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  1. welcome to the <color=#0000FF>MEMES</color> <color=#FF0000>LOUNGE</color>
  3. there are some rules though
  4. 1. no teamkilling. pretty self explanitory.
  5. 2. no bullying/harassment. this is supposed to be a fun place for people to play
  6. 3. no cheating/exploiting. this ruins the fun for everyone and its just not cool
  7. 4. please co-operate with admins and mods. if you don't you can get banned for up to an hour.
  9. we do use custom plugins on this server. namely the "serpents hand" plugin. what this does is it makes a new team that works with SCP's to kill everything. thank you for reading the info and have fun on the server!
  11. heres a link to our <color=#AAAAFF>discord</color>:
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