "No. You did not explain." She looks down to Kid curiously. "We have Our reasons for not liking such things. But We admit curiosity at yours."
  133. [2013-03-27 15:58:55] * Kid inhaled a bit of stale air and let it out. This was something heavy on her heart for a while, and she seemed defensive. Tense up, like a coiled spring. "Okay. I told ya'll about ol' Crack Pot, right? Bean? Th' ol' ghoul that lived wi' me back home?"
  134. [2013-03-27 15:59:03] * Bookwright "I've yet to see a more wrongful misapplication of science than to those pitiable entities. I suspect we will see worse before our time here in the Crystal Empire is through."
  135. [2013-03-27 16:00:06] * Noble_Heart frowns and contemplates that, then shook her head. "We do not believe you have. Perhaps you did with the others?"
  136. [2013-03-27 16:00:49] * CopyCat nods slowly, then realises her mistake and shakes her head quickly.
  137. [2013-03-27 16:01:09] * Get_Lost has grown silent and less interested about whatever is surrounding here since the visit in the medical vats, acting a lot like a distant bystander rather than a companio of the group. even now the solaris heir seems uncaring of the new discoveries, spending instead her time staring at the pattern of the floor
  138. [2013-03-27 16:04:33] * Bookwright "Hey, Get Lost? We found a pink safe earlier, and you're the only one among us with the skill to open it. Would you like a crack at it?"
  139. [2013-03-27 16:05:24] <Kkat> 3Both the upper floors of the castle and the Ministry of Peace seem relatively safe places to bed for the night.  Although the lower levels of the castle, at least, hold the prospect of more spiders.
  140. [2013-03-27 16:05:24] * Get_Lost "the mare doesn't even turn her head "without a bobby pin my chances are about 5%, still, i could try"
  141. [2013-03-27 16:06:03] * Kid grimaced and kept going. "Probably. I remember tellin' ya'll about him an' th' way he thought th' chupacabra was out t' get him. We'd play checkers every now an' again when dad was away. Well, after dad went and got himself done in, an' m' big dumb brother went away, I spent a while hidin' out with ol' Crack Pot t' make sure I didn't get looked fer' again. He was always a good friend o' mine, even if he was crazier than a Manticore on Dash. He was just this kinda pony that, every once in a while, ya'll just had to laugh how wrong he was, and then a little later he'd say somethin' that jus' chilled y' to the bone how right he was."
  142. [2013-03-27 16:07:37] * Noble_Heart tilted her head to one side and nodded slowly, curious as to where Kit was going with this.
  143. [2013-03-27 16:08:43] * Bookwright "Mitzi found some earlier, there's still eight left."
  144. [2013-03-27 16:09:20] * CopyCat listens with great interest.
  145. [2013-03-27 16:12:20] * Bookwright climbs stairs, listening to Kid's story.
  146. [2013-03-27 16:14:11] * Kid continued. "So, we kept talkin' after a while. An' then one week, he starts actin' out a bit more than usual. I'd usually come along with some foodstuff I had left over so that nothin' ever went to waste, and he'd get me some shells fer' m' dad's old gun. Don't ask me how he'd get 'em, I just dunno. So, he'd just kind of started screamin', like he was bein' chased. Sayin' that th' chupacabra jus' about got 'em. Said t' run off an' get th' zebra ghosts off his lawn, an' that I should get them off so th' chupacabra would start chasin' them. 'Course, there were no zebra ghosts out there, he's jus' makin' shit up like usual. So, I jus' leave him th' food, wave th' shotgun around like he wanted me to, an' I left. This goes on fer a week non-stop. We never did nothin' fun anymore, he was just always afraid that he'd finally die to somethin' that actually weren't even there."
  147. [2013-03-27 16:16:06] * Noble_Heart frowns and eartwitches, not liking the likely result of this... Slowly climbing the staircase.
  148. [2013-03-27 16:16:45] * Get_Lost follows the othrs, bit is distant and apparently uncaring of kid's tale
  149. [2013-03-27 16:21:44] * Kid stopped for a moment, and hung her head. "So, I come back wi' some wheatgrass mince, an' I hear nothin'. It's weird, so I jus' kind of wait outside fer him. Hour later, nothin'. So I check inside, thinkin' maybe he fell asleep. And I don't see nopony there." She paused, eyes starting to tear up. "Then I heard this... This howl come from my blind spot. This kinda howl that don't ever get out of your memory, this kind of screamin' unequine howl like nothin' that had any decency or anythin' good in it would howl. An' I turn around and it's on top o' me. Blood an' ichor an' pus an' bitin and tramplin'... I jus' about died. And I jus' manage t' get m' gun and I jus' let it have both barrels."
  150. [2013-03-27 16:22:06] * Get_Lost instead of listening to the story, goes sitting all by herself once the group reaches the rotunda and taps on her visor until it turns out, then rests her head on a saddlebag and starts sleeping
  151. [2013-03-27 16:24:25] <Kkat> 3Once outside on the rotunda, the ponies, hellhound and griffin are greeted by a pleasantly cool breeze and the deep shades of dusk.  There is no sunset, but a bluish glow from the arcanotech perimeter fence is reflected back by the clouds... save to the northeast where impenetrable magical dome of Professor Paladin casts bloody red tones across the sky.
  152. [2013-03-27 16:25:14] * CopyCat winces as Kid recites her story. She trots over to where Get_Lost has settled down and lays her quilt over the sleeping mare to keep her warm, before moved back towards Kid and the others.
  153. [2013-03-27 16:26:22] * Noble_Heart paused alongside Kid, frowning and looking down sadly, she gently layed a wing across the small pony again. "Your friend had gone feral and attacked you..." She trailed off sadly and lowered her head.
  154. [2013-03-27 16:27:50] * Kid sucks up the gloss that her eyes had accumulated. No. No, you stay in there. You're a big mare. "It's head got blown off... I see th' color of it's coat, an'... It was him. An'... I guess th' chupacabra'd got him. An'... I know I did th' right thing." And there go the tears and the crack of her throat. "Nopony should ever be trapped with no choice, trapped in themselves. Nopony should /ever/ be trapped like that. An' if there was no part of him left, then that ain't what he would've wanted with his own self. It belonged to him, not that thing that tried t' kill me."
  155. [2013-03-27 16:30:03] <Kkat> 3Looking out over the Crystal Empire, Bookwright notices some fragments of illumination from within the Solaris factory building.  Shatara notices several lights winking into existence within the SRAC camp.
  156. [2013-03-27 16:30:45] * Bookwright "Hum... somepony left the lights on over at Solaris. I wonder what their power bill is now?"
  157. [2013-03-27 16:31:49] * Noble_Heart sadly closes her eyes and dips her head as she gently levitates Kid, carrying the smaller pony up the stairs the rest of the way to gently set her down on the rotunda. "We had been under the hoof of a mad pony who dominated Our life for longer than you can imagine. We have done horrible things with Our magic, not becuase We wished to but because We had no choice." She gently
  158. [2013-03-27 16:31:49] * Noble_Heart reached a forehoof out to wrap it around Kid reassuringly. "We do not blame anyone who would kill someone in such a situation. But We still do not feel right harming something which seems so young." She lowers her head. "We are sorry for your pain. And We do understand. You did the right thing."
  159. [2013-03-27 16:32:13] <Kkat> 3Kid spots the occasionally dancing point of blue light, like fireflies amongst the rubble, each of which probably indicates a brainbot.  There are quite a few of them scattered about, but they only place they seem to exist in numbers are around the northwest series of buildings and around the base of the crystal tower.
  160. [2013-03-27 16:36:34] * CopyCat nods at Kid and tries to be reassuring. "Your friend was gone but you helped him go to a better place. Without your friendship I'm sure he would have been lost long before then."
  161. [2013-03-27 16:37:44] * Bookwright digs out the memory orb he found earlier. "Noble Heart, I'm gonna dive into this. Can you please keep an eye on me?"
  162. [2013-03-27 16:38:33] * CopyCat has an idea. "Oh, Bookwright, do you have a marker pen?"
  163. [2013-03-27 16:38:54] * Noble_Heart nods her head distractedly to Bookwright. "We will make sure." She keeps her hoof close to Kid, looking down at the smaller pony sadly.
  164. [2013-03-27 16:39:01] * Bookwright digs one out for CopyCat, "Yes, I do."
  165. [2013-03-27 16:39:03] * Kid pulled herself tighter, leaning her weight into Noble and sobbing lightly. "I appreciate ya'll tryin' t' make me feel better, but he was one o' my best friends. He's why I put up with ya'll, why I left Froggy in the end. So, you don't feel guilty, alright? Please don't. T-that there, down there? That's a fate worse n' death, bein' stuck doin' th' same things over and over again wi' no choice or freedom to it. An' if I was t' choose between th' two, I'd rather be dead than trapped like that. So don't feel guilty. 'Cause that means I have to. An' I know I did the right thing."
  166. [2013-03-27 16:39:11] * Bookwright "Thank you, Noble Heart."
  167. [2013-03-27 16:39:21] * Bookwright goes inside, finds a nice soft piece of floor, and reaches /into/ the memory orb.
  168. [2013-03-27 16:41:57] * CopyCat removes the lid from the marker pen and approaches their prone book keeper. "So... what should we draw first?"
  169. [2013-03-27 16:42:03] * Noble_Heart gently leans down to nuzzle Kid's cheek, keeping the smaller pony close, she sighs quietly. "It is not the destruction of their form or the ending of their life which bothers me. We have fought many monsters, and We know well enough that is what these creatures are..." She trails off sadly and looks up towards the dimly reflective sky. "I made a promise long ago to someone
  170. [2013-03-27 16:42:04] * Noble_Heart I cared for greatly, but I could not keep. She died because I was not there to help her." She closes her eyes as a tear rolls down her cheek. "These things... Their voices remind me of her. To destroy them is a maddening shard in my heart. But I will not let them menace those I still have." She tightens her wing a bit and slowly looks back down to Kid. "We will protect Our friends
  171. [2013-03-27 16:42:04] * Noble_Heart and companions. Most of all you."
  172. [2013-03-27 16:43:07] <Kkat> 3The Crystal Empire melts away, and Bookwright finds himself in a much, much happier time.  And at a much, much happier event.  
  173. [2013-03-27 16:44:34] * CopyCat settles down and draws a moustache on Bookwright. It seemed to suit him.
  174. [2013-03-27 16:47:08] <Kkat> 3He stands amongst the dapper crowd on a floor of checkered blues split down the middle by a carpet of red.  The huge room is lavishly decorated, white sheets drape between columns adorned with violet flowers whose perfume fills the air.
  175. [2013-03-27 16:48:50] <Kkat> 3Trumpets herald the opening of huge blue doors, and three shockingly young versions of the head mares of Stable-Tec come prancing down the carpet, dressed in gorgeous dresses and throwing rose petals all about them.
  176. [2013-03-27 16:50:09] * CopyCat holds the pen out to Shatara. "Come on, it's fun!"
  177. [2013-03-27 16:51:45] * Kid doesn't move much. She kind of felt the wind knocked out of her. Is this really who you are? Someone who, once you get any sort of attention or love, that you spill yourself to anyone? Maybe. She preferred the explanation that she just had that on her heart for a long time, though. "What happened?" She asked, not daring tuck herself off her back.
  178. [2013-03-27 16:51:56] <Kkat> 3And there she appears.  Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, dressed in white... a bridal gown.
  179. [2013-03-27 16:54:40] <Kkat> 3Bookwright's host follows Princess Cadenza as she walks to the raised archway to stand with her groom, a dashing white unicorn with multi-blued mane and and a smashing red military tuxedo.  
  180. [2013-03-27 16:55:21] * Shatara blinks towards CopyCat, cruel laughter echoing harrowingly through his mind.
  181. [2013-03-27 16:56:01] <Kkat> 3Princess Celestia Herself steps to the archway between them, announcing, "Mares and gentlecolts... we are gathered here today to witness the union of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza and Shining Armor..."
  182. [2013-03-27 16:57:23] <Kkat> 3The wedding is beautiful, regal and amazing...
  183. [2013-03-27 16:58:36] <Kkat> 3...and it is brought to a screeching halt by the very loud, belligerent interruption, at the moment of pronouncement, by Twilight Sparkle.
  184. [2013-03-27 16:58:58] * Noble_Heart sighs quietly and ponders how to explain that, she lowers her head and looks at her hooves. Her wing tightening around Kid possessively as she struggles to explain. "We... I... I couldn't save her. It happened too fast. The goddess... Before she was..." She stumbles over her words as she closes her eyes tight and shudders, whimpering a little bit. "A long, long time ago. I had a sister. She was sweet and wonderful." She swallows shakily, like even remembering it hurt. "When my mother and father passed away, she was still very young, and had to come stay with me in Olneigh. And... When things... I couldn't." She shudders again and closes her eyes, deflating like a popped balloon until she was staring up at the skies with tears. "We vowed never to let anyone suffer because of Our inability to act again..."
  185. [2013-03-27 17:00:29] <Kkat> 3The wedding guests look shocked.  The royalty looks distressed.  Cadence is first angry, then hurt.  "Wh-why does she have to ruin my special day?"
  186. [2013-03-27 17:01:46] <Kkat> 3She begins to cry, only for the interruption to be amplified by the arrival of a second, terribly disheveled Princess Cadenza.  
  187. [2013-03-27 17:02:42] <Kkat> 3"Because it's not your special day.  It's MINE."
  188. [2013-03-27 17:04:18] <Kkat> 3"Ah... Ah don't understand," voices a young and gayly-dressed mare who will one day grow to be the Ministry Mare for Wartime Technology.  "How c'n there be two of them?"
  189. [2013-03-27 17:04:30] * CopyCat wordlessly passes the pen to Shatara and shuffles away, feeling ashamed that she was doing silly things while her friends were upset.
  190. [2013-03-27 17:05:13] <Kkat> 3Disheveled Cadenze trots forward, accusing, "She's a changling!  She takes the form of somepony you love and feeds off your love for them!"
  191. [2013-03-27 17:06:37] <Kkat> 3In the next moment, what started as an amazingly beautiful event goes horrifically pear-shaped.  
  192. [2013-03-27 17:08:16] * Shatara sighs and picks up the pen, curling up and doodling randomly.
  193. [2013-03-27 17:08:18] <Kkat> 3The memory ends abruptly in the midst of a showdown between Princess Celestia and a creature from nightmare.
  194. [2013-03-27 17:10:28] * Bookwright jerks upright and gasps.
  195. [2013-03-27 17:10:43] * Bookwright "I... have no idea what I just watched."
  196. [2013-03-27 17:11:28] * Kid frowns. She's never seen Noble so bare before. She always looked like she could annoyingly take on the world, like she was always a reinforced steel wall daring dynamite to ruin her day. This was the first time she ever seemed vulnerable. She attempts to pull Noble's head closer to hers, pulling her mane if she had to. "I ain't, I ain't gon' suffer like nopony like that, it ain't on my agenda. And I ain't got nobody but ya'll, so I got yer flank, and you got mine. So nothin's bad gon' happen. Alright?"
  197. [2013-03-27 17:12:10] <Kkat> 3Bookwright regains his senses, now mustached.
  198. [2013-03-27 17:13:30] * Noble_Heart sniffled a few moments and slowly calmed down, nuzzling at Kid's cheek. Her voice was quiet and sad. "... thank you... I'll do everything I can to keep you safe." She closed her eyes tightly and did her best to calm down.
  199. [2013-03-27 17:13:31] * Bookwright shakes his head to clear away tufts of memory that aren't his. "It was a wedding. Officiated by Princess Celestia herself. Princess Cadance was getting married to a unicorn named Shining Armor. Except... Except it wasn't really Princess Cadance. It was something called a changling. A horrible bug-like thing with a black carapace and altogether too much green themed stuff."
  200. [2013-03-27 17:14:49] * Bookwright "The Six were there too, and Twilight Sparkle interrupted the wedding. She brought out the real Princess Cadance. And then there was a horrible battle... but the memory ends right in the middle of the changling squaring off with Celestia... I don't know how it ends. Presumably, the Six were victorious."
  201. [2013-03-27 17:17:20] * Noble_Heart repeats words quietly under her breath. "... we are not weak... we are strong... we are noble... we will succeed... we will prevail." Slowly calming down and raising her head anew to listen to what Bookwright was saying, wiping away the last of her tears with her horn. "A changeling?" she frowned. "We wonder why such a memory would be here of all places. And who would have given it to be recorded... And why."
  202. [2013-03-27 17:19:46] * Kid lets go and sniffles. "I'll try to keep you safe, too. Everyone safe. Alright?" She looks over at Bookwright and legitimately looks interested in what he had to say. For a little while, anyway. At least until she spotted that bit of ink on his lip. And she really did try to hold it back, but, well, after all that heartache and sadness? She needed a good laugh. It started of low and giggly, then slowly rose to manic heights, far beyond what the little prank warranted. And he looked so serious!
  203. [2013-03-27 17:19:47] * CopyCat ponders. "Unless they lost and were replaced by changelings... What if everypony was replaced by changelings?!" She looks at her own hooves in panic. "What if I'm a changeling!"
  204. [2013-03-27 17:20:20] * Bookwright trails off. "What's so funny?"
  205. [2013-03-27 17:21:02] * Get_Lost wakes up and turns on the visor, muttering "what s all this noise about? another foalbot?"
  206. [2013-03-27 17:21:47] * Noble_Heart smirks a little bit before breaking into her own bits of laughter in response to Kid's losing it. "N-nothing. You look perfectly dig-" She couldn't say that line straight faced as she broke out with a 'pfft' before laughing. "Bwahaha! It suits you, it really does. The mustached look is just so perfectly serious. We definitely believe We must learn a mustache spell just for
  207. [2013-03-27 17:21:48] * Noble_Heart you." She grins in amusement and gives a few more moments of laughter.
  208. [2013-03-27 17:22:16] * Get_Lost after looking around for a few seconds, spots bookie's new groove and mutters "oh classy... keep trying" then turns off the visor and goes back sleeping
  209. [2013-03-27 17:22:23] * CopyCat grabs Get_Lost by the shoulders. "I think I'm a changeling!"
  210. [2013-03-27 17:23:36] * Get_Lost is shaken awake "a what no-oh-oooh-ow?" tries without success to break free "you think too much copy.... it's naptime, not paranoia time..."
  211. [2013-03-27 17:23:43] * Noble_Heart blinks a few moment at CopyCat's panic. She face hoofs briefly. "Sister. If you were a changeling, would you not know it? Our kind might exhibit a few of the same abilities, especially those of your breed, to read others. But We are fairly certain that you would be aware if you were not an alicorn. For what then would that say of memories of the past or waking up in your current form?"
  212. [2013-03-27 17:24:48] * Bookwright "What do you mean, mustached?"
  213. [2013-03-27 17:24:58] * Get_Lost "also, what she said" points a hoof at noble heart
  214. [2013-03-27 17:25:54] * Bookwright "...don't tell me, I'm the victim of some boarding-school prank aren't I? That's what you wanted the marking pen for, wasn't it?"
  215. [2013-03-27 17:26:00] * Kid keeps on giggling. No, no. This had to keep going. "But Noble, Noble! She's got the name! Her name is Copycat, what if, like, she's totally one of them Changerwings? It would make sense!"
  216. [2013-03-27 17:27:07] * Get_Lost "they aren't that bad, bookie... think of them as a precocious attempt at improving your image... probably with a proper pair of tghose you could attract some real mares"
  217. [2013-03-27 17:28:20] * Noble_Heart contemplates that. "But why would a Changeling choose a name which was so obvious? It would be like a zebra disguised as pony taking the name 'Spy'." She waves it off with a forehoof then looks down to Kid. "Then again... If I were a changeling, I might disguise myself as a young pony, one who was from a place no one had ever been, whom others would sympathise for. Make them adore me through my skills and love me..." She grins wickedly and pokes Kid on the nose. "Maybe -you're- the changeling!"
  218. [2013-03-27 17:29:58] * Bookwright sighs. "Well. I'm glad you're all amused."
  219. [2013-03-27 17:30:02] * Get_Lost groans, trying tto fall asleep while hugged and shaken
  220. [2013-03-27 17:30:52] * Bookwright carefully puts away the memory orb and gets out the diary he found earlier, cracking it open and getting a good snoutful of dust in the process.
  221. [2013-03-27 17:31:02] * CopyCat slowly calms down. "I would? Oh, phew..." but Kid sets her off again. "Ah! Kid's right, why else would they call me CopyCat?!" She completely ignores Bookwright's accusations.
  222. [2013-03-27 17:31:11] * Get_Lost "oh c'mon bookie, don't be that grumpy... if my heat cycle hadn't ended a couple days ago i'd be interested in a moustached stallion"
  223. [2013-03-27 17:33:39] * Kid seems horrified as she gets pointed out like that. "How did you know...?" She said in a low, scratchy voice. And then she just laughs. "Aw, yeah! I'm totally one o' them changerwings! I'm goin' around, like, marryin' folk all day! Ya'll jus' don' see it 'cause ah can totally go invisible too!"
  224. [2013-03-27 17:34:58] * CopyCat looks at Kid in all seriousness. "They can do that too? No pony is safe!"
  225. [2013-03-27 17:36:51] * Get_Lost yawns "so i guess this is a sleepover?"
  226. [2013-03-27 17:36:51] * Noble_Heart grins and giggles a little bit, rubbing Kid's head with a forehoof, her laughter punctuated by a brief snort from how she was laughing so hard. Before finally rolling over a little bit and slowly calming down, having to wipe tears from her eyes again as she stood up to move next to CopyCat. "You are not a Changeling, we are sure of that. You are one of Our sisters. Who
  227. [2013-03-27 17:36:51] * Noble_Heart toiled beneath the hoof of the Goddess before Our freedom was brought by the Lightbringer. We are certain that someday you will recover fully and find a new place for yourself."
  228. [2013-03-27 17:37:37] * Kid points at CopyCat, smiling brightly at the headscratches. "Aw, Copycat! We've been found out! Get yer swooshy green armor on an' fly these folk to th' marryin' cells! Yer big pony boss demands it!"
  229. [2013-03-27 17:38:53] * Bookwright has no words for this.'
  230. [2013-03-27 17:39:15] * Get_Lost smiles at Bookwright, even if her eyes aren't very talkative, and comments "doesn't look like they're taking you very seriously.... so... this doctor amore could be achangeling and not a pony? this is what you're saying?"
  231. [2013-03-27 17:40:41] * Kid stuck her chest out proudly. "See, ah've totally been a changerwing princess all this time! 'swhy ya'll don't remember me bein' all big an' flyin' around an' stuff."
  232. [2013-03-27 17:41:16] * CopyCat looks worried. "B-but I don't know where they are! Am I supposed to know? Oh I've let everypon... everyling down."
  233. [2013-03-27 17:41:48] * Bookwright is assimilating information. "No, I don't think she is. But I know that Professor Paladin is probably Shining armor. There was a protective shield around the castle that's the same color as Paladin's dome out there."
  234. [2013-03-27 17:43:02] * Get_Lost taps her chin with a hoof "so... shining armor could be the original one and amore instead some sort of thinking machine? this is getting complicated"
  235. [2013-03-27 17:43:39] * CopyCat takes a few moments to realise that Kid was joking. "Oh you were pretending. Well now I feel silly."
  236. [2013-03-27 17:43:53] * Bookwright "Something really important about changlings is that apparently they feed off of... love. It seems that this changling had been feeding off of Shining Armor's love for Cadance."
  237. [2013-03-27 17:44:04] * Get_Lost "we should try to have a chat with the guy maintaining the shield as soon as possible, then... even better if we can avoid a fight"
  238. [2013-03-27 17:44:27] * Noble_Heart smiles to CopyCat, nuzzling her cheek briefly. "Sometimes it's fun to joke." She sighs happily and ponders things briefly. "It's possible that Professor Paladin may also be whatever Doctor Amore is. But it's hard to say until we meet him."
  239. [2013-03-27 17:44:51] * Bookwright "She was the queen of the changlings... hm..."
  240. [2013-03-27 17:45:26] * Kid giggles a bit as it wore off. "Well, duh. I wouldn't marry any folk here. That's weird. Why would anypony..." She turns toward Bookwright. "Wait, seriously? They eat /love/? How?"
  241. [2013-03-27 17:45:31] * Get_Lost "it could be anything... maybe amore is some sort of changeling and shining put up the shield to keep her trapped in this place and we are on the wrong side... who knows"
  242. [2013-03-27 17:45:39] * Bookwright "Don't ask me! I have no idea."
  243. [2013-03-27 17:46:13] * Get_Lost "also, everypony feeds on love. a pony saying she does't need love is a bad liar"
  244. [2013-03-27 17:47:07] * Noble_Heart slowly moves back to Kid's side, settling down with a yawn. "Whatever is going on, We recommend waiting until tomorrow to ponder it. The state of this place is not likely to dramatically change in a single night."
  245. [2013-03-27 17:47:26] * Bookwright "The queen of the changlings had put Shining Armor under some kind of mind control spell. I suppose it's possible that she's returned and is controlling Professor Paladin, but I still think we're missing something here."
  246. [2013-03-27 17:47:44] * Get_Lost "yes, we're missing sleep"
  247. [2013-03-27 17:48:52] * Kid contemplates this for a moment. "... We gotta go find out how t' get to Professor Shoutyvoice. Maybe he'll be a bit more upfront on what's goin' down."
  248. [2013-03-27 17:49:27] * Get_Lost "for sure, we will try to talk with him before even considering a line of action, i'd say..."
  249. [2013-03-27 17:49:29] * CopyCat tilts her head, then chuckles. "Yes it was fun, I just got a little confused." She turns to Get_Lost. "If the Amore we met was a changeling then she's a changeling who thinks she's a pony."
  250. [2013-03-27 17:50:33] * Noble_Heart yawns broadly. "We suggest starting at the SRAC and perhaps the Solaris factory. If lights are on, there may be survivors or others who have entered the kingdom there. And if not, we may find other useful supplies."
  251. [2013-03-27 17:50:34] * Get_Lost nodnods to CopyCat "that' possible, or maybe the whole story behind this is a lot more complicated... now is late and i do't wan to think about it...."
  252. [2013-03-27 17:50:51] * Bookwright "Again, I don't think the Queen of the changlings was successful. We just have to look at what we know about the Six and Celestia to see that."
  253. [2013-03-27 17:53:48] * CopyCat settles down besides Get_Lost. "You're right, we should rest now and plan in the morning." She rests her head on some of Get's remaining soft bits for use as a pillow.
  254. [2013-03-27 17:56:03] * Shatara continues to doodle in the corner.
  255. [2013-03-27 17:57:03] * Bookwright looks over to Shatara's doodles in the dust. "ElberethElbereth". Nope, doesn't mean anything to him...
  256. [2013-03-27 18:00:28] <Kkat> 3After some much needed laughter, and the revelation of startling possibilities, the group finally beds down, ready for some much-needed sleep.  Soon, they begin to drift into slum...
  257. [2013-03-27 18:00:31] <Kkat> 3"NO CRYSTAL IS AS HARD AS MY HEART IS FOR YOU, DOCTOR AMORE!" booms across the sky like thunder!
  258. [2013-03-27 18:00:46] * Bookwright winces.
  259. [2013-03-27 18:02:15] * Noble_Heart groans briefly and sighs. "We should have packed ear plugs..."
  260. [2013-03-27 18:03:47] <Kkat> 3A few minutes later, the voice of Doctor Amore blasts out, "ATTENTION CRYSTAL PONIES.  THIS IS AN URGENT MESSAGE.  DO NOT TAMPER WITH THE HOMICIDAL ROBOTS.  THEY ARE HERE FOR YOUR PROTECTION."
  261. [2013-03-27 18:04:21] <Kkat> 3It is a long night.
  262. [2013-03-27 18:04:24] * Shatara urgghs...
  263. [2013-03-27 18:04:32] * Noble_Heart mumbles in annoyance. "Definitely pre-recorded." She flattens her ears and does her best to get to sleep.
  264. [2013-03-27 18:04:39] <Kkat> 3--- End of Session ---
  265. [2013-03-27 18:04:41] * Kid snuggles into the ground, taking off her pack and using it as a pillow. Before drifting off to sleep, she thought of what happened there, and how clean it felt to let it all out, like she had given her soul a cold shower. She noted Shatara's presence, and worried about his shyness. What's going on in his head? He hasn't said two words as long as she knew him. She let these thoughts drift her to- "Oh, fuck you, both you bug-humping manure for brains! We're trying to go to sleep!" She grabbed her saddlebags and used them as oversized earplugs.
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